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I haven't been on the computer for a while. I came down here to the computer lab not knowing there was a class down here, so I'm glad I didn't get thrown out or else this entry wouldn't be in here. I think I sound stupid typing about stuff that nobody cares about, but hey it's fun!
Today was picture-day. My I.D. looks stupid (that's my opinion, anyway). We have a game today. We're playing Hilliard. I had my defensive tackle position filled in by Sean Newell, and I'm going to try to get it back.
I'm sure glad my floppy-disk still works , otherwise I would be stuck with crossword puzzles in studyhall.
Now , when I say "fudge it" around Drew S. , he hits me or when we're playing pool he hits me over the back with his poolstick (but it doesn't hurt). You might ask why this is called the dumb entry. Well , I don't know. OK? I know why I made this entry , because it's dumb.

Here's what I did over the week-end. I went to the fair on FRIDAY went to art school on Saturday , mowed the lawn and washed the dishes on Sunday, and I'm getting payed for it too ( five whole dollars ). So I got something out of my weekend ( money ). The rest of the time I just slept , nice and cozy , in my bed. My brother also came over for lunch. I fixed him a nice hearty meal ( whenever I say the word " hearty " , it reminds me of greasy beef stew ). Anyway , here's what I fixed him. I prepared a pot of boiling water to make spaghetti in , and put some chicken in the oven. This is what made the spaghetti taste so good: I put some oregano , olive oil , parmesan cheese and ( of course , the two most famous spices ) salt and pepper. He had a whole three hours to eat lunch because he was on his lunch break. We were watching a football game. I think it was the KC Chiefs and the Denver Broncos. Either that or the GB Packers and the Minnesota Vikings. I think that there was this one tackle where the Vikings had the ball , the Packers were in pursuit of the Minnesota ball carrier , at their ten yard line , and the guy just jumps up knocks the ball out of the guy's hands and out of bounds , behind the inzone. That tackle was pretty cool ( I wish I could do that ). Game day is Wednesday when we play Olentangy. It is now eleventh period. I am on the computer in the library. The library's computers don't have the MicrosoftWord Perfect 6.0 program yet , which disables me from printing any of my essays. There's a chance that this program might come in in a week or two. I hope it comes in soon. Until then I'll just play scrabble on the computer and do my homework. This is one long entry. Isn't this a dumb entry?

Time to start a new paragraph. What should I write about? I went out to eat yesterday. I went to Long John Silver's. It was an alright meal. I was stuffed , and I couldn't eat one thing more ( Except , for maybe , a desert ).
After I got off of football practice my friends came over wondering if I wanted to play some backyard football. Now , don't you think that's stupid. That if I got off football practice that I would never want to see another football through that whole , entire day. That shows you how smart some of my friends are.
I wonder what ever happened to that guy that always used to go cha-ching. You know , the one commercial where he's in that drive-thru that would over-charge the customers , and then he'd say cha-ching. I always thought he was cool. I'm gonna have to do that if I ever work at a drive-thru in a restuarant.
I have gym class next. This is eleventh period. My schedule for next year is going to be so packed full of classes , that is unless I go to JVS. My friend , Preston , said that JVS is supposed to be a little easier than regular school.

There's this one movie that I watched that was so stupid that it was funny ( kind of like From Dusk Till Dawn ). This movie is called Grim. I think it's really stupid , but it is really funny how they cheaply threw the special effects in there. For example , for the monster's view of the people all they did was put the camera behind a red jello mold. I think that this movie is great for the movie critics , because it is so easy to make fun of. The main character's name is Rob , and I came up with a theory that'' Rob '' spelled backward is bor(e). This made my brother laugh ( at the time that was who I was watching the movie with). After the movie was over my brother was on the phone with his friend and he told his friend about the joke that I made up about the movie. That made me feel like I actually did something funny. Any- way , back to the movie. The main character ( Rob ) went to his friends' houses to visit. They were going into the local cave to explore. The only thing that they didn't know was that there was a monster in there ( that's the whole catch to the movie ). There was this part in the way beginning of the movie that my brother thought was so stupid. It was when Rob's friends were fooling around with a ouiji board and this woke up the monster that was incased in a layer of rock in the cave. The monster can walk through the walls so he just reaches his hand through the floor , says " Feed me , I'm hungry " , and here's me and my brother cracking up while this whole thing takes place. Then the monster comes up through the floor and we see him then I say ," Jim , it's a big plastic monster! Oh , no! We better run! " He replies , " It's the attack of the killer plastic monster! " There's this one part where Rob and his friend are in the cave and they find a place where they have to repel ( to go down on rope ). They don't really have to repel they just think they have to. It's only a two foot drop and Rob uses a ton of rope just to go down this thing then they have to blow up part of the wall. There's where my brother says , " They must have used thier whole budget on dynamite and rope. " I had to admit that the computer graphics were pretty cool ( yeah the best part of the movie ). Then there's this other part where they climb down this ladder. Rob says , " This ladder is old it must have been here for years." Then is when I take a gander at this ladder he's talking about. It looked practically new ( obviously this guy Rob is stupid ). so they don't climb down the ladder they throw down a rope.
By the way , my dad rented that movie ( he rents the dumbest movies ). I told him that I would rent the next movie and he said , " O.K. , I promise that the next time that I go to rent a movie I'll let you rent it." So , the next time he went to Maniac's Home Video I said , " O.K. , dad , the last time we went here you said that I could pick the movie."Then he retorted , " Jeremy , I don't remember that. I'm renting it , not you." Any way , he rents another dumb movie and I'm complaining through the whole thing , saying , " This is a dumb movie ," over and over again. He always tells me to knock it off whenever I sneeze ( I think that is stupid ).
This dumb entry is longer than I thought it would be ( it's like , two pages long now it will probably be five pages long when I'm done with it ).
We played Olentangy yesterday. I also saw my friend , Nick Grubb , yesterday. He plays for Olentangy. I have heard from my friend that worked the markers ( that night that we played ) that thier coach said some pretty bad things about our team. My friend was going to say something to him but he didn't want to risk getting in trouble. I'm all sore from last nights game. One arm is just fine but the other arm hurts like heck. My big toe hurts , but it will be just fine in a few days. The next two days of football practice will be our light practices and then we get the weekend off. I think I need a break , but I won't get my break till Sunday , because I have art school to go to. I hope that my dad's friend's son doesn't sit next to me because I want to get plenty of rest before I get to art school. This kid is really noisy. that's why I want to be as far away from him as possible.
Well , I'm back in the computer lab , and here's three pages that I have succes- fully got to. I got forty minutes to write stuff on this thing ( that makes me feel not rushed ). I just found something out. I just realized that this is my journal , and I'm going to fill it up with all types of goodies. I'm bored and it's 10:25AM. There's a varsity game Friday night and I'm going to it. They're playing Olentangy. I hope we win. I'll sleep after I get home though , because I'd bound to be tired after staying out till eleven'o'clock or so. It is now 10:30AM from the last time I put the time in to now , that is how fast I can type. I think my skills are improving. I was really good at this when my brother had the computer at our house , because I would be on that thing all night long and never sleep till two hours till I have to go to school. No wonder I'm doing better than I was last year , because there's no computer at my house anymore. My hands are just gliding across the keyboard , because I am so good.
I have art next period ( it's now10:36AM). I'm working on a project that I will be done with soon , because I'm in the process of coloring it right now. I think I'm doing an awesome job of shading it ( especially with colored pencil ).
In my picture , there is a giant worm chasing a crowd of people , a girl eating a " sucker " ( get it , sucker ) , a house with an antenna , a path leading to a forest , a side walk , three mountians , three phone lines , two birds , four trees , a giant musquitoe , an adult in a suit , with a briefcase , a kid walking a dog that is taking a wiz on the ( yellow ) fire hydrant , there's a sky with clouds in it , there is a plane wrecked into the side of the mountain ( with the label ," Psycho Bob's Airlines " on the side of it and a lamb as a head ornament saying , " BaaaAaa!" ) , and a flower garden in it.
It's 11th period , right now I'm going to gym next. I finished the recently done paragraph in the 11th period. It's 1:30PM now. There's nothing to write about darn it all.
I hope we lift weights today in both gym and practice , because I need the workout. Besides I haven't lifted in a while , and I need to tone up. We're playing whiffleball in gym. I hate whiffleball. I'd rather play basketball , but we're not even going to play that this year. I got fifteen more minutes till I have to go to gym ( geez I hate whiffleball , whiffleball sucks ).
I have alot of pages so far , but hey who cares , anyway (I know I don't care).

Today we're having fish on a bun. I don't care if it's on a bun I just hope it's edible. It is Friday and varsity has a game , tonight. It rained a whole bunch this morning , and I'm glad that I brought my trench coat and umbrella or else I'd be soaked at the varsity game. I'm going to have my dad pick up my big heavy bag after practice so I won't have to lug it home on the way from the game.
When we played Olentangy they were pretty big ( the size of Matt Dehn , but no muscle ). that's why some of our players got hurt , especially Pete Jacobus. He got slammed twice the same way. He was crushed in between two guys , when he wasn't looking , and it knocked the wind out of him. Now I doubt his chances are high of playing in the junior varsity game , because of this.
My knuckles still hurt from last Friday when we played a game of two hand tab football. I tripped and fell over Jon Byrd , when he was playing quarter back. I rushed him , fell over his foot and bent my pinky finger , and it still hurts. Along with my little bruises and scabs from Wednesday's game. One arm hurts like heck and the other one is just fine.
My friend , Josh Cantrell's leg is killing him. The coach thinks it's not. His knee caved in and now he can barely walk on it. I feel bad for him. I told him it would probably be better by next week.
I was watching the birds today. They seemed very curious of what I was doing , just staring at them like a camera does on You're on Candid Camera.
Friday night's game was one interesting game. It rained that night. I think that was what got the players ready for the game , but what really sucked was when the rain started to down pour , when olentangy had the ball. They were running it straight through the middle when it started to rain hard. Then they started to go berserk with ball in hand , ripped through every tackle , and made a touchdown ( It was a sad time for our Pacers ). I was drenched coming home from that game because all I wore was a trench coat and I brang an umbrella that broke before the game even started. I got a ride home from Kyle Rayburn's mom. I'm lucky that I got a ride home or I would have been really sick.
I remember watching the Buckeye's win thier first game against Notre Dame there were so many good plays from the Bucks that their kickoff return team returned it eighty-some yards.
Over the weekend when I went to art school I made this really cool picture that I think that I will win me another scholarship ( I hope ). I'm working on this little block ( like baby blocks ) that is really neat. It has the letters of my name and it has paint on it. The letters are stretched out all over this block and some letters I haven't put on yet because I still have to color them before I stick them on.
I've been eating a bunch of pasta over the weekend. My brother says that if I want to gain weight and tone up that I should eat plenty of pasta , because it has gads of carbohydrates and starches which help me to gain weight and tone up. I want to be very muscular ( don't all of us guys ) by the time I'm a senior at Hayes. That way I can knock alot of people over like Elvin Shaw and many others like him on the varsity team do. Maybe , I might get to run the ball this year and take Hauff's place for the day , but those linemen better block so that I may run the ball through the hole and not around the hole.
I remember a play where I messed our quarter back up seriously in our Olentangy game. I believe that it was an eighty pass series I stepped in and everything except that I let go of my block. Justin was already considered down before I let go and the guy just goes and runs him over. That's where I have to work on at my offensive tackle position ( sticking to my block and never letting go ).
Today I'm going to the home coming parade and I have to go or else I don't play in our game against Franklin Hieghts. Coach said that if we miss one thing then we're not going to the other. I think that this keyboard is too small , because I'm having trouble trying to get the right letters.
We also are going to the pre-game meal that is before the varsity home coming game. Our meal is going to be catered by Sumeno's Italian Restuarant. I think that we're having rotini for our pre-game meal ( we always do ). I'm glad that I won't have to play in that game or else I'd be killed by some foriegn varsity player from Franklin Hieghts. At the varsity games my freshmen teammates who are on the JV team are always standing on the sidelines unless we are winning the game by a ton of points then they go in to gloat at the other players.
It's game day! We need the win. Now all the nintey pass series are to the right and I hope that I can remember that through the whole game.
When the coach was talking about this team he was trying to put them in our minds a sucky team , but if I'm not mistaken , isn't that what he said about Buckeye Valley?
They beat us , but we had the spirit at the begining of the game. That's how Shawn Kindred scored our first touchdown. Our defensive line was ready and so was everybody else. I think that we lost most of our intensity coming close to the second half then we got it back near the end , but it wasn't enough to come back.
In the game against Hilliard we had almost caught up except that they kept on scoring on us and we kept on scoring on them. It was like a chase scene in a movie where the good guy is in pursuit of the bad guy and the good guy catches up with the bad guy when the bad guy's got something up his sleeve then the good guy pulls a " Homer " and screws up. We were in pursuit and the bad guys were making as many mistakes as we were so it was like a car chase the final scrore was twenty-seven to thirty-one.
We just better be the bad guy and get chased and not be able to get caught up to. I'm ready as I'll ever be and I hope that the team is ready too ( including Miles )! The captains need to pick us up even more than they've been doing because when we start clapping and we're ready to do our pacer jacks I don't want to have to yell to my teammates to clap louder , because they're not clapping loud enough and get into trouble , because I yelled because I'm not the captain. I think that the captain should be an out going person that's not afraid to speak in front of a crowd and yell and really make a scene , because our captains are too quiet and I can't hear them when we're doing our stretches. Also , when we're coming back from a play that we just finished we should jog back but we don't , we walk and that makes me feel like I'm playing on an underrated team. There's where the captains should pick us up and tell us to jog. That's why I should be demanding that the coach repicks the team captains , because the ones we have now are average when they should be best. Of course I might just be jealous , but that may not be it.
Yesteday , when we played Franklin Hieghts , the captians did a good job picking us up. That is a show of improvement. I just hope that we do the same in practice. The game though , is a different story. We lost the game. I'm tired of losing.We should win our games more often. The coach has this conference thing that we have to get on , but I don't think we're going to get on that list , losing the games like we are.
At the game I was called out just because I made one mistake ( illegal man down field ). Other players were telling me it was just for a break. Well , when my hands and arms are frozen I can't do much. So , the coach puts me back in for goal line defense my hands are sore because I was playing with numb hands. The coach should leave me in just to start with so that I can stay warm through the whole game. I mean hey , I can take my break during defense and have plenty of time to rest. It's much better than freezing my rump off on the side lines and coming back in for goal line defense.
Another thing about the game , Jamie Martin sprained his ankle , and now he has to walk on crutches. The trainer said to Jamie that he must have had a previous injury to his ankle and this was just agrivating it from a while back. I don't know how long he has to use the crutches , but I hope he gets better soon.
Eric Hauff had some nice runs and the line had some nice blocks offense did much better than in the last game ( including me ). I showed a mass of self improvement. I was blocking in the ninety series passes fairly well. On goal line defense there was a big group of guys surrounding the runner ( when they usually can't get him down all our teammates rush in to help and form a crowd around the runner trying to tackle him ) I was all alone , nobody blocking little old me I ran picking up momentum toward the crowd and boom ( ! John Madden ) I knocked 'em all over like a bunch of pins at a bowling alley they all fell over. As we were all getting up I heard one of thier players say , " Oh , my god!" , I heard the yelping metaphorical cry for mercy and it felt great!
I was out the last two days of school. While I was out I played the game Faxanadu , on the regular Nintendo. Also , while I was out Justin Bordick stole my position on the offensive line. It's going to really screw me up on goal line defense , because like I said , when I go in to play I need to be warmed up enough to be able to move my bones ( that's the only way I'm going to get in through the line or else I'm flat on my back and they score ).
Not to mention , today's the day before game day and I think that those last two days that I missed are really going to mess me up. Today's supposed to be my easy practice.
It's game day and I'm ready. Too bad all that readiness is going to waste , because Justin Bordick took my offensive tackle position. Besides it doesn't matter how ready you are when your bones are frozen like a lid that won't open.
It seems like I have been losing all my positions , gradually , over the year , like I'm slowly rotting away. I hope that atleast I'll get to start an offensive or a defensive position by the second half to show how much better I've been doing over the season , but I don't think coach will change his mind about putting me back in on any main offensive or defensive positions for good. If I do better in practice and I don't have a single flaw , then is when coach is going to consider that I resume my old position , otherwise I ain't gettin' crap. I want so bad to knock some one over that is on the other team ( you know why , because Sean Newell's dad is getting it all on tape ). It's just fun to watch yourself knocking some one over or maybe just seeing the game through a different perspective. For instance , you already know what happened to your guy that you had covered so you wanted to see what was going on down field or maybe on the sidelines some one happens to be cheering for you in a peculiar way that may make you laugh and that's the advantage of having coverage from a camera and I thank Sean Newell for that. Of course some day you might want to join a pro-football league and you need examples of what you've done in your previous years of football. You could just whip out the old video-tape and they can be entertained along with informed ( and that's just a good thing ).
It's a cold day today. I'm going to be freezing on the sidelines , waiting to bring in water. I'm going to be water boy at tonight's away game. I feel really priviledged to have that option ( it's going to be fun too ). I'm going to dress warm for tonight's game. I brought my warm-ups except I let Jamie borrow the pants part so he has them on right now. I also brought my winter cap to keep my head warm ( that way I don't catch a cold for art school. I think that the varsity is playing Whitehall too ( I'm not sure ).
I can't wait till after school so that I can listen to that music that blasts out of those speakers that are in the varsity locker room. I'm not too sure who's speakers they are , but I think that they are Matt Dehn's ( Nasty's ). Last week's game we had music that the coach , coach Marshall , had to come in and yell at us because there were swear words in the lerics , so we had to play some Rocky IV sound track music. We listened to "We're Not Going to Take It" , "The Eye of the Tiger" and many other favorites.
I wonder if Nasty's foot is alright , because he got it hurt in a game that was two weeks ago. I think it should be healed up by now. I think that he gets his foot hurt too often.
At art school there are a bunch of freaks there that have suicidal tendencies and dress strange , but hey that's art school for ya. There's bound to be a bunch of freaks there. Who knows , maybe I'm a freak. I sure hope not.
Also , at art school I'm working on this box that I'm to it's peak of being finished. I think that it looks really cool ( shoot it was cool to begin with anyway ).
Well , today is a start of a whole new week. I'm feeling sick , but when I ask people if my eyes look red they just say that they don't. I don't want to go home to get better , because if I do that then I'd miss a ton of homework ( because I have Mrs. Williamson for math and she's always giving homework [ even on the weekends ] ).
Today at football practice I'm going to work hard for my starting offensive tackle position that way I won't be waiting through the whole game ( freezing my rear-end off ) just to play. Maybe if I work hard enough I'd probably get the starting defensive tackle position also. I've been working on my defensive moves and I think that I'm ready to play some defense ( besides I want to hit and wrap more than the rest of the people on my team ).

It is now fourth period and I'm very " out of things to do ". That's why I went to the computer to type , see what's on my mind and what thoughts and ideas I have to share with the use of my very handy writing tools on this blasted machine. We have a game this Thursday ( but when don't we? ). I forget who we're playing anyway , but I hope that we stomp them so that we will win the OCC Championship for coach. I just hope that I get to start something on either offense or defense that way I can do my part and feel good about it and not worry about freezing to death on the sidelines before I get to do anything. If I had a choice between an offensive position and a defensive one I would choose the defensive position , because I would like to hit and wrap rather than just plain hit , because I want to hurt some one and throw my weight into them instead of just throwing my arms into them. It's just not as much fun hitting with out wrapping opposed to hitting and wrapping. There's just a big difference between the two that makes it so much more fun. What the heck have I got myself into. I think that I'm wasting valuable typing space , and I should stop talking about the same darn thing in every sentence , but hey that's just me being me and I should just keep it this way , because it's just fine with me.
I missed a day of typing because Bryan H. and I were playing Scrabble , and he wants to play today too. That's why he tried to get me to quit typing ( just to play Scrabble ). Anyway , today's a Thursday and today is also a game day , and I'm ready to win! Don't I say that every gameday? No matter how many times I say it , it never gets boring to me , because I am ready to win. We play Mount Vernon today at home. They have beaten us every year that we have played them but I'm hoping that we make a change and we stomp them this year. They didn't really stomp us last year. They put as much a fight up as us and they won it by the draw , because it was one of those last few seconds thing that they won it by. You know like at basketball games when they're trailing by two points and they have the ball in hand so they shoot it at the three-point line and all of the decision of whether they win the game or not is in the basketball's momentum of if the basketball hits the rim or the middle of the hoop. One of those kind of last second things is what I'm talking about.
If we're going to give a good name to the varsity our senior year then our team has to improve by our senior year. That means get stronger , faster , and more coordinated by our senior year ( which means we need to hit the wieght lifting room and the track or the plain old gym ). Also , to stay in shape is to join another sport in the off-season like wrestling , basketball , crosscountry or track. I think that I'm going to do wrestling for this year. My coach is going to be coach Austin , so not only be my science teacher he will also be my coach ( kind of like how coach Chamarro is to me : he's my gym teacher and he's my coach ). I just trust that our freshmen football players go and stay in shape by doing these things that I have just written down above. I know that I will.
At Thursday's game I was the greatest that I have ever been. It was my best game in the whole year. I was hitting the best that I ever have. Shoot , you could say that I was the only one hitting the best on the team ( atleast that's the way that I feel ). I was on a roll , one tackle and one block after another. Of course , I do feel stupid for bragging for this long , but hey I'll do it until I get to borrow Sean Newell's tape. Besides , I didn't get to see my own hit and that makes me really mad so I talk about my hit until I get to see it. Any how I need to explain how big my hits were. On one I was on punt team( and of course I was left tackle ), I started off with a one or two second block then I release and throw my guy off then the next step I made was going to who the ball was kicked to. On my way down I run into an opposer of our tackling the runner ( guy on the other team ) , I give an initial hit and throw him off like that ( snap of the fingers ), I run into another guy throw him off ( like that , snap of the fingers ) , then directly after that losing my ground ( ready to fall slowly going to to ground ) I throw my arms around the guy right behind that blocker (because he was the guy with the ball) and I take his legs out. It was awesome , but not as good as this one hit I had on the kickoff team when I went in for Chris Fields. This tackle was much better. I was on the left side ( like always ) when the ball was kicked ( I was a little slow off the ball but I got down there ) I saw the ball carrier through an open seam. Right behind that seam there was a line of angry football players ready to block any one who tries to take thier ball carrier down. I started to sprint at first then I slowed down to agress into a position where I won't get blown away ( in a nice jogged pace ). He was running crooked towards the sidelines not even noticing me and I hit him. The other players on my team said that I knocked him back a few yards ( for loss of yardage ) and that I really rocked his world. I do believe this because my shoulder was numb when I got up. The players are going to treat me with more respect because of this. There were two other hits that really got me excited. On offense I was blocking for a thirty-one trap , I went to hit the inside backer when he got his hands on Eric Hauff who was running the ball at the time , but I still had my block on him and I was pushing him as he pulled Eric for more yardage , so I did something good. Another one on offense these two guys on the defensive side ran into eachother , they didn't fall over so I just went up and threw them both down. It was great and I felt great after that. That's probably what got me ready to make those other hits.
Well , I'm getting very bored with talking about my hit that I had last Thursday so now I'm going to have to come up with something else to talk about.
OK , here we go I have something to mention. This is the last week of football and the season has been so short ( just like last year's season ). Though the season was short , it was a good one for me , because I've done better than I ever have in a single football season. I've hit harder , ran harder , and basicly performed harder than I ever have before. Some reasons for this is that all of that wieght lifting has helped to strengthen me and to phisically and mentally tone my body and mind. I remember when in summer wieght lifting and conditioning I had always thought about how much I wanted to play and do my best so I would push myself to run harder and really put my abilities to the maximum. This anticipation helped me to reach my goal that was set a year ago in the eighth grade , and even then I was working out.
I'd have to thank my friend , Miles , for reintroducing me to wieght liftting , because I had been going earlier in the year with Craig McDonnel (he's a big guy too) , me and him had gone to the wieght lifting room and did curls , bench press , squatting , neck exercises and to top it off, a lap or two around the track , then we'd come back the next day for another day of wieght lifting until he stopped going because of family problems. He was still working out at home though to stay in shape for next year's season. So he'll be back next year ( I hope ). Anyway , after Craig stopped going in November I stopped going too until Miles reintroduced me to working out down at Hayes. Miles and me would always be competitive in our actions , whether it be running or wieght lifting we'd always challenge eachother to a race or to see how much we could lift. One day I noticed that Miles was growing weak and couldn't lift as much.
Today's game day and I'm ready ( I'm sorry , I just had to say it ). Tonight we play Hilliard Heritage. I remember that there was a small team that we played our seventh grade year and I think that this might be the team that we played. We beat them our seventh grade year but not our eighth grade year. Our eighth grade year we had the ball ready to make a big comeback and score for a sixty yard goal , but the "reffs" called us back we fumbled the ball and they scored. That's how they won ( by a long shot ).
I hope that we beat them this year and stuff it back down thier throats. They can take this pipe and smoke it or else we're 1-7 ( won one lost seven ). We don't have a very good defense that's why we get scored on so often and that's why the other team always has a huge score. I want to tackle some one today and hurt him bad ( that way he can't run the ball any more ).
Anyway , we won our game last night. We didn't play Hilliard Heritage but we did play Watkins Memorial. Boy , thier team sucked. I mean hey , if we can beat them then they must really suck. I just hope that one of those guys on the other team never finds out that I said this about his team or else I'll get my butt kicked. Now we're 2-7 ( won two , lost seven ). We won just a tad bit too late. Our team should have started winning way back in the beggining of the season ( that way we have a better record than we did last year.
Last night on the bus ride home Bryan Howard was messing around with a piece of dirt that I gave him to throw at people and do stuff with ( that way he wouldn't be bored ). Now we all know coach Ayers' full name , because Bryan yelled it out loud on the bus and after he did I said , " Oh , he dogged you! " , and Bryan thought that it was funny. The cheerleaders started to sing and we all told them to shut up ( it was a symphony of the word shut up [it was cool].
At the game , when I played and was first put in on kickoff I messed up and didn't stay in my lane , so a guy got in on my side and that made me feel really disappointed in myself for not being able to make a big hit in the game to bragg about. On the other hand I did make one hit that was acceptional. The same as the franklin heights game on goalline defense when I knocked over that whole stack , well , in this game the same thing happened to the guy that was running the ball and the pile that was surrounding him were all knocked over. I felt great about it since it was the only thing in that game I felt great about doing all by myself.
Boy I have plenty of time to write I thought that I was typing forever until I just turned around to look at the clock and found out that I had only been here for a few minutes.
I should be weight lifting pretty soon here in a week , or something like that , but first I'm going to Eagles' Weightlifting Gym with Jeremia Lambert to show off my weight lifting skill to him and his brother , because I'm cool like that , and following that I'm going to start going to the Hayes weightlifting room to weightlift with my football colleagues. I have made an oath that if I don't gain any weight by next year I'm going to be a line backer. I'm going to try as hard as I can to gain this wieght by eating heavy and by this I mean I'm going to consume as many starches as possible. My brother suggested that I eat plenty of pasta to attain my goal , and trust me , my brother should know this because he used to wrestle and play football himself ( I swear that he was a powerhouse ).
Today is a start of a whole new week. I am very sore , because I played football at the park last night. My back hurts my arm hurts but my legs are just fine. The people that were on my team made me run the ball every single time and that's probably what made me so sore. When the people that were on my team actually decided to run the ball they dove like quarter-backs do when they're scared and don't want to be hurt and they didn't even try to get yardage by staying on thier feet. I'll probably have to lift much less when I go wieght lifting today , because I'm so sore.
I'm going to get people to go with me to wieght lift. I've already got Pete Jacobus , Jamie Crain and maybe Miles Bilikam ( it's 4/5 period right now ). I might go on to the track to do a few sprints and/or laps. I might bring the people that I'm going wieght lifting with out to the track to have a few races to get myself in shape cardio-vascularly ( my heart and lungs ).
In the wieght lifting room I'm going to do five sets of five for squats , power cleans , and bench press , then I'll do three sets of three for Military press ( inclined press ) and those pull-up-to-your-chin things for thirty seconds a piece. Those exercises get your neck , shoulder , and back muscles toned up ( that's how I appear to be so skinny this year , because of those small changes in the way that my back looked ).
I was thinking that I might run the ball the next year that I play. That is if I get a little quicker and a little more agile on my feet. I am already going to be stronger for the next year by wieght lifting all of this year and the next so all I need to work on now is my speed and agility and everything else will fall into place. I'll still be a lineman the next year I play , it's just that when some one gets hurt ( supposedly the full-back ) I can be a sub-in for them.
Yesterday , I went wieght lifting and man , am I sore. My shoulders hurt ( from not using the pad for squat and for the way that I had to carry my books home using the shoulder strap on my heavy bag ) , my lower back hurts ( probably from squats [the belt probably wasn't tight enough] and from the running that I did afterward {but I wouldn't know why the running would have killed me if I could lift such heavy wieght and do crunches in between every set of squat , bench and power clean} ) , and my legs are mildly sore because when ever I try to stretch them the part behind my knee starts to hurt ( I might not have stretched my legs good enough ).
I might go to the gym and wieght lift next week on monday ( by then I should be alright pain-wise ).
I've worked together a plan for my wieght lifting. On certain days I'll power clean and on certain days I'll do things that I haven't been doing lately that will tone the muscles that I haven't toned before ( pretty good plan , huh?).
Every day in the library is bone chilling ( including today ).
The game on Friday was such an awesome game to go to , because in the first half there was a tremendous struggle on our part. Then in the second half the game was ours to do what we wanted with it. That was the best part about this last game ( and last step to winning the OCC title ). The best come back in a game ( during the whole season ) that I can think of is this game , because we were in the lead seven to six and all we needed to do was keep it that way until the game was over. We did more than that , because in the second half , we stomped on them and kept smuthering the boot of victory in to thier faces until it was time to shake hands and merrily go home with a 5-0 record for the OCC title. We haven't made it this far or accomplished such a deed in 27 years time and now we have renewed our title from '69-'96 ( it's like the numbers just flipped ).
When we were doing hitting drills before the game I went up against Eric Williams ( this guy's really big ). He only knocked me down once ( that suprises me ). He might not have been putting his ability to it's fullest ( and boy am I lucky that he wasn't or else I would have been dead , or something ).
I remember that when we ran it around the edge E-Rok knocked over two people at once and I came up with a saying , " Two Monarchs with one E-Rok ."
It's not that cold in the library today ( that's great ). I'm going to art next. I'm going wieght lifting today , but I can't stick to the wieght lifting plan that I made ( you know , the one where I do a certain kind of things one day and a different kind of things another day ) , because there's only wieght lifting Monday's , Wednesday's and Friday's. Next week I'll be wieght lifting with an old friend that I haven't seen in a while at the wieght lifting gym ( he's Craig McDonnell ).

I haven't been on this for a while because I was using the Hyperstudio ( one thing that I have to say about it is that it's an awesome program ). In a little bit I'll have to go so my entry won't be long.
I made a cartoon where this guy is making faces at the camera and he gets punched in the face until he flies into the wall ( it's really cool ).
In another week or so I'll be getting off of school ( that would be on the twentieth [20] ). Oh I can't wait until then because that is probably when I'll build my snow fort. Last year I made a snow fort only three feet high and I could fit in the whole thing and still have space to move. This snow fort was so undetetable that I actually had to tell my friend that it was there. The fort was right next to the sidewalk ( that's how undetectable this snow fort was ).
I wonder how this year's snow fort is going to turn out compared to last year's. I hope that it'll be better than last years (and I hope that it has more space too ). Space is one of the most important things when it comes to building places that you can actually go into ( like buildings and houses ).
there was also this one thing that I had last year that me and my next door nieghboor , Trevor , were working on and it was big too. Trevor's step-dad had a snow plow and he made an entire tower of snow for him. Trevor and I had started to dig into this six or eight foot high pile of ice and snow and tried to make a little house to be shielded from the cold winter wind.
When we had most of the bottom dug into the snow had started to melt ( that ment that spring was on its way. That was when we had gave up on this project of ice and snow.
This coming winter I'll be sledding. The only place that I'll sled at is called Hidden Valley Golf Course. They are best known for thier steep hills and thier steep drive way ( that's the whole reason why I go over there ).
Usually , I would use the drive way for a kind bobsled hill ( or atleast that's what it was last year ). We had made a railing made out of packed down snow and ice that we would never have to steer down because the railing would do the steering for us. That was what was so great about this driveway we could go down and around the curve in races and the bobsled track had that part that just hung off at the edge that you'd be in mid-air going around the curve and never leave the track. Going down the sledding hill there was a ramp last year that I went over ( sitting down [because my friends dared me to] ) and when I landed I catapulted straight up from the sharp pain in my rear and then I couldn't sit down for three months.
Winter is one of the greatest seasons in this entire world , because you can do these many fun things and allways come in for a hotchocolate and never complain about the humidity.
I've just made it to page twelve ( that makes me happy ). Like they all say" if you're happy and you know it clap your hands (clap , clap!)." That oughta do it for me today ( like the gatekeeper allways says "I am out of here!" )

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