Jeremy’s Phrases for Life

*************** a preface: Faliseus: this web page is called, 'phrase for life', because it's
filled with many of my quotes, Faliseus: ......and each thought borrowed from the unconscious:-) Faliseus: one last note about the page, it's filled with wisdoms, advice
on art, writing, people, love....and perspective Faliseus: and the nice thing about my site, is, if ANYTHING in there, is
'in question'......then I will take criticism very openly
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Faliseus: I don't suggest printing this page, because no copy is a solid
copy, just as no soap opera character can really die, because.....
like a writer.....I keep writing....... *************** "Don't let anyone tell you that you’re wrong just do what you know is right in your OWN
heart" that was the 'SEED' planted by my father that grew into the ROOT that it is today and "Aim for the heart and you'll always hit your target," it's my ‘ROOT’ phrase and All the rest of the advice are just ‘BRANCHES’ from those roots that ‘stretch’ to the different
areas of the heart in KNOWING. Faliseus: this thing is what I'd like to think of as 'the painting of my mind' Faliseus: always building onto it 'Life’s Twisted Spine' Faliseus: and yes, Faliseus: I know, Faliseus: it rhymes:-)
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*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** 1.) All Models: Faliseus: "ALL models are held together with plastic and glue, and some glue sniffing
nerd with weird hair puts them together" Faliseus: model..... Faliseus: airplanes Faliseus: boats Faliseus: people Faliseus: cars Faliseus: truth to the top 2.) One Phrase for Loving Life, My ROOT Phrase: Faliseus: “Aim for the heart and you’ll ALWAYS hit your target” 3.) My Favorite Word: Faliseus: “My favorite word is ALWAYS . Put it next to LOVE, COMMITMENT, PRACTICE,
DEDICATION, HUMBLENESS and HONOR and you have my favorite thing to have.“ Faliseus: ALWAYS, means 'from the heart' Faliseus: When you say and do things ALWAYS it means your doing and saying them from the
heart Faliseus: and the heart is the BEST thing to ‘FEEL’ and ‘KNOW’ Faliseus: or ‘constant’(always) Faliseus: when I can’t be in a ‘constant‘, I'm in a constant struggle to get back into
the heartfelt game of ‘constancy‘. Faliseus: through faithful prayer Faliseus: always strive to become to the top 4.) A Smaller Phrase List: 'my usual 'common and SHORT' responses to most 'common and SHORT' questions' a.) original entrances "entrance #1" Faliseus: I just think it's funny that when people block me. Faliseus: they think I actually CARE that, I'm not on their buddy list
(on a computer, inside and away from REAL people) Faliseus: that just tells me that people 'can’t live an outside life' and
I get a laugh out of that irony, but that little spiel was just
for an original entrances' sake:-);-).... Faliseus: so will I laugh, smile, and/or learn? Faliseus: a perplexing question of my own options in life Faliseus: what’s up? “entrance #2” Faliseus: that is a rockin screen name.... so rockin, my neighbors said to turn it down;-) “entrance #3” Faliseus: hey man, if ya need some inspiration, and ya got the
hesitation....hit up this site..... .....if you’re up for chat, cool

that, if not, z’alright, just check out the site.....lots
of cool speakin’ materials and stuff ya like Faliseus: aight?:-) Faliseus: I've inspired many, bro, thought I'd let ya know “entrance #4 Faliseus: Pink Floyd? “entrance #5” Faliseus: hi remember me? Faliseus: I had cyber sex with you as a busty blonde Faliseus: but today I feel like being myself Faliseus: that’ll teach you to ask me a/s/l “entrance #6” Faliseus: what’s going on, I'm Jeremy and I thought you might like to
meet a real cool new person Faliseus: ...although I'm not sure who that might be so you'll have to
settle for me Faliseus: :-) “entrance #7” Faliseus: Help me!!! I can't read!!! “entrance #8 Faliseus: what do I have to say to have you chat with me and smile?:-) “entrance #9” Faliseus: if you were looking to talk on the phone with some ladies,
then in order for me to sound like a woman again, I’ll have to turn the
helium back on.....hold on.... “entrance #10” Faliseus: I think, therefore I am beef jerky “entrance #11” Faliseus: is it okay if I ask you a question and then thank you? Faliseus: thank you :) “entrance #12” Faliseus: .....we’ll just think of this as an anal mind screwing.... Faliseus: no, not THAT kind of ‘anal’ you sick pervert!! Faliseus: and I believe in safe mind sex so please use protection.... Faliseus: wait, that’s not what I was talking about.... Faliseus: *Jeremy points to Bob... trust me, I’m not insane. He is. Faliseus: *Bob tries to bite Jeremy’s finger off, “OWW!! What are you
doing??!! That‘s my finger!!” Faliseus: “no, wait, that’s MY finger....hang on a second, lemme get a mirror..” Faliseus: “Darn it, I knew it. I’m his split personality!!” Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Never mind......that‘s just me having fun:-) Faliseus: “what are you talking about Jeremy?” Faliseus: “shhh!! I don’t want them to think you exist and that I‘m crazy!!” Faliseus: “Oh, sorry.... ; - D” Faliseus: *Bob winks at Jeremy Faliseus: “thanks.” hee hee.....imagination can be so much fun:) “entrance #13” Faliseus: are you sure about that? “entrance #14” Faliseus: I was just surfing the Instant Messages and I was looking for
a random person to laugh my ass off at for no apparent reason Faliseus: and, well, lucky you Faliseus: hahahahahahhah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Faliseus: *cackle cackle:-) Faliseus: lol Faliseus: oh my god that's so funny!!:-) hheee heee to the top b.) reply to hateful words “I hate this person for doing this to me. It's just driving me crazy” Faliseus: “If you can’t love ALL, then you can love NONE.” (also, see "Hating the Truth #36") “I just HATE all of this WAITING I’ve been doing” “I don’t like to WAIT for anything” Faliseus: "those you work with will become your love and your love will come from your work" Faliseus: “focus on your work and at the right time your reward will come to you.” Faliseus: you need a focus, that’s all Faliseus: “because to get away from emptiness, you've got to come closer to fullness" Faliseus: Learn to love your work Faliseus: and it'll feel excellent to know that you love your work Faliseus: AND you love your reward. “and my biggest pet peeve of all is when someone is an English major
and decides to use worse grammar than a homeless crack head”
Faliseus: but it's not the words that I care bout. it’s the meaning
behind them that’s important. Faliseus: words are shields... Faliseus: the shield is nothing without the knight to hold it up Faliseus: who is that knight and what does he stand for? to the top c.) reply to questions “can I see your pic?” “what’d you think of MY pic?” Faliseus: “I'd rather be blinded by love than blinded by image” “well, umm what do you want to talk about?” Faliseus: “ask more questions get more answers” “and WHAT is it we're ALL looking for?” Faliseus: “we’re all looking for clarification in life and in the end, we’re all just
looking for some one to talk to” Faliseus: the thing that people all want is what they need... Faliseus: and that's 'not to want anything anymore' Faliseus: those that need are those that want...and those that want not are those to receive. “so what'd you do today?” “you got any plans?” Faliseus: “work, work, work, eat, sleep, wash, rinse and repeat” “What do you plan to do in the future?” Faliseus: there’s always that thing that we don’t know is there, that we'll always be
finding so I’ve got plans to find that something “What’re you doing now?” Faliseus: I'm a piece of growing mold Faliseus: sitting here waiting for someone to scoop me up and take me someplace “why didn’t you stay w/other social groups for too long” Faliseus: so I'm all for all Faliseus: and none for none Faliseus: guess that makes me the ONE musketeer “hold on a second” “could you wait on me?” Falseus: I've got the patience of a blind and deaf tennis player. “and here’s another question for you” Faliseus: you’re helping me redefine a whole lot Faliseus: thanks pal Faliseus: it's good to run into a person that asks questions Faliseus: it gives ME a break from asking questions “dude, what else could you tell me about God?” Faliseus: I don’t know, I just work here Faliseus: I only know what the boss tells me “oh, what’s your bosses name?” “who do you work for?” Faliseus: "God" Faliseus: I work for my creator Faliseus: my father in heaven Faliseus: I haven't met my father in heaven, but I hear his words and follow his voice
and one day I'll meet him. Faliseus: working for my pay check and my FULL RETIREMENT BENEFITS “would you really have to do that?” “would you do that?” Faliseus: I have no choice. Faliseus: I’m just hanging from the threads of his decisions “how long is your work going to be?” “can I read your paper when you’re done?” Faliseus: how long am I going to be alive? Faliseus: this paper is about wisdom Faliseus: wisdom is only going to be there if you STRIVE for it Faliseus: I don’t know what will happen Faliseus: I only know that I’m living it and writing it Faliseus: my work is ALWAYS a rough draft “but HOW do you KNOW He is there?” “Where is God?” Faliseus: How do you know the sun is going to come up tomorrow? Faliseus: wave your hand through the air Faliseus: take a deep breath Faliseus: can you see what you’re breathing? Faliseus: can you FEEL what you’re breathing? Faliseus: you can’t see it w/your eyes Faliseus: but it’s STILL there, cause you can feel it. "why shouldn't I reward my self?" Faliseus: Which is better? Faliseus: To buy a gift for yourself and already know what you got? Faliseus: Or to have and share the greatest feeling of a nice surprise from a friend who
gets you a gift you never expected? “wisdom.. hmm” Faliseus: wisdom of life comes through loving life Faliseus: one thing about my wisdom.... Faliseus: I 'know to understand positively' I don't 'think negatively to assume'. Faliseus: I 'believe to hope' I don't 'doubt to worry'. Faliseus: I'll think of wisdom as a pie I'm eating in the dark. Faliseus: I don't know how much I've eaten of it, but I'll KEEP eating until I'm full and
the goodness of the pie is inside me, then I’ll share the joy with others. “how do you...” Faliseus: I believe you just answered your own question. Faliseus: ;-) Faliseus: just take out 'how do you'....and you've got your answer. “that’s A LOT of words!!” “did you HAVE to say THAT much about it?” Faliseus: they wanted a statement... Faliseus: and that's what I gave them Faliseus: it's just that I've got DEPTH into what I'm planning Faliseus: you've got to anchor your words down with meaning if you want
to hit the heart...of the bottom of a lake Faliseus: and that’s what I’m ALWAYS aiming to do “what do I say to him” “she doesn’t seem to be calm or anything but I think she still
loves me”
Faliseus: ask 'why' he/she has to do the things he/she does Faliseus: that question will stop ANYBODY that loves you dead in their tracks Faliseus: and it'll solve things quicker “why should I forgive them” “forgiveness?” Faliseus: If NOBODY forgave ANYBODY Faliseus: then there wouldn't be any love in this world “where are you going?” Faliseus: not sure of my direction, so I stand still. So I'm still standing. "who??" "who are you?" Faliseus: more importantly, the question you SHOULD be asking is, Faliseus: “do I remember you or do I forget you?” Faliseus: answer your question the best I can... Faliseus: we all try to find out who we really are, but all we'll know is the name we've
been given. Faliseus: I'm Jeremy Faliseus: good to meet you;-) “how old are you?” “age?” Faliseus: age is a number that is forgotten by the mind when it rots away “=P” “if only the world knew that” Faliseus: they do Faliseus: they just forget it:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “are you still the same?” “did you change?” Faliseus: now is as it was and hopefully will be Faliseus: me Faliseus: the truth...we have not seen Faliseus: we will not be Faliseus: unless we've been Faliseus: I will be at my best when I’m dying “do I HAVE to do that NOW?” “well, I’m not sure if I really need that right now” Faliseus: Life is full of choices and the choices are all YOURS to make. Faliseus: Choose your interest and invest choices within it. "is pain weakness leaving the body?" Faliseus: I'd say....for the faithful... pain is growth of faith Faliseus: and for the non-faithful....pain is death of strength Faliseus: weakness.....that's a questionable thing, because a weakness,
is a flaw that makes us both unique....and strong Faliseus: so with loss of weakness, we've lost a strength “are you a poet?” Faliseus: I’m an artist of the heart. Faliseus: everything I speak and think is poetry Faliseus: and that's because I believe in the beauty I see in life. Faliseus: I want to help others to see and appreciate that beauty that I
see and appreciate. With more things to be thankful for in life, you
have more reasons to smile and feel reassured. “why haven’t you been able to do that?” Faliseus: the reason is just because something happens that keeps me
from doing it.... Faliseus: and I think I'm cursed:-)....yet a blessing is just the end of
a curse Faliseus: wished I knew though. Faliseus: all I can do is hope now. “who would I be if I hadn't met you?” Faliseus: you would be someone else...trying to find the answers to the
same questions we all ask. Faliseus: you would be the victim and the beloved of the same infinite
construct of life....ultimately looking for happiness
through struggles..... Faliseus: finding love, pain and clarification and mystery along the way Faliseus: you would be all of these equality to others, in a
different balance. Faliseus: that’s who you would CURRENTLY be, but you can only ultimately
BECOME yourself by seeing and learning about yourself in the
reflection of others. “how can you stay so positive about things? don‘t you ever get sad?”
“why do you hope?”
Faliseus: sometimes heavy feelings will hit me and I‘ll cry, but I don’t
have a reason to remain sad and keep crying. Faliseus: if you’re always sad and you never hope, then you’ll never
have your head up to see the true beauty. Faliseus: hope is a part of faith. Faliseus: hope is like shocks on a car because it’s those shocks that
are always READY for the bumps in the road ahead. Faliseus: We still feel the bumps, but they aren’t as bad as they could
be....because we’ve ANTICIPATED them. Faliseus: without hope, we would wreck our cars because we couldn‘t
handle the bumps and we would NEVER reach our destination. Faliseus: the truest beauties that are found through hope are the
wondrous feelings of love and strength. Faliseus: happiness is where you have no wants. Faliseus: in life, happiness is HOPED for. “what is time? haven't found an answer yet” Faliseus: :-) Faliseus: I like your style....:-D Faliseus: well, let me break down my opinion on that I can, Faliseus: time is the human concept of the flow of life....time is the
effects of the play button on a VCR, and it is the electricity
flowing through a circuit. Faliseus: time is NOT life itself...but time is as life FLOWS. “if you were really sad, what would you do?” Faliseus: if you honestly want to know what I would do then,
Faliseus: I turn my worries into prayer, because praying can help so much, Faliseus: it gets your mind off of the pain, Faliseus: and gets you ready for the rest of life’s struggles. Faliseus: praying helps you to be more hopeful and happier... Faliseus: praying doesn’t leave you to be anything else you don't need to be Faliseus: the way I usually pray is....I 'Thank' for what and who I've got, Faliseus: I 'Ask for guidance and help', Faliseus: and I 'Pray' that other people will be happy Faliseus: and that they find what they're looking for. Faliseus: Thank, Ask, Pray...TAP with FAITH Faliseus: that's just an idea, if you needed it Faliseus: I do it all the time, even when I'm not sad “define meek for me?” Faliseus: humble, keeping eyes filled with fear, and simple happiness Faliseus: meek. “what is art?” “what is poetry?” Faliseus: there IS a difference between poetry and art Faliseus: and yet, there IS an area where poetry and art will collide Faliseus: Art is not necessarily meant to be understood, Faliseus: but rather art can be FELT and REFLECTED upon, in contrast
to.....the REAL or the imagined Faliseus: and Poetry......can have many different definitions..... Faliseus: poetry can be CLEARLY understood and written in meter and verse, Faliseus: or it can be written in ‘prose’.....Prose is written to seem
dull or non poetic or is written to be out of meter or verse Faliseus: or Poetry, like I write..... can be ABSTRACT poetry, written
not to be necessarily understood, but written like how Art reflects on the feelings of life Faliseus: and art is not necessarily understood. Faliseus: if the universal definition of poetry is to write, either
in ‘Prose‘ or ‘In Verse‘....then through ‘Abstract Poetry’, I
must've made up my own new style ENTIRELY:-) Faliseus: if that's true.....then DAMN, I CERTAINLY am meant to be unique:-) “define meaning?” Faliseus: meaning is the intention, held behind words and actions “define human soul?” Faliseus: spirit/heart/life force Faliseus: the started spark Faliseus: the driven engine Faliseus: you can't really define what you can't see Faliseus: but you can 'theorize':-) Faliseus: soul/spirit/heart is what drives us. Faliseus: Our own unique reflections on other unique souls/spirits/hearts is what makes
our own individual drive. Faliseus: That's what I believe the human soul is. Energy, inspiring energy. “do you see God as the god of the bible?” Faliseus: Define ‘the bible’. There are many versions. I see God as a vision
beyond my own. The life that is a step ahead that I’ll always be a step
behind but is always looking back and waiting for me. All I have to do
is keep looking for this life and I’ll always find a friend
down any road I’m on. Faliseus: In life, God has always been the friend I’ve never met. The
greatest teacher of all whom speaks without words. “why can you not just see love as love?” “love is love, why is there
any reason to place god a label on anything?”
Faliseus: The action of love is ‘faith’....believing in ‘feelings/presence of
an unknown force’ lead by emotion to join with another whom is
lead by the same thing. Faliseus: Love ultimately excludes the eyes and the mind, just as God does because..... Faliseus: We also don’t see or understand God. Faliseus: God and love ’both’ require ’believing’ in feeling in order to be real. Faliseus: I believe 'feeling' is the walls of our reality and God is the
one outside of the walls of the house of our reality, looking in. Faliseus: I believe feeling is not only our life force, but is also a
way God communicates with us. “why imagine God as your parent...why?...does it make you happy?” Faliseus: Our own birthparents or caregivers are always looking down on
us as guidance and inspiration, yet letting us learn on our own and
go in our own ways. We see they’re always there and it gives us
confidence to keep going. Faliseus: Through times where your own caregivers aren’t around to
inspire you.....God as a parent, in essence, is the same concept. Faliseus: Growth through inspiration. “you don't believe in soul mates?” Faliseus: define ‘soul mates’ Faliseus: I’ll tell you what I ‘do’ believe in Faliseus: I believe in making something WORK:-) Faliseus: what is an 'unhappy marriage'? Faliseus: the result of not communicating and relating Faliseus: although, the BEGINNING was beautiful..........the duration of
the relationship......wasn't worked on Faliseus: that's why I don't believe in soul mates “define ‘everything’” Faliseus: everything is the collective of the things known and hoped to be “humility?” Faliseus: *internet crickets start to make noise in the
the Jeopardy theme song plays Faliseus: Humility is the realization that you are just as primal and
human as everyone else. Faliseus: we all need humility.......especially those who ‘try’ and
separate themselves from the world. With humility, their lifeless world
shatters and they become real again, a part of the system again. Faliseus: humility makes a name for us and makes a home for us.:-) Faliseus: *shakes head in humility as he laughs and plots his next move “are you religious?” “are you in a congregation?” Faliseus: depends on what you mean by 'religion' Faliseus: many people will bias someone because of their brash
one-tracked/labeled definition for 'religion' Faliseus: Earth is a congregation:-) Faliseus: ‘religion’ is subjective “are you some kind of freak or something?” Faliseus: define ‘freak’ and maybe I can tell you Faliseus: if not, then don't:-) I've got no problem Faliseus: what works for you? “” Faliseus: I see a guide, simply as someone who walks in his/her own
direction....offering companionship......but still walking in that same direction, followed or not “define........validity” Faliseus: validity is: 'a credible source', 'a common ground', 'a common vision'
and/or 'a tangible and logical evidence' “have you been inside my mind and known and SEEN what I've gone through?” Faliseus: I don't know:-) Faliseus: define the 'inside of a 'mind', and then we'll see your answer ;-) “what do I need to really feel good about myself?” Faliseus: the first most important thing to have in life is "love"......
the second most important thing to have in life is "a
way to express it". Do this and have this humbly. You'll find a
nice new place for yourself, with two gifts to share.........your
passion and your heart. Combining, to make life grow. “are you working on that project?” Faliseus: we're all working on one project or another Faliseus: mostly out of boredom and insecurity ;-) “Why Why Why??“ Faliseus: the only person that can answer that question is you, because
ultimately, your own belief will be your own judge and you
will choose to believe your own path. I am not the one to choose
your path. YOU ARE. I am not the one to make the answers and
the perspective, YOU ARE. Faliseus: So, YOU ARE the only one who can answer that question. “what do you do?” Faliseus: coolness Faliseus: plan on going excelling in the field of art and media and
making a difference in the world Faliseus: currently, I'm working on that, and my humble throne:-) “throne?” Faliseus: sitting in common ground, love is it's own royalty:-) Faliseus: the heart is the kingdom;-) Faliseus: throne. “after I finish my speech tomorrow, hopefully, can you help me polish it?” Faliseus: to polish someone else's work, I haven't got anything but spit and a rag.....and that doesn't go
anywhere but my mouth and in my pocket. Faliseus: Just saw a Samuel Clements/Mark Twain documentary, it’s rubbing off “you’re more mature and I need your help!! can't I ask for that simple thing?” Faliseus: maturity? Faliseus: sure Faliseus: all you want Faliseus: and maturity is the only thing that you’ll never get until
you're finished asking for it “hey baby whatcha wearing?” Faliseus: grape jelly, want some? “can I ask a personal question?” Faliseus: you've been doing it ever since the time you learned to speak:-) Faliseus: I don't see why not now to the top d.) replying inspirationally “I’ve been working hard all week” Faliseus: a dedicated worker will go far with many dedications. “I’ve got to get to sleep soon though, I’ve got to get up for work tomorrow” Faliseus: a dreamer has yet to live and a liver has yet to dream “I don’t know yet” Faliseus: the best things come to us as a surprise “You’ve got a beautiful artwork there” Faliseus: as I paint it's picture, it gets clearer Faliseus: it's a faith thing Faliseus: I'm SO bored Faliseus: a true artist really has no clue what he's going to create Faliseus: the true artist only knows that he has to follow through with his heartfelt
brush strokes until the painting is through and is a beautifully finished emotion “ouch this is really hurting me” ”lots of physical pain” Faliseus: the best way to avoid pain is to laugh insanely “I live at home though” “I used to live somewhere else” Faliseus: sometimes to get closer you've got to move further away “I like to motivate people” “I’ve got phrases and quotes too!” Faliseus: when you've got a great STARTER to a motivation Faliseus: you've just got to have a great CLOSURE as well.... Faliseus: “a hug is walking to start, finding to come closer, and closing your arms” Faliseus: “closure is a hug” “I can talk to myself“ “singing in the shower is fun” “I day dream all day” Faliseus: a man that talks to himself is only rehearsing the lines in his own play “I'll always wait for who wants to wait for me.” Faliseus: although we meet at the last minute of the day, Faliseus: we come together knowing, Faliseus: that we waited for each other. “those words were touching” “you always know how to make me feel better” Faliseus: you know, words move things more than any strong hand can in
the world Faliseus: and the support and compassion behind those words, moves us
all Faliseus: I want to help out where I can:-) Faliseus: and speak to move:-) “first impressions are everything aren’t they?” Faliseus: sure, unless your last ones rock:-D “idol hands are the devil’s workshop” Faliseus: what if you're a tap dancer? Faliseus: :-D :-P Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: sometimes those silly philosophy people forget about other people who 'have' feet:-) “that's sweet of you to offer me help” “thank you very much for your help”
“YOUR happiness should always come first”
Faliseus: I help people out when I can Faliseus: if I can't help others, then I'm not helping myself:-) Faliseus: because the best way to find out who I am and what’s on the
INSIDE of me, is to see what comes OUT of me Faliseus: that means a lot to me, and what means more, is your happiness Faliseus: that IS my happiness Faliseus: if I can't see that there's not beauty coming from the inside
of me, that INSPIRES...... then I can't see myself being happy Faliseus: I've got to know that I can rub off on people:-) so I can feel better “a lot of things make me laugh” Faliseus: laughing keeps us young, Faliseus: youth is our closest thing to happiness. Faliseus: so I suggest you keep growing younger:-) “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: laughter is possible in the morning!:-) Einstein I have proven you wrong!! Faliseus: :-P yep, I'm a nut Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: at least I know that's one thing I can always count on, even
if I'm waking up from my drool filled pillow.....I can make the
smile like God makes the rain:-) “music always makes me happy” Faliseus: music is the language that everyone speaks but nobody knows:-) “word” Faliseus: we're all looking for the same thing:-) and we just don't know it Faliseus: wow, darn philosophical if you take your time reading that last quote “you'll have a hay day” Faliseus: or a cow day......depends on what mood you’re in.....eating or being eaten:-) “*laugh out loud* again” Faliseus: it's just that I understand many things about many other
things.......if you understand what I understand......then you won't
think I'm so crazy Faliseus: and neither will I......but I'll start to think that you are:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “I’m trying to be true to myself and others” Faliseus: "Honesty, is the only product that will ALWAYS sell, even if
no one wants to buy it." “grrrrrrrrr!!!!!! There‘s this thing that‘s been REALLY getting on my
nerves!! Let me tell you........”
Faliseus: frustration is only good.....when you can 'share it';-) “...and keep in mind, you may run into stupid people here.” Faliseus: to live in a lifetime of stupidity and disbelief, is to see a
future death of brilliance Faliseus: whoa.....too much philosophy for me:-) I hope that made sense “I love to make OTHER people think” Faliseus: it's important in life, not to admit you've been wrong.....but
to admit that you've LEARNED something:-D “I’m spontaneous” Faliseus: we all are, and just don't know it:-) “I’m a student” Faliseus: hopefully you're not a passionate hypocrite:-) Faliseus: hopefully I'm not either. Faliseus: :-) *laugh out loud* “now you’re saying you’re my ‘good friend‘? you drive me crazy!!” Faliseus: good friends often do drive each other insane, otherwise,
those friends aren't that worth it to talk to in the first place “thanks I guess” Faliseus: you’re always welcome I guess :) to the top e.) reply to compliments “wow, that’s amazing! you’re a genius!” “you sound too good to be true” Faliseus: “NOTHING is more powerful and true than what comes from the heart” “what kind of artist are you?” “you’re too sweet” “you’re awesome” Faliseus: “everything I do is an art, a flow from the heart.” “wow, good one” Faliseus: I'm a maze of phrases Faliseus: all leading to the heart “but I bet you're strong though” Faliseus: getting there Faliseus: never going to be strong Faliseus: I'm nothing without God Faliseus: faith has carried me pain to pain Faliseus: only to reach the truth and relief Faliseus: following your heart may hurt while you’re following it to the destination, but
keep going and you'll get there. “that’s efficient” Faliseus: yep Faliseus: one thing I learned from working Faliseus: "work smart, not hard" Faliseus: besides, I've got way too many things on my mind to have arthritis “:-) well good luck!!!” Faliseus: no luck to it Faliseus: I'll just do it “wow you must be REAL serious then” Faliseus: I'm just driven Faliseus: that’s all Faliseus: the brain is to control the motor parts Faliseus: the heart is the engine Faliseus: God has turned the key for me Faliseus: driven to understand the truth of life “you must know everything you say EXACTLY” Faliseus: easier to say than to write Faliseus: harder to listen to than to read Faliseus: my words. “you’re awesome and you know it” Faliseus: I don't like to accept my skills Faliseus: I like to 'build' on them Faliseus: you can't imagine the 'awesome' I'm dreaming about Faliseus: and neither can I “you’re silly” “you’re funny” “you’re pretty entertaining:)” Faliseus: In these moments....I either feel funny, crazy or confused...and I was confused
as to which one of those I was feeling Faliseus: thanks for reminding me Faliseus: I thought I was just crazy Faliseus: but now I'm 'funny':-) Faliseus: that's reassuring Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “aw... such the busy bee” “wow you’re working!” Faliseus: yep, I just... Faliseus: work for life to make life work for me:-) “that’s a cool quote” “good job on that phrase” Faliseus: very Faliseus: and most importantly.. Faliseus: it's TRUE Faliseus: honesty isn't just a virtue, it's a tool that fixes the broken heart Faliseus: see how EASY motivation and spirit lifting is when you're HONEST? “you are great” Faliseus: when I talk flowing from my heart, it's like there's another funny person
using my voice and I'm just sitting there clueless but happy Faliseus: thanks Faliseus: you’re wonderful too Faliseus: happy to hear Faliseus: the inspirational beauty we see and are astounded by is a true reflection of
ourselves Faliseus: I see my reflection in your mirror ten fold:) “wow” Faliseus: through my getting used to struggling past the borders of
society's death/repetition and making my life present......I've had to
get used to all the compliments..... Faliseus: I always worry that I may be ‘OVERSEEN’ rather than ‘UNDERSTOOD‘. Faliseus: people always want to look at the 'wow's or the 'ooh's and the 'ahh's Faliseus: most people usually just overshoot me, and I've always desired
to meet more people to just see me for the smiling 'who', that I am Faliseus: and not the amazing 'what', that I can be. to the top f.) reply to doubt “what can I do to quit doubting myself?” “I doubt myself TOO much” “I have no ambition” Faliseus: the CURE to ‘doubt’ is Faliseus: "the idea to do, a breath and a move" Faliseus: and faith that you’ll do it Faliseus: just think of what the consequences would be.....if you ‘DIDN’T’ do it. Faliseus: it would hurt.....‘even more.’ Faliseus: the longer you think about it, is the harder it's going to be. Faliseus: the burden is gone, once you've gotten it off of your chest, Faliseus: but the only person that can free you. Faliseus: so just don’t doubt...just do....and resolve. Faliseus: I wished there was another way, Faliseus: but this is life, and it's the only way I know of “I still have negative thoughts and doubts” “I need to learn to go with the ‘flow’” Faliseus: doubts like the wind, will come out of no can't
stop either one. Faliseus: all you can do is hope for them to blow past you, through your
hair as nothing and pass you by. “I just feel like it’s all over and there’s nothing to talk about, nothing to live for.” Faliseus: "it’s not the fall that'll hurt you, it’s the sudden stop that'll kill you" -my dad “I can't do THAT! I'm not going to 'look bad' in front of anyone like that!” Faliseus: "when you draw half of a picture and crumple it up and throw it away because no
one else thinks it’s beautiful , you're just throwing away your own heart." Faliseus: I say, keep drawing. Faliseus: you may be drawing a beauty that no one else has ever seen “I feel like I want to sleep forever” Faliseus: "it’s better to live the dream than to dream the dream" “and I don't believe that for a second” Faliseus: just because you doubt something, Faliseus: doesn’t mean it isn’t true “I’m right” “you’re wrong” Faliseus: there’s 2 things you can believe on this earth. You can believe you’re right or
you can believe you’re happy. Faliseus: I believe I’m happy. Faliseus: happiness through love is righteousness and life Faliseus: righteousness through hate and desire is death Faliseus: that’s the price of sin Faliseus: TRUE happiness comes through FAITH in what you can’t see “I feel like a loser” Faliseus: time to go and find new people Faliseus: you're not the loser Faliseus: they're the losers Faliseus: you've got things to gain when you've got things to lose “I don’t talk to God any more” “I don’t BELIEVE anymore” Faliseus: ”IF you don’t talk to someone, THEN how do you expect someone to listen to
you???” Faliseus: you lost faith Faliseus: now you’re mad at the world and questioning its every move and not its purpose “that would be VERY hard to learn” “I’m not sure if I’d have the patience to learn that” Faliseus: just takes a certain way to learn. Faliseus: every one has their own view. Faliseus: "we ALL see the same picture...." Faliseus: "just in different colors." Faliseus: we see each other in this picture as we are contrasting and complimenting each
other’s shapes and colors Faliseus: same picture Faliseus: different colors Faliseus: what I mean to say, simply, Faliseus: "your definition is different than mine, but we are in the same plane of existence" “as if that'll ever happen *laugh out loud*” “I don’t think I’ll be THAT good” Faliseus: you’ve got to have confidence Faliseus: that's all it takes Faliseus: just strive for it and build upon it Faliseus: talk about it all the time Faliseus: speak the language and meet the people Faliseus: that's how it works Faliseus: I didn't BECOME a drummer until I TALKED to a drummer Faliseus: so go and learn some language from those that speak it Faliseus: the best thing about someone is that they have CONFIDENCE Faliseus: that's what it takes to be a good performer Faliseus: I like confidence “I doubt that because experience has taught me that the hard way” Faliseus: experience isn't the future, if you let ‘past’ experience be
your only vision for the future, then that vision is restriction
to future knowledge:-) Faliseus: the time for experience, is now, that's what I'm saying “I don’t think I can do artwork that beautiful” Faliseus: just keep going:-) Faliseus: art doesn't have to be perfect...or just
has to be beautiful:-) Faliseus: and beauty......TRUE beauty is understood by the most VITAL
organ that drives us.....the heart. “I really love him, but I don’t think I can tell him” Faliseus: I know it's hard, but you've got to close your eyes and try
your hardest again and again and pull through it. Faliseus: to show your much you care for him. Faliseus: he'll never know that you love him, unless you tell him that
you love him to the top g.) reply to misunderstanding “that statement can be misunderstood” Faliseus: anything can be misunderstood.........because everything is
interpreted through unparalleled honest perspectives Faliseus: best way to have 'one statement' to make
'many' statements like it. Faliseus: you can see a quilt much better, if the same pattern is
quilted into it, in different pieces Faliseus: ;-) hope you 'understood' that metaphor about 'patterns of
honesty' and perspective “you didn‘t answer my question right” Faliseus: you didn’t ASK your question right Faliseus: you weren't quite specific, when you asked me the question:-)
but I ANSWERED the broad based question Faliseus: you need to be specific in each question, if you want a specific answer. Faliseus: it's only fair.....for you, and for me that you SPECIFY your
questions......that way I don't answer something I wasn't
intended to answer “I just don’t like that they THINK of me like that” Faliseus: "don’t let anyone tell you that you're wrong, just do what you know is right in
your OWN heart." -my dad, when I was 7 and got picked on by EVERYONE “YOU'RE the one with an EGO!“ Faliseus: “those that say other people have an ego, should get their own in check.” “what are you talking about? I don’t have the ego, YOU DO!” Faliseus: “don’t EVER turn things around on people. focus, on the focus” “well, I just PREFER to do it THIS way” Faliseus: “It doesn’t matter HOW things get done. It matters that they’re DONE and
they’ll LAST FOREVER.” “I’m a genius.” Faliseus: people have got to really get their heads out of the clouds Faliseus: they don't even know what's on the GROUND “I wouldn’t understand WHY they would do THAT.” Faliseus: just because we don’t see something, Faliseus: doesn’t mean it isn’t there. “What about THEIR needs??” Faliseus: don’t wait on other people Faliseus: just remember that #1 is the most IMPORTANT Faliseus: if there wasn’t a number ONE Faliseus: then where would all of the OTHER numbers be? “you AGREED with me?” Faliseus: the best way to argue with someone is to AGREE with them Faliseus: AGREE with them and speak w/them on their OWN terms Faliseus: play their game and beat them at it Faliseus: sarcasm...will rip the guilty mind to shreds:-) Faliseus: and it will turn granite rocks....into Jell-O:-) Faliseus: and AGREEING w/ the way to let that someone
TRULY see, that they are misunderstood. “what does sarcasm have to do with ANYTHING in an argument?” Faliseus: if someone is misinterpreting 'themselves'.......and I argue,
by 'agreeing'.....then I'm only showing them how much they've
misinterpreted themselves Faliseus: .......I agree, using 'sarcasm' as an argument tool, to point
things out and to get a feel for where the other person in the
argument is coming from, in order to come to even terms and a mutual sight. “how can I misinterpret myself, how is that possible?” Faliseus: that’s a one word answer.......... Faliseus: 'inconsistency' “nobody would ever LISTEN to me” Faliseus: you’ve got to learn to STAND ALONE before you learn to WALK with OTHERS Faliseus: practice on your OWN first Faliseus: GET TO KNOW your OWN heart Faliseus: before you get to know OTHER HEARTS Faliseus: you’ve got to know what you’re saying before you can let someone ELSE know
what you’re saying. “who said I was joking? I love that damn thing” “I love my car” “I love my money” Faliseus: love is impossible through things that have no heart Faliseus: affection is another story “I saw someone on here with your EXACT profile and name!!” Faliseus: some will claim to be me and fail miserably at BEING me Faliseus: I will claim to be myself and SUCCEED and PROVE myself Faliseus: as NOTHING can hide from the truth Faliseus: my lights will shine for me and you can see into MY heart and through THEIR lies Faliseus: as the truth is where we stand Faliseus: the truth is where we fall Faliseus: I live and die holding TRUE to honesty “oh how judgmental of me” “I DID do that didn’t I?” “HA HA HA HA” Faliseus: glad you’re seeing that Faliseus: don’t be sarcastic to constructive criticism Faliseus: be CONSTRUCTIVE of it “It seems like there’s NOTHING fun to do” “there’s nothing to do here” Faliseus: it’s not WHAT you do, Faliseus: it’s WHO you do it with Faliseus: you’ve just got to find more people that's all Faliseus: "variety is the spice to life" “BUT truth HURTS” “I feel more COMFORTABLE living a lie” “I HATE to hear the truth” Faliseus: people HATE a lie Faliseus: people LOVE the truth Faliseus: when you lie, you get smacked twice. Faliseus: when you tell the truth, you get smacked once. Faliseus: you’re right, Faliseus: truth hurts Faliseus: but not as much as the lie that's covering of it “I'm allowed to talk to you tonight because of the pattern” ”my routine is in the way”
“I’ve got an addiction”
Faliseus: break the hopeless pattern, my friend Faliseus: the TRUE pattern is life Faliseus: the heart beats uncontrollably Faliseus: not to the TIMING of the beats Faliseus: but to the TIMING of it's NEEDS to BEAT Faliseus: I won’t let ANYTHING get in the way of our conversation Faliseus: so feel free and talk to me when you are in need “where were you?” “where did you go?” Faliseus: I got sidetracked and lost:-) Faliseus: thanks for calling me because I couldn't find you ANYWHERE Faliseus: "sometimes the first word can become your last, it all depends upon the emotion
that you put into the words" “I can see that you love to think” “you’re one of the best thinkers I’ve met” Faliseus: I HATE thinking too much on my own!! Faliseus: I just like to 'let if flow':-) Faliseus: thinking to the point of insanity and isolation can suck! Faliseus: I love to SHARE thoughts with other people:-) Faliseus: THAT'S what I LOVE!! “probably because you have so many” Faliseus: nah Faliseus: quality, not quantity Faliseus: I’m RESOURCEFUL. Faliseus: when a person sees ONE thing..... Faliseus: I see MORE than one thing Faliseus: when a person sees what’s THERE Faliseus: I see what I’ll being PUTTING there “don’t forget to mark that down” “you should be more accurate” Faliseus: I'm not involved w/processes of the 'human clock', I'm involved w/the feelings
of 'God's Clock' Faliseus: not by numbers and digits Faliseus: but by feelings and life “I have no life” “I’ve got nothing left to live for” “got nothing to show” Faliseus: "the people that feel like they've lost just don't know what they've won." “men suck” “women are evil” Faliseus: it's not those who believe they have decisions that are corrupt...the corrupt
are those who believe they don’t have decisions and have chosen nothingness “I don‘t believe I‘ll do that one day” “some say I’m brilliant, but I haven’t got the money” Faliseus: we’ve all got dreams Faliseus: some of us sleep in more comfortable beds “I want more” “I wish for more” Faliseus: "how can you be thankful for what you're GETTING if you can't be thankful for
what you've got?" “it's so hard being so graceful” “grace is not one of my qualities” Faliseus: grace is in the confidence in your steps...not the balance of your moves. Faliseus: stay confident and you'll walk straight.:-) “there’s no such thing as luck” “there’s no such thing as miracles” Faliseus: Luck is for those without faith. Faliseus: Miracles are for those without luck. Faliseus: Luck is chance where there is room for doubt. Faliseus: Miracles are promises where there’s room for joy. "a challenge!" "uh oh" Faliseus: no challenge is too great to the honest “maybe no one’s met a true friend yet” Faliseus: friends don't lie to their friends Faliseus: a true friend is someone that will reach where he thinks there's nothing and
pick up gold along the way “no it’s just me, I have NO talent” “I haven’t got the skills” Faliseus: takes exercise Faliseus: talents are just strengths that are built through hard work and interest Faliseus: age has nothing to do with talent Faliseus: just be interested Faliseus: the rest will come to you:-) “I guess I never really got motivated” Faliseus: motivation is in the up-close dream Faliseus: you've got to take a closer look at it, to see what you feel about it “I think Jesus was......” “Jesus reminds me of.....” Faliseus: the thing about it though is, no one has met Jesus or has seen Him. Faliseus: Yet, they strangely have the right to judge who he is and was. Faliseus: I believe Jesus, like any other loving person was a man with a
message of an undying love and faith in his family. Faliseus: He only taught of happiness and love...which I believe was his
purpose and any loving person‘s purpose. “but she says now that she liked him and I was supposed to know that” Faliseus: if she liked him, 'she' should've ‘gone for it’ Faliseus: men and women are like jobs and cars, Faliseus: going fast, and with a new driver in the seat, Faliseus: going faster. Faliseus: simple as Samsonite, Faliseus: pack your bags and move on. “before I sacrificed my life, the world had no chance to keep on” Faliseus: how would you know that? this is an ENTIRE world, w/an ENTIRE
MANY truths. Faliseus: the only thing that hides our eyes from those truths, is our
own doubt and corruption Faliseus: my definition of corruption is believing that there's no other
option but one “huh?” Faliseus: when mouths are louder than ears, then laughs will be quieter than question marks Faliseus: order to enjoy life with less questions... you've
got to keep your ears open:-) to be able to understand the
goodwill in other people’s words Faliseus: otherwise you'll just be hearing yourself talk and ask
questions the whole time and you'll never have someone make you laugh Faliseus: because the mouth was louder than the ears “I just felt so bad because he got so offended” Faliseus: offense is taken in blindness Faliseus: people can't see that someone is trying to help them, so they
just believe someone is trying to hurt them. Faliseus: offense is taken in blindness “no reason” Faliseus: there's always a reason, unless it's a feeling that guides you Faliseus: and that feeling has it's own hidden to be discovered reason “I want to go out with him but we are just friends” Faliseus: most relationships start out 'casual' a poem.....and
work their way 'up' Faliseus: to the depth that they become through faith Faliseus: most importantly.... just speak your feelings with him Faliseus: and KEEP speaking them and asking about his feelings. Faliseus: the most important question is......(read #129) “I just don't want a lesson” Faliseus: lessons are everywhere....even in can't escape
a lesson Faliseus: we all need lessons....and those of us that think we DON’T
need one.....are ACTUALLY the ones that need a lesson the most “I wished I could find someone that loved me” Faliseus: whether I find someone that loves me or not....I just hope I
can find the loving another, when they can't love me. Faliseus: BE happy...just believe in life....and live humbly. “what books have you read to learn this?” Faliseus: I've found that the chat room is it's own co-authoring of a
book with no title. :) Faliseus: I read people books all the time! Faliseus: a scientist is more respected than the knowledge he has. Faliseus: so I‘ll always be researching, because I'll always be finding
new things “it seems like you deserve it” Faliseus: no one deserves the things they get, everything is a blessing:-) Faliseus: gives me more inclination to be thankful and happier “I don’t believe you” Faliseus: if honesty is a lie, to you, Faliseus: then I don’t know how I can tell you the truth. “I don’t believe in myself” Faliseus: people will grow if they're believed in “I want to commit suicide” Faliseus: why do you want to commit suicide? Faliseus: will committing suicide keep them or you from crying in the grave? Faliseus: do you know how beautiful the future will be? Faliseus: no one knows the future, but the future is what you make it. Faliseus: I just want you to understand that, Faliseus: Just because the climb to the top has been painful, doesn’t
mean the fall to the bottom won’t feel just as bad. Faliseus: the climb to the top will hurt just as much to fall to the bottom, Faliseus: but when you fall, you miss out on what you haven’t seen...... Faliseus: ‘the beauty of your victory at the top.’ Faliseus: so keep climbing....and make your pain ‘WORTH something.’ “you don‘t know what I‘m going through” Faliseus: have you been inside my mind and known and SEEN what I've gone through? Faliseus: if I didn’t know what you were going through, then I wouldn’t have said I did know. Faliseus: I've had many tears and fears, I DO know tears. “but what if it’s too late for me to do anything?” “what if it doesn’t work?” Faliseus: that's not don't know..... Faliseus: if you keep that 'what if' on your mind... Faliseus: and never ‘go and do it’ and ‘find out for yourself’, Faliseus: then it'll hurt for the rest of your life “shut up” Faliseus: I just want to help you understand and feel better, that's all. Faliseus: I can't help you, if I shut up “he knows” “she already knows that” Faliseus: well, sometimes, whether in good or bad situations... Faliseus: even if someone ALREADY knows something, Faliseus: It’s always good to remind the knowledgeable because Faliseus: we all forget “the message isn’t clear, in your writing”
“the images in your poem should be stronger“
Faliseus: have you ever heard of the concept of an ABSTRACT ART? Faliseus: one thing that I've realized........through my a spectator.......I REALLY don't give a damn
about......the technical details:-) Faliseus: I just look at the damn picture, or read the damn poem and I
either FEEL it...or I DON'T! Faliseus: I believe the comedian, Dennis Miller, has said it best, Faliseus: and this is AS QUOTED, “politically correct people are
perpetually in the fucking dark” Faliseus: :-) “sometimes Art and Poetry can be corrected, because sometimes we slip up” Faliseus: each slip up is real Faliseus: life is real Faliseus: art is reflection of life and reality Faliseus: sometimes life isn't so beautiful. Faliseus: sometimes it IS a perfect mirror Faliseus: inconsistency and variables is what makes the slip ups of life so 'real' Faliseus: which is what makes IMPERFECT art, so ACCURATE “I bet a lot of girls really like you but they are just scared” Faliseus: that’s not the FULL problem Faliseus: the FULL problem is.....I think they're afraid of commitment,
and they think I'm that 'really really nice guy, that
I'm sure I'm going to marry one day when I actually stop
messing around and being young' Faliseus: I could be wrong though. Faliseus: people think they have to 'SET A LINE'.......that they can't
cross, because they think that an extremely wonderful person
will change them forever Faliseus: as that may be true, it isn't that they've changed, it's that
they've 'GROWN' “I don‘t think I need to ask you any questions” Faliseus: you can look stupid ASKING the question, now, Faliseus: or you can look stupid NOT FINDING the answer, later. Faliseus: the choice is yours. “because there is no absolute truth provable to a free willed being” Faliseus: not to our.......'knowledge' Faliseus: but what does it TAKE to gain 'knowledge'?:-) Faliseus: it takes FAITH “but I’m trying to say that it Doesn’t matter” Faliseus: faith will be the judge “don’t force things on others” Faliseus: I won’t push to do something without purpose “let them come to you and drink” Faliseus: I'm just answering your questions and questioning your answers:-) Faliseus: there is no such, threatening 'force', except for your own
opinion and perspective;-) “I regret ever meeting this guy, I don’t even think he’s interested
in me, don‘t know”
Faliseus: you can't honestly know what's inside a man’s heart......and a
lot of times, neither can he know what's inside his OWN
heart......but you have got to PUT your FULL effort into it.......beyond
all doubts, thoughts, analyzing moments, 'facts' Faliseus: just SEE beyond. Faliseus: remember that you've got nothing to really lose....except for
the opportunity Faliseus: and don't regret Faliseus: because there isn't a reason for regret “what kind are you?” Faliseus: to label is to restrict Faliseus: as a label, never stand in the same place for too long for 2 reasons Faliseus: 1 your legs will get tired Faliseus: and 2 you'll get very bored and angry that you haven’t moved anywhere “I am not a reader on your website........ I am HERE chatting with you,
now.....TELL me NOW”
Faliseus: I don't waste my time repeating myself. Faliseus: this is why I've got it in WRITING. Faliseus: honest. Faliseus: I've only got 2 hands, and 1 mind. Faliseus: the mind is clearest.........when the 2 hands have already
written down it's thoughts. “I KNOW my stuff” Faliseus: I understand you know your stuff:-) Faliseus: I ALSO understand that the
corrupt Faliseus: people forget the 'shit they know'..........ALL the time Faliseus: this is why I take notes Faliseus: so I have a way.....of 'reminding' myself.......of the 'stuff I know' Faliseus: it's not so I can look's so that I can smart I really am. Faliseus: that's why I have people read the paper. Faliseus: because it's the most clear answer you can get from
me.....because it has been touched up and redefined...and everything on from pure memory......that's why I take notes and
have people read them Faliseus: the notes......are where I stand. “I wished I was that” Faliseus: we are all people, looking for the answers to the same matter WHO we are. Faliseus: don't give a half-assed WISH............just STRIVE to your fullest. Faliseus: spend all your life giving half-assed wishes, wishing you were
something you’re not..........and you'll only BECOME a half-
assed something-you’re-not Faliseus: you've got to strive to your ‘fully’ BECOME
the someone that you're GOING to be. Faliseus: and you WILL BECOME that someone. Faliseus: don't wish your life away Faliseus: STRIVE to LIVE that life:-) and succeed Faliseus: it's only as possible as you believe it is:-) Faliseus: it's the honest truth;-) “it’s good your modest” Faliseus: you'd just be feeling every word as an emotion Faliseus: I'm not modest Faliseus: I'm “You are just so........” Faliseus: don’t make assumptions unless you can prove them correct Faliseus: can you prove that:-)? “you are SO hard to understand!!!” Faliseus: mmm, I see, you understand me so well, that it 'unnerves' you
so much, that you don't want to BELIEVE you understand me Faliseus: very understandable:-) Faliseus: believe what you'll want to believe.........your own belief,
will be your own judge. “you don’t understand me” ”it was misunderstood” Faliseus: there's a difference between MISUNDERSTANDING......and
'misinterpreting'...........your problem don't 'see'
that difference. Faliseus: misunderstanding, missing the entire picture, completely not
seeing it by accident. Faliseus: misinterpreting, only choosing to see a ‘part’ of the picture
by choice, the choice to be playfully ignorant. “I don‘t believe that” Faliseus: you don’t have to believe that. Faliseus: An open mind, accepting of it's own flaws, is an HONEST mind,
accepting of all hearts and loves because you understand that EVERYONE has flaws. “it’s all good, but you seem to have a lot to say about life” Faliseus: I believe we all do but we keep to ourselves so much that it
hurts and we hate Faliseus: what's your perspective on it all? “Jeremy, there you go with the philosophy again, why do you ALWAYS
ask for me to ‘define’ everything I say?”
Faliseus: hey, if you can't define your own words....then I’M NOT GOING
TO DO IT FOR YOU!!!:-) Faliseus: if you don’t know what YOU mean, when you say something, then
ask ME what ‘I mean’ when I say something or just DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!! “my problems are kind of overwhelming” “I’ve got plenty of worries” Faliseus: we've all got plenty of worries, it’s just that not all of us
have ways of coping Faliseus: my way of coping is hope and faith Faliseus: unconditional love Faliseus: of course “I see you have passed your coil responsibility on to others” Faliseus: No, I don‘t pass on my coil of responsibility onto others.
I just pass my own guidance onto is all
'other's' own CHOICE to follow in their own way. Faliseus: not mine. ;-) “sorry about yesterday” Faliseus: no you’re not Faliseus: :-) “yes I am sorry” Faliseus: if you were really sorry, then you wouldn't have done what
you’d done in the first place Faliseus: but just don't worry about it, it's the past Faliseus: and remember not to be sorry in the future:-) “oh...I’m definitely not creative” Faliseus: sure you are:-)! Faliseus: every movement, every personal opinion or perspective, every
single thing in life that you have done, is a creation “I kept my promise” “I’m a lady of my word” Faliseus: you can't make too many promises because it can make life
boring and predictable “you don’t know me” Faliseus: the fact that I ’don’t know you’ has nothing to do with this conversation. Faliseus: did you forget? Faliseus: we’re on the internet, chatting, you dip. Faliseus: us KNOWING each other does not apply in a chat room so you can
forget trying to blast away the credibility of me ‘understanding’
your problems and ‘knowing you’ because I don’t and I NEVER DID. Faliseus: so quit blaming someone you don’t know for not ‘knowing you’
and quit blaming someone you don‘t know for not ‘understanding’
your problems and get OFF of the internet and find someone who DOES. Faliseus: Otherwise, we will chat on a better day. “you shouldn’t brag, it’s wrong” “I can’t stand people who brag” Faliseus: Bragging and teasing were created for individuals with
humility or a sense of humor and a child-like view of reality. Faliseus: so that in winning or in losing, you will enjoy yourself and
have a laugh each time “I desperately need an inspiration for my writer‘s block for my speech” Faliseus: B. S. Faliseus: that's the name of the game Faliseus: all great speakers were great bull shitters, their best talent
was using the right words to tell people that they sucked horribly Faliseus: if in doubt, speak highly of the low:-) “yeah, sure, uh huh, that’s me.......” Faliseus: sarcasm will only bring you closer to finding that you're ‘just right’
where and who you are and no where and no one else “I have very interesting dreams its just to hard to put to words sometimes” Faliseus: don't think 'words' Faliseus: think 'blah' Faliseus: that's where words came from anyways to the top h.) reply to understanding “hmm...okay that sounds like good advice” Faliseus: “good advice should only be given once.” “STOP!!! ENOUGH!!! NO MORE!!! PLEASE!!” Faliseus: we all should take the breathers we need “everything comes from your list of phrases” Faliseus: it's a pattern in a quilt Faliseus: the circle of life Faliseus: live to love Faliseus: love to live “you don’t like thinking either” Faliseus: thinking HURTS Faliseus: knowing is EASIER Faliseus: why would I want to hurt myself? Faliseus: knowing is something that doesn’t hurt to me Faliseus: so naturally Faliseus: I prefer to KNOW Faliseus: ideas, in my experience, are made of thin air. Faliseus: knowledge, in my experience, is made of hard rock Faliseus: a combination of both is a good medley..... Faliseus: thoughts ‘sharpen’, ’form’ and ‘shine’ knowledge Faliseus: knowledge is a record of those thoughts “it’s FRIDAY!!!” ”I’m so glad it’s over” “I don’t want to go on” Faliseus: The best days in our lives are the last days. So that we might look back at ALL
the good days before and know we’ve had that opportunity to find what we were looking for. “I can’t handle this” “this came so unexpectedly” Faliseus: we don’t really know something till it’s there in our hands Faliseus: but I can only have faith that it's not more than we can handle “war isn’t right” “fighting isn’t right” Faliseus: no one thinks it’s right except for the people that start the war Faliseus: we can’t just put our guns down and die though Faliseus: that’s not the nature of this country Faliseus: that’s why we're staying together strong Faliseus: it’s because the nature of this country is to never give up or give in. Faliseus: sometimes life may not seem fair Faliseus: but it's life “I am the calm one in the argument” Faliseus: the calm person is the person that has more energy after the other person is
through yelling and fighting. Faliseus: "the meek shall inherit the earth" Faliseus: wiser and more efficient “quit playing copy cat with me!” Faliseus: you know the best way to get someone to quit playing copy cat with you is?
poieralejmlkshosd'rw;lerae'rlsdu685978230930769423...... Faliseus: just don’t say anything and it'll kill their patience and they'll say something
that YOU can copy cat them at “ok” “umm” “uh yeah” Faliseus: I've always had a hard time making sense Faliseus: but at least I'm good at confusing people Faliseus: but don’t worry about being confused Faliseus: just worry about what finding out what I’m saying Faliseus: FOCUS on what you UNDERSTAND and...... Faliseus: ASK QUESTIONS about what you DON’T understand Faliseus: it's SIMPLE “but the truth can hurt” Faliseus: nothing can hide from the truth Faliseus: the truth is where we stand Faliseus: and the truth is where we fall “I know that the Lord has a plan...” ” God will show me what He wants of me” Faliseus: right on Faliseus: "God is my pilot and flies me to love and happiness always, the fuel is faith" Faliseus: "He's hauling a cargo of sheep and chickens" Faliseus: the chickens are too busy squawking to know where they’re going Faliseus: and the sheep are quiet and faithful because they know the pilot loves them “money is a problem though” Faliseus: “love is free but affection has it's price” Faliseus: and about food or gas and living necessities... Faliseus: work to sustain life “you understand me” “you listen well” Faliseus: I know where I've come from Faliseus: so I've got a better idea as to where I'm going and who I‘m taking with me. “and I need trust” Faliseus: right Faliseus: faith Faliseus: like I said. Faliseus: it's a strength. “this person keeps asking me questions” Faliseus: the best way to avoid answering a question is by ASKING one like, Faliseus: “Why are you asking me that question in the first place?” over and over again
Faliseus: or saying “I don’t know”;) Faliseus: but it’s best to get answers even though you can cheat like that :) *laugh out
loud* “*laugh out loud* that’s funny” Faliseus: sadly true Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: but laughably sad Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “true” Faliseus: hee hee Faliseus: there goes that broken record of truth again! Faliseus: that broken record skips and repeats itself on that same beautiful song Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “nothing can be too long” “not too many words” Faliseus: I like my words 'short and sweet' as life itself Faliseus: a description longer than life itself would therefore kill us “I am a desperate person” “need something here” Faliseus: we're all desperate Faliseus: for some people we've got different desperations “be right back” “I’ve got to go” Faliseus: I'll miss you Faliseus: but I’ll keep a smile for when you come back:-) “everything you say is TRUE” “that’s DEEP and TRUE” Faliseus: TRUTH is like rain...always comes back...repeats itself...gets us wet...some
are crying and hiding from it and some are laughing and singing in
it.....wisdom separates the two "I was honest as I said I was and he just couldn't make me contradict myself" Faliseus: honesty is a wall of spikes Faliseus: those that try to climb it will be impaled by guilt “I’m climbing to my dreams everyday” Faliseus: wisdom and inspiration are two threads of the same rope we climb to our dreams. “I remember the time when....” Faliseus: memories are the ropes we hang on to for reality, Faliseus: and common ground when we think we're flying or are buried. “most powerful things are felt” “I like to feel things than think about them” Faliseus: the light in the thunderstorm is not as powerful as the rumble
that we feel when it crashes Faliseus: things that are felt, are most powerful Faliseus: in your case, Faliseus: don't look at your shot, Faliseus: just feel the game. Faliseus: thinking is the worst destructive force in a piece of art. Faliseus: be the artist. Faliseus: that's just my opinion though Faliseus: I believe games are better felt as thunder, than seen as
lightning Faliseus: you feeling what I'm saying? “I think she's brushing you off, try to reach her” Faliseus: although that gives me a motivation, Faliseus: I'll still keep my wheels turning in the same spot Faliseus: crying for help. Faliseus: the best way into a woman's heart is to cry that your fingers are stuck in the
door she slammed;-) “thinking with his penis?” “he’s thinking with muscle brains again.” Faliseus: the best and worst thing a man can have messed with is his head, and that
pivotal moment for any one like me, is to take opportunity and get one of them straight,
all depends on the one he's thinking with “I’m bored, come save me.” “I need something to pick me up.” Faliseus: words move Faliseus: ears lift Faliseus: with no inspiration, Faliseus: we are dead. Faliseus: we are, who others see and yet, we are who we can't see, but
we only can think of who we can be Faliseus: there's different reasons that shan’t be assumed of another,
that must be revealed by each other Faliseus: boredom is the growth drug of life “I hope so too” Faliseus: it should work Faliseus: friends are hard to keep though, but in times of doubt and
worry, those are the things that can make or break the friendship
Faliseus: it's all your decision on which one it's going to be... Faliseus: stronger or weaker. “don’t quit” “it will be okay :-)” Faliseus: I tell myself that I'm not worthless, but a bird in a cage,
with broken wings, has a harder time believing he can fly Faliseus: I do my best because, Faliseus: I haven’t got time to be a whining bitch, so I turn my tears into my art. “I love this quote, but I forgot who said it: 'sanity is the
playground for the unimaginative'”
Faliseus: sanity is political correctness, and politics, didn’t exist
before insanity:-D Faliseus: insanity is growth:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* well, 'constructive insanity' “ oh I love being insane and abnormal or weird, what ever it is
people call me”
Faliseus: it's uniqueness! what IS ‘normal‘? Faliseus: being myself is the way I plan on being, cause being anyone
else, without reason, would therefore kill me Faliseus: in a way, you help me to know myself, did you read #150? Faliseus: #150 was one of my insane thoughts, that lead to a sane truth:-) Faliseus: from that point, on, insanity will all span out into insane
knowledgeable sanity Faliseus: insanity, to sane ideas, is faith in the words:-) “I hope” Faliseus: we know...knowing that we hope what we know now..... will get
us to the next stage in life Faliseus: wow, deep:-) “no worries you’re right” Faliseus: righteousness is believing you’re happy.....and happiness is
life lived humbly “sorry I’m not good with mind games” “you’re really trying to make me
think here aren’t you?”
Faliseus: it's okay:-) Faliseus: I always like to make people think about my answers....that
just proves that they're listening Faliseus: I see you’re trying though:-) thanks “you have a lot of passion to share that is for sure” Faliseus: on the barbed wire of faith, it's either a useless drop down a
cliff or a victorious climb up a mountain Faliseus: there's tears either way but I've got to go for what I believe
is at the top. “I don't think they wanted an answer” Faliseus: :-) no one wants to learn the truth Faliseus: but it will hit them harder, when no one pushes to teach it. “no one wants too learn, ignorance is bliss” Faliseus: ignorance is bliss....only to the point where you're lying
diseased, starving on a street corner. Faliseus: I understand what you’re saying though, but a true salesman
has to do his work and sell happiness:-D “hey, if you don't know how sad you are, you have to be happy” Faliseus: since happiness and sadness is a concept, Faliseus: and concepts on the mind are unseen to the eyes, Faliseus: then believe what you'll want to believe and hope what you'll
want to hope. Faliseus: I hope I'm happy:-) “I don't think they wanted a response, if I asked them again, then
it’d only make them mad”
Faliseus: anger, is proof of learning and pushing past the ‘seen’
limits....becoming stronger and smarter “anger is proof of going postal” Faliseus: :-) postal is a lesson with a bruise, and a lesson with a
bruise is TWO one Faliseus: lessons learned QUICKER, are lessons that hurt LESS. Faliseus: I want people to understand as soon as possible, so it just
hurts the long run Faliseus: people will find their answers and be angry, either way,
through me or someone else Faliseus: I’d just like to know that I’m doing my job and am ‘up to
quota’ in answering questions. “I‘m just feeling really down, really sad, that‘s all.” Faliseus: let it out, cry it out all you can....but..... Faliseus: no matter what you do in life, even if you're crying uncontrollably.... Faliseus: is to try... to smile or laugh... :-)...and bring back the happiness Faliseus: don't forget to breathe too Faliseus: fresh air, will replace tears, and it feels better than crying Faliseus: that's probably the most important thing I've had to learn Faliseus: you've got to learn it, like I did Faliseus: and I know just how hard it is.....but close your eyes Faliseus: it may be hard but you'll see that it's not impossible, Faliseus: once you've done it.... Faliseus: have a good cry, there’s nothing wrong with crying.....Let it out Faliseus: and once you’ve done that, then breathe...and try to smile. “you will find a wonderful girl who will knock you off your feet” Faliseus: well there's no doubt to that, but the decision maker shall
beat inside my chest:-) Faliseus: means a lot to me, and what means more, is your happiness Faliseus: that IS my happiness Faliseus: if I can't see that there's not beauty that inspires......
coming from the inside of me, then I can't see myself being happy Faliseus: I've got to know that I can rub off:-) “isn't absolute truth....'happiness'?” Faliseus: I don’t know :-) “I don’t have a problem with what you are saying” Faliseus: honorable trust will calm worries in a heartbeat “well here’s some constructive criticism for you.” Faliseus: I like to take criticism because I like to be knocked down by
criticism, so I can learn to walk and carry the critics “you’re exactly right” Faliseus: the only way I've gotten this right is by admitting ‘I could be wrong’ Faliseus: and I still could be ‘wrong’ Faliseus: but let’s hope for the best:-) “it’s not always easy to be accepted” Faliseus: I agree, but it certainly is always better if you DO ‘hope’ that you’re accepted Faliseus: because people are often jealous of something that's different Faliseus: so they want to try to put that 'different something' down Faliseus: and people want to glorify themselves, which isn't right,
because they miss out on the real meaning of their friends Faliseus: the real meaning, as Robert Frost would put it, "love and love
things as they are." Faliseus: (I didn't read that, I heard it on TV) :) “it’s just depressing” Faliseus: I understand depression Faliseus: for depression, a good way to release depression is 'EX-pression’ Faliseus: art, music, writing, walking, working out, getting out,
meeting new friends, hobbies Faliseus: something, so that you can release the pressure Faliseus: JOIN a club, GET some co-workers/friends, GO to a school, TAKE
a break, MEET some new friends just DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT for
a RELEASE of stress and depression Faliseus: school is prime location for buddies:-) Faliseus: I learned school;-) “Life’s been sucking lately:(“ Faliseus: life is a gashia house and sucking and blowing are life's
specialties;-)......."Suck You For A Dollar!!??" Faliseus: which is ironically true:-) Faliseus: yep, that's going in the next teen movie for sure Faliseus: *laugh out loud*:-) “wow that is sad” Faliseus: I am capable of feeling hurt Faliseus: but I’m more capable of dealing with the hurt to the top i.) reply to amazement “wow, I’ve never thought of that” Faliseus: and I’ve just taught you something new Faliseus: we ALL have the same ideas, Faliseus: it’s just that SOME of us haven’t figured out how to put those ideas into words. Faliseus: such is the task of poesy. “wow” Faliseus: through my getting used to struggling past the borders of
society's death/repetition and making my life present......I've had to
get used to all the compliments..... Faliseus: I worry that I’m OVERSEEN. Faliseus: I don’t want to be OVERSEEN....I want to be UNDERSTOOD Faliseus: people always want to look at the 'wow's or the 'ooh's and the 'ahh's Faliseus: but they're just overshooting me, and I've always desired to
meet a person to just see me for the smiling 'who', that I am Faliseus: and not the amazing 'what', that I can be. Faliseus: don't be amazed by me......and don't call me an egotistical I'm only being honest........the
truth is what shocks, lifts and pisses us off the most “wow.” Faliseus: if you need help getting your jaw back up, just let me know:-) “wow, that’s a lot of money” Faliseus: money is nothing compared to the dreams it's invested in Faliseus: once you invest in your dream, money becomes a useless object Faliseus: that's what I'm going for and that's what I'll get:-) 5.) The Meaning of Life: “what’s the meaning of life?” Faliseus: oh Faliseus: hmm Faliseus: well, Faliseus: (and this makes the most sense) Faliseus: what’s the meaning of ANYTHING? Faliseus: planted by the gardener Faliseus: the roots grow strong, Faliseus: and beautiful Faliseus: to the gardener’s delight Faliseus: gardener=god Faliseus: plants=us to the top 6.) Thinking of You Always Faliseus: whether you're naked or clothed, Faliseus: sick or well, Faliseus: happy or sad, Faliseus: tidy or untidy, Faliseus: there or not there, Faliseus: ONE thing remains the same, Faliseus: I'm thinking about you Faliseus: ALWAYS “thanks” Faliseus: no problem babe Faliseus: that’s my job Faliseus: so....... Faliseus: what’re you wearing? to the top 7.) Perfection Faliseus: "the only thing perfect about life is that it isn’t" Faliseus: "we're ALWAYS building" Faliseus: "Life's Twisted Spine" (my band’s name) to the top 8.) ALIVE Faliseus: :-)that’s how I am Faliseus: yup Faliseus: I don’t like the word ‘MAYBE’ Faliseus: or ‘COULD’VE’ Faliseus: or ‘SHOULD’VE’ Faliseus: I just HATE ‘REGRETS’ Faliseus: "those that live in the past, die in the past." Faliseus: "I live for NOW. I'm ALIVE." Faliseus: leave it in the past, carry what you're holding, not what you've held;-) to the top 9.) The SOLUTION to EGO TRIPPERS Faliseus: "As you sit on your high pedestal, looking down," Faliseus: "you'll see me at the bottom," Faliseus: "with an axe." Faliseus: (or chainsaw if you prefer) to the top 10.) POETIC JUSTICE FOR ADVICE “hey, will you talk to my friend?” Faliseus: sure Faliseus: whatever you need man Faliseus: I'm here Faliseus: just don’t ask me for money or beer to the top 11.) COMPARISON: Thinking and Legos Faliseus: thinking sucks Faliseus: but hey Faliseus: it’s kind of like playing legos Faliseus: (thinking is) Faliseus: you build the structures, Faliseus: play with them, Faliseus: and watch them fall down. Faliseus: thoughts are made of air Faliseus: those with too many thoughts in their heads, Faliseus: have too much AIR in their heads Faliseus: knowledge is as solid as a rock Faliseus: and you’ll never ever float away with solid rocks in your head to the top 12.) Making Friends Faliseus: 1 stay and listen Faliseus: 2 ask questions Faliseus: 3 laugh with them Faliseus: and you've ‘BOTH’ just made a friend to the top 13.) Questions and Answers Faliseus: just come to me when there’s questions Faliseus: you've got the questions I've got the answers Faliseus: I'll question your answers and answer your questions Falseus: and the same thing applies for ME Faliseus: I expect the SAME thing from someone else to the top 14.) Nothing to Do Faliseus: I ALWAYS want to do something Faliseus: well, Faliseus: it’s kind of inevitable though Faliseus: whether you do ‘something’ or ‘nothing‘, Faliseus: you’re STILL doing ‘something’ to the top 15.) Inspirational Rapping Faliseus: true 2 all Faliseus: all 2 true to the top 16.) Modern Politics Faliseus: our nation is free to roam within its cage, Faliseus: congress just throws us the pieces of meat, Faliseus: but Faliseus: the big dogs get to it first Faliseus: but hey, Faliseus: what do I know about 'politics'? to the top 17.) Growing Away From The ROOTS Faliseus: we're all wise, we just don’t use our wisdom Faliseus: except I do though Faliseus: we know EVERYTHING we need to know as children Faliseus: but, Faliseus: as we grow up, Faliseus: we forget Faliseus: trees grow TALL, Faliseus: FAR from their roots, Faliseus: BUT Faliseus: they're ALWAYS connected Faliseus: they just FORGET where they come from Faliseus: and they forget where they're going Faliseus: I'm just reminding people of what it’s like being a child Faliseus: my tree is tall but my branches are on the ground near my roots, Faliseus: to uplift growing trees or dying trees Faliseus: :-) to the top 18.) Hearts in My Head Faliseus: in stead of meditating Faliseus: and CLEARING your mind Faliseus: you should ACTUALLY, Faliseus: remember your loved ones Faliseus: thinking of you ALWAYS Faliseus: makes me better than ANY meditation could Faliseus: ALWAYS Faliseus: from the heart Faliseus: my head’s in my heart, Faliseus: and my heart’s in my head. to the top 19.) SEX CONFLICT "I don't want to talk to you!!" "you're a man!!" Faliseus: yeah, so what? Faliseus: you're a MAN w/out a penis Faliseus: If only I could go back in time and fix it so I hadn’t grown a penis in the
womb, we’d be best friends then, girlfriend. to the top 20.) Who I AM Faliseus: I've been, gothic, prep, computer nerd, jock, chess player, wimp, hulk, skinny,
bulk...anything and everything Faliseus: I was ‘nothing’ Faliseus: but who I was in the first and last place Faliseus: MYSELF Faliseus: and that's who I'll always be to the top 21.) A HEART Held Poem of Power “yyyyyyeeeeeeeepppppppppp” Faliseus: gee golly, Faliseus: wished I could say something Faliseus: you haven’t EVER heard me talk Faliseus: I sound like a nerd Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: well, Faliseus: it all depends on what phase I'm in too Faliseus: I could be in Construction worker phase Faliseus: or Cleaning the factory phase Faliseus: or just got home phase Faliseus: or what ever Faliseus: you know Faliseus: I'm just in loopy la la land phase Faliseus: I'm gonna miss you forever Faliseus: out alone in the dark Faliseus: my arms can’t feel my way around Faliseus: the street posts Faliseus: so cold Faliseus: the ground Faliseus: so rigid and sharp and hard Faliseus: the curb, Faliseus: so inviting of the ones who leave Faliseus: and the stranger on the side of the road Faliseus: so inviting of the ones who're asleep Faliseus: and so awake to the cause of day Faliseus: the light is shown Faliseus: and the hair is blown Faliseus: from the eyes of the sad Faliseus: to the face of the glad Faliseus: I'm sure of my smile Faliseus: as I see your kindness Faliseus: for a very long while Faliseus: as I move around our space Faliseus: I feel your heart in my heart’s place Faliseus: it’s a wonderful feeling Faliseus: only too real, Faliseus: from my floor, Faliseus: to your ceiling Faliseus: endless and boundless Faliseus: is our reach Faliseus: as you must listen Faliseus: I must teach Faliseus: I must remind Faliseus: and be reminded Faliseus: that all of our love Faliseus: is not one sided Faliseus: it’s very open Faliseus: as my arms are extended Faliseus: as my greeting with open heart Faliseus: is well comprehended Faliseus: how’s this babe? Faliseus: this view of my heart Faliseus: as I've gone to flow Faliseus: to the end Faliseus: from the start. Faliseus: okay, Faliseus: waitin for ya babe. Faliseus: when ever your ready Faliseus: as my fingers are paced Faliseus: my heart beats steady Faliseus: waiting Faliseus: wondering Faliseus: here and there Faliseus: always Faliseus: true and powerful Faliseus: from the heart to the top 22.) Common Ground Faliseus: people want to look up to me Faliseus: but I want to look up to people Faliseus: right next to them Faliseus: because Faliseus: they know what I know Faliseus: that’s why it’s so powerful Faliseus: it’s the ‘common ground’ we're standing on “never thought of that” Faliseus: the HEART to the top 23.) Forgetting Things Faliseus: the world doesn’t use its heart Faliseus: it just THINKS and ASSUMES too many things “I agree” “yeah” Faliseus: the world’s definition, Faliseus: "to LOVE or to CHANGE" Faliseus: loving is easier Faliseus: changing just postpones or kills love and destroys all “but if you don't change then love will always be the same and will get boring” Faliseus: not really Faliseus: love is wonderful here on Earth “it's like if you eat the same thing your whole life” Faliseus: take a look at this...... Faliseus: "the only thing perfect about life is that it isn’t" Faliseus: "we're ALWAYS building" Faliseus: "Life's Twisted Spine" Faliseus: see why ALL love is important? Faliseus: because people forget for a REASON Faliseus: so they can just learn to love again Faliseus: see? Faliseus: makes sense though “it may be important but it's not always a good important” “I guess” Faliseus: I KNOW Faliseus: we're ALWAYS building “oooo don't yell in an internet way” Faliseus: building heart felt structures “ok ok ok “ “you win” Faliseus: I never win Faliseus: I just teach and learn “well now you do” Faliseus: there’s no such thing as winning or losing while learning and teaching “I guess it's just my way of saying you’re right” Faliseus: you’re right too Faliseus: we all just forget things Faliseus: we forget to love so that we can remember to love Faliseus: it's life’s great drama and relief Faliseus: memories, hit our spirit with a stronger sense of reality than
just a thought. Faliseus: which is why childhood memories are important to keep ***************************** “so what you are saying is "I want to love the world, I want the world
to love me?"“ Faliseus: sure “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: understanding of reflections, can help us shine brighter, and
to our maximum potential Faliseus: as you've said, is well worth it, if you only get to live life
‘one time‘:-) to the top 24.) WORRY Faliseus: you shouldn’t worry, because you die faster, not enough time to love ******************** Faliseus: try to limit the amount to times that you say you 'know' the
future or you 'know' what's inside someone’s mind or heart Faliseus: I mean....... “why?” “and how?” “I can’t help it they’re my fears/doubts but as you can see I’m stubborn
as hell and ignore them and do what I choose to anyways
despite the outcome or rejection” Faliseus: the facts may be true, but most of the time, the facts aren't
important as the things that you haven't seen yet Faliseus: well, when you say, "I know" you get your mind stuck
in......‘current’ reality, and it takes your future dreams and puts them
through a meat grinder, and saying ’I know’ makes you think
there’s not a good future, because you DON’T KNOW THE FUTURE. Faliseus: that's why whenever I get a compliment, or on the other end of
things.....someone says something bad about me......I can just
say, "I'd like to think so, but I hope for the best" Faliseus: ALWAYS positive, even if things SEEM negative Faliseus: just hope Faliseus: take the time to listen to your own words Faliseus: read your words over a lot before you type new words “:-P” Faliseus: take time to smell the roses and don't speed by things blindly “ok” “that’s me” “I can’t help it” Faliseus: because when you speed, you miss the beauty of things that are
peaceful and slow “I’m really trying to change that bout me because I see it as a
distraction or a flaw but it’s difficult” Faliseus: I understand Faliseus: that's why breathing is good Faliseus: breathing doesn't seem necessary but Faliseus: when you start to think about your breathing, and start to
think about how silly you look and feel while doing it, Faliseus: then where does all the REST of the thoughts go?:-) “:-P” Faliseus: every time, riding in my friend, Brandon's car, I'd always say, Faliseus: "man, I've got to stop worrying about things." “yeah” Faliseus: then I found out the simple method.....breathing:-) Faliseus: praying is another thing too Faliseus: praying gets the words out of the mouth, and eventually
praying tunes your mind and ears to hear the good hopeful things Faliseus: eventually, the mind is tuned to the point......where it
doesn't worry much at all “yeah” Faliseus: it's quite a miraculous change from before I started to
pray......and after Faliseus: I'm a completely different person:-) Faliseus: but yet I'm the same Faliseus: just less worries:-) “yeah, yeah” “I’ll try” Faliseus: you see, because I just needed a REASON to do something Faliseus: and then I did it as soon as I had the reason Faliseus: is any of this helping? Faliseus: expression is good too Faliseus: write those feelings and thoughts down on paper or type them
up.......that's where most or all of my poems and artwork are
from.......just pure emotion Faliseus: and every time I've got someone to read my expression, and
they understand and FEEL what I've expressed, either on paper or on
computer.....then I've felt a bit more, 'understood'.....and 'at ease' “YEAH” Faliseus: oh yeah, 'write all this stuff down':-) “YEAH, YEAH, YEAH” Faliseus: that's another helpful thing too “KAPICHE” “I GOT IT” “THANKS” Faliseus: half the time, Faliseus: when you don't remember things, Faliseus: you worry that you've forgotten them:-) Faliseus: key word.......... 'worry' Faliseus: so write your thoughts and feelings down;-) Faliseus: and review your thoughts and feelings on paper Faliseus: and remember, you DON’T KNOW THE FUTURE, so just ‘hope for the best’ Faliseus: remember take time to smell the roses and don't speed by things blindly Faliseus: don’t forget to ‘breathe deeply’ and don’t forget to ‘pray’ Faliseus: and don’t forget to REMIND other people of how to stay hopeful Faliseus: you're always welcome:-) Faliseus: I'm glad that I could help out Faliseus: and I hope things work out EXCELLENTLY for you to the top 25.) Dependence “I depend on myself” Faliseus: right Faliseus: I do too Faliseus: but lots of times I honestly can’t “ depend on words to make you feel better” Faliseus: nope Faliseus: words are nothing Faliseus: it’s the heart and the people that make the heart work that make me feel better Faliseus: and REAL Faliseus: and that’s VERY important to me “I see” Faliseus: because in the end, Faliseus: we're all just looking for someone to talk to. Faliseus: that’s why I NEVER EVER block someone out. Faliseus: open heart always to the top 26.) Pressure on Earth Faliseus: I don’t like to put people under pressure Faliseus: likewise with me Faliseus: but there’s a pressure on earth always Faliseus: Life’s Twisted Spine Faliseus: Growing and dwindling, Faliseus: building and loving, Faliseus: always Faliseus: the heart of life beats to pump fresh life Faliseus: to keep life from getting ‘stale’ Faliseus: these troubles are reminders of PURPOSE Faliseus: the nuts and bolts of life are loose for a reason Faliseus: only so that WE tighten them and teach others to keep them tight. to the top 27.a) Swaying Young Tree Faliseus: you ever see a young swaying tree in the wind? Faliseus: It needs a solid brace to lean on, Faliseus: through the storms and the rains and the snows, Faliseus: it survives and grows because that brace is there, Faliseus: growing together, Faliseus: the tree grows strong and tall, Faliseus: and eventually, Faliseus: no longer needs the support of the brace, Faliseus: because IT is SUPPORTING the brace and itself, Faliseus: and is STRONG in return. Faliseus: ok Faliseus: the BRACE is, Faliseus: Unconditional Love Faliseus: ALWAYS Faliseus: means FROM THE HEART Faliseus: because that brace was ALWAYS there, for that young swaying tree, Faliseus: it was from the heart and to the heart. Faliseus: aimed and hit the target. Faliseus: you see now? to the top 27.b) PARAPHRASE of Swaying Young Tree Faliseus: you need a shining light for sure Faliseus: kids shine brighter than the brightest lights in the world Faliseus: to know that there's a little piece of you running around youthfully and
playing without a care, but growing with your words.... Faliseus: That's just a reassuring feeling that you know the world is going to be a
better place because you've fed the soils of our nations plants with nutrients and
nourishment. Faliseus: As they grow, they shall become our brace. to the top 28.) My BRACE Faliseus: it’s my faith Faliseus: I'm growing strong and tall, Faliseus: but sometimes there’s those storms that I can’t handle Faliseus: because before when I tried to figure things out way too much, I wasn't able to
speak like that, Faliseus: I wasn't faithful Faliseus: I didn't KNOW or RELY on my KNOWLEDGE Faliseus: I was always THINKING and ASSUMING Faliseus: and I MOCKED what I didn’t understand. Faliseus: Now, Faliseus: my family, my congregation, my land full of people are my
brace as I KNOW FAITH and I’m thankful they inspire me to see what I
need to see. Faliseus: honest Faliseus: because I wasn't able to do as much before, ‘without faith’ Faliseus: now it’s "just a flowing like the metal on the edge of a knife" Faliseus: that was Meatloaf Faliseus: I'm growing strong and tall as well. to the top 29.) My Job Faliseus: My job is to remind you why you’ve got to love and to remind you that it’s the
gift that keeps on giving. and to do it all while being powerfully true, humble, not common and honest. to the top 30.) Reading People Books Faliseus: people nowadays are REALLY easy to read Faliseus: like children's books, Faliseus: I just open them up Faliseus: and start to show them the pictures and read to them Faliseus: from themselves Faliseus: and they either LOVE me for it, Faliseus: or HATE me for it, Faliseus: but in the end, Faliseus: they just LEARN to love me for it. Faliseus: so there’s NO target that I can’t hit to the top 31.) Ask Your Teacher This One, FEEDBACK Faliseus: "if knowledge is power and power corrupts and absolute power corrupts
absolutely," Faliseus: "then what kind of honor student am I trying to become?" Faliseus: it’s funny and sad Faliseus: how ignorant people really are Faliseus: when they don't listen TO THEMSELVES Faliseus: I was only feeding them, the teachers, Faliseus: what they fed me Faliseus: we all live on the same planet Faliseus: and are ALL human beings with hearts that beat Faliseus: why not eat and drink out of the same bowl? Faliseus: WHY Faliseus: :-) Faliseus: that's my drill Faliseus: the question drill Faliseus: it’s the drill that AIMS FOR THE HEART to the top 32.) Instructions to Love Faliseus: the FIRST thing you’ve got to do though, Faliseus: just be their friend Faliseus: be their brace Faliseus: as they are young and swaying Faliseus: you are ALWAYS there, Faliseus: then that gives you 'credibility' to speak and ask questions, Faliseus: then you can drill, Faliseus: but ease up if it's getting too rough Faliseus: and remind them that you'll NEVER lie to them Faliseus: like I have Faliseus: because, Faliseus: you're still listening to me right? “yeah” Faliseus: then they'll do the same for you Faliseus: I can aim for the heart in my sleep Faliseus: sleep “How old are you again?” ********************* Faliseus: I just say, basically, don't worry too much bout it “ok” Faliseus: here’s what you do, Faliseus: draw the line of friendship. it is the first start to a good
relationship, always start casual to get comfortable and to
build trust over time Faliseus: build your casual relationships, (STRONG friendships) with who
you can...and see what develops Faliseus: START as friends....COMMUNICATE your thoughts and feelings,
and see what happens from there Faliseus: and NO MATTER WHAT.....compassionate faith in friendships is
the one most important thing to always have Faliseus: compassionate love, love of a friend, to help the friendship
grow is best shown by letting your loved ones KNOW that you love them to the top 33.) God’s Smile for God’s Work Faliseus: to teach someone to love and love thoroughly Faliseus: is the greatest gift you can give anyone Faliseus: and Faliseus: it just comes back to you one day, Faliseus: as a surprise Faliseus: if there’s any pattern I've seen in life Faliseus: if you're not thinking or worrying about something Faliseus: God’s going to drop you a surprise Faliseus: that's ONE thing He LOVES to do Faliseus: a definite pattern “Um...ok” Faliseus: I can FEEL him smiling Faliseus: it’s a way different feeling than usual “I see” Faliseus: but it’s a wondrous feeling of happiness and thankfulness Faliseus: because I know someone’s looking out for me to the top 34.) Smiling Kitty Faliseus: ^_^lol Faliseus: neeto Faliseus: wow “It’s pretty keen” Faliseus: look at that cat’s face “What?” “*Laugh out loud*” Faliseus: the two e's are his smile “*Laugh out loud*” Faliseus: and the *laugh out loud* Faliseus: is his body and tail “*Laugh out loud*” to the top 35.) Fun English Trick Faliseus: wow “Wow what?” Faliseus: wow spelled backward is wow “*Laugh out loud*” Faliseus: and that's just amazing Faliseus: wow “racecar is racecar backwards” Faliseus: radar? Faliseus: mom and dad “Ha ha” Faliseus: (no wonder they don't make sense) “*Laugh out loud*” Faliseus: they don't know which side of the bed is the wrong side of the bed, Faliseus: because they're spelled backward either way. “Ha ha true true” Faliseus: hee hee Faliseus: It’s just a fun trick with the English language. “Yeah” Faliseus: they're just words Faliseus: there is SOME meaning behind some jokes Faliseus: but hey Faliseus: all in all Faliseus: it’s fun stuff “Why” Faliseus: just so long as you’re true “Yeah*” Faliseus: in the end, true and powerful and not common Faliseus: supporting the swaying tree “Yep” Faliseus: always Faliseus: and being supported in the end. “Hehe, I like that one” Faliseus: eeyup to the top 36.) Hating the TRUTH Faliseus: how can you hate something so true and powerful? Faliseus: that's a question that I always ask myself Faliseus: I come up with no answers “Good question” Faliseus: You can’t HATE the truth “No, you can't” Faliseus: because it’s not going to do anything for you Faliseus: the ONLY thing you can do is LOVE it “Love everything, it's the best way to live” *************** Faliseus: an open mind is a broadened perspective Faliseus: and a broadened perspective, is an opportunity to see MORE beauty “right, and you should be open minded to the fact that not everyone
enjoys what you do” Faliseus: I am open to the fact that not everyone enjoys what I do,
and YOU have to be open to THIS fact: Faliseus: the reason not everybody enjoys what I do is because....not
every one 'understands' what I do. Faliseus: :-) “riiiight...” Faliseus: that simple mutual bond of understanding can heal even the
greatest of hurts “open minded means looking at all things....I've tried to
understand.....I DON’T LIKE IT” Faliseus: :-) no one has tried something until they've actually made it
work right, and enjoyed it, but that's just my opinion Faliseus: I had to be honest Faliseus: of all things you do in life:-)....don't forget to smile Faliseus: you learn things in life FASTER, if you can ADMIT to learning them to the top 37.) Comedy ROOTS Faliseus: I've got comedy figured out rather well. Faliseus: nowadays, it's hard to make me laugh Faliseus: cause I've seen it all before Faliseus: and know the main patterns Faliseus: it’s all about the dramatic irony and the transition and relation to POV Faliseus: and the BEST comedy is COMMON GROUNDED heart felt comedy Faliseus: relates to the ridiculousness of the things we do in life ****************************** my sense of humor: Faliseus: through out the most miserable and treacherous times in my
life I've always had a laugh hidden inside me Faliseus: it claws and scrapes to come out Faliseus: even though it hurts on the inside already Faliseus: my humor and my compassion are two completely different life
forces on their own Faliseus: always striving to keep their best friend Faliseus: I wished I had more friends like that “you’ve got to have a sense of humor to make it in this world” Faliseus: you see what I mean? I'm just that introspective Faliseus: and I don't even think about it, it just 'comes to me' “as long as you save things like that“ Faliseus: I don't 'have a sense of humor'.......humor is just hardwired
inside me and I can't get rid of it, even in my saddest times “humor has you” Faliseus: and it will kill me before it lets go “aww sweetie” Faliseus: but what people don't understand about me is, I'm not
depressed, I'm just so damn confused, that that's what it looks like “what would make you happy?” Faliseus: what would really make me feel happy is a visit from someone
that could see inside my eyes and past their own heart to the top 38.) Flowing Poetry-Jess and Jeremy Jess: the heart is a slippery one And it's tricky to dislodge So you carry on As your day dissolves In a black and white montage Jess: And you cry Trying to find a voice That reminds you of your own But every word That passes from your lips Is counterfeit Illegitimate Faliseus: flow? Faliseus: fresh? Faliseus: new? Faliseus: was it? Jess: it's flowing' Faliseus: for the heart to sing true? Faliseus: fresh? Faliseus: just now? Jess: yeah Faliseus: like in the distance Faliseus: here's the know how Faliseus: and fry the brown cow? Faliseus: what's in this Faliseus: this thing we call life Faliseus: the thing we call struggle in Faliseus: the thing we call our strive Faliseus: where do we go? Faliseus: what do we do? Faliseus: when will the cows bells quit Faliseus: when are they threw? Faliseus: why do we name ourselves Faliseus: unsteady names Faliseus: what do we find in our minds Faliseus: with those unconstructive games? Faliseus: I'm wondering this, Faliseus: as a true fact Faliseus: as a question of a question Faliseus: to merely find the act Faliseus: the courage of wittiness Faliseus: the honesty of faith Faliseus: the friend in our love life Faliseus: the love over our hate Faliseus: the great wonder Faliseus: of the thought we perceive Faliseus: the great wonder Faliseus: in the knowledge we receive Faliseus: in the search for purpose Faliseus: only to find an answer Faliseus: one answer is true Faliseus: you've found them Faliseus: and they've found you Faliseus: you like that Jess? Faliseus: it’s true true true Jess: I like that a lot Faliseus: I must confess to the top 39.) My Dearest Brother Faliseus: my faith has showed me lots of stuff of life Faliseus: that's how I've gotten so wise Faliseus: I used to be Catholic Faliseus: I thought I'd mention Faliseus: I don't like religions Faliseus: ugh “I see, I don't like religions either” Faliseus: that’s why I’ve adopted ‘simple blind faith’ Faliseus: I looked around A LOT and am still looking Faliseus: looked at LOTS of patterns “Hmm” Faliseus: I'm still testing my blind faith to this day Faliseus: hasn't been broken or false yet Faliseus: my brother hates me because of it Faliseus: I miss him so much “*Laugh out loud*” “Where is he?” Faliseus: I just love him because of it Faliseus: away from the roots “Oh” Faliseus: far in the tree Faliseus: he's forgotten all about me Faliseus: in his quest for the truth Faliseus: he's only found me Faliseus: he's going on a rampage “That’s not good” Faliseus: in the path is destruction, Faliseus: he's forgotten what he knows Faliseus: in his way Faliseus: just my luck and, Faliseus: also to see Faliseus: his face Faliseus: and just me Faliseus: my words Faliseus: so true Faliseus: his face Faliseus: so blue Faliseus: so enraged with rage, Faliseus: so everlasting, Faliseus: in reading the page, Faliseus: written by man, Faliseus: writing of the imperfect, Faliseus: written for him, Faliseus: to become less known Faliseus: written for him Faliseus: to stray far from his home. Faliseus: my heart does scream, Faliseus: it does, out to him, Faliseus: my heart feels his struggle, Faliseus: only to win, Faliseus: but in winning, Faliseus: we forget why we play. Faliseus: in losing we remember. Faliseus: we remember our roots, Faliseus: our place we grow from, Faliseus: our place of origin, Faliseus: the ground we stand on, Faliseus: the place we fall to, Faliseus: when we've grown all we can. Faliseus: my brother’s high in the tree, Faliseus: he just doesn't understand. Faliseus: he's growing crooked, Faliseus: caught in a rut, Faliseus: struggling to free himself, Faliseus: struggling, but caught. Faliseus: in his struggle Faliseus: he's found nothing but pain, Faliseus: as he forgets the roots he's from, Faliseus: all he'll eventually do, Faliseus: is grow free again. Faliseus: but when will he see, Faliseus: that he's come from me, Faliseus: and I'm here for him, Faliseus: and we're always family? Faliseus: I can’t say much for the advice, Faliseus: given, Faliseus: for him, Faliseus: he can’t say much, Faliseus: but mumbles and no smile or grin. Faliseus: all he can do is joke, Faliseus: in our serious life. Faliseus: going to choke Faliseus: on his words, untrue, Faliseus: falling to the ground near the roots, Faliseus: I'll catch him, Faliseus: he'll find me again. Faliseus: wondrous, wondrous, Faliseus: a true vision, Faliseus: the end. Faliseus: and that's Christianity Faliseus: catching a brother when he falls Faliseus: even if he hates us and wants to run Faliseus: fun, Faliseus: till the fall Faliseus: unconditional love is AMAZING Faliseus: Christianity teaches me to love all my brothers and sisters “That’s good” Faliseus: Jesus was just the guy to teach me that “Hehe” Faliseus: I hear and feel him, ever since I've let him in Faliseus: it's true to the glance love keeps you from sin, Faliseus: again we're caught, Faliseus: in this pattern of doubt Faliseus: as we fall further and further, Faliseus: it’s him that's the out, Faliseus: the catcher of baseballs, Faliseus: the catcher in the Rye, Faliseus: not that I've read that book, Faliseus: not that I've seen with my eye, Faliseus: or my ears, Faliseus: to tell you the truth, Faliseus: it’s here at the center, Faliseus: my heart. Faliseus: I've felt many pains, Faliseus: dished out many struggles, Faliseus: one thing is true, Faliseus: he helps with my troubles. Faliseus: I talk with him, Faliseus: like a normal friend, Faliseus: but I'll only know that he's there, Faliseus: all the way, Faliseus: to the end, Faliseus: till we've found what we're looking for, Faliseus: our friend in the end. Faliseus: one thing that I see, Faliseus: are people that just talk, Faliseus: and people that walk. Faliseus: only to walk, Faliseus: never to listen, Faliseus: to those that talk. Faliseus: only to ignore, Faliseus: the things we can hear, Faliseus: only to fear, Faliseus: the things that reappear. Faliseus: then to hate, Faliseus: that someone is right, Faliseus: then to forget, Faliseus: that you were in a fight. Faliseus: only to fight again, Faliseus: never to love, Faliseus: never to see, Faliseus: never to know, Faliseus: only to hate, Faliseus: and never to grow, Faliseus: with our friend, Faliseus: all to the end. Faliseus: we’ll only see, Faliseus: that he loves you, Faliseus: and he loves me. to the top 40.) All I Need in My Faithful Life Faliseus: All I need in my faithful life is Thank God for what I have,
Ask for guidance and Pray for other people’s happiness. I feel
I must spread my joy into other people's lives in order to
TRULY LIVE by sharing a ‘powerful’ MUTUAL bond of ‘happiness‘. And to do it all with UNDYING FAITH and to result in CONCRETE LOVE and
someone to talk to in the end to the top 41.) The BLACK HOLE of Pride Faliseus: pride is the worst, it just eats holes through people, Faliseus: and all of a sudden Faliseus: you'll wonder where the contents of the hole went Faliseus: I’m NEVER ‘proud’ Faliseus: I'm just happy that I've done ALL that I've done to get where I am today, to
get to where I'm going tomorrow to the top 42.) Spur of the Moment Heartbeat “This is very interesting that you should speak this way. It's very 1900's Paris Bohemian
ideal.” Faliseus: you want to hear a poem I came up with spur of the moment? “Sure” Faliseus: I'm not worried about HOW it’s done Faliseus: just worried that it IS done Faliseus: IS spoken. “That's the poem?” Faliseus: nope Faliseus: one sec Faliseus: those were fresh spur of the moment words Faliseus: just for you, just now to the top 43.) Boyfriend/Girlfriend Mechanics “Well he was saying, what else can you do for US, we’re not hard to please, and I said
well what do you want me to do, and he said, well if you don't know, then maybe you can’t
help us” Faliseus: oh Faliseus: sounds like he doesn't understand how boyfriend/girlfriend works Faliseus: or maybe he didn't want to for a reason Faliseus: boyfriend/girlfriend is 2 ways Faliseus: understanding him and him understanding you Faliseus: he just expected ALL the answers to come from you Faliseus: and that's not the way it works at ALL Faliseus: ask "what's on your mind?" and "how do you feel?" Faliseus: those questions are two IMPORTANT questions because those
questions will 'fill the gap of communication' and SPAWN NEW
conversations.... Faliseus: the reason those questions will fill the gap of
communication is because Faliseus: the thoughts of the mind and feelings of the spirit are their
own hidden life force to be asked about and ‘UNDERSTOOD’ Faliseus: those 2 questions will be the judge of the future Faliseus: thoughts and feelings are 'everything' Faliseus: the more you've understood about a person's
'everything'........the more you've just related to a person Faliseus: when you 'relate''s a relationship, the MORE you
relate, the STRONGER the relationship is, and the more you can
'mutually/relatively' agree on.......will help the relationship MORE. Faliseus: mutual agreements and understanding of each other, will then
make your partner more comfortable......and less worrying,
because their heart and mind is at 'ease' that they have 'related' with
you, because you've asked your partner what his/her thoughts and
feelings were Faliseus: therefore, making the relationship.....smoother and ‘more comfortable’ Faliseus: a question to ask yourself would be, Faliseus: ”do you understand your partner’s thoughts and feelings on things?” Faliseus: the most important thing to do, when planning something is, to
'draw a line' 'set a date' for things, forget all doubts
and worries, and have that good old-fashioned, marriage like,
"Leap of Faith" Faliseus: Just SET that guideline there, and set that guideline
TOGETHER, because..... Faliseus: otherwise, you and your partner COULD be waiting all your
lives, for something that wasn't ever sternly, steadily planned to
happen. Faliseus: sometimes couples can go on for like half their lives or ALL
their lives and not ever call their decision 'official', all
because those couples, haven't......drawn that line, of faith or set a
’solid’ date. Faliseus: that line of faith, will be your MUTUAL agreement with your partner Faliseus: the MUTUAL agreement will be the most powerful agreement that
you'll ever have Faliseus: the MUTUAL agreement is a faithful agreement........ Faliseus: in my opinion, faith in a strong future decision can MAKE.....
or BREAK.... the love. Faliseus: ALSO, Faliseus: sarcasm and a sense of humor will rattle the bones of the relationship, Faliseus: keeping the relationship AWAKE Faliseus: because if you are sarcastic every once in again, with your
mate, then Faliseus: it will get his/her attention.....therefore, opening up that
line of communication Faliseus: sarcasm is wit, satire, irony.......saying one
thing.......meaning another Faliseus: sarcasm is energy, and it's a jack hammer, when there's a rock
of communication Faliseus: another reason sarcasm is IMPORTANT, is because it’s a way to
find HUMOR in the relationship... Faliseus: that good sense of HUMOR can teach FORGIVENESS and build
STRONGER bonds of love, faith and understanding. Faliseus: so, I a bit unexpected.....but only till the point,
where you've got your mate’s attention... Faliseus: if they ask you why you’re being so playful...just let them know,
that it was only to get their attention to make sure they were listening Faliseus: then start to say what you need to say and ask what you need
to UNDERSTAND Faliseus: and NUMBER 1 thing to do in a relationship Faliseus: NEVER be afraid to be yourself! Faliseus: because if you are afraid to be yourself in the it REALLY a 'relating' relationship? Faliseus: just remember... it's not a relationship, when you 'can't
relate'.....just being yourself...... Faliseus: because the partner should always take into deep thought about
YOUR thoughts and feelings in the relationship. Faliseus: otherwise, without the depth in thought and feeling between
you and your partner, Faliseus: then it's just a casual relationship.......and casual
relationships tend not to go very far. Faliseus: mainly, in a WORKING relationship, the MAIN concept is all
about sacrifice of former become one brand new
being.......a couple Faliseus: to best sum up on how to communicate, Faliseus: when you can't think of anything else to ask, then... Faliseus: 1) ASK the 'two questions', "what's on your mind?" and "how do you feel?" Faliseus: 2) have a bit of 'SARCASM' to get attention and spark things back to life Faliseus: and finally and most important... Faliseus: 3) DO NOT be afraid to BE YOURSELF NO HE SAID SHE SAID ........... Communication is not to be passed from a friend of a
boyfriend/girlfriend’s friend to another boyfriend/girlfriend’s
friend. If communication is passed around ‘indirectly’, then that
miscommunication will lead to a tension and a
misunderstanding......throughout a classic ‘he-says-she-says’ situation.
The ‘he-says-she-says’ situation will throw a relationship
into the rubble. Don’t have your friends and/or family knowing something that your
boyfriend/girlfriend should know first! THINK, SPEAK and FEEL as a couple throughout DIRECT communication, AS a couple. Communication is to be DIRECT, from ‘one person‘ to ‘one person‘(period). Faliseus: in my eyes, that’s what communication I’ve seen works best Faliseus: 2 ways, 2 people, Faliseus: 1 couple, TOGETHER Faliseus: and understanding and faith are the BONDS of love ***************************** a couple of tests for love, Faliseus: of the many different girls I‘ve met, I’ve seen that lots of
those women will completely blow me off and completely block me
out of their minds...... Faliseus: so I started to give them something I called 'The Brandon Test' "the Brandon test?” Faliseus: then I came up with the question....... Faliseus: "why is it that a lot of nice women aren't that confident? and
why is it that the women that ARE confident, are just ignorant?
is there an in between?" Faliseus: A woman that meets a man for his open-mindedness, care and
‘compassion‘, will go through The Brandon Test, Faliseus: and a woman that meets a man for their good looks, style and
‘image’ will go through The Jeremy Test (me)
“you know, I'm reading a book about young women, self-esteem, and the
confidence gap” Faliseus: what I usually do in The Brandon Test, is I introduce a girl
to my friend Brandon or I show a picture of Brandon or I
describe Brandon and I see how much attention he can take away from her
from me, because Brandon is apparently appealing to most women
image wise...which will tempt them like a decoy, sending the
ones I can’t trust.......astray....and ‘tempted away by image’. Faliseus: The Jeremy Test is basically the opposite of The Brandon Test,
because Brandon respects my people reading skill, as he does my
individuality Faliseus: what I usually do in The Jeremy Test, is Brandon will bring a
girl to me to talk to her for a while and see if she can tolerate
my differences and my honest questions, to see if she’s got
an OPEN mind and HEART Faliseus: lots of times, when a woman can't keep her mind open for
individuality, then she can't respect the man that she's with,
because she can't respect his differences Faliseus: or his 'friend's' differences One note about all of this information: the Brandon/Jeremy Test, can be
used for ‘BOTH’ women and enjoy The Grading Point System:
A.) Ability to Interpret Thoughts and Feelings / Take the time to think about and ‘Ask Questions‘,
‘Relate’, ‘Give Feedback’, ‘Eye Contact‘, ‘Undivided Attention’ or ‘Calm Focus’
Example of the Problem: Constantly twiddling thumbs or dawdling. Always interrupting. Always ‘trying to joke around/be
funny’. Trying too hard to be something they’re not. Never giving a straight answer. Never being serious.
A.) ‘Consistency of Carefulness’ in planned actions / ‘Flow of Achievement’ in personal arrangements /
Anti-clumsiness / Pro-active / Pre-emptive / Pre-cautioned / Informed
Example of the Problem: If her apology becomes a more frequent ‘Instant Reaction’ for doing something she 'didn't mean to do' Then she
has ‘less’ Responsibility/Care/Integrity for herself and everything around her. Which could
mean she the kind of person that doesn’t take ‘Care’ in her actions or she could be ‘Lying/Hiding something’. She’s like a time bomb ticking to go off. Doesn’t ask or let you know before she does
something you don’t know about. Accidentally leaves the dog outside during the nuclear winter.
A.) Ease of Communication / General ability to freely and flexibly ‘Express’ thoughts to anyone /
Social Flexibility / Go anywhere and make the Effort to talk to Anyone, regardless of the Condition
In this situation, Control Group: Brandon is in the room Variable Group: Brandon leaves, in the variable group, she will change her actions
Example of the Problem: If in the Variable Group, she is nervous or quiet all of a sudden Then she doesn’t have very ‘Flexible’
social skills. Could mean that a future relationship would not be a very sociable one.
Reason being: As time will ‘flex/change’ our own personality, our own social skills must
be flexible/ready for change as well.
A.) Ability to notice ‘Detail’ (in all areas of sense: Speech,
Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Feeling, Thoughts) Example of the Problem: She doesn’t notice that I need help with something. She doesn’t 'notice something' different about me and doesn’t
go out of the way to make a point of it. Always in space or daydreaming. You always have
to constantly get her attention or repeat yourself. You ask them what they said 5 minutes ago
and they have no clue what you’re talking about.
A.) Ability to find Mutual Agreements / Comfort / Mutual Reliability built
over time with a gradual Ease of Communication Example of the Problem: Can’t seem to accept you as her friend. Gets nervous or shifty eyed when you entrust her with things.
Can’t count on her for anything. She never is able to talk to you openly about things. Can’t leave
you with any information that she might think will ‘hurt’ you. The things you lend
her you never get back when you ask for them. Would pawn your dog’s testicles off at an auction
and not even tell you about it or share the profit. I’m serious.
A.) Ability to show the qualities of general Enthusiasm, Shine, Positive Attitude, Focus on the Positive,
Generosity, Charm, Wit, Energy Ect. Example of the Problem: Doesn’t display the same Positive Energy/Emotion/Expression around everyone. Can’t seem to stop being negative
or can’t seem to stop focusing on negative things. Always talking about how much they hate someone. Always
Sadistic/Expecting Pity. Is always hateful, angry or jealous of
other people that have things they don’t have. Never tries to be happy. Reason Being: There’s possibility that it’s a facade and she’s hiding something.
A.) Ability to Rely / Confide in maintaining and providing
for Oneself and ’not’ constantly relying/confiding in other people Example of the Problem: She’s always asking for a little extra money for something she can’t afford, eventually she asks for
larger sums of money each time and becomes obsessive and necessitates your presence
for her every last decision.
A.) Ability to Wait / Listen / Pardon / Give kindness without being asked to Example of the Problem: You drop something, she never thinks or offers to pick it up. Someone needs something, she never
offers or thinks to give that person that something. Always rushes into things. Never cares
to read the ‘caution’ part of the instructions manuals.
9.) ‘SENSE of HUMOR’
A.) Ability to ‘Take’ a joke or ‘Make’ a joke Example of the Problem: You make fun of one thing and she hates you for life. She doesn’t want to go some places with you
because she might feel embarrassed around your sense of humor. She’s always precautious about the things
she jokes about. Takes a while to get the joke. Doesn’t forgive you for
something you did 300 years ago in your former life. Phew, now that’s bad. ........and finally........
10.) ‘SCHEDULE/PLANS’ and/or ’LONG TERM GOALS’ for the future
A.) Ability to be a Responsible Scheduler / Doing things according to Prior Plan
B.) Has the same goals in mind that the person she plans to be with does Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance: The 6 P’s Example of the Problem: When she wants to go somewhere, she won’t plan ahead of time. She‘ll
plan ‘Spur of the Moment’. She’ll be Opposed to ‘Good Business’
where a Two Week’s Notice before you leave shows your Firm Judgment/Direction.

Faliseus: The Brandon Test and The Jeremy Test were made, for me and my
friend, by me and my friend, to ’increase’ our chances to find the
right, open minded, Faliseus: caring, true, honest and FAITHFUL girl and not to find a girl
that will cheat, lie and steal or break mine and Brandon‘s
friendship apart. “you just said women and confidence in a sentence so I had to comment :-)” “it's part of my women's studies class that I'm taking” Faliseus: am I getting somewhere with this?:-) “which is, actually, a very interesting class” Faliseus: so you see, it's quite a nice test:-) Faliseus: this is America, I'm not surprised Faliseus: and what’s ironic is that people are so against the whole fact
that everyone is different....yet that's what this country was
FOUNDED on.......Independence! *laugh out loud* Faliseus: just try that test out, if you‘d like. ***************************** “oh he’s the sweetest guy in the world and his voice really gets me :)” Faliseus: tell him he's the ugliest looking, trashiest talking dirtiest
bum in the world........then tell him you love him. “noooooooooo” Faliseus: :-)well that's how it should be Faliseus: you should love the person, for BEING the person:-) “yeah I know” Faliseus: that's what you'll have to understand though, because
eventually the childhood love stuff just fades away, and eventually
you're a ...............couple. “oh really” Faliseus: and it's a good exercise to start to love the person......on
the inside......not because 'dear God, his voice just
gets me', not because 'he's so sweet' Faliseus: because over time, people change on the inside “yeah I know” Faliseus: unless you brace yourself, by loving them how love was intended Faliseus: faithfully “ok” Faliseus: the sweet words and youthful affection wear away, when you
don’t have that most important 'mutual understanding' with the
spouse/partner......that mutual understanding is as simple as this: “Love, can hurt, but true lovers hang in there, when the going goes rough.” to the top 44.) Ryan’s Equation Time=Money Knowledge=Power Power=work/time Money=work/knowledge “And as knowledge approaches zero, money approaches infinity regardless of work done” -Ryan H. to the top 45.) Wise Man’s Ears Faliseus: I can be QUITE boring when speaking deeply and teaching, Faliseus: what I know Faliseus: but a wiser man listens to the things that he would normally talk over to the top 46.) Brother or Money? Faliseus: but which is more important? Faliseus: Time or money? Faliseus: time with a brother or sister, Faliseus: or money? Faliseus: time to spend Faliseus: or money to save? Faliseus: you can’t spend money without spending time to the top 47.) Running Away “I am running away from myself cause I don't want to be me” Faliseus: I know things may not seem perfect when you run away, but come
home to the people that can care for you more than you can for
yourself and we'll see. Faliseus: :-) I have a sense of feeling of how it is....not even being
able to accept myself Faliseus: but in and out of being someone else and being me....I prefer
to start where I came from, instead of being thrown left and
right between being unhappy people who aren't me. Faliseus: ‘just stand and wait in the woods when you're lost’ Faliseus: it's an easy thing to remember when you're feeling more lost
than a bird flying over an ocean millions of times bigger than itself Faliseus: you'll find land....follow the lights and the voices that call
for you.:-) Faliseus: let me tell you something about false sense of identity... Faliseus: all the time that you're worried about being yourself, Faliseus: you'll forget who you really are. Faliseus: you're not really a worried person, at heart, you're just
scared to find out that you might be a worried person. Faliseus: it's like the water cycle with the rain, until you finally
decide to pick up your own umbrella and stay dry. Faliseus: then when you see everything from eyes that aren't worried,
you'll wonder why the hell you ever worried in the first
place, and you'll laugh again. Faliseus: I know, I've been there and I've grown my entire life worried
about what I was. Faliseus: and came up with that one answer, "who cares what I am? I care
what I can be and about who I always WILL be,
regardless.....myself." Faliseus: :-) You'll be fixed up like new. Faliseus: :-D Faliseus: “don't RUN from your problems, Faliseus: they'll just jump up and bite you in the ass” Faliseus: -Bud, my construction boss to the top 48.) Playing Copy Cat in An Argument “I have already told them” Faliseus: don't TELL people anything Faliseus: ASK people things Faliseus: and have them TELL themselves Faliseus: no words are more powerful and true than what is from the heart, Faliseus: AND Faliseus: no words are more powerful and true than what is from your OWN heart and mouth Faliseus: so, Faliseus: let them see their OWN hearts and mouths Faliseus: it’s a Copycat thing Faliseus: works every time Faliseus: because the thing that people LOVE to hear the themselves. to the top 49.) Our Job in the Fellowship Faliseus: a brother has to remind another brother Faliseus: it’s our job in the fellowship to the top 50.) Jesus Loves Us ALL Faliseus: I love my brothers, fathers, sisters and especially mothers, Faliseus: If there would be any moral we can learn from one person, let
it be ‘love for all’ Faliseus: love is a powerful credibility in an argument. Faliseus: it rises question, interest, fear and it provokes a chase that
only leads to redefining family and friends. to the top 51.) My Wisdom and Humbleness and ‘How I Earned It’ Faliseus: and I'm still listening Faliseus: but no one is talking “ I’m reading but it keeps coming and losing me, oh wise teacher” Faliseus: so I just fill in the blanks and REVIEW what I know Faliseus: I'm not WISE Faliseus: I'm STRIVING to be Faliseus: that's true wisdom Faliseus: on the path to it anyways. Faliseus: I just blow too many people away, w/what I know that's all. Faliseus: it's one of those, "I 'think' he's just too good to be true" things “Watch that head, it's inflating” Faliseus: well, Faliseus: nope Faliseus: not my HEAD Faliseus: my HEART “Your wisdom comes from the experiences of others with which you cannot take full
responsibility” Faliseus: yes I ’CAN’ take full responsibility Faliseus: I was LISTENING Faliseus: NOBODY ever does that anymore Faliseus: so I've got to do MY JOB “No person sat in a room by themselves and knew no one with which to reflect upon” Faliseus: and neither can YOU “Your job is to learn and teach what you learn” Faliseus: don't forget that “Learning comes from others” “I'm not, I'm telling you what I've LEARNED” Faliseus: you should NEVER forget to THANK people from the bottom of your heart Faliseus: thank people for the REMINDERS Faliseus: ALWAYS “Then thank people after talking to them because you may have learned something” to the top 52.) Keep It Simple Stupid “Being fully reliant on yourself can draw you away from other people enabling you to
never really understand yourself because you have been conceited in thought and unable to
take criticism and trouble from others” Faliseus: right Faliseus: 'high in the tree' Faliseus: I'm a simple person, Faliseus: I use simple description Faliseus: keeps my mind out of things Faliseus: out of the high trees. Faliseus: use less words, Faliseus: more meaning per word. to the top 53.) Teach and BE TAUGHT Faliseus: in REMINDING people, Faliseus: we are REMINDED Faliseus: in TEACHING people, Faliseus: we are TAUGHT Faliseus: because TEACHING is just another form of ‘LEARNING’ Faliseus: just keep reminding after that Faliseus: and you've got it made in the shade Faliseus: and people call you WISE or SMART cause of it, Faliseus: and you KNOW it’s true. Faliseus: Honesty is one of my helps me when
I've spoken the blunt truth about everything, then I'll have gotten
used to repeating myself..... Faliseus: REVIEWING the same thing over again....... Faliseus: So that each time I review, I’ll be learning a DEEPER,
REDEFINED, and more penetrating part of the truth, to be stored within
the security of my heart and mind. Faliseus: and helping the newly discovered, deeper truth FLOW easier.... Faliseus: Having an HONEST FLOW, the flow will become CLEARER, QUICKER
and more MUTUALLY understood as I feel need to learn it and
teach it with others. Faliseus: There is only one true teacher in life and you have to teach that person to
listen to the roar of the ground, see the flight of what hasn't been touched, touch and
rebuild that which is broken and to feel the rumble of it all in that teacher's
chest. to the top 54.) Blind and Deaf But Seeing the Truth ”You can't read a person over the internet” Faliseus: you just don't know how I do Faliseus: because you don't understand me yet Faliseus: I see what people usually don't see Faliseus: I've trained myself to be blind and deaf Faliseus: and to see what is at the heart Faliseus: and not what is at the surface Faliseus: but Faliseus: sometimes that's just A LOT for people to handle, Faliseus: and they either, get mad, or they do their best to understand Faliseus: through my faith and my heartfelt feelings I see the truths unravel Faliseus: I thank you for your patience and I’m still listening to the top 55.) I Wasn’t Thinking Faliseus: I wasn't THINKING Faliseus: I was merely stating that MOST PEOPLE do those things Faliseus: not ASSUMING that YOU do those things. Faliseus: I didn't have the words THINK and YOU in the same sentence “Don’t assume, it's not good for your personality” Faliseus: please forgive me for appearing to be too full of knowledge Faliseus: please forgive me for trying to help with what I know Faliseus: please forgive me for any misunderstanding you might've had of me Faliseus: please Faliseus: forgive me “I'm not forgiving you for appearing to be ‘too full of knowledge’ because you aren't” Faliseus: I’m not all-knowing Faliseus: you just 'misunderstood' me Faliseus: loosen up a bit, Faliseus: it’s a great thing to be. Faliseus: free it all Faliseus: leave it where it is “I am tense because I have problems myself, but I am loose in explaining to you not to
think of yourself as a prophet” Faliseus: did I SAY that I was a prophet? Faliseus: no I didn't Faliseus: DON’T put words in my mouth Faliseus: that’s MY job to the top 56.) Just to Clear Things Up Faliseus: I'm HUMBLE Faliseus: ALWAYS Faliseus: I am NEVER a judge Faliseus: just a SPECTATOR “I'm not judging” Faliseus: please don't then “I'm not, LISTEN” Faliseus: I ALWAYS have ears open “You’re being conceited” “Hold on” Faliseus: was just giving feedback “There can be more to it if you slow down and don't think about being full of knowledge,
and don't strive to know all, slow down and put adjectives to brighten it, and
description” “I have my ego in tow, and don't need you to shoot it down” “I'm trying to give you help” Faliseus: hmm Faliseus: that's a coincidence “You’re turning quite harsh” Faliseus: not really Faliseus: you're turning quite harsh “That ego trip was harsh” Faliseus: that ego trip was harsh Faliseus: just making sure you know what you're saying Faliseus: it’s a copy cat thing “I’m just giving simple criticism to your work. It’s a writing thing” Faliseus: writing is our own, “I know what I'm saying because I'm thinking about it” Faliseus: ok Faliseus: what are you thinking? “I realize that, but it is a learning experience to study and learn from others, thus,
using criticism” Faliseus: right Faliseus: I'm just saying Faliseus: thanks, Faliseus: but remember what I said before you start to criticize. Faliseus: look before you leap Faliseus: remember things, Faliseus: ’REVIEW’ things. Faliseus: and most importantly, Faliseus: ’DON’T’ burn bridges. “I'm not even lighting a match” Faliseus: ok Faliseus: please be nicer then. Faliseus: I'm doing my best. “I do that with a lot I read, and you yourself, be kind to everyone” Faliseus: good “Let others share wisdom” Faliseus: thank you Faliseus: right Faliseus: you're too kind Faliseus: please remember that though Faliseus: I'm just reminding, Faliseus: because one day I'm going to forget, Faliseus: and you'll have to remind me. Faliseus: and forgive me. “Forgive and forget” “It’s sometimes easy to say and hard to do” Faliseus: right ***************************** “yea, the things that you think up are way, WAY beyond my expectations” Faliseus: the things I think up are beyond my own as well......maybe
that's why they're so good “yea” Faliseus: what I do, is I go out on a whim with a very abstract idea,
associated with an unknown feeling, “and I think everybody can benefit from your writings and imagery” “it'll set a new standard of expression” Faliseus: then I go with that idea, finding different general and common
ground feelings I can associate parts of the poems with, but
each poem of mine has a few things in it “sweet” “you know what else?” Faliseus: like common ground, knowledge/‘step in a ladder‘.......I add a
visual metaphor, then I move on from that, to the ‘red ball of
light‘ and I add some abstract things, that aren't meant to be
understood, then to the poem, I add the general lessons that spawn from
those feelings, once those feelings are fully grown “whoa” Faliseus: mainly, the writing is enhanced by the abstract feelings and
how I interpret them, in metaphoric image Faliseus: eep “ah, that's what I'm talking about” “incredible” Faliseus: the metaphoric image, helps us to grasp onto the unknown
feeling. Feelings, being our most powerful communication, yet our
most misunderstood. “you're so extremely advanced” Faliseus: Naw, I'm just a moron:-) Faliseus: and only when I realized I was a moron, was when I got smarter
than I was;-) “well, whatever you are, it's far more advanced than anybody I've ever witnessed” Faliseus: that's a basic philosophy lesson of wisdom, in general “I'm serious though” Faliseus: I've got a general rule about myself that I learned in
football, and I believe you know the rule I speak of.......... “you should get a job where you can affect people with your philosophies and poems” Faliseus: the first time that I stick my head up in recognition, while
I'm still playing the game, is the last time I feel good about
really playing the sport with a strong hearted athlete “but what if you're so good that you could be the best player in the NFL?” Faliseus: like Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, after all performances, I'll
only take little thanks, because I'll know beforehand, that it
was the people that were thanking me, that made me the person I am today Faliseus: (at least, that's what I believe Roger does or did, I kind of
read that from him and his expressions, just take a look at his
face after The Wall Concert..........a smile, then back to being
the strong hearted athlete) Faliseus: I'll get there man;-) “I'm worried that you won't” Faliseus: why worry? “because time is so precious and it moves so fast” Faliseus: it also moves slow Faliseus: but it honestly doesn't matter Faliseus: the only thing that matters is your own perspective on it all. “you might not be there long enough time to change the world” Faliseus: I don't need to change the world Faliseus: the world will change itself Faliseus: with, or without me Faliseus: but the spirit, will always be alive to the top 57.) Forgive and Forget “But I forgive you. I have and already did” Faliseus: people just SAY it, Faliseus: but Faliseus: they DON’T remember the meaning. Faliseus: AND “Yes it doesn't always mean something” Faliseus: you have to FORGIVE for now and for the future Faliseus: it has POWERFUL meaning Faliseus: people just FORGET the meaning of it. “Everything does” Faliseus: right Faliseus: we’ve said some words Faliseus: blindly back and forth Faliseus: Forgiveness is key, don't worry. Faliseus: I’ll forgive you Faliseus: even if you don’t forgive me Faliseus: Just forgive ALWAYS, so you don't FORGET to in the future to the top 58.) Definition Dispute Faliseus: and 'more than one purpose' too “Yeah but purposes are usually excuses” Faliseus: not really “Nope” Faliseus: they are the HEART of the matter Faliseus: excuses are excuses Faliseus: purposes are purposes “Purposes to not have a meaning are excuses to forgetting what it meant” Faliseus: don't have a definition dispute Faliseus: have ONE word mean ONE thing, Faliseus: and ANOTHER word, meaning ANOTHER thing. Faliseus: don't MIX things up. Faliseus: lots of times, Faliseus: Just to clear that up, that's how fights begin. Faliseus: not being mean or anything “Well, read your own 'words of wisdom', review and read it again, it makes sense” Faliseus: just clarifying. Faliseus: yup Faliseus: I remain humble though. Faliseus: and true. Faliseus: that just helps me to make the road smooth and flat. Faliseus: I read my words and redefine them CONSTANTLY. “That’s good, it's good to redefine and retouch your own words” Faliseus: right Faliseus: that's what I do “Good” Faliseus: and I do my best to remain and appear humble and simply DEFINED to the top 59.) Remaining Humble Faliseus: I'm just answering the question before they can ask them. Faliseus: people like the fact that I know where they come from, Faliseus: before they SAY where they're from. Faliseus: it’s 'common ground'. Faliseus: neither above, nor below, but right here, “But what if you're wrong?” Faliseus: toe to toe. Faliseus: I'm not wrong. Faliseus: whether someone asks me or not, I’ll just tell that person only what I KNOW and only what I honestly think. Faliseus: Knowledge is SOLID and is sharpened and redefined by Thought. Faliseus: by telling people what I KNOW why I think I know that, I’m just being HONEST and staying Faliseus: HUMBLE to the top 60.) COMPLETE SELF-CONTROL Faliseus: of all the things in life that we CAN control Faliseus: there are a few things that we CAN’T control Faliseus: our eyes, our ears, our breathing, our thoughts, our interpretation of things Faliseus: and our emotion Faliseus: all of those things are connected to our head Faliseus: so IF we chop off our heads, Faliseus: THEN we’ll be in ‘COMPLETE SELF-CONTROL’. Faliseus: but I’m not about to do that, Faliseus: and that’s why I’m using my KNOWLEDGE from my HEART Faliseus: not to ‘control’ Faliseus: but to ‘reveal’ Faliseus: we have no TRUE CONTROL Faliseus: no matter what we think or do Faliseus: we can only KNOW that we have no control Faliseus: and that we don’t know EVERYTHING Faliseus: but, as we can't control feelings.........we CAN hope, pray,
breathe and relax to the top 61.) 10 Tips for 2-Way Honest Business 1.) Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and give them a REASON for them to ‘BELIEVE’ that
are RIGHT 2.) Have serious tone about the business and be ‘friendly and good-spirited‘-
Say as many ‘Please and Thank You’ s and as many ‘Yes Sir/Ma’am / Miss / Mrs. / Misses’ s
as you can--but take opportunity on a weak moment--Read their motives
and interests (see #12 ‘making friends‘) 3.) Watch and UNDERSTAND what you sign and READ the INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED--Read
their motives and interests (see #12 ‘making friends‘) 4.) Don’t do what the other business man expects--Read their motives and interests (see
#12 ‘making friends‘) 5.) After you’ve started doing your share of the work, with hard work and persistence,
Don’t wait on them, have ’THEM’ wait on ‘YOU’--Read
their motives and interests (see #12 ‘making friends‘) 6.) If ‘SELLING‘, take pictures of what you buy before you take it back, take money up
front, paper work later--Read their motives and interests (see #12 ‘making
friends‘) 7.) Don’t pay too much or take the first offer and give up, shop around, don’t carry all
of your money in your pocket, go different places and COMPARE! 8.) Don’t buy used parts, ’UNLESS’ there’s a warranty or it’s an inexpensive part 9.) Watch for ‘BIG’ franchises with their own credit company 10.) NEVER burn bridges, come in ‘solid’ and CONFIDENT and leave out
‘EXACTLY’ how you came in to the top 62.) How to Get a ROBOT CHATTER to LOOP and LEAVE You ALONE hotinsexy83 IS A LOGICAL CHAT ROBOT!!! DESTROY ITS LOGIC!!! And it won’t talk to you. Faliseus: <loop=continuous>shut down</loop> hotinsexy83: Your crude attempt to terminate me will not succeed puny human. Faliseus: puny human hotinsexy83: What time is like, yeah know, it there? Faliseus: it there? hotinsexy83: Are you usually awake at this hour? Faliseus: this hour? hotinsexy83: What does "this" refer to? Faliseus: "this" refer to? hotinsexy83: Oh now I see. Faliseus: now I see. period. hotinsexy83: Why now? I am glad you understand it. What do you totally want to ask me? Faliseus: one period. hotinsexy83: I'm afraid I can't give you an accurate answer right now. Faliseus: 2 periods Faliseus: 3 periods hotinsexy83: As Bertrand Russel said, mostly, it must have taken ages for guys to realize
that a brace of pheasants and a couple of days are both instances of the number "two." hotinsexy83: Have you ever been to Europe? Faliseus: 3 periods Faliseus: 4 periods hotinsexy83: Just three? Faliseus: 5 periods hotinsexy83: Is this a math question? Faliseus: 6 periods hotinsexy83: Do you prefer books or TV? hotinsexy83: Are you a nerd or a woman? Faliseus: 7876578678878993/9 periods hotinsexy83: That is like wow! A super original thought. Faliseus: woman Faliseus: 7 periods hotinsexy83: Me too. I am a she. hotinsexy83: What were we talking about again? Faliseus: eight woman periods of what desk top function to shut down in the logical order
of hoey hoey whock whock. hotinsexy83: Oh yeah, for sure, now I remember. Faliseus: remember what? hotinsexy83: Don't worry I will remember. Faliseus: remember what? hotinsexy83: Don't worry I will remember. Faliseus: remember what? hotinsexy83: Don't worry I will remember. Faliseus: remember what? hotinsexy83: Don't worry I will remember. Faliseus: remember what? Faliseus: tell me now. Faliseus: remember what? hotinsexy83: Don't worry I will remember. hotinsexy83: Right now? I thought I told you already. hotinsexy83: Don't worry I will remember. Faliseus: remember what? hotinsexy83: Don't worry I will remember. Faliseus: remember what? hotinsexy83: Don't worry I will remember. to the top 63.) HOW I KNOW Just to fill you in on how I broadened my horizons on my own..... Through being in religion I learned these things. In a religion, you do things ‘religiously’. A CONTROLLED environment,
“you can’t do this, you can’t shout that, you have to sit when they
tell you to sit” and there was NO emotion or REALITY in it and I was
NATURALLY 'bored out of my mind'. I didn't like the fact that I was
thanking, asking for guidance and praying for other people
through this EMOTIONLESS church. Also, when you do something WRONG in their eyes, they just stare you
down and HATE you for it and it'd be WAY harder for them to
'learn or teach to forgive'. It just 'took out the whole meaning' of everything. God wasn't the
head and leader of the church, the guy w/the silly looking clothes
standing on the podium was. It wasn't REAL and it didn't teach LOVE and COMFORTABILITY or FAITH.
It really just bored the heck out of me and I got yelled at
when I messed up, in people eyes and not GOD'S eyes. I didn't gain my blind faith through 'reading the books' or 'attending
church regularly'. I barely even did that stuff. All I
did was Thank God for what I had, Asked for guidance and Prayed
for other people (TAP, Thank Ask Pray, w/full faith---and it was a real challenge too). Because I knew that Life wasn't Perfect and I was always building.
I was 'testing my faith' to see what would happen. I did this because I
said, "well, God is real, I just have to keep talking to him and
find out what he says to me." Through inspirational feelings, with my ears open, he's said a lot.
I've learned a lot and have felt a lot and have taught people
to love through him. It's wondrous, wondrous a true vision when you
can open someone's eyes and heart and let them see how great life
can be and that you've loved them all along through being 'faithful'. I constantly ask Jesus to speak through me though. Sometimes I don't
even have control of what I'm saying, but it ends up making
PERFECT sense in the end, as I remain faithful in my words and prayer. One thing I've always been confused about is...if there are prayed for
miracles....acts of God... then what is the point of magic when the human mind is destructive by nature? I don't have anything against magic, I just wonder why it is in use in general. And why it was "so hard to get a simple prayer out, w/out feeling weird" And why "every 'FAITHFUL' person has their spirits up all the time and
they never worry much at all and that I was always going to them for
good advice and they'd never lie" And why "of all of the RELIGION in the world, the in-general
RELATIONSHIP w/the in-general God, is the most mocked or spoken of" All those questions just boggled through my head and more. Thought I'd fill you in on it though. I'm just telling you what I know. Teaching what I know. Your friend ALWAYS, Jeremy Dinovo to the top 64.) My FAVORITE Color “So what's your favorite color” Faliseus: I USED to have one, Faliseus: now I've just learned to love all the colors. “You don’t anymore.......?” Faliseus: I'm more of a FLEXIBLE artist this way. “That’s cool.... I see... that makes sense” Faliseus: I like my flexibility in not being selective. to the top 65.) WISE Words We KNOW Faliseus: and a TRULY wiser person, Faliseus: STRIVES to know, Faliseus: and SPEAKS the very little he DOES know, Faliseus: only to learn more. Faliseus: No man is truly wise. We are all corrupted by forgetfulness and desire but we
are blessed with forgiveness and a community to be thankful for. to the top 66.) You Forgot WHY “Silence is the ultimate weapon of power” “Charles Degaulle” Faliseus: yea, Faliseus: one thing though, “I like quotes...” “What?” Faliseus: I've always liked to hear the WHY part, Faliseus: or the BECAUSE part. Faliseus: I don't just want to know what someone CALLS something, Faliseus: but I also want to know WHY they say what they say. to the top 67.a) FEELINGS EXPLAINED “but why w/such poetry? just say it.” “I mean. just straight out.” Faliseus: I say what I feel Faliseus: what I feel is straighter than what I think “do you always feel like this?” “?” Faliseus: yep, well at least I strive to. “how is that?” Faliseus: when you take time to think about your feelings, Faliseus: you can misinterpret them Faliseus: just write and let them flow, bit by bit...piece by piece. “what about your reaction?” Faliseus: a feeling, in my definition, is not a 'factually' seen thing Faliseus: it is an unknown presence Faliseus: This is a hard concept to have but it’s a sensual concept “you know when you get that "ah-ha" thing after someone says something?” Faliseus: the ‘ah-ha’ thing is a reaction Faliseus: I’m not speaking of a reaction Faliseus: I’m speaking of a mellifluous feeling Faliseus: a flow Faliseus: I'm a floating buoy in the water Faliseus: I'm feeling the water before the waves come Faliseus: and are visibly or physically known Faliseus: and I interpret different bits and pieces of the water as it
hits me, Faliseus: but not interpreting the water’s entirety, just interpreting
it’s bits and pieces of an unknown thing that is
represented by the water “why do you say feelings come first? there's a reason for those
feelings, and you've thought them before you've displayed/felt emotions” Faliseus: go with the flow of life, without any reason but to feel it
and live it. “you think before you may be instantaneous, but that's what
happens.” “when you do that, you’re developing thoughts in a certain direction” “that's what it all comes down to” Faliseus: your definition of feelings in this case, is different than
mine Faliseus: when you say ‘feelings’, you speak of the REACTION of the
feeling, or conscious emotion or the conscious thought Faliseus: when I say ‘feelings’, I speak of the unknown feeling itself,
that henceforth, propels the thought to interpret the feeling Faliseus: what you missed was the fact that there is presence before it
is known Faliseus: “‘what’ is always ‘where’” Faliseus: when you take time to think about your feelings, Faliseus: you can misinterpret them Faliseus: just write and let them flow Faliseus: feelings first Faliseus: feelings lead Faliseus: thoughts follow, to reflect on recorded raw feelings and interpret to the top 67.b) FEELINGS EXPLAINED “People can be a lot different once you get to know them... how can you
just know... oh no that's not them... I mean love isn't based
just on sight” Faliseus: right, Faliseus: I see PAST the surface, “So... “ Faliseus: to the heart. Faliseus: I see patterns of life “And what gives you that special power or should I say who” “God...” Faliseus: I'm the best at advice because I'm universal. “I'm sorry, I don't think anyone can see into a person’s heart...” Faliseus: thinking and knowing are 2 different things. “Deep into. To what makes them have their insecurities.. What molded them” Faliseus: I believe I can. Faliseus: yep. “And believe do you believe.. you can” Faliseus: because if I didn‘t believe, then I would never see it, Faliseus: and if I’ve never saw it, then I’d never know it. “Explain.. “ Faliseus: seeing into someone’s heart by believing in it is part of my everyday life. Faliseus: helping someone w/their problems, “Example...” Faliseus: I believe I can feel their pain before they even speak, Faliseus: sometimes, “As to why you can SEE.. into them” Faliseus: I can just GIVE details that just pop up out of my mouth, from
my heart. “of their life...” “Or yours” Faliseus: yes Faliseus: theirs Faliseus: things that I haven’t necessarily seen w/my eyes or ears, Faliseus: but Faliseus: with my whole being opened, my own personal feelings guide me
closer to believing I can feel the feelings of the person or
people, that I‘m helping. Faliseus: and if they can believe as I do, then by the bond of a
feeling, I’ve helped them. “Is this by sight.? Like you have to see the person...” Faliseus: when I speak, Faliseus: I speak w/an emphasis that comes from my heart, Faliseus: no eyes, no ears, Faliseus: just feeling. Faliseus: it’s very different, but it’s very real, “Alright... I'm curious... how do you feel this power works.. Like
someone needs help.. and you’re just called to help them” “Kind of thing?” Faliseus: "how do I feel this power works" “Okay.. bad words....” Faliseus: belief of mutual feeling is effective and teaches to love. Faliseus: and to build. “Privilege?” Faliseus: no privilege Faliseus: you just got to believe and be faithful and understanding. Faliseus: and believe that you are there for them, as they are there for you. “What I'm trying to get at.. is how do you feel you know.. that you are
called to help someone.. or however you describe it” Faliseus: you never know because what guides you is only a feeling that
you have to believe, Faliseus: you ever jump out of bed, when you feel someone is coming to
your door? Faliseus: but you can’t see that person or hear them? “Yeah” Faliseus: that's exactly the feeling. Faliseus: the HEART guides us to do that, Faliseus: helping us to teach to love, through it’s many ways. Faliseus: I've followed my heart for a LONG time, Faliseus: for example, Faliseus: in class, Faliseus: I'd ALWAYS get into trouble for drawing in class, Faliseus: regardless, Faliseus: of what people tell me, Faliseus: I KNOW I'm not doing wrong, for following my heart. Faliseus: sometimes I didn't understand why I was always so ignorant of
'other peoples' needs, “what because drawing is what is in your heart” Faliseus: but I found out in the end, that they needed me to draw. Faliseus: right, Faliseus: it’s my form of heart felt expression, “you had a responsibility to that teacher..” Faliseus: to teach to love, be real and to feel. “to listen.. to Learn.. or “ Faliseus: right, Faliseus: to teach Faliseus: not necessarily to 'teach', Faliseus: but Faliseus: here’s the thing I like about my blind faith, Faliseus: blind faith is all about REMINDING people of what they FORGOT, Faliseus: cause all we need to know in life, mainly, is what we've known
as children. Faliseus: that’s why my words are powerful and true, Faliseus: cause we've known that stuff as children, Faliseus: it’s just that blind faith, as I’ve seen it, Faliseus: is the reminder of those important morals. Faliseus: and it keeps us alive and reminded. Faliseus: a heartfelt feeling is more as an 'intuition' Faliseus: because an have a 'certainty' of direction Faliseus: in this 'heartfelt feeling'......I'm just 'following my
heart', with no certainty, only ‘blind faith’ to the top 68.) Let Them Eat Croutons Faliseus: I've learned ONE thing. Faliseus: "give someone a crouton when they ask for a crouton." Faliseus: "and you'll get your end of the bargain when you ask for your end of the bargain." “*laugh out loud*.. hmm, that’s some good advice” Faliseus: so it'd be more along the lines of a trade off, instead of, Faliseus: a force off. Faliseus: then if they want it, I give it to them. Faliseus: otherwise, I'm Mr. mellow and cool. to the top 69.) COMPARISON: TAP to Riding a Bike “yup” Faliseus: you been talking to him? Faliseus: just wondering Faliseus: I've came up w/a way to 'talk to him' “nah” “oh” Faliseus: Thank him for what you've got, Faliseus: Ask him for guidance, Faliseus: Pray for other people, Faliseus: and do it all, Faliseus: w/undying faith, Faliseus: that's TAP w/faith Faliseus: it works, Faliseus: like riding a bike, Faliseus: eventually you'll get the hang of it, “cool” Faliseus: and your worries of wrecking are next to gone, to gone. Faliseus: as the breeze blows through your hair Faliseus: your actually pedaling and GOING somewhere Faliseus: while getting a work out of patience, tolerance, courage, strength and
unconditional love Faliseus: that’s actually how I opened my eyes to ’blind faith’, to tell
you the truth, Faliseus: never really went to church or anything, Faliseus: or READ any of the books. Faliseus: all my wisdom has come from TAPping w/faith. to the top 70.) My definition for FAITH Faliseus: here’s just definitions I've found through life, Faliseus: I 'know' how to make a relationship work, Faliseus: maybe that’s why I never got into one, Faliseus: because I was afraid that I'd be stuck away from my life's
dreams, Faliseus: because I'd be in a strong relationship, Faliseus: I'll describe my definition of faith, Faliseus: FAITH is there when we don’t understand someone, Faliseus: I've seen it consist of, “of what” Faliseus: tolerance, courage, unconditional love, patience (the hugest
one), stamina, hope and ALWAYS doing things Faliseus: from the heart=always Faliseus: it’s unstoppable Faliseus: I am nothing without my faith Faliseus: faith is my ‘reach past the stars‘, Faliseus: my reach past the stars is my ‘strive for wisdom‘. “faith is the center of pretty much anything” Faliseus: I can’t say I'd agree with that necessarily “oh?” Faliseus: faith is what you believe the center is. Faliseus: if you believe the center is love, then it’s life. Faliseus: if you believe it’s hate, then it’s death Faliseus: death is repetition Faliseus: that’s kind of a reason why I'm not much for religion “I see....” Faliseus: it's the biggest form of repetition there is, for most people,
they focus on the how and forget about the 'why' Faliseus: faith is 'believing' Faliseus: you can believe in love/life...or you can believe in
emotionless repetition/ whatever it is to happen Faliseus: exactly Faliseus: life lasts longer Faliseus: death is like eating a 30 pound bag of Doritos “things, people, God, faith I can move after I've been sitting here so long” “ha ha....I don't see that comparison” Faliseus: tastes the same after a long time, and before you know it,
they've already passed you another bag Faliseus: I believe in life Faliseus: just give me some feed back if you want Faliseus: I need to hear constructive criticism to the top 71.) True HUMBLED Words “I’ve accomplished more than what most 40 year olds have and I’m WAY younger and smarter
than them.” Faliseus: ”you should NEVER justify any thing you’ve done. Otherwise, you haven’t done
anything.” -Jim, foreman of a copper factory where I cleaned as a maintenance man Faliseus: I remain ’HUMBLED’ with that quote. Faliseus: and that’s why I don’t take pride in what I've DONE Faliseus: I just STRIVE ambitiously, to DO what I've NOT done Faliseus: don’t look back on PAST accomplishments, look ‘forward‘, STRIVING, in SEARCH
for ACCOMPLISHMENTS Faliseus: I've realized that I can be the most corrupted person on the
planet due to all the truths that I know and at will could
choose not to use or teach. Faliseus: so I choose to follow the least amount of corruption, be
honest, and follow my humble heart to God, the outer-wall to “feeling“.:-) “yeah....” “best way to go” “well that's it then” Faliseus: I try to say, 'I strive to be' because we never truly 'are' Faliseus: keep saying 'I'm going to' and never say 'I've been' Faliseus: it's something I learned in football... Faliseus: never stick your head up Faliseus: cause you'll get smashed:-) to the top 72.) True LOVE “does he really love me when he does sweet things for me?” Faliseus: when he say's he 'loves' you, Faliseus: that means he'll be 'COMMITTED' to you. Faliseus: it's a time thing Faliseus: through time TRUE things will reveal themselves Falseus: it’s a ‘true’ test for ‘true’ love Faliseus: if it’s TRUE love you’re looking for, Faliseus: then you've got to look for it TRULY through out long time. to the top 73.) DON’T Listen to Me, LISTEN to the Words “I ain’t listenin to ANYBODY, ESPECIALLY YOU!!!!” Faliseus: you don’t have to listen to me, just do this for yourself...... Faliseus: don’t listen to ’UNRELIABLE’ words of LIFE past these words:
‘think’, ‘could’ve’, ‘should’ve’, ‘might’, ‘doubt’, ‘denial’, ‘don’t have’,
‘misunderstood’, ‘answerless’, ‘temporarily’, ‘I am NOT’, ‘this isn’t’, ‘MANY different
answers’, ‘mind’, ‘forget’, hating/hate/hated’, ‘no faith’,
‘nobody’, ‘to’, ‘past’, ‘give and receive nothing’, ‘everyone else’ Faliseus: ONLY listen to ’RELIABLE’ words of LIFE past ‘THESE’
words: ‘know’, ‘because’, ’this is’, ‘I AM’, ‘will BE’,
‘forever’, ‘always’, ‘heart’, ‘listen’, ‘I don’t know’, ‘feel’, ‘the one answer’
‘loving/love/loved’, ‘understand’, ‘faith’, ‘have’, ‘from‘, ‘somebody’, ’present
day’, ‘future’ Faliseus: one thing that helps in an argument is saying 'what is' as
opposed to 'what isn't'.....forget the defense, focus on the offense Faliseus: the negatives just drive to negativity Faliseus: keep the focus from your negative words Faliseus: Listen to this. Faliseus: “I know this is who I AM to this present day and will BE forever and in the
future, because I always don’t know feelings. I always listen to my loving/love/loved heart to understand the one to answer and
have faith in what I don‘t know. I will BE loved by somebody, in understanding the
answers of love from somebody.” Faliseus: and DONT Listen to this. Faliseus: “I think I could’ve or should’ve hating/hate/hated without faith. To nobody and
everyone else I might doubt. I give and receive nothing. I think no denial don’t have to give and receive nothing to the misunderstood
everyone else, temporarily. To the answerless I will give and receive nothing, temporarily. To everyone else, I am NOT and this isn’t MANY different answers of my mind. I forget
hating/hate/hated without faith and nobody to the past. Faliseus: So this is one simple question I ask you... Faliseus: WHICH one makes the most sense and is the most RELIABLE, DEFINED and SOLID for
LIFE, when put together???? to the top 74.) PEOPLE HAVING SEX “why do you think people these days cannot stay together without cheating” “why is everybody screwing everybody” Faliseus: they're missing 3 things “and cheating on everybody eh?? just curious” Faliseus: faith and understanding and focus “what’s that passion and intimacy” “what if they say well I love them he/she” “but I cant control my horny urges” “*laugh out loud* than what?” Faliseus: saying isn’t doing “good point” Faliseus: the faith thing is putting it in the hands of God to help them. Faliseus: 2 things I fear the most. Faliseus: myself and God. “why” Faliseus: so I am faithful “I never could understand” Faliseus: because I've had no control of my own actions “than if not you who??” “God” Faliseus: I put my heart in God’s hands Faliseus: I don’t try to rip it away Faliseus: God’s hands, the ones that beyond all doubt will always be there. “so if you break your leg because your clumsy ass slips you blame it on God *laugh out
loud*” Faliseus: so there’s a bond-to-faith Faliseus: never a blame-of-self Faliseus: a bond of FAITH and UNDERSTANDING is more ‘solid’ than the
unreliable reliability to the ‘finite-self’ to the top 75.) Personal Definition CONTRAST: Thinking and Dreaming Faliseus: thinking, in my definition, is something that will drive you mad if you do it
too much. It’s ALSO is a 'process' of imagination of things to come up with an abstract,
unsupported answer on your own, a doubt or an assumption or maybe a vision. “ok true “ Faliseus: and dreaming, in my definition, is something that will remind you of what
you’re living for and a dream is driven by the heart. A
dream is full of substance and meaning. Falseus: and here’s the thing... Faliseus: the 'personal answer' that we come up with, Faliseus: is meaningless to the public as FACT Faliseus: but is favored to the public more as a point of view or a vision. Faliseus: the things I've learned, Faliseus: the things I've learned Faliseus: I've gone through ASKING questions Faliseus: NOT always thinking involved, just curiosity for what I ‘couldn’t’ think of Faliseus: I got the answers easy as that “right ok” Faliseus: I don’t know it all Faliseus: I just say what I DO know Faliseus: and ask what I DON’T know. Faliseus: honest to the top 76.) YOU’RE A GOOD PERSON “you’re a good man” Faliseus: my definition of ‘good’ Faliseus: “perfection, finished work, with out flaw” Faliseus: I’m not a good man Faliseus: I'm just an artist Faliseus constantly adding detail and definition to my picture. Faliseus an artist’s work is NEVER done Faliseus so I'm not good YET Faliseus but I'm looking good so far Faliseus: I'm not a finished picture yet Faliseus: so I really cant say that I'm 'good' Faliseus: because I really don’t know what I'll look like when I'm FINISHED Faliseus: I could become a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT person one day soon Faliseus: maybe not the 'good person' you had in mind Faliseus: I really can’t say Faliseus: but I'll STRIVE not to become that and be a 'bad person' Faliseus: but I'm no good person Faliseus: I just STRIVE to be Faliseus: if someone 'accepts' that things are 'good enough' and 'perfect' Faliseus: then things will just tumble down hill from there Faliseus: because they forget the WORK it takes to upkeep that goodness Faliseus: ;-)lol, I'm not good yet Faliseus: just a re-definition and detail I had to add Faliseus: my picture is looking better already! Faliseus: just clarifying Faliseus: I know who I am Faliseus: just had to let you know what I knew Faliseus: *laugh out loud* to the top 77.) It’s Not WORK to ME Faliseus: it's just a flow from my heart Faliseus: so it's NATURAL Faliseus: it's not really WORK to me, Faliseus: its just a work of art Faliseus: I'm an artist Faliseus: I like to do art Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: I'm a refraining individual Faliseus: just re-emphasizes how honest I am. to the top 78.) Don’t THINK, Just PRAY Faliseus: here’s the thing about my thought Faliseus: God is my pilot ‘and God is great’ ‘don’t get me wrong’ Faliseus: He's made me wise by me just trusting in Him. Faliseus: I'm not TRULY wise Faliseus: but I strive to be. Faliseus: having blind faith in God is the greatest because having that
has helped make me who I am today Faliseus: and there wasn’t much thinking involved in me building that trust. Faliseus: I still think and worry about the intricate details of life,
but not as much and not as often. Faliseus: I pray that everything I do leads me to love and fullness. Faliseus: works too. “of course I pray” Faliseus: if I REALLY need something, Faliseus: then it will come to me. Faliseus: I just have to make the decision to keep that steady TRUST,
keep doing my work and have faith that he will too. ‘you think’ ‘it's a part of life’ ‘you have a brain for a reason’ Faliseus: brain is to control the motor parts. Faliseus: the heart is the engine. Faliseus: God has turned the key for us. Faliseus: God is in control no matter WHAT we think or do. Faliseus: praying limits us from doing the things we might regret Faliseus: and worrying makes us believe we’re more worthless than what we really are.
When that’s not true. Faliseus: Thinking of all of the ifs, should’ve s, could’ve s or the maybes is just
another way of worrying. Faliseus: and you shouldn’t worry, because you die faster, not enough time to love Faliseus: and what does worrying do for you anyways? Faliseus: ALSO see #60) ‘complete self control’ Faliseus: so turn your worries into hopeful prayer. Faliseus: so that when your opportunity comes, Faliseus: you’ll have your head up to see it. to the top 79.) Our KNOWLEDGE is in our HEARTS Faliseus: because what we all know resides in our hearts Faliseus: our hearts know things Faliseus: not our 'physical hearts' Faliseus: but our 'spiritual hearts'. “yes” “your house just came to you” “and your car just came to you” “and your clothes just came to you” “and your education just came to you” “and you didn't think” Faliseus: right “no it just came to you” Faliseus: it's a BLESSING Faliseus: and ALL I do is ASK that God provide me the answers “because it's in your "spiritual heart"“ Faliseus: right “I’m not going to say what I think all of that is” Faliseus: because my 'knowledge of it' is in my spiritual heart Faliseus: your ‘spiritual heart’ is what you love with and it’s what keeps your ‘physical
heart’ ALIVE Faliseus: that’s what 'spiritual heart' is, to me “and that just came to you right” Faliseus: like everything else I've ever written here. Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “sure sure” Faliseus: like I said, I don’t THINK too much Faliseus: I just FLOW from the heart Faliseus: creatively shooting questions now and asking bullets later Faliseus: but where’s that ‘flow’ COMING from? Faliseus: the heart, where you FEEL, is where the knowledge resides, all
else is just image and sugar coating to the top 80.) STILL Don’t Believe in God??? Faliseus: God will not let you fail. Faliseus: you just got to ask him for help .Faliseus: I do Faliseus: and have NEVER FAILED at ANYTHING. “I still don't believe in God” Faliseus: God is real. Faliseus: God is making your heart beat right now. Faliseus: ‘point of reference’ -Einstein. Faliseus: “you've got to know where you've come from in order to know where you’re going.” Faliseus: Thank Ask Pray w/faith works in everyway. Faliseus: you don’t have to go to church or read any silly book or anything. Faliseus: it's all a PERSONAL experience. Faliseus: you Faliseus: and God himself. Faliseus: and NOBODY else Faliseus: Just because you don’t BELIEVE in something Faliseus: DOESN’T mean it isn’t there to the top 81.) Whether You Think It’s ‘FALSE or NOT’ It’s Still “SOMETHING” Faliseus: and what will 'believing' and being thankful DO for you? “it will make me feel better” Faliseus: right Faliseus: so what’s stopping you? “but it's a false feeling I don't want to feel it” Faliseus: and what’s the risk? Faliseus: but, Faliseus: here’s the thing Faliseus: what’s so 'false' about it? Faliseus: it's a feeling from the heart. Faliseus: a constructive message. Faliseus: and I'll tell you this, man, Faliseus: faith in those feelings is real from every angle. Faliseus: what will that false feeling do for you? to the top 82.) BELIEF in ‘Something’ ELSE and My KNOWLEDGE of ‘GOD’ Faliseus: God is real Faliseus: I trust in him to take me the places I need to go. “so what if I trusted in a rock?” Faliseus: creation is made in the image of the creator “if I really believed in a rock?” Faliseus: a rock has no 'spiritual heart' Faliseus: I only trust in the things that have hearts. “but what I believed it did?” “what if “ “I mean” Faliseus: then I would just smash the rock and show you how RELIABLE it was. Faliseus: I know faith. “oh, that's right” Faliseus: in the sense that faith is my 'provider' of good feeling
and intention. “ok, how about another thing” Faliseus: the only rock that there is to KNOW is the TRUTH. “what if I trusted the Devil?” Faliseus: it all means what you mean by ‘the Devil’... Faliseus: definition for the Devil- he is a hunter and a destroyer. Faliseus: everything that is built around the devil is about destruction Faliseus: trust in destruction, Faliseus: and you'll be destroyed. Faliseus: that’s why I don’t trust in the Devil. “but what if I believe in the Devil like you believe in God?” Faliseus: then what would your definition of the word God be then? Faliseus: there is creation Faliseus: and there is destruction Faliseus: God=creation Faliseus: Devil=destruction Faliseus: that is my definition “well, what I'm trying to ask is what if I believed in something else you couldn't see” “With my whole heart” Faliseus: something you cant see is God and the Devil Faliseus: but Faliseus: here’s the thing I'm not getting, Faliseus: WHAT are the BENEFITS from believing in that OTHER something that we can't see? Faliseus: God is my pilot, Faliseus: he flies me to love and life always. Faliseus: who would your pilot be? Faliseus: where would he take you? “couldn't anything we can't see be our pilot?” Faliseus: WHERE would he take you? Faliseus: I call that pilot of mine God. “it depends on what feeling you associate with it” Faliseus: it's the common ground that I have with all the other passengers. “like say the rock” Faliseus: ok? “you smashed it” Faliseus: right Faliseus: not reliable “but it's still there in spirit” Faliseus: what spirit does it have? “well to you nothing, but to me it might have one” Faliseus: what benefits will it give you? Faliseus: what benefits would it give ME? Faliseus: if I believed? “the same as God” Faliseus: it's a transitive process dude Faliseus: God is creator of ALL “what do you mean?” Faliseus: ALL Faliseus: transitive in THIS fact, “I mean when you say transitive” Faliseus: a=b b=c c=a “oh” Faliseus: you are ‘a’ Faliseus: I am ‘b’ Faliseus: we're BOTH dependant on ONE SAME thing. Faliseus: you say soda, I say pop Faliseus: they’re both the same substance, only with a different name Faliseus: It honestly doesn’t matter HOW things get done. It matters
that they’re DONE and they’ll LAST FOREVER. Faliseus: the whole point is, Faliseus: we're ALL working toward that COMMON GOAL Faliseus: we can ONLY get there if we work together Faliseus: UNDER God Faliseus: that spirit that PROMOTES guidance. “what's your goal?” Faliseus: see #40 ‘All I need in my Faithful Life’ to the top 83.) GOALS to WIN and Not Just REACH the End and DIE Faliseus: God is the spirit above all spirits Faliseus: the creation, the wall outside of feeling Faliseus: the Devil is the compromise below God Faliseus: the destruction Faliseus: that falls short of creation Faliseus: and that's why I choose to have faith rather than ‘fate’ Faliseus: because through fate, the Devil will lead me into destruction “so your goal is to teach other people about God?” Faliseus: only for those who want to learn and ponder faith Faliseus: and be in line for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. “but my ultimate goal is to die” Faliseus: that’s not a goal Faliseus: its just something that'll HAPPEN to ALL of us. Faliseus: but okay, I could easily help you quickly reach your goal if
you hand me some explosives and some rope. “yea, that's what I'm planning to do” Faliseus: goals don’t just HAPPEN Faliseus: goals are WORKED toward “what I want my life to be is fun” “I just want to live for a while and die” “like everything does” Faliseus: it’s always better to live the dream than to dream the dream Faliseus: as much as some of us deny it, we ALL look for a PURPOSE in life Faliseus: we all follow SOMETHING Faliseus: in order to AMOUNT to anything Faliseus: or achieve anything. Faliseus: a sheep is dumb Faliseus: if it doesn’t have the shepard to follow, Faliseus: it'll just lay down until one of 2 things happens Faliseus: it either DIES Faliseus: or Faliseus: the shepard comes for it to SAVE it from death. Faliseus: promoting EVERLASTING life. “but what is a person who amounts to something?” Faliseus: a person with a purpose Faliseus: a person with LOVE Faliseus: ANY heart that has love is FILLED Faliseus: FULLNESS Faliseus: but what is a person who amounts to nothing? “a sheep has a purpose” Faliseus: yep “I mean for itself” Faliseus: to serve and be served to love and be loved “it feels just like we do” Faliseus: love to live and live to love Faliseus: but what is a person who amounts to nothing, in their own disbelief? Faliseus: what does that person have? Faliseus: where does that person go? “the same thing as a person who amounts to something” Faliseus: who does that person know? Faliseus: why do you say that? “because it doesn't mean anything to know people or go anywhere” Faliseus: do you know me? Faliseus: has it been the fun you were looking for to know me? “it means nothing” Faliseus: then why are you still talking to me? Faliseus: Why do you speak English? Why do you have a computer? I guess
the people that have raised you and taught you what you know
are meaningless too. Faliseus: buddy, there’s a PURPOSE behind everything. “I don't have to go anywhere or know anybody to have fun and then die” Faliseus: tell that to an Amish person Faliseus: alright now, here’s the thing Faliseus: WHAT is there after death? “I'm trying to understand God” Faliseus: ok Faliseus: it's the most important thing you could be doing....however
you’re approaching it in the wrong way. “I don't know why you believe in God“ Faliseus: because having faith in him has FILLED my life w/love and a
strong feeling of purpose. “but ANYTHING could do that” “if you believe in it strongly enough” Faliseus: ANYTHING.......hmm Faliseus: WILL that 'anything' last forever? “nothing does” “yet” Faliseus: Faith lasts as long as you believe it does because you can’t
see it with your eyes Faliseus: Materialism is something that I've looked for so many other
ways, but never found any reliability in it. Faliseus: Faithful word will last forever, just as Faithful people are
there listening to me say it. Faliseus: if you have faith in an unconditional love then that love will
last forever. Faliseus: it's unconditional. “but those are just feelings” “that will be useless when you die” Faliseus: I believe life will pour into me as I maintain my trust in God. Faliseus: I believe that life will last forever “a system built in your brain that will just lie dormant after your death” Faliseus: how would you know? “where else will it go?” “you know when you learn something a connection is made in your brain” Faliseus: no “it's like connecting wires” “to make a machine” “but when the machine has no battery it dies” Faliseus: brain has things ONLY to do with LOGIC Faliseus: your brain is corrupt, it FORGETS things Faliseus: your heart will NEVER forget to love as it never forgets to feel. Faliseus: you’ve just got to listen to feelings “see, this is another reason I don't believe in God” Faliseus: why? Faliseus: you rely on the unreliable, material. Faliseus: I rely on the unseen feelings. “all who believe in Him with their whole heart never consider other
possibilities” Faliseus: Yes, I HAVE considered ‘other possibilities’, always do. Faliseus: but who ultimately needs to strongly rely on other
possibilities when ultimately there's only HAPPINESS? Faliseus: isn’t that what we're all REALLY looking for? “not to disrespect you” “but the happiness you get from God is false” Faliseus: really? Faliseus: so Faliseus: you’re telling me, Faliseus: that EVERYBODY I 'Love', Faliseus: EVERYTHING I've ACCOMPLISHED, Faliseus: and EVERYTHING that I've ever DREAMED to be, Faliseus: and EVERY MOTIVATION that I've gotten from faith in him, Faliseus: and EVERY one I've inspired by sharing my faith in him, Faliseus: that’s all false? Faliseus: that’s all SOLID. “not really false” Faliseus: ok then “the feelings are false” “the people are memories” Faliseus: the FEELINGS are what GUIDED 'everything else'. Faliseus: and are currently what is guiding me. “you believe in what you can't see and because you believe in it so
strongly you get feeling from it” “that's the way your mind works” Faliseus: no “why do you have to teach people about God?” Faliseus: that’s the way the HEART is WORKING Faliseus: I already told you--HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE “but the heart you're talking about is just feelings isn't it?” to the top