Monday, July 18th, 2005 11:03AM PST


Today, I wanted to add an entry, regarding the fact that people are morons. My question is to the society, the current, present day society, the people who go out of their homes, get out of their beds, go to their jobs, or go to their place that they go in life, without thinking twice, or even turning their heads to look the other way. My question is, “Do you realize how important it is, to network with each other? To say hello, to meet new people, even though they are not going in your general path in life?” Do you realize how important that is? Here is a fact: United we stand, and divided we fall. When you people walk to your jobs, your places of industry, or your places of community, where there is a closed circuit, then who do you really support, yourself, or the place that has your free-will partitioned off by ‘special interests’? Can we become freed, in life? Can we make a path for ourselves that has not been paved yet? And in that path, then in a non-conquering and certainly non-capitalist way, can we then support it, and make it into something that prospers, and sings to the world, “Justice!!! Justice!!!”? My response to this question: “Hell yes,” but we need to do it together. We need to not just stand against the opposition, but to network with it, and to know it, so that we know what truly is opposition and what truly is on our side. In the beginning, there was man. In the end, there will be man.

I will tell you who is on your side. You are a human being, aren’t you? You’re not a lawyer, not a politician, not a factory worker, and in the country-land, you are not a farmer, not a worker, and you are not a family man or family woman, or even a child, or a grandchild. You are a person. This should mean EVERYTHING to you to be able to ‘beat’ this role that a government has put overtop of your eyes. What happened to the practicality and political common sense in marketing and growing the individual? I feel ashamed that I was brought up by a government, by a group, by a decision based upon history. I am proud of this history, but with the battling politics and deaths that have made it and with the fact that I am a politically divided individual, with the rest of the world, then I am at a loss for words, about just how embarrassed I feel about my heritage, just as every single person in the world should feel about it. We have KILLED to be here! We have MURDERED to be alive! Who have we murdered? What “RACE” was this opposition that it had to become DEAD, just for us to make a measly buck, or to put a scrap of food on our table? Why can’t we be the universal race that we were destined to be?

I write this because, of all of the people in the world, then the most important people to know are the people who you don’t know, whether you want to know them or not. Not wanting to know someone ultimately results in a death by the war of politics. If you are not on their side, then they have chosen their side, and you have chosen yours. This is not necessarily a Christian belief, because Christ said that you must know ‘him’ in order to be free. I don’t remember reading anything about him saying that you have to know other people, or that you must travel the world to meet all the people you can know. Religion sort of SKIPPED that part, and ironically, RELIGION is what governs the “politics“ of the world.

It may seem pointless to obtain phone numbers, a brief story about their past or about their future, or even their contact information, or even a name from some people, because, “Yes, they are not appealing to my nature, my language, my culture, or my future. I am going this way, and they are going that way and we will ‘never‘ see each other again.” But let me ask you this? Who has decided your future, and who has decided who you have seen in your past? Has it been you, or has it been the society that you were brought up in to support? This unity of a single society, into one single idea is what deteriorates our minds into thinking that the past is what will be our future. And here we go, we have war, crimes, punishments, injustices, and certain instances that happen. Why do these things have to take place? Because the people that you follow, the people that you support and the people whom have “...supported you...” are the ones that give these actions validity. They validate every single thing that there is in your life, your job, your friends, family, everyone you know, even your mother and your own father...except there is one thing that they have not been able to validate, and still will NEVER validate in the entire world, and that is to be a human being, a thing that walks, a thing that moves, a thing that lives, and a thing that brings life. Society sits, but people walk. People stand for themselves, and they embrace the revolution of the idea, not the revolution of the pragmatics.

So, I say to you this: Whenever you are surrounded by a group of people, then please, SEE them for who they are, and if they talk to you, if you have the reason to get to know each other, the please, get to know their hearts, and their minds. If you love them, if you cherish their words, then that doesn’t mean you have to build a lifelong commitment right then and there. For this purpose, Technology enables us to do these things when the time is seen fit. But don’t just walk out on someone, because they are not a part of your proclaimed and bestowed “deme” or “group”; meet them, know them, cherish them, because beyond where they are from on this earth, they are from one single place that is an unjustified, and un-validated place, but which certainly claims absolute validations over all others. These people, as persons, are from the source that has brought the life that is in the community that is there today. This ebb that permeates from their actions, though not as strong when performed and expressed based upon a group effort, this miracle that continues our existence as people, as a race of human beings, the very center breeding ground of the world and the reason that it has loved, hated, but survived…what is it? It is the heart. Use it. You’ll live longer.

11:36a.m. Ants. Location. Strategy. Control. Partition by the super-power. Cayenne. Raid. Destruction, or manipulation. Colonizing. Feeding, traveling the trail. “We” shall prevail? Pay attention to artists. These are the new breed of politicians. They will keep the earth in balance with their hearts. This humanity is what will compromise all other politics.

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