Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005 9:45PM PST

Freedom for All

“Validity: Ultimately, the definition of validity is up to the person who fights for it. (Faliseus, 2005)”

8:27p.m. Quote: “ OPINION...The foolish and dead alone never change their opinion. — JAMES RUSSELL LOWELL (1819-1891) My Study Windows” (Funk & Wagnalls Standard Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1975)

9:24p.m. Just woke up: For when I was alone, sick and cold, lying on my side, in darkness, with my eyes tightly shut, and the blanket entwined with fear and hope on it’s haunches, over my back, knowing that I only had one hour left before the end of my safety, I heard a knock on a door. Who was this that knocked on the door, I wonder? Was this knock for me? Did I create this knock, from out of the midst of wanting to hear another human being’s desire for myself? Has my desire created desire?

I implore you, mind of mine, please do not give out this password to anyone. For it’s contents to it’s riches, once I have become banished and destroyed, will have become reaped by the thieves of a thousand centuries. Do not memorize the things I say to you, unless these words sear into the wounds of your open and bleeding hearts, my dearest friends. These words of wisdom, these genuine ideas, these shall be more powerful than any words that I can ever give to you, and certainly, they will be more effective and more untraceable than any that any corrupted entity could ever try to take. My family cannot suffer because of what I know, so they must not be told; my friends mustn’t suffer for the same, because they shouldn’t be told either. The world shall not suffer because of these things that I know. All that the world should know is that I care for them deeply, and want nothing but the best for them. All that the close ones to me should know is that no matter what happens, that I love them dearly, from the very first day I was begotten into this world, all the way into the end, into my secretive death, which I cannot reveal the meaning to. The meaning should be very clear to them at the right time. For when the world is truly free from it’s captors, then the whole world will be ready to die for the very same thing that I will be ready to die for today. I die for love and respect, and so shall those who defy the very thing that keeps us from respecting each other. I die for true validation, the validation of love for my race, the human race. Should anyone be caught killing me for such a thing, then let them run from themselves until they tire and become nothing from loving no one. One thing will remain in my heart for you. Let me die or let me live, knowing that I have given all that I could to you. All you need to do is know this, and I will live forever. If you believe this is a plea of religion, then I implore you, mind of mine, look at your lives and ask yourself just how much you know, and ask yourselves, just how much you love, and you will be told, clearly, and plainly, beyond the doubt of your very own mind, if you ask deeply enough, that you know all you need to. It’s just that you need to use it, and cherish it.

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