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Clock into Hell
-written by Jeremy D.

It's the ringing in my ears,
The song of the working stiff plays!
Harshly screeching, no time for weeping,
make haste, renew the pain,
the suffering starts again!
Put your foot in the fire
and start your walking.
It's time for working,
so stop your talking.
Prepare for thier yelling,
and prepare for thier gawking!
Look at the door behind you locking...
As you're clocking into Hell,
Yes, clocking into hell...
The hours are long,
and you're wasting away.
When every one else you see enjoys the day,
you look at yourself,
just wasting away.
when you're clocking into hell...

Well, it's 5 o'clock,
and you know what to do.
Clock into hell,
straighten your tie,
just take a look at you.
Go on and fake that smile,
go on and pick up the pace,
go work for your cheese,
you've joined the rat race.
refrain here....
Of course, in life,
you must remember...
There can always be a warm day,
in December.
After you get paid for working 24/7,
you're clocking out of Hell,
because you've made it to Heaven.
The pressure's easin' off your mind,
it's the end of the day.
When you see yourself with every one,
enjoying the day.
Just close your eyes and take a breath,
since you've got the time.
Listen, here, you won't regret,
open your mind.
When you learn to run the field,
just to get the flag,
even though you know the monkeys
are all on your back.
You've just learned the lesson,
of the day.
You've got to work,
if you want your pay.
So, boys and girls,
I'll just leave you with this train of sight.
when you clock out of hell,
that's when you receive your delight.
this is a copywrited document 1999 Twisted Spine Studios ©

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