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*************** a preface: Faliseus: this web page is called, 'phrase for life', because it's
filled with many of my quotes, Faliseus: ......and each thought borrowed from the unconscious:-) Faliseus: one last note about the page, it's filled with wisdoms, advice
on art, writing, people, love....and perspective Faliseus: and the nice thing about my site, is, if ANYTHING in there, is
'in question'......then I will take criticism very openly
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Faliseus: I don't suggest printing this page, because no copy is a solid
copy, just as no soap opera character can really die, because.....
like a writer.....I keep writing....... *************** "Don't let anyone tell you that you’re wrong just do what you know is right in your OWN
heart" that was the 'SEED' planted by my father that grew into the ROOT that it is today and "Aim for the heart and you'll always hit your target," it's my ‘ROOT’ phrase and All the rest of the advice are just ‘BRANCHES’ from those roots that ‘stretch’ to the different
areas of the heart in KNOWING. Faliseus: this thing is what I'd like to think of as 'the painting of my mind' Faliseus: always building onto it 'Life’s Twisted Spine' Faliseus: and yes, Faliseus: I know, Faliseus: it rhymes:-)
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84.) LOVE???????? “the way you feel when you fall in love” Faliseus: yes Faliseus: the feelings that GUIDE to the expressions of love “love is an instinctual feeling” “so that we will reproduce” Faliseus: LOVE is not lust. Faliseus: LOVE is the 'comfortable feeling' around EVERYTHING “same thing” Faliseus: if you can’t love yourself, Faliseus: then you can’t love anyone else. Faliseus: REPRODUCING, Faliseus: is just a BI-product of love. Faliseus: it's just something that makes us GROW and BUILD “but look how it ties in” Faliseus: you’ve only been talking about lust “how do we know love exists?” Faliseus: first off, Faliseus: a concept and/or feeling. Faliseus: believed to be built in our minds, and believed to be felt in our hearts/spirits. “explain” Faliseus: we don't 'know' or 'see'... love, but we just have to believe it exists....... Faliseus: then we get into the 'definition' of that belief..... Faliseus: love itself is a feeling, unmeasured and unseen. Faliseus: the ‘action’ of Faliseus: (read #70 My Definition of Faith) Faliseus: ‘compassionate expression of love’ is untouched expression for another, showing
mercy or respect or hospitality or charity Faliseus: an example of compassion would be helping a friendship grow by letting that friend KNOW
that you care for them and their welfare Faliseus: or helping a stranger with their bags Faliseus: ‘affectionate expression of love’ is having or displaying warmth or affection, Faliseus: an example of affection would be patting someone on the back,
a kiss on the cheek, a hug, being playful Faliseus: and ‘passionate expression of love’ is to be as 'one', with
powerful emotions. Being passionate is being full of deep emotion in
your actions Faliseus: an example of passion can be two romantic lovers in an embrace
‘filled with deep emotion‘ or another example can be you doing your favorite
hobby while ‘filled with deep emotion‘ Faliseus: the action of love has the feeling and emotion behind it, guiding it Faliseus: the action of love is life. “do you think humans can survive without love?” Faliseus: that's the same as asking...."can we survive without forgiving?" “I don’t know” Faliseus: and I say, no, we can't live without love......because
forgiveness is a part of faith, and if we didn't have forgiveness.....then
we'd all be dead, because we couldn't forgive ourselves. “hmm, I see” “how do you define sex/love?” “(in your aspect)” Faliseus: sex and love are tied together, but they're two different things..... Faliseus: lust.....but what is the 'purpose' for that lust??? Faliseus: is the purpose to build? or is it to forget building? Faliseus: if the purpose for the sex is to build, create, then it's helping to love. Faliseus: if it's to forget love, then it's only destructive....and it's
only temporary recreation which can lead to hate if you do it too often Faliseus: anything (except for love) can be used to hate and destroy. Faliseus: fear and doubt keeps us from love an image, is to
love a deception, to have faith that there's a spirit beyond that
image, is the pursuit of that true beauty. Faliseus: vision is love...deception is not. Faliseus: the sheer amount of sense I make to myself and complete
strangers just astounds me:-) Faliseus: almost to the point of confusion and loss of purpose Faliseus: then I get that feeling in my heart that I believe I share
that reminds me that I'm alive and not crazy but in love with those whom
I'll hope to always love. Faliseus: as much mental capacity that I may ever convey, one thing has
remained true.....the feelings always guide me to the top 85.) Personal Definition Contrast: KNOWLEDGE and IDEAS Faliseus: knowledge is just fact Faliseus: ideas are UNSEEN CONCEPTS Faliseus: knowledge is found and SEEN Faliseus: ideas are made and imagined IN THE MIND “so you’re saying if no one had an idea for the phone.. that we would still have it” Faliseus: the phone was made Faliseus: from an IDEA ‘reflecting on’ the knowledge of electronics “yes.. but a lot of went into making the phone was found” “exactly....” Faliseus: knowledge is the BASE for everything that is manmade and is working Faliseus: but “you just said it.. ideas are made... “ Faliseus: right Faliseus: that’s what I said “and so was the phone” Faliseus: and I meant that Faliseus: right Faliseus: what I'm saying is, Faliseus: KNOWLEDGE was the BASE or ‘inspiration’ of that 'idea' Faliseus: that 'idea' was just a branch or ‘reflection’ Faliseus: from the base *********************** Faliseus: define articulate “no, you know what it means” Faliseus: actually:-) I don't know what it means “well look it up” Faliseus: it could have a different meaning to you Faliseus: there is no such thing as a universal dictionary, because
we've all got our own definitions and interpretations for other people’s words “to me it means being clear about what you are trying to communicate” “yeah well, I think you knew what I meant” Faliseus: thinking and knowing are two different things Faliseus: assumptions are what drives the world to misunderstand each other Faliseus: and a misunderstanding is a property of hate “cool” Faliseus: so, I'm always about....'reminding the knowledgeable'...because we all forget Faliseus: the reason I ask ANY questions, is because I want to UNDERSTAND:-) “I don't get it but whatever” Faliseus: a man that will ask very few questions is more capable of hate
and corruption, because he is more capable of misunderstanding Faliseus: take your time when you read it over Faliseus: and ASK MORE QUESTIONS about it....THEN it will make sense:-) Faliseus: we all need to understand each other Faliseus: otherwise this whole world will fall apart....and become a nightmare to the top 86.) Simply Put, WEBSTER is an IDIOT “oh here is something for you to consider (Webster’s definition) of 'believe' 1. to
accept as real or TRUE 2. To credit with veracity 3. To think: suppose......even the
dictionary.. shows it as having two meanings” Faliseus: I don’t care what Webster says unless he's talking to me himself Faliseus: because definitions ALWAYS change “well you said be simple....” Faliseus: look up the word ‘KNOW’ “and universal....” “so that everyone knows....” “well Webster’s is a resource for the world” “a set standard” Faliseus: and how many people know how to read? Faliseus: and how many people know how to talk? Faliseus: MANY more know how to talk. “ ...okay.. we will...” Faliseus: I don’t care what someone COULD do Faliseus: I care what they're DOING “To believe to be true.. that’s what it says” Faliseus: IT says Faliseus: but what is what it MEANS? Faliseus: to SEE the FACT to be true is what I"M looking for Faliseus: otherwise Webster is an IDIOT Faliseus: because to BELIEVE has 3 definitions Faliseus: KNOW should be ‘to SEE the FACT to be true’ Faliseus: having 3 different definitions as knowledge? Faliseus: that wouldn’t be SOLID “ ...well lets see what else they say.. that was just number one” Faliseus: #1 SHOULDN’T be in there Faliseus: there should ONLY be 1 definition in there “To have understand or experience of“ Faliseus: okay Faliseus: I'll accept that “ ... that’s what I don't get about you... you’re so one sided....” “It seems...” Faliseus: but #1 needs to be CUT from that dictionary Faliseus: I've got all the sides Faliseus: I stand firm in my knowledge “if you did.......then wouldn't you try to see the good and bad of that definition..” “not just the bad...” Faliseus: many people can’t understand that because they don’t see it all the time Faliseus: BAD shouldn’t BE in something GOOD “.....what do you mean...” Faliseus: if you DIDN’T focus on the bad, Faliseus: then we WOULDN’T SEE the bad Faliseus: and we'd just THINK we were doing GOOD the whole time Faliseus: you said it yourself, Faliseus: “analyze the good and the bad in things” Faliseus: I just analyze the bad Faliseus: if you were eating cereal, “exactly... because.. hey bad has been around forever...” “Adam and Eve...” Faliseus: and there was a hairy mole inside the box, “with the fruit” Faliseus: if you were eating cereal, Faliseus: and there was a hairy mole inside the box, Faliseus: but ALL you saw, “and I do agree.. there shouldn't be bad in good.. but there is.. it’s just a fact of
life” Faliseus: was the cereal, “yes... go on....” Faliseus: then wouldn’t you be eating that mole cause you didn’t FOCUS on it? Faliseus: a TANGIBLE idea is NOT a fact of life Faliseus: tangible things I can work with. “yes...but... that’s a good philosophy... however it’s not... practical” Faliseus: so that they are adjusted to fact. Faliseus: if you’re 'practical' all the time, Faliseus: then you'll get ran over by the stampede Faliseus: if you’re HONEST and FACTUAL and PURPOSEFUL, Faliseus: then people will look at you and 'understand' facts, Faliseus: and NOT opinions “yah, lost me on that one...” Faliseus: they'll focus on your heart “stampede.....” Faliseus: every other 'practical' person out there joins together in a stampede “okay... I think you misinterpreted.. what I mean by practical...” Faliseus: they're DRIVEN by 'practicality' and 'assumptions as to what's ‘right', Faliseus: instead of 'knowledge' of what’s right. “I mean.. that in regard to the mole and cereal and life.. there is BAD.. it’s a fact...“ “okay.. I agree with that...” Faliseus: but? “in life.. we have to say...“ Faliseus: lay it on me “yes there is bad....but we have to just accept it and move on” Faliseus: do we have to settle with the bad, or can we CHANGE it to be RIGHTFUL and GOOD?
“you can't say that there isn't bad... because there is.. being.. realistic...that’s the
word I was looking for” Faliseus: and I 'haven’t' said that there ISN’T bad “no.. you don't.. you don’t have to accept it.. you’re right” Faliseus: right Faliseus: I'm saying though Faliseus: bad should be CORRECTED Faliseus: invalid or untrue things should NOT be marked TRUE or FINISHED Faliseus: that’s false advertisement “you said.. many people can’t understand that cause they don’t see it all the time” Faliseus: BAD shouldn’t BE in something GOOD Faliseus: falseness in our 'practicality' is falseness in what we're looking for, when we
look for the truth Faliseus: "I stand firm in my knowledge" Faliseus: many people can’t understand THAT cause they don’t see it all the time Faliseus: BAD shouldn’t BE in something GOOD Faliseus: good is good Faliseus: bad is bad Faliseus: you’re either a lover or a hater Faliseus: not both Faliseus: because our brains are selective, but our brains can be deceived into hating
something we're supposed to 'love' “okay.. maybe you know in your heart that things are so black and white...” Faliseus: I DO know “I don't feel that to be true” Faliseus: I have shown that. Faliseus: you need to expand your knowledge of it though Faliseus: it's a simple concept to have, Faliseus: but a VERY hard one to settle with “of what life...” “? Faliseus: everything Faliseus: to be simple about things “...what concept.. “ “....?” Faliseus: to be simple about things Faliseus: simple AND true “oh okay...” “yes.. I believe some things are simple..” “a lot of things are.. “ Faliseus: all things are when you see the roots of it. “and I agree that a lot of things are made into a lot more than they are” Faliseus: I see roots to LOTS of things Faliseus: right “yes.. but life isn't the roots...“ “it’s everything that has expanded from that” Faliseus: yes it is. Faliseus: if there wasn’t life, Faliseus: then what would there be? “our country is a perfect example” “okay rephrase...” “life isn't JUST the roots” Faliseus: why is life not the roots? Faliseus: why is life not JUST the roots? Faliseus: if we weren’t born, “it is.. and so much more.. that’s what makes some things not so simple” Faliseus: then what would we be? Faliseus: life is simple to me because I can accept it's simplicity Faliseus: life is complex to others, because they only WANT to BELIEVE, THINK or ASSUME
that it's not “here me out” Faliseus: I've got to get some sleep. “it will just take a sec” Faliseus: ok Faliseus: shoot “In my life situation right now.. I have a stepmother.. who according to my sister.. see
I don’t KNOW this to be true... pretty much moved in on our family when I was
three” “in that time period she has treated us like crap...had an affair on my father...” “and yet she wants to know what she is to me...“ Faliseus: ok “how is that simple.. to say... “ “actually you know what..” Faliseus: she is some one to talk to “I answered my own question” Faliseus: what? Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: see how simple things really are? to the top 87.a) NO Ending to Life’s Twisted Spine “no one seems to care when I try to kill myself.” "no one has stopped me from suicide. I might as well just try it and get it over with." Faliseus: I'll stop you Faliseus: I'll be there always Faliseus: I will show you how to love life, just by being there. Faliseus: my words will touch your heart Faliseus: one thing to do, which is the best thing to do Faliseus: to ‘learn to live’ Faliseus: is to let your tears out. Faliseus: The only way to stay alive is the only reason to stay alive Faliseus: Live to love Faliseus: Love to live Faliseus: Strive to love Faliseus: Love to strive Faliseus: To those who have lived and have strived are those who have love Faliseus: and have FULLNESS. Faliseus: To those who have done nothing and gave nothing have an empty heart Faliseus: and find NOTHING in their search. to the top 87b.) PARAPHRASE of No Ending to Life’s Twisted Spine “I want to kill myself” Faliseus: life is full of problems Faliseus: either way you look at it Faliseus: you’re going to have your good days and your bad Faliseus: but what good does it do to focus on the bad Faliseus: lately, there might’ve been some bad Faliseus: but there's good Faliseus: yesterday I asked myself a question, Faliseus: "is the sun going to come out tomorrow?" Faliseus: and guess what... Faliseus: it did Faliseus: life’s bout growing from the ground up Faliseus: it's dirty around the soil Faliseus: but once you've seen and felt the warmth of the sun Faliseus: you're strong, healthy and beautiful and you'll only grow stronger to the top 88.) WHY DO WE FEAR?? "Why do you feel humans fear" - “difference and diversity in others instead of appreciating and accepting it?“ - “or anything for that matter“ Faliseus: just in case you were going to ask, Faliseus: the catalysts to all fears, in my experience, are: assumptions, doubts,
thoughts Faliseus: and Faliseus: the 'ABSENCE OF' knowledge, faith in learning, listening and
understanding/knowing Faliseus: "Why do you feel humans fear anything" Faliseus: because they fear: death, change, instability in what they're used to,
SOCIETY'S POPULAR JUDGEMENT and it's effects on them, heartfelt feelings, a false sense
of security, being wrong, being right........ Faliseus: 'OVERALL', they fear the END RESULT, being: the mystery of what they don’t know
is going to happen to them, Faliseus: 'BECAUSE' they choose to accept the catalyst of all fears instead of facing
them with FAITH. Faith, in learning, listening and understanding/knowing and FORGIVENESS in brotherly love. to the top 89.) I FEAR THIS “what are you afraid of?” ”you fear anything?” Faliseus: two things I fear the most Faliseus: ‘MYSELF’ Faliseus: and Faliseus: ‘GOD’ Faliseus: faith fills all my fears Faliseus: while losing faith in understanding things, you gain fear Faliseus: faith is in between learning and understanding Faliseus: “the only thing we have to fear is FEAR itself” -Franklin D. Roosevelt to the top 90.) I DON’T KNOW FEELINGS “but two examples of confusion are you say you know who you are as a human being, because
you don't know feeling” I know who I am as a human being, because I strive to know what I don’t know (don’t know
feeling) and to ‘KNOW FEELING’ is to ‘follow the heartfelt feeling’ to learn to know
different heartfelt feelings as they come and understand where they‘ll lead me and what
they‘ll teach me. Feeling to move, I move, feeling to speak, I speak. I ‘don’t know’ ‘when-how-who-where or what’ to feel because God is my pilot. I know who I
am as a human being because I follow my heart to it’s PURPOSE. Clarification in life and
someone to talk to in the end, through UNKNOWN FEELINGS. “I would think knowing feelings is a requisite to self-actualization” thinking and knowing are 2 different things, instead of saying, ‘self-actualization’
please K.I.S.S. and say ‘talking about ourselves’ ***************************** here’s something from my phrase for life paper........ ‘you don’t like thinking either’ Faliseus: thinking HURTS Faliseus: knowing is EASIER Faliseus: why would I want to hurt myself? Faliseus: knowing is something that doesn’t hurt to me Faliseus: so naturally Faliseus: I prefer to KNOW Faliseus: ideas, in my experience, are made of thin air. Faliseus: knowledge, in my experience, is made of hard rock see #11.) ‘COMPARISON: Thinking and Legos’ see #52.) ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’ **************************** “and even more importantly control of those feelings” For one, feelings just COME to us. No matter what we do. From the point where they FIRST
start and we have CONSCIOUSNESS of them is where we can attempt to CONTROL them. see #60.) ‘COMPLETE SELF-CONTROL’ ************************* FEELINGS in general, just ‘come to us’. We cant stop what we don’t know is coming to us. “The other confusion is your use of loving/love/loved and hating/hate/hated. Why do you
use these three when two shouldn't be used?” I’ve used those words for flexibility in its application to OTHER scenarios (past,
present and future) to the top 91.) Personal Definition Contrast: ’THINKING’, ’BELIEVING’, ‘KNOWLEDGE’
and ‘TRUTH’
“What is the difference between thinking and believing? “ see #58.) ‘Definition Dispute’ what is your definition of thinking and believing? ‘Thinking’-an unsupported idea, an assumption, a doubt, a worry ‘Believing’-having faith in something that I don’t see and not doubting it’s truth I know where I stand as a human being because I stand faithful in God. Not THINKING about
God, but remaining Believing in God to love and guide me. “Would it have made a difference if I had stated, "I believe knowing feeling is a
requisite to self-actualization"? “ it all has to do with YOUR definition of believing in MY definition of believing you would be saying: “I ‘have faith in something that I don’t see and not doubting it’s truth‘ because SEEING
feeling is required for speaking of ourselves” and ‘FAITH in something that we DON’T see’(believe) and ‘SEEING’ (knowing) would be in
the SAME sentence CANCELLING OUT each other, making the sentence void. “Are you implying that ideas are fool hearty and unimportant? Ideas that are built upon knowledge are important. As knowledge is a base, ideas are the
rest of the structure. see #85.) ‘Personal Definition Contrast: KNOWLEDGE and IDEAS’ “What is knowledge?” knowledge-something that is there because we’ve seen it “Isn't knowledge someone's interpretation of truth?” No, because truth is FOUND through believing, knowledge is SEEN through seeing. “What is truth?” Truth is something we don’t know yet but will soon find. “Is science truth?” No, science is just the best idea we have of the truth.
We are no closer to finding the truth than the Greeks and the Romans were with slings and
arrows finding out how the planets revolved around each other. “Must truth be proven for it to be truth?” Truth is something we must find through faith in what we don’t know. ********************************* see #54.) ‘Blind and Deaf but Seeing the Truth’ to the top 92.) Materialistic Moron Faliseus: stand in the fire with your coffin Faliseus: you'll be destroyed “no” Faliseus: yes “it’s fire proof” Faliseus: YOU “it would protect me” Faliseus: WILL Faliseus: BE Faliseus: DESTROYED Faliseus: by the FIRE “no” Faliseus: why not? “fire can’t penetrate my coffin” Faliseus: DESTROYED “well, I hope you come to your senses and get a coffin before they get rid of the end of
the year clearance” Faliseus: DESTROYED as the stubborn mule you are “Used coffins are 1/2 off” Faliseus: destroyed as the materialistic moron you are “what’s destroyed?” Faliseus: you and the coffin Faliseus: materials “nah, not with the warranty” Faliseus: warranty Faliseus: BURNED Faliseus: in the fire Faliseus: DESTROYED “nah, I'll keep a copy in my coffin” “which is flame proof” Faliseus: which will be DESTROYED Faliseus: can you touch your coffin? “no” “sure” Faliseus: was your coffin assembled? “no” Faliseus: your coffin was assembled “it was born like every coffin is” Faliseus: then a POWERFUL EXPLOSIVE can touch your coffin JUST as you can “no, its under warranty” Faliseus: burnt in the fire Faliseus: my heart will live forever “so will my coffin and you can’t see past your heart that’s giving you wrong info friend” “well, goodnight, my coffin says it’s time to go” Faliseus: running to the fire so soon? “what” Faliseus: I've touched your coffin with explosives Faliseus: and have seen it explode Faliseus: and be destroyed “really it’s right here” Faliseus: it will not bring you to higher places Faliseus: just lower to the ground Faliseus: in the fire Faliseus: you will not see the light of day Faliseus: only the darkness of your materials “I see it all the time” Faliseus: that will destroy you Faliseus: in its embers Faliseus: you will be crushed “my coffin can use the HOV lane” Faliseus: as an insect runs to the ground Faliseus: YOU, Faliseus: will have NO WHERE to run Faliseus: but TO THE FIRE Faliseus: DESTROYED “nah, fire proof” “well good night” Faliseus: I have warned you already Faliseus: joke about life Faliseus: and it will be a joke Faliseus: and YOU, Faliseus: WONT be the one laughing in the end “why, because I have a coffin” Faliseus: it will be the great liar that has thrown the wool over your eyes Faliseus: HE will be laughing Faliseus: and Faliseus: YOU Faliseus: will be BURNING Faliseus: you will scream Faliseus: and no one will hear you Faliseus: you will run Faliseus: but nothing can save you Faliseus: everything will be pain Faliseus: and nothing will be relief Faliseus: the fires will haunt you for eternity Faliseus: and he will STILL, Faliseus: be laughing Faliseus: as you FOOL yourself now Faliseus: he is smiling behind the veils of his lies Faliseus: and “who is, my coffin?” Faliseus: as you fool yourself now, Faliseus: you will NEVER see what will become of your life “well I’M out” Faliseus: you have given everything to a heart of tin Faliseus: cold Faliseus: nothingness Faliseus: you’re burnt Faliseus: I've warned you already “I’m out” “ok, I'll take it into consideration” Faliseus: at least now, Faliseus: you CANT say I DIDN’T warn you. Faliseus: considerations are NOTHING Faliseus: fire is quicker than a consideration Faliseus: a DECISION is made Faliseus: you CHOOSE the fire Faliseus: or you DON’T “ok, I have to go” Faliseus: the fire Faliseus: my heart speaks of it’s heat ---was a conversation copied WORD for WORD a couple of days BEFORE the World Trade Center
collapsed. A message that was preached to someone about ‘hell’, online. to the top 93.) Names and Meanings: Shorter is Closer "What's in a name?"-Shakespeare it's easier to be as universally defined as God is in control of the universe. When they
say "the one true God" they MEAN, in your definition, O. O. B. When I say God, I mean "the one true God". So it's transitive in definition, but when the
words are LONGER, they are just FURTHER away from the heart and it's like
they're 'untouchable' or something. That's why I keep it simple and say God (no abbreviations or anything), because God is
close to my heart as I remain faithful in him as he touches my heart every second. "What in your words is the nature of God?" Brotherly love, to love all through Jesus, the great teacher and son of God chosen to
free us from our sins and faith in God to guide us to love and fullness of the heart. Here’s why the other ’sects’ of ’Christianity’ fight... For one, they are NOT Christians because Christ is NEVER a fighter. He’s just a LOVER and
a FORGIVER. see #41.) ‘The BLACK HOLE of Pride’ They're not 'happy' or 'satisfied'. They're just brothers fighting over who gets to ride
in the front seat of the car. Me... I'm just happy that I get to RIDE in the car. God is the pilot and will punish
those brothers for fighting if they cannot forgive each other. "the Lord is my shepard and I shall not want" -that is a matter of happiness An example: ****************** “I’m right” “you’re wrong” Faliseus: There’s 2 things you can believe on this earth. You can believe you’re right or
you can believe you’re happy. ****************** ****************** see #5.) ‘The Meaning of Life:’ see #7.) ‘Perfection’ see #8.) ‘ALIVE’ see #23.) ‘Forgetting Things’ see #26.) ‘Pressure on Earth’ see #27.) ‘Swaying Young Tree’ see #28.) ‘My BRACE’ see #33.) ‘God’s Smile for God’s Work’ see #50.) ‘Jesus Loves Us ALL’ see #63.) ‘HOW I KNOW’ 94.) WHO Jesus Prayed To “If it's the difference between God and Jesus it could be helpful to think of God as the
trinity. Three parts making one God. These parts consisting of God the father (Jehovah),
God the Son (Jesus), and God the Spirit (the Holy Ghost). They are three parts of the
same God. When Jesus prayed, He prayed to His Father, God/Jehovah, because, while on earth, Jesus
was separated from his Father for the first time, ever (see Genesis chapter 2 "let US
make man in OUR own image"). His praying was like one of us calling our parents. We do it to show we love them and
are thinking about them and that is, in a large part, the purpose of why we still pray
today. He also prayed because He led His people by example. And, unlike some other
religions, His people refers to anyone who cares to believe in Him. Hope that helps.” -Ryan H. to the top 95.) SORROW “I’m sorry” Faliseus: no worries “okay” “okay” Faliseus: you’ve got to learn to limit the amount of times you say you’re sorry Faliseus: because it's a waste of life to say you’re sorry Faliseus: time is precious Faliseus: sorries are meaningless Faliseus: just live life Faliseus: don’t be sorry for it Faliseus: sorries make us feel sorry and sad Faliseus: how often do you see me say I'm sorry? “I don‘t know” Faliseus: that’s part of the reason I'm happier and ‘chin-up’ all the time “why” Faliseus: because I stray from sorrow for my actions Faliseus: even when I'm bored, out of my mind and tired of things but ‘hopeful‘, Faliseus: I still don’t say I'm sorry Faliseus: I'm just being myself and I cant be sorry for that Faliseus: it's good advice for happiness if you ask me Faliseus: instead of being SORRY... Faliseus: be HOPEFUL and ASK for ‘forgiveness’ **************************** “sorry *laugh out loud*” Faliseus: one thing I'm SICK of hearing is those girls that are always sorry Faliseus: I don't understand it:-) “alright *laugh out loud*” “I guess I'm like that” “do you want to know why?” Faliseus: yeah Faliseus: :-) “well at least the reason why I do it, is because I'm afraid of what
someone would think or scare them and I want to be polite” “and I guess I say I'm sorry a lot, but of course the more mistakes you
do the more you say sorry” Faliseus: politeness, isn't through sorrow, unless someone has died,
then that's respectfulness “I don't know how to explain it, I just do it for some reason” Faliseus: politeness, is LIMITING the amount of opportunities you have
to SAY you're sorry Faliseus: that way, when you SAY you're sorry, it MEANS more Faliseus: because you say it less “true” to the top 96.) What PURPOSES You Don’t UNDERSTAND to BELIEVE "But I have to state that man wrote the Bible." It doesn’t matter HOW it was written. It matters WHY it was written. To me, the Bible,
just like any other book, is a book of reference.
It‘s a book that offers ideas that can teach you ways to live WISER. The bible explains ways of how we can live a healthier and happier life.
I give credit where it is due. "I admire your faith, but the idea of three separate things all being
referred to as one is nonsensical to me." "Maybe I'm blinded by my skepticism,
but the idea that Jesus can be equated to God, come on. One begat the other." God, the father, we have not met. Jesus we have met and should know very well. Metaphorically, Jesus is everybody. Brothers and sisters alike,
struggling against the unfaithful for a common vision, simple, blind,
faith and happiness. The Holy Spirit is the thing that flows through us when we pray
and miracles happen. Idealistically, I see the holy spirit as God's hand
and Jesus as the older wiser brother or as a ‘role model‘. God's ways are not our ways. We don’t understand how God does things and
I'm not going to worry about asking God until I get to heaven.
Until then, I'm going to rely faithful in my brothers and
sisters, to guide me to heaven. Makes sense. "Jesus’ message is wonderful, but to believe that the only way to an
afterlife is believing that Jesus is the Messiah or the son of God, I
might have to side with the Jewish faith on this one." Jesus IS the son of God. We’re ALL sons and daughters of God! He was
flawless and loving on earth and he gave us some foundational good ideas
on how to live to be more content. Either way you look at it, you'll be going to an afterlife. Hell is real. I fear going there.
Hell is made up of the fires of doubt, guilt, pain, hate, desire (ect.). I believe
it’s as real as you make it. It’s as real as you aren’t prepared to accept the fact that it is. I stray from doubt by believing in, my brothers and sisters, to keep me
from Hell by giving me Comfort and Company. I stray from guilt by having faith that, my brothers and sisters, will
always carry me in the right direction if I fall and ask them to help me. I stray from pain by remembering what, my brothers and sisters, have
went through to love me and praying for them to help me recover. I stray from hate by remembering what, my brothers and sisters, have
taught me about love in their life on Earth. I stray from desire by remembering all we need is love, my brothers and
sisters are there always for me. "I'm sorry Jeremy, I'm feeling mean-spirited and argumentative today because of what has
happened in New York City." Having faith in my family keeps me calm always. They are in my heart and
I can be controlled by no rage. The looks that were in my eyes BEFORE I knew simple blind faith
are NOT there anymore and all there is a happy, faithful, loving person who
doesn't reject his best friend and only PROMOTES what he has done for me through my testimony. The idea that we REJECT someone so close, after depending in them for SO LONG ....that is truly heartbreaking. To receive what you‘ve asked for, then you are not thankful and
accepting of the memory of the family who’s raised you, is like asking for your
grandfather to be beaten and forgotten, as he watches your back in heaven. To REMEMBER is to LOVE. To HONOR is to LOVE. To RECOGNIZE is to HONOR. I recognize the memory of my
family as I love and honor them to teach me wisdom. We ALL forget. To go alone is FORGETFUL and not a wise thing, but to go with witnesses and family is to remember.
Together we stand and fighting we fall. The humbled are the great teachers
of all wisdoms, HUMBLED before God, in order to be content and happy. The God of True unconditional love and True life. The ONE TRUE GOD. to the top 97.) People Are STUPID Faliseus: war is dumb Faliseus: people are dumb Faliseus: but a person is smart Faliseus: problem is Faliseus: persons listen to people Faliseus: and you have the final result “yea it is.....but we have to defend ourselves and its clear that we won't get anywhere
by talking about it” Faliseus: I've heard many things but they all remind me of the 2 ends-- Faliseus: I'll either live happily or die foolishly “what do you mean” Faliseus: the possible 'draft' Faliseus: sometimes I wish I wasn’t a man “ohhhhh..........please don't talk about that I have two brothers“ Faliseus: I have a brother and a sister Faliseus: the thing about this country we've all been missing is communication Faliseus: fear of what’s bad Faliseus: and misunderstanding of it “well I have 6 sisters but I don't think that they can be forced to fight” “yea I know” Faliseus: because we've never talked about what was bad and explained it Faliseus: misunderstandings cause all of the world’s grief Faliseus: because the world doesn’t have a heart Faliseus: they've got a head Faliseus: hearts have faith Faliseus: heads think and assume things partially and imperfectly Faliseus: the mind is made to destroy itself Faliseus: but Faliseus: the world doesn’t have it's heart in it's head Faliseus: so there's hate and misunderstandings there Faliseus: and NO FAITH or LOVE Faliseus: people are stupid Faliseus: a person is smart “well of course, because the heart is where is the soul is and the soul lives on even
after the brain has finished working” Faliseus: schools emphasize on the 'powers' of the mind Faliseus: but they FORGET the powers of love Faliseus: through our great tragedies, like war and times of worry, Faliseus: minds forget to remember the heart Faliseus: hearts remember the people that make the mind Faliseus: “prayer Faliseus: and remembrance” from the heart is LIFE Faliseus: Forgetting about life is DEATH Faliseus: “Prayer and Remembrance” is important EVERYDAY of LIFE to the top 97b.) PARAPHRASE of People Are STUPID Faliseus: people are stupid when grouped together “that’s not nice” Faliseus: that's why I always tried being the loner Faliseus: it's the truth Faliseus: social groups are always trying to 'cut' people from the 'club' “oh?” Faliseus: yes “never thought of it that way” Faliseus: that's why they're 'grouped' Faliseus: not together, but apart Faliseus: but after school, when they all split up, Faliseus: they aren't very good at meeting new people, because of it “oh?” “hmm” Faliseus: if you think about it, yeah “I guess I have never really thought bout it that way” to the top 98.) FALSE Sense of Security Faliseus: one thing about 'security'.... Faliseus: there's no such thing as security Faliseus: we may FEEL ‘insecure’ or we may FEEL 'secure' Faliseus: but there's no such thing as BEING secure on earth. Faliseus: there's a guarantee of love though Faliseus: through faith Faliseus: people shouldn’t be RE active in fear Faliseus: they should be PRO active in 'no' fear Faliseus: something is there whether we 'see' it or not Faliseus: but we can't be afraid of it Faliseus: we've got to understand it and be open minded. to the top 99.) Kill the Bastards “I know, but you have to agree” Faliseus: I don’t agree with judgement of the people Faliseus: it's easier to swat flies with honey than it is with vinegar Faliseus: the only thing that comes out of me is hope and love “uhh” Faliseus: vinegar stings when it's poured out “na-uh, it stinks” Faliseus: as our target isn’t something that is near us Faliseus: we're using the wrong weapons Faliseus: the real pollution is what comes from the mouth “not necessarily” Faliseus: what we say is what pollutes the air Faliseus: what we do is what we say and are trained to think about Faliseus: I'm never trained to think about war “well, don't you think it's necessary now? they used weapons, we can't just sing a happy
song to make them go away” Faliseus: I think of building, hope and love and spread that message and have that focus. Faliseus: to focus on eliminating terrorism is a good thing Faliseus: but to focus on hating the people is a bad thing Faliseus: "hate the sin but love the sinner" Faliseus: don’t hate both Faliseus: "forgive them, they know not what they do." Faliseus: of course there's a lesson and a price to everything Faliseus: but don’t drop to someone else's level Faliseus: that’s what people want when they want a fight Faliseus: turmoil “you are to easy on people, you need to show anger, the world isn't heaven you know” “we can't all be innocent and not do anything” Faliseus: and it isn’t hell either Faliseus: I keep in mind that everything I throw comes back to me in the end “they fricking attacked our country, they deserve everything they are getting and will
get” Faliseus: let me ask you something... Faliseus: have you ever made a mistake? Faliseus: have a misunderstanding with someone? Faliseus: do you deserve to die and be hated because you've done such a thing? Faliseus: as Germany was the prime location for WW2 Faliseus: we don’t hate the Germans Faliseus: we've forgiven them Faliseus: we're fighting for peace Faliseus: not to hate someone Faliseus: the reason we were attacked is because THEY hated US. Faliseus: and THEY thought WE 'deserved' everything we got. Faliseus: to hate a hater isn’t going to solve anything Faliseus: to eliminate hate and love a lover through peace and tranquility is. Faliseus: our fight is for peace. Faliseus: that’s why I don’t hate Faliseus: I care in a wise way Faliseus: Love isn't worth fighting over. Faliseus: It's worth fighting FOR. to the top 100.)DON’T Kill the Bastards Faliseus: to end another person’s life w/out giving them time to LEARN from their
mistakes and time to ASK for forgiveness.... Faliseus: is irrational. Faliseus: we all deserve something for our mistakes “I just don’t understand why someone must have the need to slaughter innocents” Faliseus: but the one thing above all we deserve is a LESSON. Faliseus: "forgive them, they know not what they do" Faliseus: but to TEACH and UNDERSTAND is a POWERFUL tool against corruption and
irrationality Faliseus: don’t kill your answer Faliseus: learn from it “yes” “justice must be served, but so must education” Faliseus: I've strived for wisdom all my life Faliseus: one thing I've known is that you must learn from your mistakes and ACCEPT them
and ask only that you’re FORGIVEN for them Faliseus: to build in the future to the top 101.) WRONG and RIGHT Don’t Exist “it’s ALWAYS worth looking back, reflecting on your own life to see where you went wrong” “and then try to go right from there on” Faliseus: ‘misunderstood’ or ‘misguided’ are words I like to use instead of 'wrong' Faliseus: because when you use the word 'WRONG' it's like you can’t do anything after that “true, the context of its definition is limiting” Faliseus: when ‘understanding’ and ‘guiding’ are constants Faliseus: as LIFE is a constant Faliseus: right and wrong are end results “they are” Faliseus: I was never wrong and I was never right Faliseus: but I STRIVE to be right Faliseus: guiding and understanding closer to righteousness as my end result Faliseus: God is the judge of mistakes to the top 102.) Aim PAST the Stars Faliseus: Most people say, Faliseus: "AIM for the stars." Faliseus: I say, Faliseus: "Aim PAST the stars." Faliseus: One of my popular phrases, Faliseus: "It's good that you're a step ahead, but I'm a whole STAIRCASE above you." Faliseus: Great motivation of faith in my steps. Faliseus: AIM for what you CAN’T see Faliseus: Wouldn’t you agree? Faliseus: I like a challenge Faliseus: because it just makes things EASIER for me to do in the end. Faliseus: it's like 'believing' that you can do something that's 'never'
been imagined and not just aiming for a visible goal, but
going for something more grand to the top 103.) TOO Awesome Dude “you’re awesome dude” Faliseus: you don’t know HOW many times I've heard that Faliseus: and how many people have ran from me and came back “;-)” “really?” “why?” Faliseus: yup Faliseus: because they were overwhelmed by TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE Faliseus: 'doubt' starts forming in the mind “true,” Faliseus: people just 'forget' what they've learned. Faliseus: they're just FOCUSED on their MINDS, “or other parts..” Faliseus: and 'not' their hearts. Faliseus: sometimes I'm too good to be true w/some people to the top 104.) To BECOME a Great Person Faliseus: it all comes with aiming PAST the stars and remaining humble with an open heart Faliseus: not COMPARING yourself to something, but OVERSHOOTING what’s visible “to be an amazing person ... hmm... you’ve got something” Faliseus: drive and an unreachable goal “unreachable ... I don’t know ... nothing is unreachable if you try hard enough” Faliseus: to be PERFECT and to be WISE “and you obviously have the drive” “and desire” Faliseus: it's impossible to do those things in life to the top 105.) Strive for TRUE wisdom Faliseus: that's why the best always changes “perfect doesn’t exist” Faliseus: right Faliseus: my goal is perfection “*laugh out loud* :-)” Faliseus: and wisdom Faliseus: wisdom doesn’t exist Faliseus: it's the STRIVE for wisdom that we know “your goal isn't in existence ... however, if you believe you are perfect than you are” “wisdom does exist . i beg to differ on that one :-)“ Faliseus: not necessarily Faliseus: no one is TRULY wise “perhaps it is the strive that is wisdom” Faliseus: but to STRIVE for something Faliseus: and to BE something Faliseus: are two different things “true” “but you must have one to have the other” Faliseus: I've looked into this deeply and had MANY arguments bout it “you must have the strive to BE ...” “:-)” Faliseus: STRIVE to be Faliseus: but never BEING “but who is to say we never reach the BEING?” Faliseus: not a state of being Faliseus: right Faliseus: but in the process Faliseus: we STRIVE “in the process yes ... but don’t most processes have a conclusion one way or the other?” Faliseus: yes “so if we strive and strive and strive, we eventually BECOME :-)” Faliseus: Absolute wisdom is when you're perfect Faliseus: right on “absolute wisdom is subjective“ Faliseus: what’s subjective again? “what you think is absolute wisdom may be different than what I think is absolute wisdom“ “wisdom is” “it is the eye of the beholder kind of thing” Faliseus: wisdom is life “how you experience one thing is different than how I experience it but who is to say who
is right or wrong?” Faliseus: wisdom is KNOWLEDGE of ‘how to live life’ Faliseus: no one is right or wrong Faliseus: just 'mislead' or 'misunderstood' or on the PATH to being right “life is BEING ... life is REAL... there fore, wisdom must be real” Faliseus: TRUE wisdom is something we haven't seen yet Faliseus: wisdom is real “it’s only your perception of things” Faliseus: but TRUE wisdom has yet to be taught Faliseus: I'm speaking fact though “how can you decipher what is TRUE wisdom and what is not though” Faliseus: TRUE wisdom is something that has lasted the tests of time “so it exists then” Faliseus: birth to burial Faliseus: TRUE wisdom is something that we don't know while we're alive Faliseus: we only know wisdom here “hmm” “interesting” Faliseus: regular or unleaded wisdom of life? Faliseus: impure or pure wisdom of life? Faliseus: FALSE is Temporary and Changing Faliseus: in the Process Faliseus: TRUE is Absolute and Pure Faliseus: as the End result “than how can you say TRUE wisdom exists? because if we die ... and go where ever, you
know ... how do you know it exists if we never know it while alive” Faliseus: impure/false wisdom is something that we can have but can change Faliseus: pure/true wisdom is something we have that is the end result that DOESN’T change “:-) you captivate me :-)” Faliseus: the OVERALL wisdom and STRIVE for it into death Faliseus: to believe in TRUE life after death Faliseus: TRUE wisdom Faliseus: "aim PAST the stars" to reach it Faliseus: those who say they ARE wise are ‘ignorant of the truth’ to the top 106.) Definition of the Right Person Faliseus: my definition of the right person is..... Faliseus: someone that is Comfortable and not Overwhelmed, someone that is Content and
not Worried, someone that is Open and not Closed “good definition :-) you have done an incredible amount of searching” Faliseus: Most people I’ve met were Overwhelmed, Worried and Closed to by my personality
and character “you know what you want” Faliseus: 20 years Faliseus: I want what I need Faliseus: I don't always know what i need “and you need what you want :-)” “no one does” Faliseus: I don't need what I want Faliseus: a WANT is more expansive Faliseus: a NEED is something narrowed and accurate “very true” Faliseus: I want to be narrowed and accurate Faliseus: I don't narrow myself to be more expansive Faliseus: so I want what I NEED Faliseus: Not need what I WANT to the top 107.) GO into the House YOURSELF Faliseus: we don't know for sure Faliseus: words are the handle of the door to the heart Faliseus: a stare into the eyes is a stare into the window Faliseus: but you can't see everything through a window Faliseus: you've got to open a door with the words Faliseus: and step in the home Faliseus: we can't just look at the house all day and wonder what's going on in there. Faliseus: we've got to knock. Faliseus: good Faliseus: keep in mind, Faliseus: that when we go into the house Faliseus: we've got to see more than the living room:-) to the top 108.) ANXIETY “but no one understands the extent of my anxiety” Faliseus: I've got anxiety Faliseus: all I can do is hope with it Faliseus: worrying is NOTHING compared to hope Faliseus: ‘HOPE’ makes you feel BETTER Faliseus: ‘WORRY’ makes you feel DOWN Faliseus: when you ‘hope’ for someone to come to you... Faliseus: they see that you 'feel better' that you’re a 'happy hopeful' person and they
want to talk to you. Faliseus: when you ‘worry’ for someone to come to you... Faliseus: they see that you 'feel depressed' that you're a 'sad hopeless' person and they
want to STAY AWAY from you. Faliseus: I know all this because I've went through this MANY times. Faliseus: worry is like a repellent of things we wish to love Faliseus: the longer we wait, the more wise and appreciative we become and the stronger
relationship we form. Faliseus: you’ve just got to be happy with what you've got Faliseus: and hope for the best Faliseus: what will worrying do for you? Faliseus: “focus on your work and your reward will come to you at the right time” Faliseus: you need a focus, that’s all Faliseus: "to get away from emptiness, you've got to come closer to fullness" Faliseus: Learn to love your work Faliseus: and it'll feel excellent to know that you love your work Faliseus: AND you love your reward. to the top 109.) Questions Behind CLOSED DOORS “GOOD BYE! I‘m LEAVING NOW!! and I mean it!!” Faliseus: the doors you close are the doors you'll never be able to open Faliseus: a WEAKNESS “why is that a weakness?” Faliseus: close this door and you'll be WEAK to me and my presence “why would I be weak to some one I don’t know?” Faliseus: open the door and you'll LEARN how to be STRONGER Faliseus: because we are afraid of the things we DON’T understand “I couldn’t agree with you more” Faliseus: asking questions behind closed doors... Faliseus: drives us to rage and MORE misunderstanding, Faliseus: many people only hear what they WANT and not what they NEED Faliseus: solid proof is THERE Faliseus: they just cant ACCEPT it Faliseus: funny and sad Faliseus: sometimes people don’t want proof Faliseus: sometimes people just want a chance to tell someone they’re wrong and laugh,
instead of being SERIOUS Faliseus: BUT here’s some PROOF: Faliseus: miracles Faliseus: the FIRST spark of life Faliseus: WHAT IS LIGHT? Faliseus: WHAT state of matter IS FIRE? Faliseus: WHY are the faithful happy and fulfilled and the non believers hateful and
despaired? Faliseus: sometimes questions like these will make people want to ‘close their doors’ *********** Faliseus: you never let me answer your asked, Faliseus: "why should I bother understanding you", Faliseus: HERE IS the TRUE and HONEST ANSWER that you DIDN'T want to
hear...... Faliseus: "knowledge gained by faith is not just power. it's also a
defense, because it's what you DON'T understand that can hurt you the
most. That's why you HAVE to learn the wisdom of learning. To
PROTECT your life through taking criticism and understanding
yourself, so that you don't HURT yourself, from what you DIDN'T KNOW
about yourself or others." Faliseus: so by telling you things that you have never known, Faliseus: I am respecting your security....with my HONESTY. Faliseus: but I suppose I should just be disrespectful and LIE to you then shouldn't I? Faliseus: that would CERTAINLY be the WISER thing to do....wouldn't you agree? Faliseus: yes, I'll LIE to you, if that's what you want me to do... Faliseus: I’m sure doing it your way would be the ‘happier way’. Faliseus: but no....I will never lie...I will never stoop that low. Faliseus: whether or not, you speak with me or not, you will always be in my heart. and my last words will always you, and I hope for the best, whatever you do in life. Faliseus: but I URGE you to keep yours open as my heart will always be open for you Faliseus: If truth is something that we haven't seen, Faliseus: and I haven't seen you love and respect me, Faliseus: then Faliseus: one day you will truly love and respect me. to the top 110.) Pray for Someone ELSE “I can’t pray for myself” “I’m not important” “I’m hopeless” “go help THEM instead” Faliseus: when most people pray they're afraid to ask God Faliseus: people think that they have to punish themselves for God. Faliseus: ask for too little. Faliseus: not believe that He's there for them. Faliseus: mainly because they're afraid of failure, Faliseus: but more importantly, afraid of success. Faliseus: we're all God's children. Faliseus: and He loves us ALL Faliseus: so what relationship would that hurt any way? “what would hurt?” Faliseus: He's already there for you. Faliseus: your image, your social life, “yeah...” Faliseus: your family life, the way you think, the way you dress, Faliseus: everything. Faliseus: but that's really not how it works at all. “how does it then?” Faliseus: You don't change from Cinderella the maid to Cinderella the princess. Faliseus: you are the same person. Faliseus: you're just doing what's natural. Faliseus: letting God, your good friend that always watches you, help you like He wants
to help you. “yeah” Faliseus: God wants the same things that we want. Faliseus: peace, Faliseus: love, “yeah I know” Faliseus: and achieving your goals. Faliseus: He wants YOU to be happy like someone ELSE needs to be happy Faliseus: that’s why you should pray for yourself as well as others to the top 111.) STRUCTURED WALL of TAP w/Faith and Devil is Compromise Faliseus: now that's where I started TAP with faith Faliseus: here's what you're doing when you do that. Faliseus: think of Thank Ask Pray as your bricks for the wall that you're building. Faliseus: and think of faith as the thing that holds those bricks on. Faliseus: what are we building a wall for? Faliseus: to keep compromise (the devil) out of sight and out of mind. Faliseus: because (I went through some simple Algebra for this) compromise causes a loss
of focus, Faliseus: loss of focus leads to worry, Faliseus: worry leads to confusion, Faliseus: (by then you've already forgot what you want in life.) Faliseus: confusion leads to either insanity or rage or something not controlled by us Faliseus: now, for the wall. Faliseus: TAP is the bricks of the wall to keep the demons out from tempting us to
compromise.. Faliseus: now when you first start to tap it's going to be hard to do. Faliseus: I'll put this in another perspective. Faliseus: imagine there is you on one side of a property line and on the other side is
the devil. Faliseus: In my studies the devil cannot touch you but he can tempt you through your
thoughts. Faliseus: the devil will always try to peek over the fence like a nosy neighbor. Faliseus: trying to sell you something that's 'better' than what your Father in heaven
has. Faliseus: well you see. Faliseus: if you make the fence higher and higher by tapping, then there's less likely a
chance that he will sell you anything because you're now focused on talking to
your Family which you know cares about you. Faliseus: One thing that I've ran into is people that do 'that thing' “yeah I know” Faliseus: you'll see from far away that their fence is up high but when you go up next to
it and talk about compromise, it falls right over. Faliseus: I asked myself, what's the problem with their fence? Faliseus: what made it fall down so easily? Faliseus: then I said Thanking god is good, Asking him for wisdom and guidance is good
and Praying for other people is good ('help one another as you would help me'-Jesus) Faliseus: what's missing? Faliseus: FAITH Faliseus: you remember what I said was in faith? “yes” Faliseus: faithful are those mountain lion cubs that came back to their mother through: “exactly” “so its about persistence and endurance” Faliseus: tolerances.... unconditional love, patience (the biggest one), wisdom ect. Faliseus: faith. Faliseus: you cake layers of faith onto those bricks they're not going anywhere. Faliseus: although starting out is still rough. “yeah it is” Faliseus: but finishing and talking to your Best Friend in the end is what we're all
after. “I'm inhibited by a lot of things” “yeah...” Faliseus: One thing not to forget though is that Jesus is saviour, because, Faliseus: he was God's pure born son that He chose to do His work of forgiveness. Faliseus: When I build my wall I think of Jesus as the foreman, who is all faithful and
does what God wants, and me as His under worker. Faliseus: but don't get me wrong.... Faliseus: I don't work 'under' Jesus I work 'with' Him. “it’s more comfortable that way” Faliseus: it's not just the comfort, it's that We both have the same job. Faliseus: and the same faith to the top 112.) TOOLS: FOR and AGAINST One Foot Apart Faliseus: MOST thoughts are doubts from the head that speak to you. That is Satan's tool,
it's Less than a foot away from God's tool. Faliseus: Satan's tool is the brain and thoughts, Faliseus: God's tool is the heart and loving all of your brothers and sisters. Faliseus: Your brain won't be filled with love, though, just confused and angry. Faliseus: Confused and angry, only to destroy itself or RUN AWAY. Faliseus: We can't see the brain, we can't see the Devil's doubts and confusion. Faliseus: We can't see the heart, we can't see God's love filling it. Faliseus: don’t THINK and ASSUME bad/angry/deceptive things Faliseus: that’s why you must LISTEN Faliseus: to HEAR what your heart is telling you ALWAYS Faliseus: so that your heart FILLS with LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and FAITH Faliseus: and your brain is EMPTY of HATE, DOUBT and WORRY to the top 113.) Use What WORKS Faliseus: I told someone I loved them and they got mad but I did it more “why'd you keep doing it, then, if they told you they were mad?” Faliseus: to love isn't bad Faliseus: to hate is too sad Faliseus: that's why Faliseus: I've learned not to let people get me down and to always keep a smiling, loving
attitude Faliseus: that's some wisdom “yeah, but people take it the wrong way. you should also respect how they feel. if they
don't want you to say it, you shouldn't” Faliseus: I'll say what I need to say Faliseus: it isn't a crime to love somebody Faliseus: but there are MANY crimes of hate Faliseus: use what works Faliseus: I do what is NEEDED, not what is WANTED, that's what's different about me. “I didn't say it was a crime to love someone. but you’re saying it obviously didn't
work, did it?“ Faliseus: it always works Faliseus: I'm just saying this person was mad at me every time I said it because this
person had a hard time saying it back. Faliseus: but I'm just drilling into the heart always “yeah, because it's hard to say "I love you" to someone you've never met” Faliseus: I'm unconditional w/my love Faliseus: I have no reason to hate Faliseus: and I'm certainly not going to stand in the middle of the two Faliseus: so I choose to use what works.... Faliseus: To LOVE through UNDERSTANDING and having FAITH to the top 114.) BE yourself Faliseus: you'll find that people will ALL respect you if you give them respect. Faliseus: I was hated and disrespected by EVERYONE in school Faliseus: I had next to zero friends most of the time Faliseus: I just had to find a way to be happier. Faliseus: BE yourself. Faliseus: BE pronounced. “and there'll always be the people that can’t handle it and I’ll have to move on and
forget about them” Faliseus: BE fearless. Faliseus: don't FORGET about them Faliseus: otherwise you'll just BECOME them Faliseus: REMEMBER them and always have them in your heart till the time they become
better people Faliseus: that's what I've done “I know! I’ve already become a lot of what I hate already though” Faliseus: there isn't ONE person that hates me. Faliseus: so stop it. Faliseus: and start being yourself and honest. Faliseus: free yourself and you'll become free Faliseus: "the idea, a breath and a move" Faliseus: that's how I got through school being myself and I LOVED it. Faliseus: and it only made me STRONGER SMARTER FASTER and RESPECTABLE by ALL. Faliseus: people HATE a lie Faliseus: people LOVE the truth Faliseus: when you lie, you get smacked twice. Faliseus: when you tell the truth, you get smacked once. Faliseus: truth hurts “yes it does, I’ve been on both sides of that” Faliseus: but not as much as the lie that's covering of it Faliseus: so be yourself and tell the truth to the top 115.) Laughing and Drinking chatting w/Alyssa Alyssa“you need to drink with me :-) I bet you have never been drunk in your life :-)” Faliseus: I've been wasted before Faliseus: I get myself drunk with laughter Faliseus: I'm not much of a beer man anymore. “*laugh out loud* :-)” Alyssa“you’re drinking with me sometime :-) *laugh out
loud*” Faliseus: laughing pretty much knocks me on my butt better than a Killian's or a Molson
could any day.;-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: *falls down from laughing out loud* Faliseus: see? Faliseus: it’s working already Faliseus: hee hee Alyssa“*laugh out loud*:-)” Faliseus: and laughter doesn't take a chunk out of my pay check Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: I only laugh when I GET my pay check Faliseus: then I cry when I open it. Faliseus: :-( Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: :-)
there you go Alyssa, now you're IMMORTALIZED...:) to the top 116.) HONESTY Faliseus: honesty is important Faliseus: that's love Faliseus: honesty is TRUST Faliseus: to forgive and forget the pain Faliseus: to tell someone 'why' they shouldn‘t be angry at each other Faliseus: people make some bad mistakes Faliseus: stay true to your words.... Faliseus: ask for forgiveness Faliseus: but as HONESTY doesn't 'justify' anything.. Faliseus: it REVEALS that you STILL want and need TRUST Faliseus: to relate that both people made a mistake and ran into a misunderstanding and
fighting doesn't solve anything Faliseus: that’s REAL TRUST Faliseus: BECAUSE if there’s no FAITH or UNDERSTANDING Faliseus: there’s no bond Faliseus: we need hope, and less doubt. Faliseus: love and less hate Faliseus: honesty provides us with that ******************************* “I did something in the past that’s caught up with me and I really don’t
know what I should do.” “Should I tell them it was me?” Faliseus: a lie will hurt more than the truth
and well, who would want to live with a liar anyways? Faliseus: if I was a liar........I couldn't live with MYSELF Faliseus: just start being truthful. Faliseus: the truth is where you will always stand and always fall, so
what's it going to hurt? “so you'd confess and just take the consequences? that does seem like
the best thing.” Faliseus: you learn things in life FASTER, if you can ADMIT to learning them “I know it's the best thing. It's going to be really hard because my
family is going to feel betrayed.” Faliseus: you have the leverage.......the truth, the courage to tell it,
and the courage to face the consequences Faliseus: 'full leverage' “Yeah, that's true. I need to tell them, it'd be better than them
finding out about it the hard way.” “I should have never even did it, but I need to deal with it now.” Faliseus: the past is the past and the time for the truth is
now....remember that. ******************************* OVERALL.......... “HONESTY IS DUMB” Faliseus: understand that the only purpose for honesty is so that others
will be stomped into the ground for being deceitful Faliseus: What I mean by ‘stomped into the ground’ is to be stomped into
the solid, sturdy and supportive ground.....of ‘truth/reality of humanity/common ground’. Faliseus: Common ground and a STURDY and RELIABLE reality keeps us
further away from ‘stress’, ‘worry’, ‘hate’, ‘other liars/cheaters/thieves’........
and common ground, through honesty, will get us CLOSER to a ‘stress free’,
‘worry free’, ‘hate free’ environment with VERY trustworthy people to RELY on. Faliseus: Why should we be honest? Faliseus: We should be honest to have a tighter grip and understanding
on reality and life in order to more fully understand our own
perspective and direction. Faliseus: We should be honest to be able to cope with life’s problems as
they come along and become more complex. Faliseus: We should be honest ALSO to be able to understand ourselves
AND others ‘better’ than we do now. Faliseus: Honesty will prepare us for the future and will give us a
sturdy ground to walk on. Faliseus: As honesty is NOT dumb for those above reasons, we start to think, Faliseus: “well what IS ‘dumb’?” Faliseus: my perspective is that ‘IGNORANCE’ is dumb because an
“Ignorant” person would therefore blind themselves from the beautiful
texture of our common ground as humans. That ignorant
person wouldn‘t have a REALITY of their own, but a ‘DISHONEST‘ and
deceitful perspective with no common ground to rely on. Faliseus: NO RELIABILITIES or REALITIES through NOT being honest will
lead a horse off of a cliff without that horse even knowing it
because that horse would‘ve just been lying to itself the whole
entire time about there being no cliff. Lying so often that
horse being ‘ignorant‘, that horse has just lost a very
valuable‘s own. Faliseus: When a person is ignorant of the truth, or is in hatred of it,
that person will miss out on his/her own truths, his/her own
dreams and his/her own perspectives. That person will miss out on those
things because that ignorant person is in DISBELIEF of their own
relativity and THEREFORE, will ‘FORGET’ their OWN DIRECTION. Faliseus: We don’t need to lie to make life go ’out of balance’ because
for one...... Faliseus: We have other liars that make the problems in life complex. Faliseus: For two, another fact is life in general has enough problems
without lying because different people have a ‘different’
perspective/label on the ‘same’ things. Even the HONEST
are MISUNDERSTOOD and forgetful. Faliseus: We should be honest to be happier because we are all corrupted
by forgetfulness and blind desire but we are blessed with
forgiveness and a community to be thankful for. Faliseus: Life and the common ground of life found through honesty, is
an art, best experienced and/or exhibited when BELIEVED and LOVED. Faliseus: I love you :-) to the top 117.) HONESTLY Talk About It “when I get ticked I don’t talk TO ANYBODY” Faliseus: yeah Faliseus: it's hard Faliseus: but it's important to talk Faliseus: I understand completely “I know” “but it’s just a habit” Faliseus: I just think about what would happen if I DIDN'T talk to anybody Faliseus: then I'd be MORE ticked if I didn't talk to someone “I guess” Faliseus: because I KNOW I'd get myself into a bigger mess and I'd just feel MORE guilty
and it'd be harder and harder EVERY TIME I had the chance to talk to someone Faliseus: so I just talk the FIRST time and AVOID the guilt and pain “yea” Faliseus: sometimes talking is even more simple than we think it will be Faliseus: and sometimes it's difficult to talk Faliseus: but we grow a bit each time Faliseus: and it's a shocker Faliseus: you ought to try it sometime Faliseus: that's how I understand this much about this stuff to the top 118.) WORTHLESS “and I’m not good at anything, I’m just a worthless piece of crap” Faliseus: you’re not worthless Faliseus: you can't say that unless you've KNOWN everything and every person on the
planet and in the universe Faliseus: until you know everything... Faliseus: you honestly can't say you’re worthless Faliseus: because in that case I would be a worthless piece of crap too. Faliseus: things aren't going good for me Faliseus: but why say things are going ‘bad’ when I don’t really KNOW how BAD they can
get? “maybe I don’t think I’m a worthless piece of crap, but everyone else does, so what I
think doesn't really matter anyway” Faliseus: it's what you ‘know’ that MATTERS Faliseus: I know you shouldn’t beat yourself up just cause someone 'thinks' something
about you Faliseus: you shouldn’t do that Faliseus: THEY don't know, Faliseus: but YOU know Faliseus: I know you're a great person “I really want to go someplace but I refuse to go and associate with any people who I
know will bother me and ask why I've ran away and locked myself in” Faliseus: you’ve just got to take a second glance Faliseus: that's all Faliseus: and so do they Faliseus: they don't know you like YOU know you Faliseus: they have no right to judge you Faliseus: but you can't let people get the best of you, because the best part of you is
the part they're AFRAID of Faliseus: confidence Faliseus: style Faliseus: strut Faliseus: smile Faliseus: and above all... Faliseus: no worries Faliseus: if there's anyone that knows this, than that's me Faliseus: I've had to practice getting respect my entire life to the top 119.) Friend Equals Cushion Faliseus: *here's a hug* “thank you” “hugs are always the best :-)” Faliseus: That's what friends are for. Faliseus: They're the pillows, on top of this cold and hard rock we call life. Faliseus: the more you have, the better a resting spot life becomes. Faliseus: It's good to have a STURDY pillow though. Faliseus: not one that'll pamper you so much that it'll drive you insane and you 'sink
right in' Faliseus: not someone to 'fall into' Faliseus: but Faliseus: someone to 'lean on' and to ‘hold us up’ when we fall to the top 120.) 'Typical’ Youngster Faliseus: crawling to stand Faliseus: standing to walk Faliseus: walking to carry Faliseus: carrying to be carried Faliseus: then to fall and rest Faliseus: day to day that's our quest dying slowly, go on quickly. must go on... must go on... I cannot breathe.. but I can see the light, my legs are givin out on me. walk to stumble, until I crawl, crawling to the crater inside of me. I walk to stand. the ground is rumbling. I am here, my friend, stumbling to my feet and off my knees. Feel the energy pulsing, as I begin to stare... into the clouds and the mist, as if it’s blown a kiss. There is something there. rise slowly, you now have the strength. to the top 121.) Fighting and Arguing Faliseus: ’FIGHTING’ isn't right Faliseus: but ’ARGUING’ isn't bad Faliseus: to me...arguing = asking questions Faliseus: when I argue, I ask questions to LISTEN and LEARN Faliseus: fighting is just yelling, slaps and punches Faliseus: that gets people NO where Faliseus: fighting only leads to more fighting Faliseus: if only everyone 'understood' everyone else, Faliseus: then there wouldn't be any fighting Faliseus: it's GOOD to understand other people Faliseus: friendships are great Faliseus: enemies are horrible “yeah but not with these idiots” Faliseus: if they UNDERSTOOD you and you understood them... “nope” Faliseus: then they might not be the idiots you think they are Faliseus: do you have conversations w/them? Faliseus: what do they say? what do they do? Faliseus: (see #12 Making Friends) Faliseus: while everybody else fights for the gold that is seen, Faliseus: I am fighting for the gold that is not seen. Faliseus: the gold shine of the heart Faliseus: to fight for the heart is to be stronger than the hate that
corrupts the weak Faliseus: the only victorious men in an unnecessary battle for righteousness
are the dead Faliseus: the living cannot see that true valor is in the eyes of the faithful
and the living Faliseus: it takes strength to hold strong to love and life and to fight for
the unseen gold Faliseus: but those that have fought for love and have held on the hardest
will be rich and free beyond belief and beyond what was ever seen to the top 122.) Culture Walk “walking around where I live just made me realize what’s happening to our culture” Faliseus: I've thought about it many times all my life Faliseus: people judge too many people Faliseus: the world’s definition.... Faliseus: "to love or to change" “?????” “explain that” Faliseus: it's all about faith Faliseus: an example..... Faliseus: "I'm right" "you're wrong" Faliseus: there's 2 things you can believe on this earth. You can believe you're right or
you can believe you're happy. “hmmm” Faliseus: the faithful are happier Faliseus: the doubting are more hateful “that’s interesting” “faithful in what” Faliseus: faith in God “what about yourself” Faliseus: God wants us to be successful Faliseus: so it's transitive “what’s your definition of success?” Faliseus: no wants Faliseus: love Faliseus: happiness “nice“ Faliseus: very “most people say their success is ‘kids, money‘“ Faliseus: those are all part of the road Faliseus: where the road 'leads' to is the IMPORTANT part “yeah, that’s all true” Faliseus: lots of times LOTS of cultures REQUIRE change and sometimes FORGET about love Faliseus: the most important question to ask is 'why' Faliseus: a question I'm always asking is...'why do I do the things I do?' “it's odd if you don't find an answer though” Faliseus: not necessarily Faliseus: sometimes what 'we' don't see is what 'someone else' sees Faliseus: there's always an answer Faliseus: searching for it can be hard but it's there “no” “there’s not always an answer, what if the answer you’re looking for doesn't even have a
stable question?” “have you been harassed anymore by those people trying to convert you” Faliseus: conversion.... Faliseus: there's no such thing Faliseus: you are what you are Faliseus: not what you do or what you say “I guess so” Faliseus: but people believe otherwise “you are not your bank account” Faliseus: they want it to be a cult...a brotherhood....a fellowship.. Faliseus: where as, “you are not your designer jeans” Faliseus: people miss out on the full picture, we ALREADY ARE brothers
and sisters. “yeah” Faliseus: that's what Jesus was trying to get us to understand all along Faliseus: no man is leader, only the unseen God, we must follow, thank
and love. Faliseus: it's simple, but people distort it into religion and it makes
me sick. Faliseus: religion=repetition “yeah” Faliseus: but in some cases, religion can equal culture. Faliseus: culture isn't bad, because it's life and diversity but Faliseus: repetition is death Faliseus: that's my opinion Faliseus: it takes the ‘walk of faith’ through this culture of ‘LOVE and
CHANGE’ to continue the search Faliseus: to FIND the answer to ANY question to the top 123.) Conversation Souffle “this person is talking to too many people and screwing up messages” Faliseus: that's not smart Faliseus: don't take in more than you can chew “no doubt” Faliseus: eyes bigger than stomach is bad “not always a bad thing“ “you can always eat leftovers” Faliseus: leftovers from 'prior meals' Faliseus: I'm saying when you see more than you can eat and try to eat it all Faliseus: you'll get stuffed and the other food will go to waste Faliseus: because this food must be eaten now Faliseus: :-) think of a first conversation as a souffle Faliseus: it'll go stale if you don't eat it right away and savor every flavor Faliseus: If you REALLY need to save the conversation till later... Faliseus: put it in a plastic baggie and throw it in the freezer for later Faliseus: and when you get it back out of the freezer... Faliseus: don’t forget to DEFROST it and bring it back to temperature before you serve it
piping hot on a platter to your friends and family to the top 124.) Lost Heart Faliseus: "this heart has been buried in so much grief and pain but dig deep within those
soils. Help me find it and we'll find it beautifully preserved and shining
in the light of day." Faliseus: "Life may try to suffocate us with it's soils covering our hope, but hey....
that's why God gave us shovels!" “thanks” Faliseus: yep Faliseus: sometimes we believe our hearts are 'lost' Faliseus: when they're only 'buried' “true” to the top 125.) I Win “you always win” “:-)” Faliseus: that's great Faliseus: but I'm a loser too Faliseus: we win when we lose and lose when we win “why’s that?” Faliseus: so really, no one loses or wins Faliseus: the Super bowl...... “yes they do” Faliseus: 2 teams Faliseus: playing to win WHAT? “people win the Super bowl” Faliseus: money Faliseus: ok Faliseus: the 'winners' of the 'money' Faliseus: win 'the money' Faliseus: the 'losers' of the 'money' Faliseus: win 'time' “*laugh out loud*” “you are too much” Faliseus: and I am too little Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: :-) Faliseus: but enough about that to the top 126.) CAN’T beat HONESTY “You should get a new profile” Faliseus: why should I? Faliseus: that's who I am Faliseus: that's why I wrote it “it's too unexplainable” Faliseus: questions lead to answers Faliseus: anything is explainable Faliseus: depends on what is believable “what if someone can’t see color?” Faliseus: then they can't see color Faliseus: what if Helen Kellar got on the internet? Faliseus: but she still can 'communicate' w/me “there you go, off base again” Faliseus: I don't understand what you're getting at Faliseus: the truth about the internet is that it holds no facts, just text. “You’re not always there” Faliseus: yeah I am “no, remember the time you weren’t online to satisfy the pattern because you
were ‘watching the news’?” Faliseus: I'm there Faliseus: because a person is the equivalent to the words he/she leaves behind “you’re not Simple, clear and concise” Faliseus: yes I am Faliseus: some people tend to 'desire to believe' things are 'more complex' than they
really are Faliseus: I can't control a person's interpretations “Do you agree that times change?” Faliseus: time changes Faliseus: but what is time? Faliseus: a human concept Faliseus: human concepts change Faliseus: I agree “well, see you should change your profile” Faliseus: I haven't ran into a legit reason Faliseus: I only put in things that stay 'true' “put excerpts from your book in it” “Oh so your book isn’t true?” “ah ha” “I got you” Faliseus: did I say that? “yes” Faliseus: I believe this is what I said..... Faliseus: Simple, clear and concise. TRUTHFUL and STRAIGHT to the point. That’s who I am.
I am the guy. Faliseus: 'am' meaning 'currently' “that’s stupid” Faliseus: but it's 'truthful' Faliseus: that's who I am to the top 127.) Pointless Guesses of the Future “Well do you have a guess of what’s going to happen next?” Faliseus: no guesses Faliseus: new bits and pieces of wisdom come to me each day “just because you’re afraid” Faliseus: why do you say that? “you’re afraid to guess” Faliseus: nah Faliseus: I have 'no reason' to guess Faliseus: I just go w/the 'flow' “but don’t you care about OTHERS?” Faliseus: I do “then why won’t you guess and satisfy my curiosity of your knowledge of the future?” Faliseus: I don't know the future Faliseus: I can only have faith in it Faliseus: never 'knowing' the future Faliseus: knowledge is 'fact' Faliseus: faith is 'believing in what you don't see' “yes, but I'm telling you there IS a pattern” Faliseus: all I can do is 'faithfully wait' for the answers Faliseus: it hasn't 'flowed' through me yet “just look at the dates you have been contacted” “and analyze them” Faliseus: I'm not involved w/processes of the 'human clock', I'm involved w/the feelings
of 'God's Clock' Faliseus: not by numbers and digits Faliseus: but by feelings and life “that has nothing to do with anything I'm saying” Faliseus: you said, 'analyze' the 'dates' Faliseus: read the above ^ “you don’t like it huh?” Faliseus: I don't like what I don't need Faliseus: a 'need' is sufficient for 'my life' Faliseus: my 'faith' is all I need “ok” “but the pattern exists” “you just can’t figure it out” Faliseus: I don't 'need' to “fine fine fine” to the top 128.) STOP IT!!! “25 is my age to be done for sure” “my future is far away... I know I'll be ok” Faliseus: I don't understand why people take age into perspective when 'starting'
or 'quitting' something “I can’t explain it ...... i just KNOW it” “I don‘t know...... a landmark” Faliseus: "the future is now" Faliseus: landmarks are set Faliseus: but are they reached? Faliseus: Columbus set out for sail in 1492.... Faliseus: where did he WANT to go? “:-)” “I hear ya boy” Faliseus: and where DID he GO? Faliseus: he WANTED one thing and GOT another Faliseus: exactly “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: those that wait to answer the door at 11:00 die at 10:30 Faliseus: "the time is now" Faliseus: you may not have another chance Faliseus: or you may be steering straight for America, like Columbus did “but, life is I said I can get hit by a car tomorrow” “who knows???” “so, I'll do whatever till I have more reason than myself to not do it” Faliseus: you shouldn't leave your life to an 'if' Faliseus: life isn't reliable that way “it sure isn’t” Faliseus: yourself is why we're here “so we do one day at a time” Faliseus: we could be gone tomorrow too “I know” Faliseus: but I'm saying that smoke builds and smoke destroys gradually Faliseus: it's not like a sudden change that you notice “I know” Faliseus: it's a change that you get used to Faliseus: my dad smoked for YEARS and thought he was fine, he even FELT fine “but, if you stop soon enough, you're okay too” Faliseus: but WHEN is soon enough? Faliseus: we don't know that for a fact “some people smoke all their lives and are fine..... some not..... although I am not
going to smoke all my life” “I am quitting” “one day” Faliseus: some are and some are not...risky business...but why be in that business if
it's not profitable? Faliseus: TODAY is a great day Faliseus: I'm here “some times you’ve got to take risks” Faliseus: why take this risk? Faliseus: what good will it do for you to smoke? “I know.. I hear this all the time and I’m used to it..... and the best I can say is when
I am ready and I am not ready” Faliseus: readiness comes to us when we're afraid “not always” Faliseus: fear comes to us through a tragedy “sometimes readiness comes because it has too” Faliseus: but I'd like to be PRO active Faliseus: tragedy...readiness through fear “I know.... you have a good head on your shoulders and I’m glad I'll never have to worry
about you :-)” Faliseus: you may have to have a discussion like this w/me one day Faliseus: but till then...I'll live in fear and readiness “*laugh out loud*:-)“ Faliseus: a fearful person is a strong person Faliseus: a fearful person is someone that is AFRAID of what they’re CAPABLE of Faliseus: and a fearful person is WISE enough not to start it Faliseus: so BE in FEAR and NO habit will control you to the top 129.) DRILLING into the HEART Faliseus: here's what you do..... Faliseus: it's what I call DRILLING into the heart.... Faliseus: DRILL IN to what you need to know by asking WHY..... “good call” Faliseus: when things get rocky, shaky, and the person starts acting a bit strange... Faliseus: DRILL OUT from things by asking WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN and HOW... Faliseus: like MY two favorite questions....’how are you feeling?’ and
‘what are you thinking?’ Faliseus: sometimes you run into hard rocks so pull out and go back in till they're gone Faliseus: after you've drilled into the heart Faliseus: there's a big gaping hole there Faliseus: clean out the dirt Faliseus: put your post in Faliseus: and fill it w/concrete Faliseus: but wait Vern!!! there's more!!:-) Faliseus: gaping hole...emptiness Faliseus: extra dirt....some doubt and pains Faliseus: post....your support Faliseus: Faliseus: just KEEP YOUR FEET PLANTED.... Faliseus: because YOU are the OPERATOR! Faliseus: that means don't budge or compromise for ANYTHING Faliseus: just be there till the hole is drilled and filled Faliseus: I'm a man Faliseus: I've got to figure out more ways to solve problems w/power tools! Faliseus: I fix the house and home Faliseus: I fix the temple and heart:-) Faliseus: same difference, different distances Faliseus: I learned this by drilling holes for fence posts working w/my first
construction boss:-) Faliseus: the questions still hurt, though Faliseus: even if it’s right, right things take time. “yeah” Faliseus: use hope as your tool Faliseus: 'hope' should hammer time into the ground:-) Faliseus: too many 'why's can hurt Faliseus: they are drills to the heart, and if the heart hurts already,
give it time “at the risk of saying it, why is that” Faliseus: people don't like going to the very center of themselves to
answer questions all the time Faliseus: people mostly just want some comfort *********************************** Faliseus: keep drilling Faliseus: ask 'why, why, why, why' Faliseus: eventually with'll eventually get to the 'I don't know' answer Faliseus: if you keep drilling “you know what Jeremy.. I don't care that much why” Faliseus: it's important to know why “why?” Faliseus: because, if you don't know your 'purpose' or 'direction', then
you might NEVER go anywhere because you'll never have
understood the way you really wanted to go. Faliseus: a solid understanding, is a solid direction, is a firm ground
to walk on. Faliseus: firm, is support. to the top 130.) We’re ALL Dirt Movers Faliseus: cleaning is an art Faliseus: it's just not one of the more popular ones Faliseus: and Faliseus: what's got me weirded out is......... “what” Faliseus: an artist like Michelangelo is SO respected for his sculpture...was that 'David'??? Faliseus: and guess what? Faliseus: that is ENTIRELY made of dirt Faliseus: as is ANY sculpture or painting “you are funny” Faliseus: and a construction man that moves dirt doesn't get the same attention Faliseus: yep...we're ALL dirt movers to the top 131.) Comfortability “I can be kind of shy when I’m first around people” Faliseus: don't worry Faliseus: it'll be like we've known each other for ages “*laugh out loud* good” Faliseus: I'm good at comfortability Faliseus: cause I've dealt w/the experience of rejection my entire life Faliseus: so I'll know how to keep you comfortable Faliseus: no worries “good” “how could you have been rejected?” Faliseus: don't ask me Faliseus: I don't know “hmmm” Faliseus: I suppose maybe it could be that I've opened up a bit more Faliseus: I'm more confident now “well, I am so glad to hear that :-)” Faliseus: but sometimes confidence can't overpower ignorance Faliseus: so I ignore the ignorant by being confident that they’re not
ignoring me to the top 132.) God Didn't Write the Bible Faliseus: to enter the kingdom of heaven you must enter it in Jesus’ name Faliseus: the word is only what you believe it is Faliseus: I believe the word is love and faith “yes and it’s GOD’S Word His Book” Faliseus: who wrote the book? Faliseus: how many books are there? “God wrote The Bible” Faliseus: did you SEE him write it? Faliseus: then how can you say HE wrote it? “no but it says he did and I believe it how else are you going to know who He is if you
don’t read it” Faliseus: who's names does it say in the first four chapters of The Bible? Faliseus: Matthew, Luke, Mark and John right? Faliseus: those were different MEN “yes but who inspired them to write the books?” Faliseus: I agree that God inspired The Bible but still.... “still what??” Faliseus: the men had the CHOICE whether to WRITE or NOT to write Faliseus: God gave a us a free world Faliseus: and DECISIONS Faliseus: THEY made the decision Faliseus: to write “Inspired means in Greek or Hebrew "God Breathed" so He breathed into the men what to
write” Faliseus: I don't believe everything I read “well that is sad“ Faliseus: I'm talking about DECISIONS Faliseus: let me ask you something..... “ok” Faliseus: your birthday.... Faliseus: would it be more exciting to READ ABOUT your birthday party.......or would it
be more exciting to be AT your birthday party? “Dec. 11” “at the party” “what are you saying?” Faliseus: I'm saying..... “saying what?” Faliseus: would you read something that someone else wrote that might be PARTLY true and
believe it ALL to be true...or would you rather go out and find out for yourself Faliseus: the thing lacking here is....time to THINK about the things you read Faliseus: if your pastor was here he'd agree w/me, I'm sure of it “I believe that God’s word is true He said so 8000 or around that # just in the new
testament” “and no he would not... he believes every thing the Bible says” Faliseus: but here's the thing.... Faliseus: APPLICATION of the bible “so your point is?” Faliseus: apply everything written in the bible to life Faliseus: and TRY to make it all FIT “yes, God knows that we will mess up but he will forgive us” Faliseus: that's why I do not read the bible so much....I live the bible more than I read
it “10 commandments we should try to follow and apply to our life to be successful” “but you have to read the bible to see what it says” Faliseus: I don't need to read the bible to learn a lesson Faliseus: how did you learn to tie your shoes? Faliseus: did the bible teach you that? “no come on dude get real here” “He teaches you how to live your life” Faliseus: get real? Faliseus: I am real Faliseus: yes Faliseus: but NOT 100% through a bible Faliseus: I learn my lessons through LIFE Faliseus: besides Faliseus: the bible is the BOOK OF LIFE Faliseus: so I'm living it “Faliseus: I don't need to read the bible to learn a lesson” Faliseus: how did you learn to tie your shoes? “that is not getting real” “mom but that does not go dude” “you are off” Faliseus: the point is..... Faliseus: you LEARNED something with OUT reading it “no I have to read the Bible to know how to live and to know who God is” Faliseus: how do you know God? Faliseus: have you seen Him? “no but you can’t see God till you go to heaven! see ? like this tells me that you must
not really know Christ” Faliseus: I know Christ Faliseus: He's my brother Faliseus: I love him dearly Faliseus: that tells me you don't know Christ “He is there I believe in Him and he has always been there for me when I need him He is
always by my side” Faliseus: there you go Faliseus: I was just warning you of the wolf in sheep’s skin....the FRAUDULENT bibles Faliseus: God INSPIRED the Bible but He didn’t write it.... Faliseus: The TRUE bible has got the notes of God written by God’s people Faliseus: praying gets the words to and from the heart Faliseus: reading gets the words to and from the mind Faliseus: reading bout praying....The Bible....keeps the mind focused on the heart “yeah” Faliseus: but sometimes people misunderstand WHY something was done and sometimes people
forget to define themselves to the top 133.) Christianity: NOT Religion but RELATIONSHIP “so what religion are you anyway?” Faliseus: no religion Faliseus: it's relationship “ah I see” Faliseus: Christianity “so you do believe in God I see” Faliseus: the common misunderstanding about Christianity is that people think it's a
religion “well then couldn’t that be said for all religions? I mean what really matters is the
faith correct?” Faliseus: faith is correct Faliseus: religion is materialistic “how so?” “or is it the whole tithing thing” “10% of all the income that you make should go to the church” Faliseus: religion is repetition “and the only beliefs that I know of that really aren’t that materialistic are the
Shoalin monks and some other things” Faliseus: I'm out in this world by free will...not RELIGION “well we've been given that already” Faliseus: just faith in God and love for all that has a heart is the important part *************************** continued.... Faliseus: I've been thinking of going into some smaller church groups,
and philosophizing the small group leaders, and "STRAIGHTENING THEM OUT" “hmmm, what church do you go to?” Faliseus: I really just go to any church I feel like going to Faliseus: some people that claim to be Christian forget a lot of key
things, and those certain people screw it up for everyone else,
because THEN, after a 'non-Christian' has talked to them, that
'non-Christian' will have 'biased and MISINTERPRETED views' Faliseus: the Christian church is alright, but the music for the youth
is horribly over exaggerated and repetitive and VERY LABELED. Faliseus: There were also some things that the pastor/speaker said that
I didn't agree with. Faliseus: I believe that now a days, the youths ‘MISUNDERSTAND’
Christianity because they treat it as a whipping post and a cushion
and not the STRIVE for love it SHOULD be. Faliseus: one thing I'm not very fond of about some people that
misinterpret Christianity, is that whole 'come to the front and we'll
pray for you to heal your addiction' thing......well.....the fact is.... Faliseus: according to the bible, we're ALL born into sin. So,
therefore, EVERYONE should be coming up to the front asking for
forgiveness, not just the few, but everyone....then again.....there's also....... Faliseus: that thing where the certain pastors/preachers/speakers will
say "God will do this for you" Faliseus: and that is ENTIRELY misinterpreted!:-) “I agree” Faliseus: because then you've got these people, once again, that CLAIM
to be Christians, saying "Oh, well, God will take care of it." Faliseus: LAZY ASSES!!! :-) Faliseus: I mean, that bothers me:-) *laugh out loud* “*LAUGH OUT LOUD*“ Faliseus: God will NOT do your dishes, NOT do your taxes, NOT take your
dog on a walk, NOT pay your bills.....God WON’T DO those
things!! BUT, the misunderstanding is this....... Faliseus: people misunderstand the FACT of FAITH. Faith is believing in
what you can’t see. Well, the problem here is simply that people
want to KNOW GOD and TECHNICALLY, they CAN’T. Faliseus: But the BIBLE, for the most part, is SUCH a BIASED and
misunderstood piece of information and such a labeled book, that
people think that they can KNOW GOD (SEE GOD) by reading the bible. Faliseus: then people of ALL ages MISTAKE righteousness, for just
misunderstood proverbs. Faliseus: Proverbs are in the bible as common sense NOT a command, but
proverbs are in the bible as ‘common sense‘. Faliseus: Often times the proverbs are written so BRIEF, and so
COMMANDING, that people often times will FORGET the meaning of it, and
NOT CARE about the meaning of it, because it is GOD’S WORD, yet
NO ONE has met God, not even Jesus (and THAT, my friend, is IN
the bible, the New Testament) Faliseus: and well, most of the music but not ALL of the music, is very
bad, because MOST but not ALL of the music is so mono-tone,
that I think MOSES would've fallen asleep while listening to
it.......and this music is with instruments that are meant to be
PLAYED!!! not stroked!! “that’s funny” Faliseus: God, if I needed to be stroked by music, I'd go into a massage
parlor with my BIBLE and my guitar!!! Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: but you see my point?:-) the “Misunderstood Message of Faith”
is not just a local problem, it's worldwide, and it's very
dangerously misunderstood, with those certain biases and
possibly more........ worldwide Faliseus: oh yeah, ANOTHER thing that's been on my mind as well, Faliseus: ask a Christian this......."Was Christ a Christian?:-)" “*LAUGH OUT LOUD*!!!!!” Faliseus: because people often times like to 'follow' Jesus Faliseus: well, who is Jesus following? Faliseus: the phrase "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO" falls into this category:-) Faliseus: Jesus went by his OWN accords having faith in his brothers and
sisters and Jesus had faith on his OWN accords with God:-) NOT HIMSELF, BUT GOD!! Faliseus: and if people answer "NO" to that question, "was Christ a
Christian", then they're only saying that THEY are not Christians:-)...
...which is pretty damn funny Faliseus: therefore, making their entire belief, 'invalid' because
they've MISUNDERSTOOD it.;-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “you are too much Jeremy“ Faliseus: I believe I’m too little, and that belief is just too much for
those who believe I’m enough. “you are so random sometimes” Faliseus: naw, life is random, I'm just perfectly tuned with life:-D “*laugh out loud* well I Am going to lunch” Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “I will talk to maybe when I come back“ “yah?” Faliseus: that works for me ;-) Faliseus: love you bye, bye! Faliseus: to any new Christians out there, this is my COMMON SENSE
perspective of Christianity: it’s FAITH, NOT fact. Faliseus: It’s BELIEF and LOVE, NOT label and judge. which draws me to another conclusion, “Is it RIGHT or CORRECT for a Christian to HATE someone, if that
someone, doesn’t worship/idolize Jesus? Would Jesus like for someone to
be hated for not loving him?” The answer is no. Jesus loved EVERYONE, and judged NO ONE. He only
wanted ‘love’ and faith in a loving and forgiving God, by loving and
forgiving his brothers and sisters, regardless of their personal
beliefs or past history. “The love will open the eyes.” In my opinion, Jesus wouldn’t want to be ‘idolized’ or SOLD like he is
today. Jesus would want his MESSAGE preached, not just his ‘name’.
Gosh, if I was Jesus, I would become VERY ANNOYED with the bunch of
people who put my name on everything and yet, those SAME people will
STILL misinterpret MY MESSAGE, because ALL PEOPLE WOULD CARE about
or APPRECIATE is ‘my name’. If I was Jesus, I would NOT appreciate having my name on something, that
I don‘t approve of. If I was Jesus, then I would RATHER appreciate someone who would respect
my PERSPECTIVE, NOT someone who’ll only appreciate me for MY NAME.
I would NOT want someone with a CLOSED mind or ‘name labeling’ mind. If I was Jesus, I wouldn’t want someone to FOCUS on ‘how’ I would do
things. If I was Jesus, I would ONLY truly want someone to
understand my PURPOSE. I would want someone to understand ‘logically‘,
WHY I do the things I do. “Don’t respect the name. Respect the perspective and the logic BEHIND
the name.” another question, “Is it right because it’s in a book?” No, it‘s NOT right because it‘s in a book, because each and every label
can be MISINTERPRETED or MISUNDERSTOOD. Misunderstanding through a
label is the quickest way to hate that there is. Jesus only loved.
As should WE ALL. Love is the only thing that is right. With our faithful love, is the
only earthly bliss. “Love is universal” Is it proper to bow your head, close your eyes each time you have to pray? No, because the true temple is in the heart. This body is just our
BORROWED body. Not EVERYONE has hands to pray with and not EVERYONE has
feet to stand and SOME people are BLIND and CAN’T EVEN SEE. So
the eyes closed, nor the standing or hands together are
ABSOLUTELY necessary, because “the #1 thing you should have TUNED is your ‘heart’ and your ‘faith’,
THE BODY WILL FOLLOW”. If going to a youth group or a sermon where there’s a pastor praying FOR
you, then is it proper to be absolutely SUBMISSIVE and OBEDIENT to
that pastor‘s prayer? ABSOLUTELY NOT. One commonly misunderstood thing is that, the pastor, no
matter HOW YOUNG, no matter HOW OLD, no matter HOW MUCH EXPERIENCE
that pastor has had preaching and praying, NO matter WHAT the case,
it doesn’t matter because WE ARE ALL CORRUPT, pastors INCLUDED. “WE ALL FORGET.” Sometimes in a time of great need for understanding, a pastor ‘of the
book’ might not be able to find the right answer, so he/she will
just ‘pick something out of “the book”’ and not deal with the
problem DIRECTLY. Why do I believe a pastor would do this? I believe
a pastor would do this, in order to ‘take the heat off of himself’ and
‘put the heat on the book’. “The message should ALWAYS be preached and understood from the heart,
not ALWAYS from ‘the book‘.” The book was CREATED for ONE SOLE PURPOSE, to ‘relate to the heart’. The
book was NOT created to BE THE HEART. I was not BORN in a book, and
I will not DIE in a book. “I AM ALIVE HERE AND NOW, only to ‘reflect‘ on what has already been
written, in order to give my perspective a new light to see, NOT TO
FOLLOW, but to stand RIGHT NEXT TO.” to the top 134.) Could God Make a Rock “could God make a rock so big that he couldn't lift?” Faliseus: God is the spirit above all Faliseus: so there's nothing He can't do “Could he?” Faliseus: His understanding isn't ours Faliseus: this question I'll have to say, "ask Him when you get to heaven":-) “the answer is either yes or no” “& I'll analyze of you want” Faliseus: but WHY would He need to in the first place? Faliseus: the whole thing is....what is your definition of God? Faliseus: do you 'know' God? Faliseus: I don't know Him but I believe in Him Faliseus: if I knew Him I'd tell you to the top 135.) I Know Boredom I know boredom. Boredom is sitting in a room doing nothing but thinking. Boredom is when you run out of motivation. Boredom is a teacher that goes on and on about something and won’t stop. Boredom has the influence of many powerful politicians, yet, Boredom leaves a bump sitting on a log. That is me...Boredom I know. depression/boredom is what I like to call 'Passively Confused'. to the top 136.) FREE WRITING “I don’t know what to write” “I’m not sure...what should I say” Faliseus: when I'm out of conversation Faliseus: I just start to say something someone else says Faliseus: like reflecting on a song or something “yep” Faliseus: or maybe part of a skit from a show Faliseus: as inspiration Faliseus: 1 percent inspiration 99 percent perspiration Faliseus: that 99% is coming from someone else’s 1 percent:-) Faliseus: it's best to be a free writer Faliseus: let it out Faliseus: thoughts or opinions, write them down Faliseus: the most brilliant thing about a window is in it's reflection of who
is seeing inside it Faliseus: those are the emotions of the writing....perspective to the top 137.) My Idea Machine Faliseus: my mind is like millions of horses charging wildly, Faliseus: I've got the rope, Faliseus: I lasso on Faliseus: and hold on for the ride of my life to the top 138.) If They Don’t Take the Life Saver Faliseus: when a person is drowning Faliseus: and you're on the ship throwing them a lifesaver Faliseus: but they don't take it Faliseus: let them drown Faliseus: and pour water on them Faliseus: they choke on their own words Faliseus: and yours Faliseus: but fortunately for me I can swim like the Sicilian I am to the top 139.) Thinkers and Feelers Faliseus: there's the thinkers and the feelers Faliseus: the feelers feel the emotion in their writing Faliseus: the thinkers are driven mad by thinking of the emotion in their writing Faliseus: a feeler can speak the truth as he feels it Faliseus: and a thinker can think the truth that he’s feeling as he
speaks of his thoughts about it Faliseus: a feeling is a rock that hits us Faliseus: and a thought is a breath of air that passes us by Faliseus: an idea reflecting on emotion is a rock rolling down a hill Faliseus: and an analysis reflecting on an idea is a cloud a million miles away Faliseus: thinking and feeling combined both reflect the rolling rocks and the clouds
in the sky Faliseus: as we have something to stand on and something to think about Faliseus: we’re alive as we think we’re standing Faliseus: thinking is just reflecting on a feeling, where as
'feeling' the inspirational mystery to the top 140.) Reflective Moments Faliseus: reflective moments Faliseus: going into a vision Faliseus: a majestic dream Faliseus: a feeling too real Faliseus: a mist or a fog to mind the steam Faliseus: dream along the waves of our memories Faliseus: cast out hands upon many shadows and graves Faliseus: the ground remains the slave Faliseus: the gravity is the restriction Faliseus: the jump is for the brave Faliseus: leave us to our thoughts Faliseus: to reflect on broken mirrors Faliseus: to pick up the pieces Faliseus: and to wipe away mother's tears Faliseus: her fall is too great Faliseus: our leap is too far Faliseus: we've lost track of our feathers Faliseus: and we can fly through the mist no more Faliseus: :-) “hmmm” “it's good” Faliseus: cool Faliseus: what message do you see in it? “not sure” Faliseus: want me to tell you what I see in it? “sure” Faliseus: I see a mother crying over her son's grave because her son wanted to do
something more than what he could handle and a feather flying through the air
as symbolicism of freedom Faliseus: as in, the son is free from the ground Faliseus: and the mist or fog, is a memory to the top 141.) Stand on Your Words, Don’t Fall Faliseus: neeto profile Faliseus: optimism and inspiration....the breaths of life in a dying body “huh? what are you talking about? Faliseus: I read your profile man “thanks” “late” Faliseus: it sure is Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: I'll forgive you Faliseus: I'm Jeremy 20/oh “later” “thanks” Faliseus: I’m an inspirational voice. Faliseus: Spoken when the ears and eyes are closed, Faliseus: can still be heard in the heart. “......” “yep” Faliseus: thought you might like that “don’t make me block you” Faliseus: but like I've said before, people, including yourself, come back to the place
they've run from to learn, teach and grow old with true warmth. Faliseus: we'll all stray from the lies that we've broadcasted as merely a false act of
compassion “thanks see ya” Faliseus: and learn to speak the truth before spoken to Faliseus: but lie as you do and you'll be back to face the truth “goodbye” Faliseus: see you when you've found wisdom. Faliseus: although we've blocked the voice of inspiration from our ears and the vision from
our eyes, Faliseus: the painful voice of regret will be ripping away at our minds
and hearts. Faliseus: In the pains of lies, Faliseus: the brain is trapped in a suffocating smoke and Faliseus: the heart is burned with a scorching fire. Faliseus: You'll scream for help within the blinding inferno of your deceit. Faliseus: The only way to escape is to run through your burning heart Faliseus: and Faliseus: to hold your breath until the smoke is gone and the air is clean. Faliseus: and that is the guilt of a fiery lie. to the top 142.) Withering Rose Faliseus: sigh Faliseus: it's been a long day Faliseus: too much struggle Faliseus: and too many things seemingly to shatter Faliseus: but I'll keep building and hopefully everything will come together Faliseus: faith sucks but faith is good life lived in advance Faliseus: so I've gotta go with what works Faliseus: sigh, yeah, Faliseus: my mind is blank Faliseus: just clouds are there Faliseus: all I can see in my face Faliseus: is just my hair. Faliseus: it stands still Faliseus: doesn't move to the wind. Faliseus: a simple breeze Faliseus: would make me move. Faliseus: patience is what I've been facing Faliseus: excitement is what I've lacked. Faliseus: there seems to be a piece of my heart Faliseus: still intact Faliseus: but it's no longer beating Faliseus: for that same life. Faliseus: it beats a small sound Faliseus: yelling for me to run. Faliseus: I may fall to the ground Faliseus: Panting from running the wheel of a mouse, Faliseus: I run. Faliseus: wheezing to enter or leave the house Faliseus: one thing is greater than I... Faliseus: the sky, the sky, the sky, Faliseus: I cannot touch Faliseus: only can I look at it Faliseus: and believe it's with me Faliseus: for me Faliseus: but alas, it is seemingly not "you need to stop" Faliseus: poetry must not ever stop when you feel it. “you really need to stop” Faliseus: the emotions run thick as the words you feel flow Faliseus: only to write Faliseus: hoping to know. Faliseus: the feelings the reader gets from your sight Faliseus: can hopingly take them, Faliseus: through a glorious flight Faliseus: but my heart has not flown to the skies, Faliseus: it is on the ground. Faliseus: there, in the dust, Faliseus: it lies. Faliseus: dear heart, please don't stop beating. to the top 143.) Eyes on the Prize Faliseus: to worry about not getting something takes away half of the promised prize. Faliseus: to have faith in getting that prize, Faliseus: you'll achieve it to the fullest of it's potential. "yeah" Faliseus: if you don't get the goal, at least you'll get the respect Faliseus: for doing what no one else would ever try "very true" Faliseus: I wasn't very good at weightlifting until I believed I could
lift more and more every day Faliseus: believe to achieve, simple as that Faliseus: doubt is our only worst enemy. Faliseus: I only focus on my future truth Faliseus: because we can only change what hasn't happened. Faliseus: I don't doubt myself one bit, Faliseus: I just wonder how I can go the places I need to go Faliseus: since I don't have any luck w/anything. Faliseus: I keep praying for a miracle “luck” “:-)” Faliseus: and although the road looks blocked, Faliseus: I'm going full throttle Faliseus: a friend of mine taught me something a long time ago on a sledding hill, Faliseus: if they get in your way, Faliseus: plow through them, it was their decision to stand there and
they saw you coming a long time ago. Faliseus: the road is as clear as you make it or believe it to be. Faliseus: the only chance of stopping that you believe there is, is the only chance that
will slow you down. to the top 144.) To See a Dream Faliseus: #1...grab a piece of paper and something to write with Faliseus: #2...close your eyes and draw a picture Faliseus: your eyes and see what you've drawn Faliseus: the paper is your entire life. Faliseus: the pen is your mind and the ink are your decisions. Faliseus: your eyes closed is the life as you live it. Faliseus: to see what you've drawn is to see how much you've faithfully pursued you
dreams. Faliseus: Make all the beautiful decisions you can in life. Faliseus: Stay on the paper when you draw them and turn your mistakes into your strengths
so that you will want to hang your artwork when you’re finished. to the top 145.) Head of the Heart-Heart of the Head “but what I am trying to understand is that a lot of the guys that I was
with who were supposedly straight, acted like they really liked
showering with other guys” Faliseus: like I say, Faliseus: it’s just our interpretation of things “so it makes me wonder if in a way, straight men are able to fulfill
hidden desires with out completely acting upon them” Faliseus: the truth of things lies behind the eyes and in our own hearts Faliseus: so no one can truly know or have the best idea of the truth
about themselves, but themselves Faliseus: it all depends on what head they're lead around by Faliseus: the head of the heart Faliseus: or the heart of the head “hmmmm” Faliseus: To further illustrate...I believe any person can be capable of
anything as we are all corrupted with blind desires and
forgetfulness. “yeah” Faliseus: ‘blind desires and forgetfulness’ being.......the heart of the
head Faliseus: and the head of the heart, is trying to ‘find the deeper
answer’ and the love Faliseus: shame keeps people from bonding sometimes Faliseus: I think nakedness sometimes purges people of shame Faliseus: but over all, it’s not the physical understanding of someone
that can be hidden as much as the mental understanding we're
always hiding “yeah” Faliseus: because we tend to hide our thoughts more than we can hide
ours bodies Faliseus: a body is a body, Faliseus: but is nothing without a mind to think about it and a heart to
feel it’s life Faliseus: a love is a love Faliseus: but is nothing without a head to think about it and a body to
transport it’s emotion in Faliseus: if the body was caught up in forgetfulness and blind desires Faliseus: then the corrupted mind would forget all about the love for
life that it has Faliseus: and forget it’s thankfulness and it’s bond between others
within the memories they’ve shared Faliseus: as reality will turn into floating masses of land in the space
of separation Faliseus: instead of the closeness of family in the love and memories
that we’ve been rooted in. to the top 146.) Meaningless Argumentive Babble “and why must you throw this crap around rather than just answer my
question? *laugh out loud* it'd be easier” Faliseus: I’ve given you my answer and you don’t like it Faliseus: when you want to learn about Socrates, do you ask him to get
up from his grave and teach you? Faliseus: NOW? right this moment because you WANT him to leave the
heaven that he’s in? Faliseus: not going to happen. Faliseus: speeches that are meant to be written down are meant to be
read “dude if I could that'd be awesome” “and why study him?” Faliseus: and once they're read, they can be spoken and heard, just the
same “I cannot compare you to him” Faliseus: I didn’t ask you to Faliseus: speeches that are meant to be written down are meant to be
read Faliseus: and once they're read, they can be spoken and heard, just the
same. “or to be said” “that's why they're speeches” Faliseus: my point “dude, no. I want to see your reaction now.” Faliseus: read:-) “I don’t want to see it already done” “there's a difference between interaction and just sitting there
reading” “I want to see that difference today” “when I ask you the questions” Faliseus: if you don't want to see it finished as I see it, then you
will never see it. Faliseus: sometimes we get what we want, but we’ll always get what we
need. Faliseus: and I’m giving you what I feel you need... the info, as I see
it. Faliseus: read and review w/me when you’re finished “what is "it" and what is "finished" in your definition?” Faliseus: read now Faliseus: ask later “(since you know, our definitions of "feeling" are different)” “no” “no” “why do you have a problem with me asking now?” Faliseus: I don't like to get stuck arguing over the details and the
menial things, when I've already made where I stand clear Faliseus: my answer is there Faliseus: you just have to see it “so you’re final in all you think?” Faliseus: never final Faliseus: read Faliseus: respond Faliseus: ask me after you read:-) Faliseus: simple as that... 10 minutes ago;-) Faliseus: without the fuss and mess. “*laugh out loud* well it'll take me a while, since you know, you write
a lot, and I've still got 3 exams and a paper to be concerned
bout besides some other assignments and such today... so....” Faliseus: it'll only take as long as it would here Faliseus: I only write as much as I need to “*laugh out loud* you write more than you need to.” Faliseus: you interpret things as more or less than they are Faliseus: it's like Van Gogh says Faliseus: "look too fast, you miss the true beauty of the painting." Faliseus: :-)there's a smile “nope. actually. I think you're full of it.” Faliseus: never full Faliseus: but being filled;-) “there's a certain realism in every kind of beauty, that's the best
part.” Faliseus: your eyes aren't wide enough to see my entirety because I'm
merely a stranger “but you dodge realistic comments with romanticism” “you’re missing something” Faliseus: of course I'm missing something Faliseus: we all are “it doesn't matter whether or not I personally know you” Faliseus: sure it does “it's what you say, because I know you choose it specifically” Faliseus: ‘settling in’ to key Faliseus: doesn't matter 'how' because it matters 'why' and that it happens when
it's done “you see? I'm not arguing with you. you choose to argue with an observation.
you’re in denial.” Faliseus: those that throw slanders, are just as guilty Faliseus: I'm learning Faliseus: you're learning Faliseus: that's true, that's all Faliseus: focus on learning what can be and not what 'might' be Faliseus: I 'might' be in denial Faliseus: but it’s not a fact. “I said "are"“ Faliseus: lets learn what 'is' Faliseus: do you see my truth? Faliseus: then you don't know my truth. Faliseus: you’re misinterpreting me “I'm starting to think that your "is" is a bunch of fluff.” “you live on a cloud.” “right now, I'm trying to study for Art therapy” Faliseus: I live on the ground “and I'm getting revved up because you’re driving me crazy” Faliseus: I'm speaking what I know “and my one friend is having problems with her friend whose having problems
with her soon to live in boy friend” “*laugh out loud* I'm a little distracted” “and you don't know that” Faliseus: and I stand where I stand, never letting the wind budge me. Faliseus: you didn't tell me that bit of IMPORTANT information till now Faliseus: thanks for informing me:-) Faliseus: there's another smile “*laugh out loud*.” “informing you of which part” Faliseus: excellent, we're forming a base Faliseus: struggles of focus “if the wind didn't budge you, you wouldn’t be forming your thoughts.
they'd be stagnant” Faliseus: I didn't say I wasn't budged “yes, I'm a little distracted and frustrated at girls who can't deal
with boyfriends. Faliseus: you misinterpreted, “Faliseus: and I stand where I stand, never letting the wind budge me.” Faliseus: I meant, consciously, I stand where I stand, never 'permising'
the wind to budge me “o, Ok.” “psh.” Faliseus: sometimes we stand undefined in front of strangers:-)but I can
only hope you understand me;-)” “I'm starting to and I don’t think I'd like to.” “(understand more)” Faliseus: it's a definition dispute that starts the fights faster than
anything “dispute, fights, what’s the difference?” “ah, nm” “I see I read that wrong” Faliseus: I don't like the hurts of understanding, but I'd rather not be
ignorant “fine.” “hurts happen. I deal. that's the way it goes.” Faliseus: I mean, you say To-mate-o and I say To-motto Faliseus: different growths, different views Faliseus: on the same light “what's the light you speak of?” Faliseus: redefining is helpful “and I know there's variations” “I'm glad you've decided to put a lot of obvious stuff into this
conversation” “that's very nice” “*eye roll*” Faliseus: the light, in my definition, is a better idea of the truth Faliseus: sometimes it's good to remind the knowledgeable:-P Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “yea but if we've different definitions for everything, you must be
specific” “remember?” Faliseus: “Faliseus: redefining is helpful” (quote on quote)“*“and I
know there's variations”*” Faliseus: thanks for reminding me:-) “*laugh out loud* that was sarcasm” Faliseus: read what is already written to feel what is right “no” Faliseus: not sarcasm, Faliseus: reminder “yes it was” “if you heard me, it was sarcasm” Faliseus: if it was sarcasm to you, then that's fine, but to me it
wasn't sarcasm Faliseus: it was COPY and PASTE:-) Faliseus: remind Faliseus: and review Faliseus: my view Faliseus: contrasts to your view, but we've already said that about a
million times:-P Faliseus: and what are we REALLY learning about each other? “should I tell you all the voice and eyebrow and body language I go
through whenever I'm typing something to you?” “it was sarcasm” Faliseus: we are arguing about ‘possible’ state of being and not the
‘definite’ state of understanding “I don't care what I'm really learning about you” Faliseus: define please “I'm more into why are you thinking this way” “or whatever way you are thinking” Faliseus: ignorance is bliss, but when we run into what we haven't
learned is there, we get a bump on our heads “explain in real words and how it applies to you” “I assume it applies to one of us, but mainly you” “that's the focus, right?” Faliseus: what is 'it'? please specify Faliseus: (quote on quote)“*“ I don't care what I'm really learning
about you”*” Faliseus: is that what you wrote? those words say to me that you do not
care to learn about me, ignoring knowledge of me Faliseus: ignoring knowledge Faliseus: blissfully “no I'm not ignoring it.” Faliseus: but that's my perspective “it's just not my point today” “then just ask.” Faliseus: what is your perspective? “if you’re unsure.” “on what specifically?” Faliseus: well, since we've strayed from the subject a long time ago Faliseus: let's refresh... Faliseus: read my site about what you wanted to know about me, and
instead of asking me now... Faliseus: ask me AFTER you’ve read it. Faliseus: if not “no.” Faliseus: then don't “I can't“ “I'm doing too much right now” “and I've got to get to class in a few minutes” Faliseus: save till later then:-) “I've no time for your crap” “just tell me straight up” “if that's even possible for you” Faliseus: if it's crap, then why talk to me about it in the first place? Faliseus: I write what I write for the reason it's written Faliseus: to be understood. “because I'm curious to see if I can get to why you think the way you
do” “but you just dodge it all” “you dodge the real questions” “you dodge the real thoughts” Faliseus: I'm standing where I'm standing “they're all wrapped up in fluff” “and I want to know why” Faliseus: you dodge my answers “they're not real” Faliseus: it seems you want me to say 'Uncle' Faliseus: but all I'm saying is 'my own words' for Uncle “yea I know that” Faliseus: same meaning Faliseus: but you 'prefer' to do it another way Faliseus: I strive for efficiency Faliseus: see it, review it, ask about it Faliseus: when the sculpture has already been carved, don't ask me to
carve another one Faliseus: just ask me to redefine what I've already done..... Faliseus: AFTER you’ve LOOKED at it. Faliseus: I'd be obliged to. Faliseus: :-D Faliseus: but you've refused to look at my sculpture “dude I have no time to read this.” Faliseus: and I've refused to repeat myself “I have to get to class” Faliseus: alright” Faliseus: save it till later Faliseus: in my writing, are my words as you would see I say
them *********************** Faliseus: now that’s five pages of pointless writing, Faliseus: when it should’ve only taken ONE SENTENCE Faliseus: to look at ONE thing Faliseus: the lessons here are.... Faliseus: don’t argue about assumptions, Faliseus: argue/ask questions about what is OBVIOUSLY KNOWN. Faliseus: To REALLY understand somebody, Faliseus: don’t blame your poor listening skills on their speaking
skills..... Faliseus: keep to yourself until you’ve UNDERSTOOD mutually with this
person on every answer to EVERY question Faliseus: oh and another thing, it's not about 'one person knowing' Faliseus: it's about mutual understanding Faliseus: relativity Faliseus: calmness is a good relativity Faliseus: there's tension Faliseus: with heat, air doesn’t stand still Faliseus: and it's hard to grasp Faliseus: keep air calm, easier to breathe Faliseus: when a chess player is swept up into the tempo of the game and
the smaller moves but not with his main strategies.... Faliseus: he is lost and loses others. Faliseus: have a main message when speaking. Faliseus: one theme. be the speaker:-). to the top 147.) Life Metaphorically Life is the radiant reflection of our contrasting and complementing
thoughts seen through a diamond. The diamond is in the light of the
truth in which the source is unseen. The mind is it’s own catacomb to it’s own view of life. Within your own
mind, you take the risk in whatever you do. It is key to view life
happily and to keep the heart beating lively. As our essence
without the mind and with our lively beating heart is then sealed and
delivered to that view. to the top 148.) Reply to Email 1. LIVING ARRANGEMENT: alive, breathing, with people 2. A BOOK YOU ARE READING NOW? mine 3. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? my mouse 4. FAVORITE BOARD GAME? life 5. FAVORITE MAGAZINE? n/a 6. FAVORITE SMELLS? sleep 7. FAVORITE SOUND? Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd's guitar in The Wall concert and snoring that I make but can't
hear 8. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? direction 9. WHAT HAPPENED TO #9? number 9 was swallowed into a vortex of the world's forgetfulness, only to be washed onto
the shores of the sea of hope. 10. FAVORITE COLOR? my favorite color is all of the colors and none of the colors. as the color you see is
just the reflection of what color it isn't. 11. HOW MANY RINGS BEFORE YOU ANSWER THE PHONE? depends 12. FUTURE CHILD'S NAME? n/a 13. WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT IN LIFE? "happiness, true love and a nice Mutton, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich...." 14. FAVORITE FOODS? taste changes when you've had the best, I'll never know. 15. CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA? chocolate is just vanilla with cocoa 16. YOU LIKE TO DRIVE FAST? to pass life at blinding speeds is to pass the beauty of life...blindly. 17. DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? my blanket and my pillow are fuzzy and no I haven't met mariah carrie 18. STORMS-COOL OR SCARY? drama can be expected and interpreted in many different ways 19. WHAT TYPE WAS YOUR FIRST CAR? a boat without an oar 20. IF YOU COULD MEET ONE PERSON DEAD OR ALIVE? me, because I'd like to be able to help myself understand me 21. FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK? if any, Bacardi Breezer, but not big alkihol fan 22. WHAT IS YOUR ZODIAC SIGN? <--this way to happiness--> 23. DO YOU EAT THE STEMS OF BROCCOLI? I devour everything wholesome in life that helps me grow 24. IF YOU COULD DYE YOUR HAIR ANY COLOR? die it the color it is 25. EVER BEEN IN LOVE? if definition of love is 'true love-a love lasting through life', then no if definition of love is 'love-feeling drawn to glow and warmth of another', then yes if definition of love is 'love-having faith and understanding in another', then yes 26. IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL? not focused on what is there, just focused that I'm drinking and that there is something
in the glass in general 27. FAVORITE MOVIES? Spies Like Us-Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase, Oh God-George Burns, Oh God Book II-George Burns,
Oh God You Devil-George Burns, Trading Places-Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd, Coming
to America-Eddie Murphy, Cuba Gooding Jr., Club Paradise- Robin Williams,
Matrix-Keanu Reeves 28. DO YOU TYPE WITH YOUR FINGERS ON THE RIGHT KEYS? no, I type w/fingers on CORRECT keys 29. WHAT'S UNDER YOUR BED? not sure, IF I looked, maybe Jimmy Hoffa 30. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE NUMBER? me #1 31. FAVORITE SPORT TO WATCH? the sport that is felt 32. SAY ONE THING NICE THING ABOUT THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? you are one funky chica and I've got lizard eyes. 33. WHO'S THE PERSON THAT MOST LIKELY WON'T REPLY TO THIS? the person I won't send it to 34. Who IS THE PERSON THAT WILL MOST LIKELY RESPOND TO THIS E-MAIL? most likely, IF I send it to myself, then me to the top 149.) Trademark Icon Phrases “that's cool” Faliseus: I'd like to think so, Faliseus: and let’s hope for the best. “yeah “ Faliseus: I may have come up with one of my themes Faliseus: been saying these two phrases a lot lately...... "I'd like to think so" and
"let's hope for the best" “well I have enjoyed talking to you but I should go or I am going to be
slurring my speech tomorrow” Faliseus: can't have that:-) “so what do those two phrases mean” Faliseus: I think those two phrases will be my comedic trademark:-)
“oh I see” Faliseus: or they’ll be my 'dramatic' or 'theatric' trademark...whatever
media I use or create Faliseus: all the greats have their mark:-) Faliseus: and those are the birthmarks and paintings of their careers Faliseus: ...the icons to the top 150.) Uniqueness Faliseus: each person in the world can lift the same stone, Faliseus: but each of those people will think of the stone differently, Faliseus: and feel different feelings about the stone, as there’s no
fact that there’s one finger print that is alike and no heart that beats in
synch with another. Faliseus: there are no lights that can shine inward, that shine outward. Faliseus: eyes see into one another, but can’t reflect upon themselves. Faliseus: The diversity in life is spread outward and growing. Growing
diversity can’t be duplicated, Faliseus: only represented through the eyes of each individual best as it can. Faliseus: Each perspective is different as there is no true control in
the environment and no true definition of what we see. Faliseus: a reflection of ourselves, on another, would give us a better
idea of who we are. Faliseus: another person has another perspective. Faliseus: we can only see the ‘reflection’ of who we are. Faliseus: we are as unique as the reflections of ourselves in another. to the top 151.) What If Faliseus: closure is something we all need. Faliseus: If we haven't got that--especially if I myself don’t have
that-- then we'll always have that taunting 'what if' on our minds “I know...” Faliseus: and I, personally, couldn’t live that way Faliseus: ‘not following through‘ and ‘not knowing‘, would hurt just the
same, or MORE, as ‘following through’ and ‘knowing’. Faliseus: learned that from my construction boss. Faliseus: he gave the same advice to his son Faliseus: a great philosopher once said, “it’s better to have loved and
lost then to have not loved at all.” “but what if while waiting on that closure, as you say, you miss
wonderful "what ifs"“ Faliseus: 'just go do it', so that you'll never wonder 'what if' Faliseus: 'follow through' “exactly” “take that advice with others too Jeremy” Faliseus: I follow through w/what I do and always want to keep my
promises to others because, in turn, I’m keeping the promises to
myself Faliseus: I can't just be that guy that'll take the next train leaving
for Buffalo, because he couldn't wait for the one going to
heaven Faliseus: the 'what if' heaven is something I could be cheating myself
out of Faliseus: and never know and always wonder “I hear you” Faliseus: it would tear me apart, if I couldn't fulfill my dreams as an
artist.....just thinking.....what if, all the time, about all the
ideas I never followed through with. Faliseus: and wouldn’t want the burden of another ‘what if’ w/the people
I'm with or could meet “I know” “what ifs suck” “but that’s why I don’t understand about you not taking that one opportunity” Faliseus: and I couldn’t bear it to put pressure on someone else, for
something they didn’t do Faliseus: so I FOLLOW through with the things that I do, so as not to
‘cheat’ myself out of my own promise.....I’ll follow my heart,
until it FEELS right and continue in that direction, so
others can share that feeling. to the top 152.) Is Life a Dream? Faliseus: do you have any life’s dreams? “life is a dream” “death is awakening“ Faliseus: man, it's all in the '''meaning''' of the words my
friend....... Faliseus: If life is a dream, then what is it that you DO while dreaming
and what is it that you DESIRE to do while dreaming? “what if it’s not you dreaming just someone else dreaming of you?” Faliseus: man, I'm is it that you desire to 'do' in
life? “save the world“ Faliseus: let’s not get caught up in a perspective if/then battle, that
usually doesn’t end up very pretty Faliseus: cool Faliseus: how? “anyway” Faliseus: most people aren’t very defined in their words and plans in
life, which leads to no plans at all Faliseus: was wondering what your definition of 'saving the world' was “sacrifice of one self for many“ Faliseus: to gain? “respect , honor , ect ..” Faliseus: no happiness? Faliseus: ect. ...that kind of trails off “well everything you get in knowing that just before you died you saved
the world” Faliseus: happiness and wholeness isn't important then? “well you’re happy because you know that what you did is not
replaceable” Faliseus: happiness is ‘believed’ not ‘achieved’. Faliseus: and nothing anyone does can be replaceable Faliseus: even brushing my teeth day to day is irreplaceable, because
it's a singular action, acted upon by me and no other Faliseus: why would you need to sacrifice yourself, in order to save the
world? “well many people brush their teeth“ “how many people can say they saved a world?” Faliseus: everyone can “or be known as they did“ Faliseus: but they can't truly mean it Faliseus: if the world is just a dream then does that dream end when you
die or does it go on even after you’ve short lived your life because
you've sacrificed your life? and what would that, in turn, do for
the world, as 'you' aren't there to help it grow? Faliseus: wouldn't that growing world 'die' without you? “well I let it keep on growing” “or at least have the chance to keep on going” Faliseus: paraphrase please:-) “hummm. . . .” “before I sacrificed, the world had no chance to keep on“ Faliseus: how would you know that? this is an ENTIRE world, with an ENTIRE
MANY truths. Faliseus: the only thing that hides our eyes from those truths, is our
own doubt and corruption Faliseus: my definition of corruption is believing that there's no other
option but one “then that is all we have“ Faliseus: what is all we have? “doubt and corruption“ Faliseus: we have forgiveness and a community, that reminds us, to be
thankful for Faliseus: there's more ends of the spectrum than just doubt and
corruption “but if this is all a dream why have forgiveness and a community at
all?” Faliseus: but for the corrupted and doubting there is more than they can
see, when they shield their eyes from other truths “what I am saying is if what you’re living is a dream then why have such
things in your life or even life like rules and communities?” Faliseus: that's an 'if it was a dream situation', not an 'is a dream situation' Faliseus: when it's 'if', then you don't know, and we don't know Faliseus: life may or may not be a dream Faliseus: I didn't say this was a dream Faliseus: I think therefore, I am. Faliseus: I feel, therefore, I can become. Faliseus: I give what is necessarily needed for others to aspire to live
and pass on that love “my bad“ “he he he” Faliseus: *laugh out loud* :-D to the top 153.) Prove Me RIGHT!! Faliseus: put people on the spot Faliseus: and they'll TAKE you OFF the spot they've put you on Faliseus: it's all a matter of proving someone right “*laugh out loud*” “that's funny” Faliseus: "hey, I'm on your side, now prove me that you're right and I'll agree with you." Faliseus: there's no anti-anything in that Faliseus: and it's all a learning based perspective Faliseus: challenging BOTH parties “yeah” Faliseus: I've done that all my life:-) Faliseus: that’s how I've learned to give such good advice “yeah I guess so” Faliseus: because I've learned how to make people believe in me by me believing in them Faliseus: instead of being against....I'm for Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: so all I can do is understand someone by talking to them and
asking them honest questions and getting honest answers. Faliseus: MUTUAL understanding is a powerful bond of friendship, Faliseus: those bonds are shaken, with misunderstandings Faliseus: those bonds are broken, with doubt Faliseus: and those bonds are made, with faith Faliseus: prove someone ‘wrong’ and no one goes home happy or enlightened.... Faliseus: but prove someone ‘right’ and you’ll both learn something and become friends Faliseus: use the logic and reasoning of absolute honesty and REALLY
listen to someone and their answers. Faliseus: LOOK for contradiction, LOOK for anger, LOOK for
misunderstanding, LOOK for doubt, LOOK for words of hate Faliseus: but, more importantly, Faliseus: LOOK for the ANSWERS and FIND them......with FAITH and
unconditional love. to the top 154.) Image “have any gay friends?” Faliseus: I do “:::nods::::” Faliseus: but I don't see my friends as 'what' they are, but for ’who’
they are. Faliseus: like I say, it's not the image I love Faliseus: :-) “image?” Faliseus: close your eyes and hold onto yourself and you can still love
me right? Faliseus: having the belief that I'm there is your faith in me. “I'm no image, but then, what’s your definition of image?” Faliseus: ‘image‘... something that isn’t felt at the heart, but is
interpreted through the eyes and mind. Faliseus: and you'll have to check out what my definition of what
‘feeling’ is Faliseus: #67 Faliseus: there's a paraphrase of it too Faliseus: the mind forgets and the eyes can be as blind as they can see. Faliseus: but those that love the spirit/heart and faithfully rely on
the spirit/heart will always be reminded and will never fall
subject to blindness to true 'felt' beauty. Faliseus: thank God there's people out there that ask me questions...I'm
just too lazy to ask myself:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* **************************** Faliseus: you know.....what's REALLY funny? Faliseus: I've noticed this about the blindness..... Faliseus: when you 'look' at something, what do you see? Faliseus: just the REFLECTION of LIGHT Faliseus: no TRUE depth Faliseus: just a mirage “well yea” Faliseus: people make JUDGMENTS from a MIRAGE!!!:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “basically *laugh out loud*” Faliseus: and a light that's TOO blinding. to the top 155.) Everything Is An Investment Faliseus: everything you do is an investment “it’s going to hurt my finances to make the trip every time, let alone
if the manager charges me to be on the team” Faliseus: depends on what you plan on investing in, when you’re in it. Faliseus: just ask, "who can this be helping?" “it’ll break relations because I won't get to see my friends around here” “it’ll hurt my living standards because I‘ll have to stay at someone
else's house and not get to sleep in my own bed” “if I’m lucky I’ll get to sleep on a cot like I did last time” “if I’m not lucky, then I’ll have to sleep on a floor” Faliseus: sleeping somewhere else wouldn't hurt too much Faliseus: just so long as you can live and so long as you can help someone. “nah” “well I don't know that I will really be helping anyone by being on this
team” Faliseus: what would this opportunity do for yourself then? “this opportunity would just allow me to be with a group of people who
have the same passion for being on this team as I do” “it’d allow me to make new friends” “I’d get to go on a few trips and get to perform at a high level” “but I’d have to bust my ass to get there” “and plus coming in this late, I’d have to work even harder to catch up” Faliseus: what would you do with those new friends? Faliseus: and what would you do or advertise with you in those
performances on that team? Faliseus: WHAT PURPOSE? Faliseus: will your reason for joining be for business, pleasure or for
acquaintances? Faliseus: if the investment is for ‘BUSINESS‘, then you should expect it
to be long-term and change jobs or incorporate your career with
an emphasis of it.... Faliseus: if the investment's for ‘PLEASURE‘, then you should expect it
to be short term and just think of it as a vacation or just
something to help reminisce Faliseus: and if the investment's for ‘ACQUAINTANCE‘, then you should
only expect the investment to be a periodical one and it
should just be used as an opportunity to find something and/or someone
to remember and keep in touch with. Faliseus: it all depends on what kind of an investment you're going to
make it into. Faliseus: what kind of investment would you make it? Faliseus: hope that helps:-) “kind of” “I mean if you were ever on this kind of team, then you’d understand” Faliseus: I've been in football, it's kind of a club. Faliseus: so I understand. “yeah“ Faliseus: IF I was to go play football, for ‘BUSINESS‘....then I'd
better make some money and a living Faliseus: IF I was playing football for ‘PLEASURE‘, then I wouldn't make
it a serious routine but I would treat it like a vacation or a free
day Faliseus: IF I was playing football for ‘ACQUAINTANCE‘, then I’d maybe
play it for a few weeks or so...just to remember it and keep
in touch with the people and the passion. “well this is serious but I’m not going to make money by doing this” “lots of times being on the team is fun but being on the team is also
very stressful because you have to be so serious” “well if I decide to do this I’ll be in it for a while” Faliseus: in your case, it sounds like it’s an acquaintance investment:-) “and I have to drive many hours every time I go” “but it isn't just something I can start and now finish” Faliseus: some acquaintance investments can be long, but aren't constant
and routine but they‘re optional. Faliseus: I mean... Faliseus: like, if you just wanted to do it for one year or one period
of time and have the option to quit or pursue it, then, in
that case, that would be fine. Faliseus: mainly...... an acquaintance investment isn’t ‘mandatory‘ but
it‘s ‘optional‘. “ok” Faliseus: if you've got the options that work best for you.....and
you’ve got a good reason to do it......then go for it. “yeah” “the only part I don't want is the drive” Faliseus: sounds like you just want to become reacquainted:-) to the top 156.) Decision to Drive “I just don't want to drive it again” Faliseus: you mean the drive in the car? Faliseus: or do you mean the drive in the spirit/heart? “the car” “yeah I know as soon as I start it I’ll have the drive to do it” “I just don't know if I feel like busting my ass again though” Faliseus: well buddy, if you don't want the drive, either way, then you
shouldn't be in it at all. “I mean it’s really almost like training for the Olympics” Faliseus: keep in mind, Faliseus: it's not the process that matters.... it's the end result that
counts at the end of the day. Faliseus: busting ass is nothing when you're standing still at the end
of the day, to see what you've accomplished that you couldn't
see through your sweat and tears. “yeah I know” “that's why I do it” Faliseus: so don't worry about the process... Faliseus: Just worry about the purpose:-) “at the end of the season you have this great sense of accomplishment” “and you have so many friends” Faliseus: well good:-) Faliseus: if you have a reason to do it..... then knock it down. “I’ll just have to think about it some more” “maybe I should come back one weekend and tell the person in charge that
I just want to have one trial weekend” “and if I don't like it then I won't do it” Faliseus: I'd gladly go back to football, doubts or no
doubts.....ESPECIALLY if I knew I had the opportunity to invest
myself without crippling my long-term finances or friendships. Faliseus: because if the investment is just short-term, it couldn't hurt
me much “well this’ll hurt my finances” Faliseus: when I say ‘hurt’, I mean CRIPPLE “not in the long run, I guess” Faliseus: I don’t mean putting a scratch in the finances, but I mean
CRIPPLING them, as in, SERIOUSLY...owing the govt. or some agency tons
of money-- DEBT “*laugh out loud*” “yeah well I guess that won't happen” Faliseus: so if that doesn’t apply to you....and the FBI isn't hunting
you down after a show:-)....then I think you'll be alright Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “you sound like you want me to do it” “but you don't really even know me” “or what it’s like” Faliseus: in everything you do in life, you've got to represent someone. “yeah” Faliseus: so it's all about how representing that someone, can help
advertise you and help you live. “but deep down I just don't think I want to do it this year” “I’ve enjoyed not having to worry about it this year” Faliseus: but if it's bothering you this much, then it's just best to
find closure with the people you know that do it. “closure” Faliseus: just ask the questions and get the info. “yeah I am having the info sent” Faliseus: lots of times, the only thing holding us back and confusing us
from the answer is ‘Man’s Worst Enemy’.......our own doubt. Faliseus: eliminate the doubt with the facts and/or the inspirations,
and you've got your answer and for the most
part....your closure “and I’ve seen our director this past summer and I like him” “but when I’m working with him, I can't stand him” Faliseus: hey, he's just doing his job. Faliseus: :-) “he’s just mean to us sometimes” Faliseus: just so long as you know his purpose Faliseus: then you know or have the best idea of what's in his heart “well he wants us to be the best that we can be” Faliseus: there you you can be...who could ask for more? “I just think that sometimes he could be a little nicer and a little
less slanderous” Faliseus: slanderous? Faliseus: explain... “I mean sometimes he just makes false accusations” “like he thinks that people are doing something to hurt the team, when
really they’re not” Faliseus: ah “or he over exaggerates mistakes that people make” “or he tells you that you did something wrong that you didn't do” Faliseus: well, misunderstandings happen all the time......but the only
person to blame, is no one.....the answer, is to be specific
and communicate everything.....equally Faliseus: it's good to keep your team worried though.... Faliseus: it’s a good tactic to keep the team worried and on their toes because it
motivates persistence and reaching goals. “yeah, he lacks communication a lot” Faliseus: lots of times, the team has to coach along with the coach..... Faliseus: and constantly keep a mutual bond of understanding to keep things flowing steady. “it’s very stressful being on his team” Faliseus: that's okay Faliseus: learn to cope. Faliseus: build yourself in areas you're afraid to build yourself in. “I have“ “but just by talking to him tonight reminds me of a lot of reasons why I
don't want to go join the team” Faliseus: 'having done something' and 'doing something' is very controversial. “what do you mean?” Faliseus: experience isn't the future, it's restriction to future knowledge:-) Faliseus: experience, is now.... that's what I'm saying “I see” “well I guess I’ve got to talk to a few people soon then” Faliseus: past experience is not future knowledge....learn and see.... Faliseus: that is most important, ‘live and know’. Faliseus: just get back into your roots and find out the most important
reason behind you doing what you do. Faliseus: the reason knowing the 'purpose' of something is important, is
because it's the 'balance' and 'comfortability' that we need
to find. “and I know that I need to decide whether or not I am going to let the
difficult stuff stand in the way of the reason I do it” Faliseus: in math, science, nature and life.... Faliseus: "support the center of something’s gravity and it will sit in
the middle, comfortably and doesn't fall to pieces as it sustains
it's life and balance." Faliseus: it's in my profile and at the top of ‘Phrase For Life‘:-) “aim
for the heart” Faliseus: remember.......not process..... Faliseus: but PURPOSE. Faliseus: end result. Faliseus: heart. Faliseus: you take a risk no matter what you do in life Faliseus: but just ask, “is the PURPOSE worth the risk?” Faliseus: and you’ll find your decision to drive. to the top 157.) WHY do we LOVE? Faliseus: love will ALWAYS educate us better than any
human being:-) “I know” “just the heartache education part sucks badly!!” Faliseus: well yeah:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: you know the saying:-)......If it don't hurt....then you ain't Faliseus: trying hard enough “I know” “I’m trying too hard then *laugh out loud*” Faliseus: it's okay though :-) that's why we have each other Faliseus: life is pinball Faliseus: the ball rolls when it's hit Faliseus: but it's got all four walls keeping it in, and the glass to
keep it from jumping out Faliseus: eventually, we'll all come back to where we started
from.....except, this time.....more associated with the machine “yeah, yeah I know” “but still the pain and weird emotions don’t go away” Faliseus: of course “and what’s worse is when you cannot control those feelings” “or even explain them” Faliseus: feelings in general can't be controlled. “it’s like why me??? why is this happening to me?? for someone so stupid?” “I know that” “I wish I could though” Faliseus: because feelings and emotions....are what GUIDE our love. Faliseus: but, still, WHY do we love? Faliseus: it's the sense that we've got something to 'move us', when we
can't move ourselves Faliseus: when someone is pushing us behind our first bike, sometimes we
wreck...but eventually we learn. Faliseus: then we 'feel the breeze' of the ride....and then
eventually....'WE' are the ones pushing.:-) “I know” “I know” Faliseus: you've just got to understand the positive aspects of
love....'the end result' “like?” Faliseus: the 'end result being'.... completeness, fulfillment,
clarification, the 'knowledge of the truth' and some one to talk to in
the end..... Faliseus: that's the end result. “yeah” “but what if you don’t have that?” Faliseus: and like I said, we can't learn how to ride, unless we learn
to fall down. Faliseus: you might not....have it. Faliseus: but you MIGHT end up....'having it'. Faliseus: it takes faith to have it...either way. Faliseus: Life's Twisted Spine, the only thing perfect about life, is
that it isn't....we're always building. does that help clarify any? Faliseus: :-) I always do my best “yeah- I know this stuff” Faliseus: it's always good to remind the knowledgeable to the top 158.) TEXTURE Faliseus: softness is flexibility “it doesn't feel good though” Faliseus: oh well Faliseus: the feelings of love, in life, are like the pinch in the arm,
that reminds us that we're not dreaming, but we are alive...and real. “my mind is soft or flexible” Faliseus: feelings are texture to this painting of life. Faliseus: and, well there's nothing wrong with texture and personality:-) ************************** “AHHHH!! WHAT I DON’T WANT IS THESE SCREWED UP FEELING THAT I HAVE,
ANYONE, NOBODY UNDERSTANDS. NOT EVEN I- THIS IS MESSED UP!” Faliseus: no one will ever understand feelings “AND WORSE... I CAN’T EVEN CONTROL THEM?” Faliseus: feelings will always be there, uncontrollably Faliseus: there is no shut off valve or switch to turn on feelings and
turn them off:-) Faliseus: feelings have got their own personality.....just learn to cope
with feelings, grow with feelings, don't try to shut feelings
off....and don't try to temporarily ’fix’ feelings by doing
something off the wall or crazy, just work on handling feelings “MAKE THEM GO AWAY!” Faliseus: life is it's own can't make life go
away.....otherwise you've given up all that you've worked for Faliseus: :-) “YEAH, YEAH” Faliseus: I believe feelings are there because you NEED texture, to feel
real and grow strong. Faliseus: to give us some substance and to teach us things “DEFINE?” Faliseus: define 'what'? “TEXTURE” “THANKS, LATER” Faliseus: texture is...the difference between good and bad.......the
contrast between light or dark......heavy or light weight........up in
contrast to down....roughness in contrast to smoothness...texture is
the result of your choices.....textured memories Faliseus: ....are the dearest memories to hold. Faliseus: textured memories are the dearest memories to hold, because of
how you can look back on how much you've grown and how much
you've learned and ‘feel’ the texture of your life:) “I know” “okay” “thank you” to the top 159.a) ‘FATE’ and ‘FAITH’- two common misunderstandings “God wills because He is” “you know” Faliseus: just want to be absolutely clear on exactly do you
think God is planning your life? Faliseus: and how can you tell if it's ‘His’ plan? “I think He knows it ALL” “He knows who I am going to marry, my kids names” Faliseus: I remember when I first became Christian, I was hounded with
philosophical questions “how I am going to be proposed to” “all that” Faliseus: so, you're saying that God knows the future? Faliseus: or are you saying that, if you SEEK that future, earnestly enough, Faliseus: then he will GRANT you that? “the first part yes” “the thing is that I think God will show us the way with very little uncertainty” “and for me right now, I have too much of that” Faliseus: so, if God knows the future, then that means that the damned
are damned right? “I don't want to question God at all” “yes” “I just know God doesn't want me stumbling about it right now” Faliseus: so that means, no matter how hard I try, I CAN'T save someone,
because God, has damned them? “and I am just emotionally drained” “no, it’s not that” “it’s that He knows already that they will or will not be saved” Faliseus: then god doesn't know the future, but he can grant you what
you seek, earnestly then right?? “you can and should still try” “but ultimately God already has the script” Faliseus: that's what I was saying, God has already damned them...if he
already knows the future Faliseus: ? Faliseus: doesn't make sense to me “he prompts believers to witness” Faliseus: I believe that I can make ANYONE believe in God's love Faliseus: not 'fate'.......but 'faith' “well that is hopeful of you” Faliseus: 'fate'......the concept that god knows the future, is VERY the limiting concept it is. Faliseus: and 'faith'..... Faliseus: the concept that God can grant you what you are after, if your
heart is sincere enough, is a WISE concept Faliseus: I believe in faith.......not fate “right” “I agree with that” “BUT God is all knowing too” “you HAVE to acknowledge that” Faliseus: being faithful........I believe, God, knows what
is.....‘now‘......not in the ‘future’ “interesting” Faliseus: so, God doesn't know the future....He needs us as much as we
need Him.......we've got to work together.....against all odds,
and believe that we can achieve what 'fate' has told us we couldn't “hmm” Faliseus: there's a movie that I appreciate for it's good values,
'Oh God' w/George Burns “yeah?” Faliseus: sure:-) Faliseus: there's actually 3 different flicks with him in it “yeah I have seen a click or two” Faliseus: Oh God, Oh God Book II, and Oh God, You Devil Faliseus: they are all very true Faliseus: because I question everything:-) Faliseus: I BELIEVE in FAITH...not fate. to the top 159.b) ‘FATE’ and ‘FAITH’- two common misunderstandings Faliseus: why do you believe the things you believe? “I believe in purgatory and reincarnation” Faliseus: define purgatory please:-) “Purgatory is a place where people go when they die for judgment--if you
have lead a good life you get to live another and if a bad life
then you stay there forever, or until you have redeemed yourself“ Faliseus: do you believe in forgiveness? Faliseus: your own faith is your own judgment. “depends on what needs to be forgiven” Faliseus: I believe your own faith is your own judgment Faliseus: why is forgiveness 'conditional'? Faliseus: isn't forgiveness suppose to be 'unconditional' to be 'true forgiveness'? “there are some things that can't be forgiven“ Faliseus: why can‘t certain things be forgiven? “like hurting a child mentally emotionally physically etc.” Faliseus: and........'who is the one that is supposed to forgive'? “the victim and the victim's family“ Faliseus: I'm talking about 'after death' Faliseus: a victim’s family can't necessarily 'send you to purgatory'....
with a shiny red button or anything like that “true“ Faliseus: no person has true common knowledge of ‘purgatory‘ or
‘reincarnation‘, which brings forth the concept of ‘FAITH‘, believing or
hoping in what we can't see........I just don't understand what
gives people that hardcore belief, that THEY can be the judges
of their own torture Faliseus: why torture? when there can be that light of the future, and
not of the past? “purgatory forgives” Faliseus: well then:-)......explain that Faliseus: why go through 'purgatory' to be punished, when ’purgatory’
has ALREADY got forgiveness there, ISN'T there OTHER possibilities
other than 'purgatory' or repeating ourselves through 'reincarnation'? “you’re not repeating thru reincarnation” Faliseus: again, the concept of 'faith' falls in here, faith and 'fate'
are 2 different things “you come back as someone different with a different personality and
different choices” Faliseus: faith is 'seeing' that something isn't there, but believing
there IS something there......and 'fate' believing that what
you your own’s believing that’s
where the buck stops Faliseus: but again, you come back as........a person........again. “not always” “you can come back as an animal” Faliseus: in essence....we're all looking for the same answers Faliseus: animal or human, we search for purpose......above all other
choices and personalities, we search for purpose. “yeah” Faliseus: understanding......or MIS-understanding of purpose is the root
of the choices and personalities of EACH person. Faliseus: :-) hope you're understanding all this “an animal accepts who and what they are” Faliseus: it's my simple philosophy.......'aim for the heart' “humans seem to have a problem with that” Faliseus: can you prove that an animal accepts who and what they are? Faliseus: animal's concepts might be WAY different than a human's
concepts, but we shall not know that until we've BEEN an animal. “I had a dog who was happy as a dog” Faliseus: why do dogs run away? why do dogs bite their owners? “she seemed more human than any person I've ever met” “they're not happy with the owner” Faliseus: dogs biting and running, don't SEEM to be accepting. “doesn't mean they aren't happy with themselves” Faliseus: which doesn't compute into that logic Faliseus: if you can't be happy with yourself, then you can't be happy with another “therefore since I accept myself as I am.....I’m very happy in current relationship” Faliseus: acceptance of self....... Faliseus: is the same in ANY I said, with EVERYONE, as the
understanding......or MIS-understanding of purpose is the root of
the choices and personalities of EACH person. Faliseus: it's a reoccurring theme, you can be ANYBODY or anything, but
still have the search for purpose Faliseus: do we REALLY know why a tree will grow 'upwards' and not 'downwards'? “has an animal ever asked why we are here on earth--the purpose to life” Faliseus: another question to answer your question........does an animal
speak and understand our language? Faliseus: :-) “just as we learn what certain looks sounds and movements mean” “they learn our language” “my dog learned how to spell” Faliseus: does an animal speak and understand our language? Faliseus: is that FACT? “yes I never taught her but she picked up on certain words being spelled” Faliseus: the fact that we can't be INSIDE another being's
the simple fact that, we can't KNOW what another being
is INTERPRETING something as Faliseus: which brings me to a point, Faliseus: "we......don't......know." “yes so you can have your belief and I can have mine because we don't
know which is the truth and which isn't” Faliseus: that's faith. believe what you want, but will it certainly
benefit you in the end? and if there IS a SOMETHING more to believe
in, then why limit ourselves in believing in only what we've SEEN as
‘fate‘(reincarnation and purgatory)? Faliseus: I believe in what I can't see. Faliseus: that's faith:-) I believe I have NO LIMITS “I don't worry about the end of the world because I doubt it will happen
in my lifetime” Faliseus: I will certainly benefit more than a person that isn't faithful Faliseus: doubt is man’s worst enemy Faliseus: the things that we don't know, are the things that will hurt
us the most.........ESPECIALLY if we doubt them. “let me say this then” Faliseus: :-) sure thing “whatever happens at the end of the world will happen no matter what
anyone tries to do to change it” Faliseus: duh:-) Faliseus: let me say this then “go ahead” Faliseus: when someone that is READY because that someone believes and has a perspective of READINESS,
then they are less likely to be 'shaken and surprised' in an
answer that they've doubted because that someone was READY. Faliseus: therefore a person that is NOT READY, in that situation......will be more likely to lose GRASP on what
they 'originally believed'......believing in 'fate' can shake
us....believing in fate is as bad as assuming that things aren't going
to get better, therefore, that person will be MISSING OUT on
the party. Faliseus: they were shaken by that surprise from the very belief
‘in fate’, they were holding onto, all because they've expected something
else in contrast to what they‘ve received, “I don't go to parties” Faliseus: please, be metaphorical with me this time:-) “ok” Faliseus: when people set themselves up to be run over on a road,
instead of choosing to stand OFF of the road, then there's more likely a
chance that they'll be run over “only if the person driving isn't paying attention to the road” Faliseus: can I follow through please?:-) “go on” Faliseus: when people......'faithful' people, will believe that they
won't be run over, they will believe there is a place they can stand,
that is SAFE, and they have had faith......that even though they
couldn't SEE that safe place, they could STILL believe it's there, and
eventually BE there and BE safe.......instead of committing the
suicide of 'fate' Faliseus: ever see the movie, 'The Matrix'? “yes” Faliseus: pay CLOSE attention to that movie......and SEE what 'faith' did for Neo (Keanu Reeves) Faliseus: that movie has got a LOT of philosophical principles Faliseus: and they all make perfect sense Faliseus: Neo thought he was living in a real world, but it turned out
to be fake, he eventually had to realize, that it was........but
because he had believed his reality for such a long time, instead of
believing there was MORE.......he came to a realization through his
own 'doubt'....that struck him hard Faliseus: he had to learn faith. Faliseus: because he was easily fooled by his very own eyes. Faliseus: :-) hope all this makes sense “yes it does” Faliseus: takes time ;-) Faliseus: and like I've said, I've taken 5 months on it.....and many
critiquing deep conversations “however as I said before -- no matter what we believe in we cannot
change what will happen on judgment day” Faliseus: that's.......if you believe there's a judgment day, and
believing in your own judgment, you have then turned the knife on
yourself, EVEN if you didn't have to Faliseus: and the faithful people, standing on the safe spot on the
road, won't be run over painfully, because they've believed and
HOPED in something more “I'll go with this philosophy-- shit happens” Faliseus: :-) now that's the spirit Faliseus: *laugh out loud* :-P “I'll do my best to make the right choices for myself” “as I have always tried to do” Faliseus: so you see, above all, the most important thing to remember is
to 'have faith'......have hope and faith....because we're all
technically right, and we're all technically wrong......but we must
understand ultimately, we can be technically forgiven....only
if we’ve HOPED to be forgiven, shall we truly be forgiven. “knowing that along the way I may make the wrong ones and again do my
best to fix it my mistakes” Faliseus: I say, you are as right as you are happy........"not happy
that you're right, but 'right' that you are happy" “I live either way” Faliseus: but, of course, the main cup of beans that I've been talking
about is on the rest of my web page Faliseus: ultimately, we'll have to choose to accept forgiveness.....and
'hope' for it, in ANY case, in order to be FORGIVEN. Faliseus: there's nothing wrong with hope “no, I hold onto hope as much as I can” “I have many of them” “hope goes along with dreams” Faliseus: ;-) Faliseus: here's how I hope faithfully, Faliseus: like when someone complements me on something or says ANYTHING
to me, positive or negative.....universally.......I just
say, "I'd like to think so, but let’s just hope for the best." Faliseus: because I haven't seen the future, but I have faith that the
future can be better “lots of people do that” Faliseus: but THAT is the purpose behind that choice:-) “it's the same as my we'll see” Faliseus: ??? “someone says they hope something (whatever it is) happens and I say "we'll see"“ Faliseus: why don't you hope? “I do hope” Faliseus: we'll see, seems to be a very neutral answer, I say, agree
with them fully on not at all “I usually say "we'll see" when I don't care much one way or the other” Faliseus: still, hope, in general, heals every emotional ache and pain “not every single one” Faliseus: that hasn’t been proven yet, because not every person is hopeful:-) Faliseus: but for those that are, they are 'happier' “I agree with that” Faliseus: and that's what I mean:-) hope through faith Faliseus: maybe I don't see it with my eyes, but.......I still see it:-) Faliseus: like in the movie, ‘The Matrix‘, "Neo, there is a difference
between 'knowing the path'.......and 'walking the path‘." to the top 160.) My Philosophical Backbone “what’s your philosophical backbone?” Faliseus: it’s in my profile, but here: Faliseus: “I will always be there. You'll always need me there. One
thing you have to remember in life Faliseus: "Aim for the heart and you'll ALWAYS hit your target." Faliseus: Simple, clear and concise. Truthful and straight to the point.
That's who I am. I am the guy. Faliseus: link to my to me “why are you all of those things?” Faliseus: I am striving to be all of those things because, with a true
direction, I must be true to others. Faliseus: otherwise, without a true direction, my soul, will scatter
into a million lies, in a million directions Faliseus: I need to feel whole. “why?” “will your soul scatter?” Faliseus: as a lie is an uncertain thing, ripping apart people’s minds
and spirits in worry, Faliseus: the soul feels that worry, but the soul/heart is brought
together by the mind, and by compassion. “could you be whole without having so many people to talk to?” Faliseus: reflections, help us see who we are.......and as many
perspectives as I can as good as see who I am. Faliseus: so 'maybe' I could be whole, if I didn't talk to too many people Faliseus: but 'the concept' building into my mind........of 'myself',
through the 'reflections' of myself, shall help me to
determine, who I am. “do you think the first man was satisfied?” Faliseus: is there knowledge that there was just a first person? “cool” Faliseus: that is the past. Faliseus: this is now Faliseus: :-)? Faliseus: arf arf? Faliseus: :-P pant pant to the top 161.) Lord Only Knows Faliseus: first off, no one knows God Faliseus: not even God knows the future Faliseus: but all we can do is HOPE Faliseus: :-) Faliseus: technically......that's all we can do “God does know .. he knows all too well” Faliseus: nope, nope “and even if what we think is right isn’t ... god knows what he’s doing” Faliseus: I have a FREE WILL...........that is what God has blessed me
with..........MY OWN CHOICE. “I think life is just a preparation ... for what is to come later on in life” “yep, yep” Faliseus: GOD does not have the decision on where I am to go.....................I DO. “God blessed with the ability to CHOOSE ... but GOD KNOWS ... which
choice we will make in the end” Faliseus: nope Faliseus: If God knows what choice that we’ll make in the end, then I
guess that would therefore make us ALL DAMNED, because NO ONE can
change their mind! Faliseus: damned in the end..........due to the fact that..........GOD
has damned us........because GOD ALREADY KNOWS Faliseus: I tie my own shoes in the morning...........brush my own my guitar when I want to Faliseus: and it wouldn't make any sense at all that God would be ‘in control’ of all of my own decisions Faliseus: this is why I know I've got a free choice Faliseus: like I said, I tie my own shoes in the morning...........brush
my own my guitar when I want to Faliseus: God doesn't tell me to do those things...........I DO. “GOD KNOWS!!!! we HAVE the choice... if god let us all pick the right
CHOICE ... this would be a perfect world ... our faith in God
can only guide us ... THE CHOICES ARE UP TO US ........
BUT....... HE knows WHICH choices we will make... free yes ... but known
... yes too” “NO ONE SAID GOD TELLS YOU Anything” “I choose my own way” Faliseus: free is NOT known.............the BIRDS are
free.......................they fly in an UNKNOWN direction “I KNOW it is not the "ideal"“ “but I chose my way” “in some sense thus far” “God KNOWS” Faliseus: there's no such thing as ideal...............just technical. “that is the key“ Faliseus: remember, NO ONE knows God Faliseus: God knows NOW Faliseus: not FUTURE Faliseus: WE choose to make our own future Faliseus: NOT god Faliseus: God has given us FREE will Faliseus: the CHOICE to make ANY direction we want to make Faliseus: TO him “GOD KNOWS what we will choose ... he lets us be our own bird and fly
where ever ... we can only "PICK" our path” Faliseus: or FROM him “right? maybe.. . wrong maybe” “God KNOWS” “is my point” Faliseus: God does NOT know the future Faliseus: NO ONE does “of course he gave us free will” “No ONE does ... GOD is all being ... god is not "anyone" ... GOD is
above all that ... that is why he is GOD ... therefore he DOES KNOW” Faliseus: hmmm Faliseus: prove me that:-) Faliseus: I say.......God does NOT know the """"future"""". sngbrd222: Prove me otherwise Faliseus: but God knows what happens......."""""now""""" Faliseus: hold on..........let me untie......then TIE my shoes by my own
FREE prove you that I’ve GOT free will, and decisions. Faliseus: :-) to the top 162.) Makin’ Copies Faliseus: the reason I’ve written my thoughts down is because I don't
waste my time repeating myself. Faliseus: this is why I've got my thoughts in WRITING. Faliseus: honest, I've only got 2 hands, and 1 mind. Faliseus: the mind is clearest and most efficient.........when the 2 hands have already
written down it's thoughts. “I KNOW my stuff” Faliseus: I understand you know your stuff:-) Faliseus: I ALSO understand that the corrupt Faliseus: people forget the 'stuff they know'..........ALL the time Faliseus: this is why I take notes Faliseus: so I have a way.....of 'reminding' myself.......of the 'stuff I know' Faliseus: it's not so I can look's so that I can smart I really am. Faliseus: that's why I have people read the paper. Faliseus: reading the paper is the most clear answer you can get from
me.....because it has been touched up and redefined...and everything on from pure memory......that's why I take notes and
have people read them Faliseus: the notes......are where I stand. Faliseus: if you don't take notes............then you might forget what you know Faliseus: I would NEVER risk forgetting what I‘ve worked so hard to learn. “why take notes? I don't need too .. all I know is in my head and that
isn’t going to change” “sorry” Faliseus: why take notes? Faliseus: you’re right Faliseus: why take notes? Faliseus: we know everything we need to know Faliseus: and NO ONE in the entire world forgets........a THING “technicalities seem so beyond you” Faliseus: we are PERFECT “oh but aren't we though?” “HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!” Faliseus: EVERY SINGLE being on this planet........can recall EVERY
single last EXPERIENCE and THOUGHT......because.....our memories....are
PERFECT Faliseus: we don't forget:-) Faliseus: no one forgets anything:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “you so contact EVERYTHING IN THAT ONE STATEMENT!!!!!!!! *laugh out loud*!!!” Faliseus: no one forgets Faliseus: in fact, Faliseus: I can tell you EVERYTHING about what I did, while I was in the womb!!! Faliseus: *LAUGH OUT LOUD*:-) Faliseus: because MY memory is SO perfect Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “oh but......... thoughts are NEVER, NEVER manipulated, right?” Faliseus: yes, there's NO corruption in my mind “*LAUGH OUT LOUD*” Faliseus: ha ha ha ha............. “THEN YOU so have the perfect mind” “god bless you” “whoever your god is” Faliseus: let me be NON-sarcastic for one moment..........:-)
......thoughts are ALWAYS manipulated......because thoughts are
NEVER seen........thoughts are the tangible things in our minds,
that we can't even see, can't touch, can't move around physically, or anything Faliseus: people can MESS with the things that no one else sees. Faliseus: which is the reason, WHY I take notes Faliseus: so that people can mess with all the thoughts and opinions in
my head as much as they want......... Faliseus: but I can ALWAYS go back to my remember...and build:-) “take notes all you want” Faliseus: that way.....I'm not lead astray “all we know is what people tell us” Faliseus: what is your grandmother’s brother’s home address? Faliseus: where does he live? “like people don’t make their own lives” Faliseus: what are the EXACT roads you've passed to get to where you‘ve
gotten today? “their own realities” “oh dear boy” Faliseus: how many birds were flying in the skies as you were driving or walking today? “you are too innocent” Faliseus: :-) where is Delaware, Ohio? Faliseus: where is Ohio? “I am so not touching you” Faliseus: what is latitude and what is longitude? Faliseus: you can't touch, what you don't understand:-) “you get screwed over as I have and then we talk about your perfect world!!!!!!” “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: and you can't understand......what you've forgotten:- Faliseus: so, why can't you see what I'm saying? Faliseus: I'm being honest here “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: answer me all those questions...........from your........'memory' “why can't YOU see what I AM SAYING?” Faliseus: I DO see what you're saying “*laugh out loud*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “OH BOY” Faliseus: you're saying that we don't NEED to take notes to remember EVERYTHING “I pray for you” Faliseus: and I mean.......EVERYTHING Faliseus:'re saying that our minds.......are PERFECTLY remembering Faliseus: you are saying that NOT ONE person forgets. Faliseus: and that is proven STRONGLY incorrect Faliseus: focus here:-) Faliseus: and don't forget the focus Faliseus: take note of the things I‘m saying;-) Faliseus: we all forget. Faliseus: we are not machines “JEREMY” Faliseus: we are humans, with free will............a will so free, that
we often times forget. “you have no clue what I AM saying“ “*laugh out loud*” “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: :-) If I have no clue what you’re saying, then TAKE NOTE of
what you're saying......and WRITE a paper, so that I CAN have a clue Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “ok” “if you say so” Faliseus: I want CRYSTAL technical clarity........otherwise......I won't
understand very clearly “I will print it all out and write it” “BUT” “it isn't going to change what is” Faliseus: and another thing Faliseus: have random people on the internet criticize your work. Faliseus: a steady perspective, deserves unsteady testing;-) Faliseus: and I've had a LOT of unsteady testing Faliseus: when I say ‘unsteady’, I mean.......people of all different races, ages, sizes,
colors, everything and then some........ Faliseus: I've had all those people criticize my works. Faliseus: which is why I've got confidence in it.....and which is why I
am very open for criticism in it Faliseus: I PROVE people RIGHT:-) Faliseus: but when someone misses the 'technicalities'.....and the
'details' in things, that are FINE TUNED detail.......then those people
miss the ENTIRE POINT. Faliseus: which is why it's good to have and open
mind........with note taking. Faliseus: don't get caught in the 'ditch of popular thought'. “ok” “ok” “ok” Faliseus: :-) most people do get caught in ‘the ditch of popular thought‘......
just spinning their the SAME PLACE, never
going one person has the
TRACTION and steady ground to go anywhere Faliseus: spinning their tires and losing themselves angrily because no
one person has TAKEN NOTES of where they’ve driven Faliseus: take notes.....stay out of the ditch and know where you’re
going and what you’re saying Faliseus: visibly ESTABLISH understanding to the top 163.) Spurt of Philosophy ‘ with RRD123 from AOL Instant Messenger ‘ “my perspective on life can be summed up in 1 word...” “whatever” Faliseus: what do you mean? “it’s like, you're dealt with a hand and you live with the talents and
weakness you're born with” Faliseus: purpose and direction is basically believed Faliseus: I always believe there's more than meets the eye “what exactly is purpose? how can you pursue something unless you can
be absolutely certain there is a purpose to it?” Faliseus: I agree Faliseus: on both terms, I agree Faliseus: purpose, is the direction you choose to go.......simple as that. Faliseus: certainty, is about as certain as uncertainty. Faliseus: what is solid knowledge? Faliseus: think, therefore am. “it’s like that whole "God" thing, I find that to be a total lie” Faliseus: do you know? Faliseus: I don't know. Faliseus: hence, the concept of faith. “can you ever fully know someone or something? The search of truth goes
above and beyond what it may seem, my friend” Faliseus: I agree, which is what I've been saying, in the past, with
this previous statement......... Faliseus: I always believe there's more than meets the
eye.........certainty, is about as certain as uncertainty. Faliseus: what is solid knowledge? what is the purpose in behind not believing? Faliseus: as you can tell, I've been at this for quite a's grown to be a fun fancy of mine.....clarification:-) Faliseus: new inquiries? “what's your take on materialism?” Faliseus: what do you mean by 'materialism'? “things that people don’t necessarily need to survive, but have anyway” Faliseus: ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Faliseus: old dude with long white hair taught me that.......I believe
his name was....... Faliseus: oh yeah.......ZZ-Top Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: (Socrates, I think) “what's the deal with musicians names?” Faliseus: I've got to be an entertaining student/teacher you know? ;-) “entertaining is not a requirement in an educational encounter” Faliseus: sure it is......what is ZZ-Top without the dust? “the time one spends entertaining detracts from the time one spends educating” Faliseus: what is Sigmund Freud without his patient's mother? “unpaid?” Faliseus: but you forget......educational is not far from entertaining Faliseus: entertainment of the intellectual mind, comes easiest through
the childhood spirit “in a sense, that’s like saying one can be educated by going to a strip club” Faliseus: it all depends on your own perspective. “I’m hands on with many forms of woodwork” Faliseus: if you can like it, then you can learn it. Faliseus: cool “but no one can fully understand any one concept” Faliseus: I never said anyone does Faliseus: which is why all my writing is always a rough draft “precisely, that’s why you are the guy” Faliseus: as of now....I hope so:-) Faliseus: you write? “negative, I spend much of my day pondering the philosophical thoughts
of each and every idea that comes to mind. Yet, I never
manage to pick up that # 2 pencil :-)” Faliseus: ;-) you're reading and writing a book right now my friend Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “you're writing a book with this conversation in it?” Faliseus: I thought that's what you were doing Faliseus: :-) Faliseus: oops, random thinking, not too good for someone from Ohio Faliseus: :-D *laugh out loud* “no, Mr. D enjoys just percolating about the wonders of the world.
Maybe someday I'll share my insights with the rest of the plebeians, but
not at this point” Faliseus: share as forgotten, fields of despair, ideas rush through the
air, you've fallen reaching only what has been forgotten but where? Faliseus: yes, writing. “I can see by your website that you enjoy sharing any thoughts you have
with everyone” Faliseus: (that will take both of us some thinking to understand) Faliseus: :-) sure hope I do......glad you could reflect to the top 164.) The Extremely and Boringly Overrated-INVALID RESPONSE “just beware of misfirings” “:-)” Faliseus: a misfiring is just a 'misunderstanding' Faliseus: and well.....for a guy that defines himself as much as I do...... Faliseus: do you REALLY think I'm going to have any real problems with
misunderstandings as I understand a LOT:-)? “not always” Faliseus: always strive. Faliseus: yes always ;-) Faliseus: remember who is the credible source of philosophy here:-) “you understand what you THINK you understand” Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “what you may THINK may vary from what IS” Faliseus: no, no.......concepts are as concepts are Faliseus: not solid in form........but solid in direction. Faliseus: I understand 'direction'........not form. Faliseus: understanding is 'knowledge' is 'seeing' “ok, Jeremy” Faliseus: we can see direction:-) Faliseus: gosh I'm such a philosophy nerd *laugh out loud* Faliseus: I'm sure there will be a TON of this stuff going on my web page :-D Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “philosophy is purely subjective” “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: tell me what 'philosophy' means to you:-) Faliseus: DEFINE philosophy.......PLEASE:-D Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: EVERYTHING is subjective Faliseus: but then again......'subjective' is 'subjective' Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” “I AM NOT A DICTIONARY” “*laugh out loud*!” Faliseus: if you're not a dictionary then why should you use big words
that you can't define, if using big words you can’t even
define......then doesn’t that just make things HARDER to understand for you? ;-) Faliseus: (for arguments sake:-D) “OH Jesus! :-) *laugh out loud* you are impossible” “please” Faliseus: I'm very possible. “I can define anything cause "EVERYTHING IS SUBJECTIVE"“ Faliseus: if you can define ‘anything’ then what's stopping you from
telling me 'what you mean'?:-) “so if I want "grass" to mean "fat and ugly" then it is” “because that is my subjective opinion of it” Faliseus: if you choose to have a 'subjective opinion', then your
opinion is UNCLEAR and UNJUSTIFIED......making it 'INVALID'.....due
to the lack of 'paraphrasing' and 'narrowing down of definition':-) Faliseus: whew........long philosophical technicality:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: if you really want someone to ‘get your point’, then ‘use paraphrasing’......say the
same thing, with DIFFERENT WORDS...DEFINE yourself.....otherwise.......don’t argue :) to the top 165.) MORE RELIGION Mumbo Jumbo “ may I ask a personal question?” Faliseus: all questions are personal:-) “quite so” “are you religious?” Faliseus: define religion “do you believe in God, Buddha, Allah, Mohammed.. etc.?” “or just a greater power?” “or nature?” Faliseus: depends on what you mean by 'God, Buddha, Allah, Mohammed.. etc.’ “or Karma?” Faliseus: people have a different label on a different thing “a Supreme being or beings.” Faliseus: but, if you must know..... :-) Faliseus: Thursday, January 24th 3:26PM My Belief -by Jeremy Dinovo Faliseus (3:21:00 PM): I plan on finding that which I've not seen........
nothing of this earth or the stars, nothing of my eyes,
but greater by my spirit's surprise Faliseus (3:21:12 PM): my victorious wondering land. Faliseus (3:21:38 PM): the great beyond of the great beyond Faliseus (3:21:46 PM): wandering ships never flew so far Faliseus (3:21:58 PM): casting planets out like spaceships, Faliseus (3:22:10 PM): they blast and ride, but can never reach this star Faliseus (3:22:16 PM): this is a place that I've never seen Faliseus (3:22:25 PM): a picture that has never looked so keen Faliseus (3:22:34 PM): my eyes cannot imagine it's delight Faliseus (3:22:46 PM): nor can my mind, once thought is out of sight Faliseus (3:22:56 PM): my spirit will see it's true beauty Faliseus (3:22:59 PM): by feeling Faliseus (3:23:01 PM): by heart Faliseus (3:23:12 PM): by absolute joy and victory, Faliseus (3:23:24 PM): my victorious wondering land. Faliseus (3:23:33 PM): (that is my belief:-)) Faliseus: does that answer any questions? Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “no...I don't catch it. you are agnostic?” “(I don't spell so well)” Faliseus: Agnostic/Gnosticism is in ‘doubt’ of religion. Faliseus: I don’t doubt religious labels and then again, I don’t BELIEVE
that someone is right, but all I can do is ‘hope for the best’ and ‘love’ Faliseus: so no, I am NOT agnostic Faliseus: from the poem ‘My Belief‘...... "my eyes cannot imagine it's delight" Faliseus: and love/faith and understanding will help me find what I can’t imagine Faliseus: I'm an unlabelled box.......sent to a country that doesn't exist to the eyes. “okay” Faliseus: overrated, overcomplicated subject, with too many people. Faliseus: labels of religious biases have taught us to hate “no, evil has taught us to hate” “and separate” Faliseus: I said.......'labels' Faliseus: people misinterpret labels Faliseus: misinterpretations have taught us to hate. Faliseus: so, think about it....what I said was true:-) “yes” “example: ??” Faliseus: case example....."YOU'RE GOING TO HELL IF YOU DON'T DO THIS!!!!" “or: you're going to hell if you do this” Faliseus: "gosh, mom, I was just going to sleep with ten hookers on my
wedding night, I mean, there's nothing wrong with that right?" Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: depending on your 'belief structure' and your 'moral settings'.........
there MIGHT NOT be something wrong with that Faliseus: like I said, 'labels' blind us from something deeper Faliseus: labels are just curtains blocking a window to the ‘unimagined‘ :-) “correct” to the top 166.) JUST HOPE!!! Faliseus: all you have to do is 'hope'. “I'm hoping for lots of things” “happier life” “to find love” Faliseus: don't even hope for that Faliseus: just hope..........'for the best':-) Faliseus: because often times.....if we label our hopes, we limit ourselves Faliseus: just hope for the best:-) “ok” Faliseus: either way “I'll try” Faliseus: no, no Faliseus: you'll hope:-) “ok” Faliseus: trying and hoping are two different things;-) “yes, but you can do them both at the same time” Faliseus: but, if you forget to hope, because you were 'trying to hope'......
then you've just lost the whole point of them both Faliseus: so, 'hope', lets us 'hope to try to hope' “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: but 'trying', only lets us 'try to hope to try to hope' “that’s getting confusing” Faliseus: trying isn't good enough:-) “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: hoping is;-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: so you see my point?:-) “yes” Faliseus: good Faliseus: I hope:-) “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: when I was 9 or 10 years old, I used to tell my dad to always
EXPECT for the worst and HOPE for the best:-) Faliseus: don’t limit your hopes by ‘LABELING’ them.....just
hope..........'for the best':-) to the top 167.) Yep, Married With Children Faliseus: this is kind of a rough question.....and please forgive me if
I'm intruding, but why did you marry him? “I was young... I wanted to be married.. I was fat and ugly and felt I'd
never find anyone else, all my friends were getting married....” Faliseus: did you understand what the priest was saying, when you were
'being married'? “of course” Faliseus: and if you understood.......did you answer 'yes' to those questions? “I didn't know all that at the time” Faliseus: that's faith “hindsight is 20/20” Faliseus: no marriage in guaranteed to be a 'dream' marriage
will 'be' a dream...unless you 'faithfully make it work on your end' Faliseus: believe to achieve, an age old saying.....but a very powerful
and true meaning Faliseus: marriage is a business and a career in itself. “can I quit?” Faliseus: you can't start working a career, expecting things to just
'happen by themselves''ve got to make it matter
WHAT business you work for Faliseus: if you quit, then will that look good on your resume or application?:-) Faliseus: this career is 'different' “oh well” Faliseus: because the retirement benefits, offer, the great feeling of
achievement through all odds and disbelief, a good lifelong friend,
many lessons on how to cope with problems instead of running
from them (skills and experience), many hobbies/interests, education and references:-) “no offense, Jeremy.. but you've never been married” Faliseus: you're absolutely right Faliseus: but I do live with a family, and I have grown up in one, as
I've also had to do some 'raising' of my own Faliseus: I argue MANY TIMES with my mom about household issues, and
'things to be done'....and make many good points and have been
successful in keeping the family 'more calm' Faliseus: you are right though......I've never been married.....but if
marriage, is a family, and I've got a family of my own.....then
yes, transitively, I've been married. Faliseus: I don't know though, I could be wrong. Faliseus: but one thing that I do know, is family.:-) “it’s different” Faliseus: explain Faliseus: I need to understand more, to get more credibility Faliseus: I mean......I'm not sure how different a marriage is from a household “it’s very different being the kid or the parent” Faliseus: or in the case that, 'the kids are the parent' Faliseus: my dad was in a nursing home for the past 2 years or so....... Faliseus: I had to be the man of the house Faliseus: mom and sis, two women, I had to live with, and mutually deal with Faliseus: the heat and pressure was put directly on me] “wow” “that must have been hard” Faliseus: it must've been like marriage:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: there are people with different or the same working schedules,
living under one roof......they have to share everything,
support each other, love each other through thick and
thin........have talks with each other to understand each other better,
eat, sleep, read, play and go places with each other........
it's about 'each otherness' and 'togetherness' and
'getting through problems.....together' Faliseus: as I see it.....that's family Faliseus: I've been forced to grow up.....but unlike many teens who are
forced to grow up....I take to my growing 'responsibly' and
'sternly' with a firm, supportive and 'faithful' attitude Faliseus: so that might give me just a hair of credibility:-) “that’s good” Faliseus: dad passed away on February 3rd of this year, 2002.......and
that wasn't that easy to deal with....but I've gotten through it Faliseus: and am getting through it “I'm so sorry” “:-(“ Faliseus: so when you say, marriage is different.....I'm not too sure
what you're talking about. Faliseus: because I've had to grow as the man of the house.....among
dealing with other things Faliseus: sis used to yell 'constantly'......she used to hate my guts
and throw things at me all the time, just because I stood my ground
when I gave her advice.....because I loved her Faliseus: stand your ground for those you love......and you'll find that
same support for you, when you're not thinking right Faliseus: one day, she just got tired of yelling, one
likes to yell at someone that isn't wrong, forever Faliseus: eventually, yells and screams tire down because they just get
old and finally learn that someone is and has always been there as support Faliseus: I introduced my sis to 'faith', and 'hope'......she's loved me
more than ever and has looked up to me, ever since then Faliseus: it TOOK faith to teach her that.....because I'd gotten things
thrown at me, screaming in my ears, for a LONG time, I didn't
think it would be possible that she would ever listen Faliseus: but one day, when I kept telling her I loved her and that no
matter what, I would always be her brother.......she did. “that's awesome” “you've been through a lot” Faliseus: that's nothing:-) “but still, its not being married” Faliseus: tell me what being married is “how do I put it into words?” Faliseus: you can “it’s the one on one relationship.. “ Faliseus: ok Faliseus: what do you mean by 'one on one relationship'? “it’s not the same as dealing with your mother or sister... its about
the sex.. and much more” Faliseus: tell me about things.....I still don't understand......what do
you mean by 'much more'?.....because sex, isn't the key to a good
relationship, it's only an accessory to a good relationship “yes, but an important one... you need to feel wanted.. needed...” “like you are the most important thing to someone” Faliseus: but you've got to feel that for yourself first, because if you
don't feel it for yourself first, then you're not going to feel
it for anyone else. “maybe” Faliseus: :-) what? “maybe you have to feel it for yourself first...” “I don't know” Faliseus: I take notes from experienced people, my mother was happily married for 26 years;-) “but it’s not the same.. unless you've experienced it.. it’s hard to explain” Faliseus: my mother 'is experienced in it':-) Faliseus: I take notes from her “cool” Faliseus: do you think that I think of all of this advice I give in my own head? “maybe” Faliseus: *laugh out loud*:-) nope, my mother and father have been good teachers;-) “that’s good” Faliseus: maybe Faliseus: he, he “:-)” Faliseus: now, who's got some credibility?:-) “me” “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: yep, me:-) Faliseus: okay, now tell me, what seems to be the problem “huh?” Faliseus: tell my 'why' you want to 'quit' your career? Faliseus: how long have you been married? “11 yrs” “I don't love him” Faliseus: why don't you love him? Faliseus: refresh me:-) Faliseus: just so that we're both 'clear' on why you don't love him “ready?” Faliseus: always:-) “He started making threats... If I leave him he was going to work as
hard as he could to get the money, kids, house.. etc” “so.. I gave in” “he moved back in... I got really depressed” “I stopped exercising.. stopped making good food choices” “put back on a lot of pounds of what I lost” “then finally this past month... I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” “I got back on my program and I'm about a few pounds away from my goal weight again” “but he never really changed... he has a terrible temper” Faliseus: don't try to say anything that'll make him mad......just stay
away from things that would make him mad.....he should try to
stay home with the kids more and then you could take an evening
job, because it sounds like you guys aren't evening the time-out with the kids evenly “oh please.. I'm NOT walking on egg shells for him” “and it’s usually the kids that make him mad” Faliseus: it's not just for's for you also “I don't agree” Faliseus: what are your and his schedules? “he works all day, till the evening or so” “I'm home most days” Faliseus: by the evening, I imagine he would want peace and quiet “don't try to make excuses for him” Faliseus: I'm not making excuses for him. I'm making the's
a two way thing......because ALL people DO have
stress that they don't want to deal with, not just you, not just
him.....but 'all people have stress' “yes, well he needs to deal with it better....better than yelling at 2 small kids” “and it’s not just during the week.. it’s on the weekends too” “worse on the weekends” “you know, we better change the subject” “I'm not enjoying talking about this” “don't you want to ask me what size bra I wear?” “if I'm shaved” “ha, ha” Faliseus: believe me, I think it's helping Faliseus: but what size bra do you wear?:-) Faliseus: just kidding ;-) never mind....back to the conversation Faliseus: this is important “no” Faliseus: not just for you, but for me, also to understand things....when I get married Faliseus: do you have a best friend, near you, that you can talk to,
when you‘re feeling down and out and need advice? “hopefully you'll stay in love with the woman you marry” “but honestly, I don't know if it’s possible” Faliseus: I have 'reason'. Faliseus: and I've got 'direction'......with reason and direction, love
is ALWAYS possible. “because people change as they grow” Faliseus: exactly:-) Faliseus: people do change, because somebody has to give in. “34B” “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: thanks:-) “yes, I am” “*laugh out loud*” “ha, ha, ha” “(trying to change the subject)” Faliseus: I'm trying not to be a bad husband when I'll get
I'm trying to understand how to be a better husband.....
when I DO become a husband. “respect your wife and kids” “control your temper” “show them how important they are to you” “remember those things, you'll do fine” Faliseus: shouldn't the same be for yourself? Faliseus: respect your husband and kids, and find 'understanding' with
them both......... Faliseus: sometimes people do 'lose their temper', you've got to
understand ways of keeping them calm, Faliseus: show people how important they are to you...... Faliseus: remember those things, you'll do fine:-) “ok.. change the subject” Faliseus: because mom, used to tell dad what us kids used to do before
he came in the door, and that made him mad, because he worked
14 hours a day and that's not fun Faliseus: I haven't got a bra:-) “good!” Faliseus: 26 years of should listen well;-) Faliseus: hmm Faliseus: what do you think? “I can't give him any more understanding... I've tried for years and
years.. he isn't going to change.. that’s it..” Faliseus: do you remember if you guys were ever really 'friends'? Faliseus: reminiscence, will help a marriage get back into it's roots “we were young” “we met in high school” “I'd REALLY rather not talk about this any more” “anything else would be better” Faliseus: well, you know me.....always trying to learn something new:-) Faliseus: you feel drilled?:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “yes” “to death” Faliseus: didn't I tell you yesterday that 'tomorrow, you'll feel drilled'? Faliseus: :-D “yes you did” Faliseus: it's strange how I can predict the weather......and I'm not
even a meteorologist;-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: what's on your mind now? “sex” “laugh out loud*” Faliseus: why? “other conversations..” Faliseus: what do you mean? Faliseus: :-) “well, I don't block ALL those people with the perverted questions” Faliseus: yeah but they're just pervs “maybe I'm a perv too” Faliseus: hmm, maybe......there's an answer:-) “:-)” Faliseus: maybe there's some relativity going on there;-)? Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “huh?” Faliseus: well, you're talking about marriage again, you can't seem to
change the subject.........because you mentioned sex as a part of
marriage......and according to you, sex is a part of marriage right? Faliseus: :-) oops “it is part of it.. but it’s also part of life in general... get
yourself some and you'll see :-)” Faliseus: but you're married.....and talking about sex, I am single and
talking about it, there's a difference. Faliseus: :-D Faliseus: hope you’re not speechless now;-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “maybe I'm looking to get some somewhere else” Faliseus: what do you mean and why? “never mind... I'd rather not go into it” Faliseus: but you were the one that brought the subject back, because
according to you, sex was a part of M******* Faliseus: :-) “uh, uh” Faliseus: if you want, I can go and show you where you 'wrote that':-) “no” “thanks anyway” Faliseus: always welcome;-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: what's for dinner tonight? Faliseus: :-) “no idea” Faliseus: no idea?!!? “fish maybe” Faliseus: maybe:-) “or chicken” “I'll decide when I actually have to cook” Faliseus: rice too? Faliseus: or maybe pasta? “potato” Faliseus: hmm Faliseus: mmm Faliseus: :-) “hungry?” Faliseus: mmm? Faliseus: you'd better believe that I'm going to take notes from this conversation;-) “ha ha ha ha” Faliseus: chat rooms have been my 'college', ever since I've been in them Faliseus: it's almost like being in a class, because of all of the
questions I ask:-) Faliseus: it's like a CO-ED college Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “best kind” Faliseus: and we're already writing out thesis's:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: *jeopardy song playing in the background* “:-)” Faliseus: *internet crickets tired of cricketing, so the internet
crickets fell asleep because it was too quiet, even for them* Faliseus: :-) Faliseus: well Faliseus: aren't you going to make conversation?:-) “I'm drilled, remember” Faliseus: none the less.......I receive my 'own' daily
drillings......but that's no excuse for ME not to make conversation:-) Faliseus: I do my best, and shine like a diamond.......even against all
odds and under all strains;-) Faliseus: yes ma'am:-D “:-)” Faliseus: you know.....even when my dad was in the hospital, Faliseus: even when he seemed like he WOULDN'T make it, Faliseus: even when he doubted himself.......he still did his
keep a smile on all our faces:-) Faliseus: ;-) “that’s great” Faliseus: I'd hate to say it, but most of my conversation revolves
around my parents and how they raised me and what I learned from their strength Faliseus: undying and unconditional love.....after 26
years......wouldn't you agree that's made me a better person? Faliseus: :-) Faliseus: I try to look at it from many angles......but it's not too
arguable, because I've tried to argue it myself. Faliseus: hmm Faliseus: 34B you say?:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “yes” Faliseus: just kidding;-) just making conversation Faliseus: yes to what? “34b” Faliseus: so, my parents haven't made me a better person by showing me a
good example then? Faliseus: I'm psycho, :-) not psychic “I'm sure they have” Faliseus: is that a yes? “well, I don't really know you” “but I'd say yes” Faliseus: that's the conclusion of the conversation, from the strength
of the parents, the child will grow stronger:-) Faliseus: hmm Faliseus: since we've concluded that.........hmm.......:-) Faliseus: now what do we talk about:-D? Faliseus: that way, if another married man or woman comes to me with
their problems, then I can whale on them with philosophy and mutually
experience and perspective:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: (you that you don't feel alone;-)) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “thanks” Faliseus: always welcome:-) Faliseus: yes, I agree that it's hard to make conversation and find the
right questions, but it's quite simple really:-) Faliseus: who what where when why and how and why again:-) Faliseus: mix up those questions and you've got about a kajillion
questions you can annoy me with ;-) “kajillion at least” Faliseus: or perhaps do some drilling of your own Faliseus: :-) I am always up for a good drilling “I prefer to be "drilled"“ “ha ha ha” Faliseus: "I Really Need To Be Rammed Hard" Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “really?” “*laugh out loud*” “me too” “ha ha ha ha” Faliseus: in the 'mental sense' of it all:-) Faliseus: I always need a mental drill, you'll never know how much stuff
I've got clogging my mind;-) Faliseus: feels GREAT when your mind is clear:-D conclusions, MARRIAGE IS A CAREER. Marry for LOVE and UNDERSTAND that marriage will only work, if you MAKE
it work........believe to achieve. Understand that ALL people,
not just yourself or your spouse but ALL people are stressed. Understand your partner, not only for CREDIBILITY but also to make the
bonds of love STRONGER. When overwhelmed with work and the such, find YOU time. THEN find YOU
and YOUR PARTNER spend together, ALONE and UNDISTURBED,
because once you marry, you become “ONE“. FEEL special about YOURSELF first, otherwise you’re not going to feel
special about anyone else. ASK OTHER married people for ADVICE. HAVE reason, direction and unconditional LOVE when in ANY situation. REMEMBER the beautiful past, to HOPE for a beautiful
future.......because reminiscence, will help a marriage get back into it's roots Being RAISED ON undying and unconditional love will make ANY ONE stronger. Try to look at it from many angles......and you’ll see that it's not to arguable. From the strength of the parents, the child will grow. CLEAR your mind of the NEGATIVE PAST......OPEN your mind to the POSITIVE
future..........’keep positive’. Faliseus: RESPECT your spouse and kids, and find 'understanding' with them both......... Faliseus: sometimes people CAN and DO 'lose their temper', you've got to
understand ways of keeping them calm. Faliseus: HAVE family meetings, in order to ‘come together’ and ‘STAY TOGETHER’ Faliseus: show people how important they are to you...... Faliseus: remember those things, you'll do fine:-) **********************CONTINUED********************** “our talk about marriage was rough yesterday” Faliseus: afraid a 20 year old who takes notes from his mother, happily
married woman of 26 years, will say something you might not like:-) Faliseus: it'll only be the truth Faliseus: ;-) “my parents have been married 50 yrs” Faliseus: depends on the circumstances Faliseus: my dad had cancer his last few years, and all he ever did was
work all his life and lay in a hospital bed when he wasn't working Faliseus: mom stayed home and watched us kids, but when dad retired on
disability, she had to get a job Faliseus: we had to struggle our entire life Faliseus: it was not easy, and it was surely a lesson.......a lesson in itself Faliseus: now, if your own parents have gone through those similar
struggles, then I'm sure they could give as good advice Faliseus: quality, not quantity........because most people can go their
entire lifetime, and not have to solve one problem, where as,
a person who's gone their entire life SOLVING problems, will
therefore have more experience, than someone who hasn't Faliseus: not to say that no one has problems “everyone does” Faliseus: just to say that, my mom, my dad, my family, has had a VERY
large share.......and VERY traumatic each time due to the
poverty my dad had to work through Faliseus: mom had to raise us through miserable times, because dad,
would always be in the hospital or he'd always be working, he would
come home angry and tired Faliseus: mom found ways of calming him down, and finding time to be with him Faliseus: and dad didn't really find the faith and joy he'd found, until
after he'd went into the nursing home Faliseus: where he had to find 'faith' Faliseus: my brother, was very against and rebelled against dad, which
didn't make things easy Faliseus: sis and I were always fighting, and dad, although he'd had a
long day, would stop to tell us not to would
always find a way to calm dad down Faliseus: they had their arguments of course......but they both learned
one can solve NOTHING, with yelling. Faliseus: fix the problem by discussing it....don't MAKE the problem
worse by YELLING about it Faliseus: If you yell, then BE THE ADULT. Grow up and maturely discuss things. Faliseus: find reason Faliseus: miracles happen everyday........but the only catch is that you
have to believe in them in order for the miracles to work. Faliseus: otherwise they won't Faliseus: if you run from your problems, then your
problems.......unsolved........will only jump up and bite you in the ass Faliseus: (:-)) my busy day;-)....I'll hang on Faliseus: as I was saying, family meetings are important, but you're not
just in it because you're a 'couple'......because you're in
it.....because you're now a FAMILY. Faliseus: and although people are hard to struggle with, you have to
understand another perspective and understand that you, yourself
aren't that easy to struggle with as well, because just because we don't
see something, doesn't mean it isn't there, it just takes a
different perspective to see.......just because we don't see
ourselves doing something, doesn't mean we aren't seen doing that
something by someone else's eyes Faliseus: now if that's not good house cleaning philosophy that I've
learned from my cleaning boss at Nippert, then I don't know WHAT is:-) Faliseus: the fact remains, a good hearted person, MUST understand where
themselves, being the good hearted person, has 'misunderstood' Faliseus: I ALWAYS say that I could be wrong.........which is how I've
become so right:-).....but I could be wrong! Faliseus: don't LAUGH at my jokes......LEARN from them!:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* MORE conclusions, UNDERSTAND that you ‘could be wrong’ or ‘mistaken’......have FAITH and
BELIEVE for the marriage to work out, otherwise if you don’t BELIEVE
in the miracle, then do you think that’s REALLY going to
make the miracle happen? The answer to the above question is ‘NO‘ because miracles OF faith only happen THROUGH FAITH. A weak and/or separated couple, makes for a weak and/or separated family. Grow your kids with faith, through all odds. You’re a FAMILY, NOT a
couple.....but a FAMILY. to the top 168.) Lost FAITH Faliseus: how's the philosophy game going? “oh, umm..... well it’s not. I have not thought bout it to be honest” Faliseus: what do you mean? “huh” Faliseus: what do you “well it’s not I have not thought
bout it to be honest” Faliseus: 'why not'? “I don’t know I just have to many things to deal with to think bout it” Faliseus: there's always time for faith:-) Faliseus: a quick prayer of wisdom each day will ALWAYS help
out........God will make time, if only you believe ;-) Faliseus: remember, the sick and blind, were ONLY healed, because they
BELIEVED that they would be healed:-) Faliseus: that is faith.....when a blind man can't see, yet he BELIEVES
that he will “yeah I know but the problem is that I don’t make time for Him any more” Faliseus: nonsense Faliseus: he makes time for you ALL the time “I do believe with everything in me but I just put Him in a room in my
heart to just sit and not take over me” Faliseus: you can sit down and pray......and it's certainly it's not
going to hurt you to do so:-) “yeah but I don’t make time for Him” Faliseus: what do you mean by 'time for him'? Faliseus: you don't have to go to church to be a good person Faliseus: let me ask you something....... Faliseus: where did Jesus preach?:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “I don’t read my Bible any more, talk to Him, and well it sad to say but
I’m not sure if I want to talk to him or deal with Him” Faliseus: why not? what's the risk? “it’s not the church I have a great one” “there is no risk but I just feel like I am always failing him“ “so why try anymore” Faliseus: let me ask you another thing Faliseus: can you SEE GOD?:-) “ok” “no” Faliseus: alright, then that means you don't 'know' God, because
'knowledge' is based on 'sight' Faliseus: NO one knows God Faliseus: now, here's my point...... “ok” Faliseus: HOW would you know if you're 'failing God'......if you can't 'SEE God'?:-) Faliseus: and on the flip-side, HOW would you know that you're
'succeeding for God'........if you can't 'SEE Him'?:-) Faliseus: you DON'T KNOW:-) Faliseus: fine-feathered faith:-) Faliseus: believing in what you can't see Faliseus: to make it work Faliseus: that's why faith is important Faliseus: not because you're out to fulfill some holy task, or serve
something in any way, “because I sin on purpose. It’s almost like I want to sin and I am going
to do what ever I want no matter what” Faliseus: but to make things WORK for you, and to see yourself SUCCEED
and to believe, not only in God, but ALSO in yourself:-).....
as we believe God believes in us Faliseus: let me tell you something, “ok” Faliseus: "the more perfect you try to act, is the more IMPERFECT you'll
find out you are." Faliseus: stop dragging yourself around on a leash of guilt and worry Faliseus: just be FREE:-) of worry and BE comfortable being YOURSELF. Faliseus: PRAY that you're heading in the right path......PRAY for help Faliseus: that's what faith is all about:-)'s self-help Faliseus: be THANKFUL for what you have “yeah I know that is what I need to do but I don’t want to” Faliseus: just don't keep your hands empty, keep your hands full of work “I have no desire any more” Faliseus: tell me.........'why not'? Faliseus: why don’t you have the desire anymore? Faliseus: I believe your faith is being tested now “I guess so” Faliseus: faith is not easy, but by golly:-) is beautiful to
have succeeded in “:-)” Faliseus: it's as simple as being a blind man, and believing to see:-) Faliseus: do you know how often I read my bible? Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “no” Faliseus: I HAVEN'T read my bible in like a year!! “oh” Faliseus: and I didn't even get through but like 40 pages of it:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: ALL of my advice comes from my own heart Faliseus: from my own experience, just as Jesus has ‘his own’
experiences of faith and faithful and faithless people.....I have my own “yeah but it needs to come from the Word” Faliseus: Either way, either word, we are all brothers and sisters
struggling to love each other and have faith in each other some how. “yeah” Faliseus: let me tell you something sista, :-) “:-) okay” Faliseus: 'the word' only a PART of what you need to know Faliseus: there are more lessons in life than what's in the bible Faliseus: and there are also more bibles than just 'the bible' “that is true” Faliseus: the most important detail to remember when doing 'anything'.......
is to remember WHY you are doing it. Faliseus: if you don't know 'why'.....then you HAVEN'T got a purposeful
direction:-) and you're just as lost as the other people Faliseus: but for a person who 'knows their direction', and knows WHY
they are going in that direction and doesn't just go that
direction because 'everybody else on the bandwagon is going in the same
direction'......THAT fine feathered friend:-)...... Faliseus: will see the light:-) of faith “wow, you make it all sound so sweet and easy” Faliseus: don't do it, if it doesn't feel right Faliseus: 'understand' why it isn't feeling right when you do it:-)......
and then DO IT RIGHT Faliseus: believe me, I feel GOOD:-) “that’s great that you do” “I just want that love for Him back” Faliseus: that's the problem with ‘A Bible‘ or a 'The Word' or a
‘The Book‘.......because that's ALL it's a WORD,
a bible or a book!! It’s not a meaning, but a 'word', a ‘bible’ and/or a ‘book’ Faliseus: people don't understand........there has to be a meaning
behind 'the word'.......or it's just a meaningless 'word', ‘bible’ or ‘book’ “true, true” “okay how bout this I don’t want to go back to Him” Faliseus: and you've got to UNDERSTAND 'why' the word is the word and
THEN understand 'other people's' 'the Word'...........mix and match,
compare and contrast.....but don't just jump on the bandwagon
with everybody, just BECAUSE.......'everybody else is
doing it'.......don't treat it as a drug............TREAT it, as
'an enlightenment of perspective' Faliseus: and you will feel better Faliseus: the ONLY person that can give a group of words ‘meaning’ or
‘intention’ is YOU Faliseus: believe me:-), I know Faliseus: you kind of have no choice:-) “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: you're either 'with us'....or 'against us' Faliseus: faith will make your life easier to handle “yeah I know but I don’t care to have it I can live with out faith” Faliseus: I, is believing in what you can't
see.........well, in the case that you decide that you don‘t
‘care to have faith‘, then
"what is a life dream?", “what is security?”,
“what is family?” “what is love?” Faliseus: EACH thing in your life, EACH person in your you
HONESTLY think that each thing will become BETTER if you 'don't
believe in them'?:-) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: you've got to be kidding yourself if you answer ‘yes’ Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “*laugh out loud* I was going for the NO” Faliseus: because, in order to read what I've typed, you've got to
BELIEVE that I'm typing those things Faliseus: and in order to FEEL that I care, you've GOT to BELIEVE that I care “yeah :-)” Faliseus: and in order for things to work out in your life, like av life's dream.......well.......he, he:-) know the
answer.......rather, you know you should BELIEVE that you care to know “:-)” Faliseus: it's okay though;-) I forgive you for FORGETTING your whole
life's dreams by NOT having faith:-) Faliseus: we all forget!! Faliseus: even I do!!:-) Faliseus: but, “and there is a BUT.. *laugh out loud*” Faliseus: praying will help you remember your goals....keeping your eyes
on the prize will help you GET there Faliseus: (it was a positive but:-)) Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: NOW!!........ Faliseus: I hope to GOD that you understand 'MY WORD':-) “I do thank you for sharing” Faliseus: duh Faliseus: *laugh out loud* :-P “hehehe” Faliseus: remember one thing........the temple is not in a church, and
the word is not in a book, Faliseus: the temple AND the word, are in your heart. IN FACT,
ironically and commonly misunderstood, it says that in the New Testament
and in this chat room. Faliseus: *laugh out loud* Faliseus: just speak it, just hope it, and just go to the temple, as
freely as you would like:-) “okay:-)” Faliseus: I'm not going to stop you.......and neither will God;-) “yep” Faliseus: man, I wished someone could understand ME like I understand
the common problems of the youngins Faliseus: back then, there was NO ONE like me to 'clarify' for me:-) but thank
God I'm here “back then is how long??? ;-)” Faliseus: ‘back then’ was and is my entire life of learning 'my word' Faliseus: I learned that my own word, in my heart, is love “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: technically, that's the ONLY word you have to remember.....and
the rest will follow:-) “God’s word is love, hope, joy, peace and so much more” Faliseus: where do you think the REST of those words come from? Faliseus: hello?? duh!! *laugh out loud* Faliseus: :-) Faliseus: LOVE Faliseus: DEFINE love and you get 'faith' “okay I’ve got ya *laugh out loud*” Faliseus: love ;-) “:-)” Faliseus: people can make things WAY complicated sometimes!! that's why
I'm not a big fan of the bible, but yet, that's why I am a big fan of the bible Faliseus: and 'other bibles' Faliseus: people forget that KEY element out of EVERYTHING else!:-) “geeeeeeezzzzzz” “yeah they do at times” Faliseus: other people of other book/bible studying groups say, 'live
this way', 'live that way'...........well tell me something
geniuses.............WHAT ABOUT LOVE????? “yep” Faliseus: it's not the books that are to blame though Faliseus: it's the 'labels' of the book that blind us Faliseus: because people can misinterpret a label “yep, yep” Faliseus: and most of the times, that's what happens “yeppers” Faliseus: then through misunderstandings, people start to fight and
argue that one person is more right than the other “*laugh out loud* so true” Faliseus: and they all find themselves in the SAME unhappy spot each and
every day......STILL ARGUING!!:-) Faliseus: imagine that!!?:-) “hehehehehe” Faliseus: of course it’s not so much the ‘arguing’ for me:-) Faliseus: mostly from me it’s just............... Faliseus: LOVE. Faliseus: ;-) “*laugh out loud*” Faliseus: although, it all depends on what you mean by 'arguing' Faliseus: what I mean, in this case, arguing would be 'fighting senselessly' Faliseus: alright, well, “yeah that is also true” “okay well I have to go see ya round GOODBYE YOU!!” Faliseus: do me a favor, love:-), when you read something or see
something from someone else, like a book or if you go to a different
church. .......don't become a part of a cult or something. Just sit and
'think about it' and think about ‘why you and the others of that
church are expected to do the things you’re expected to do‘.....’think about it‘ Faliseus: ......and either way, just have LOVE and just be our sister:-) Faliseus: and I'll be their brother;-) Faliseus: the world is a congregation:-D “cults? nooooooooo way never” Faliseus: good idea:-) subscribe to the cult of one....the cult of the individual Faliseus: and have faith babe;-) “I will always be on God’s side just a little messed up right now” “*laugh out loud* okay” Faliseus: funny you mentioned that:-) can't see God. Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “buh byez” “*laugh out loud*” “byez” Faliseus: love ya;-) Faliseus: bye, bye! “love ya too GOODBYE YOU byez!!!” ************************* The key points: Rely on faith and love over logic........ and Remember that everything else follows ‘love‘. Faliseus: the logic powered as it can be, and as much
direction it can ‘logically go in’ Faliseus: can be VERY confused.....and forgetting computer
hackers like to call it......'corrupt'. Faliseus: that’s the difference between machine and man...‘machine’ is
programmed and runs mechanically and logically uncorrupted, until
it’s dead Faliseus: humans are programmed logically but are corrupted....till the
point they remember again through ‘hope’ and ‘love‘, resulting in LIFE. Faliseus: love and hope are the unquestionable support because even
though there are logical questions, the corrupt mind will forget the
logical answers Faliseus: this is why LOVE and HOPE are MORE important than LOGIC. Faliseus: because when you ‘hope’ that the answers will come back to
you, then you will STILL be alive,
but if your mind LOGICALLY decides that it’s corrupt......then it is
LOGICALLY dead. Faliseus: this is the importance of FELLOWSHIP. Fellowship or
‘friendship’ or ‘togetherness’ will act as your own backup copy of
your own thoughts and perspectives. Your fellowship will support
you with the faith that you’ve lost as you will do that for
them in the future, when their own corrupted minds forget and
you must remind them. to the top 169.) Excessive Happiness “what’s with the smiles” Faliseus: what's wrong with smiling? “it is beginning to annoy the shit out of me” “nothing wrong but its a lil excessive” “maybe once in a while” Faliseus: one moment. “but over and over” Faliseus: have you seen the movie with Robin Williams, “Patch Addams“? “no” Faliseus: if not, then you should;-) “whatever” “you are annoying me now” “bye” Faliseus: love you Faliseus: your loss Faliseus: hate Faliseus: forget “whatever” Faliseus: why? “why what?” Faliseus: why leave? “I don‘t hit a nerve” Faliseus: explain to me what I'm doing wrong? Faliseus: I will correct myself. “you are too perky, it’s sickening” “and those excessive smilies” “are annoying me” “sorry” Faliseus: tell me what is so grossly horrible about happiness, guru. “I’m not in a happy mood?” Faliseus: so? “so you are annoying me” “that’s all” “it’s good for you that you are SO happy” “that’s peachy” “but I don’t want to deal with that” Faliseus: you think I don't have to put up with a few of YOUR attitude
problems? “My?” Faliseus: I'm a real friend. “Oh God” “you know whatever” Faliseus: I don't drop out on people because I'm 'annoyed' Faliseus: “who that tooty fruity chick” Faliseus: yep, her. “huh?” “excuse you?” Faliseus: I don't drop out on people because I'm 'annoyed with them' “don’t play games here” Faliseus: that's stupid “well I didn’t feel like dealing with this” Faliseus: don't worry. “about?” Faliseus: don’t worry about the past Faliseus: what are you in the mood for? “umm ok” “whatever” “Mr. know it all” Faliseus: what is it with people that get angry for no reason at all? “good” “no reason?” Faliseus: I don't get it Faliseus: no reason. “you are smug” Faliseus: speak for yourself, hypocrite “me?” Faliseus: sure, Faliseus: I mentioned that FIRST thing in the conversation “what did I do?” Faliseus: read your profile. “mentioned what?” Faliseus: I mentioned 'hypocriticism' “what about it?” “make your point?” Faliseus: ironically, look where we're at Faliseus: read your profile. “I don’t have to” “because it’s from me” Faliseus: often times, we forget our own words Faliseus: your profile says you’re open minded “and maybe it’s just a profile and I was shitting around” “you took me too serious” Faliseus: it is SMUG to disregard criticism “so your loss” Faliseus: hehe Faliseus: good joke “I don’t need to be criticized” “not by some stranger” “that never met me?” Faliseus: ah yes, mutual feeling. “well ok then” “so this is where we stop talking” Faliseus: lets start from scratch then? “because we are not getting anywhere” Faliseus: hold up “why?” Faliseus: there's no WE “you already hurt me” “too late” Faliseus: how? “how?” Faliseus: you misunderstand me. “you call me a hypocrite?” Faliseus: your own misunderstandings are your own pains. “and I’m supposed to smile” “ok it’s all me” “you know what I’m the bastard” Faliseus: you tell me to STOP smiling, and I'm supposed to STOP SMILING? “so don’t talk to me” “ok” “I am SO bad” Faliseus: heh, that's the only reason I like ya “so don’t talk to me” “I think I feel worse now” Faliseus: I can only hope for the best. “I’m leaving” Faliseus: remember, I still love you. Previous message was not received by User because of error: User is not
available. User signed off at 12:54:56 AM. User signed on at 12:55:00 AM. Faliseus: remember, I still love you. “what is your deal?” Faliseus: you said you want to learn about inner self right? “and?” “you think you know me?” Faliseus: why are you constantly jumping to conclusions? Faliseus: why can't you ever give me the chance, with an open mind, to
EXPLAIN things? “I am asking you a question” Faliseus: I'm waiting for an answer “what” “explain then” Faliseus: read then “I have an open mind” “you just annoyed me” Faliseus: if you have an open mind, then why'd you leave? “I am reading!” “because you were annoying me” “I had to” “didn’t want to have a freaking migraine” Faliseus: so, is that an 'open mind'? a closed door? “I had to” “you were in my ass” Faliseus: not ass, but mind “umm you don’t go towards fire you go away” “whatever?” Faliseus: wait “you take things too serious” “bah” Faliseus: first of all, what do you mean? “I dislike people like you” Faliseus: “I” take things too seriously??? Faliseus: “You” don't know how to joke! “you said my profile is smug” Faliseus: what are my options? “I don’t?” “I’m a very goofy person” Faliseus: hmm? let me think? no Faliseus: could've fooled me “you just shitted on me” “and my ego” “and no one does that” “here you go again” Faliseus: maybe I was joking, maybe that's why I was smiling. “derogatory” Faliseus: think positive. “I do” “please stop “ “well I can’t tell if you’re smiling can I?” Faliseus: :-)<------- “you are very negative” “that’s why I had to leave” “because I’m sensitive” Faliseus: point out a word negative word. “and you were hurting me” Faliseus: I am sensitive, I respect your sensitivity “I’m too tired to point out” “never mind” Faliseus: take a deep breath “I don’t want to drag this” “don’t tell me what to do” “blah” Faliseus: arg:-( “whatever” “you don’t know me” “and you wont” Faliseus: you know, I'm doing my best Faliseus: I see more of your jumping to conclusions. “then quit going arg” “or whatever” Faliseus: again, more conclusions “that makes me feel better?” Faliseus: I understand you’re sensitive, but don't you understand I'm
sensitive too? “what? I’m not concluding” “you just said arg?” “what the hell?” “you are so weird” “GOD” Faliseus: you don't even listen “I am” “you don’t” “you just said arg” Faliseus: “what ever what ever what ever” Faliseus: is that listening? “and what the hell” Faliseus: with an open mind? “I am listening” Faliseus: thank you “but you aren’t even making sense” Faliseus: whew Faliseus: I’m not making any sense because I'm trying to stop an argument:-) “you called me names” Faliseus: focus on now. “this isn’t arguing” Faliseus: don’t focus on ‘then‘, but focus on ‘NOW’ “I’m defending myself” Faliseus: I'm defending you too!:-) “don’t tell me what to do” “whatever” “just stop” “you are soooooo !!” Faliseus: prove it “I’m not even going to say” Faliseus: don't Faliseus: but Faliseus: hold on a second. “whatever” Faliseus: listening? Faliseus: nope...that wasn't listening “what” “the hell” “I am?” “I can do a lot at once” “I am listening” Faliseus: you're looking for inner self? I want to know HOW you’re going
about doing that, if you can’t even open your OUTER SELF. “I’m not a 2 year old” “that you have to tell me to listen” “why does it matter” “life isn’t all planned out” “I can’t explain to you that” Faliseus: I never asked you to explain that to me, nor did I even NEED
you to explain that to me:-) “inner self is a continuous thing” “again with the fucking faces” “geez” “I’m cringing” Faliseus: you're doing good at driving me nuts “so are you” “some people aren’t meant to be near one another” Faliseus: that's why we've got the internet;-) “:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P” “take that :-P:-P:-P:-P:-P” “here :-P:-P:-P:-P:-P” “see how you like it :-P:-P:-P:-P:-P:-P” “yeah yeah” Faliseus: I love it “fuck off then” Faliseus: who are you looking for? “who?” Faliseus: yes. “what do you mean who?” “who the hell are you?” Faliseus: are you going to stop to listen for me? “and do you know me?” “and why did you even Instant Message me?” “I am fucking listening you dummy” “quit telling me to” “I’m not a kid that has to be told” “what to do” “ok” “I appreciate that” Faliseus: seems like you're doing all the talking, because a listener
would simply wait to 'listen'.....not proclaim that he/she is
listening by TALKING “I am listening” “but you aren’t talking” Faliseus: are you waiting for me? “yeah” Faliseus: thanks “you aren’t saying anything are you?” Faliseus: no, I'm not saying anything Faliseus: I'm TYPING Faliseus: which takes LONGER “well ok” “I know that” “geez” Faliseus: someone forgot then “I was waiting” “maybe u type slow” “:-P” “I didn’t forget” Faliseus: can you blame me? “don’t assume” Faliseus: I’m not assuming, because we all forget Faliseus: general fact “NO shit” “thank you” “for telling me” “blame you for what?” Faliseus: you can't blame me for not being able type as fast as super man “who says you had to?” “I don’t care about that” “so no worries :-P” “here more faces for u :-)” “YAY :-)” “:-P” “:-P” Faliseus: = - O you said no worries Faliseus: I say that all the time “fuck you” “well goody” “:-P:-P:-P” “:-):-):-):-):-):-)” Faliseus: what's on your mind? “:-P:-P:-P:-P” “why are you typing to me” “if I drive you nuts?” “hmm” “then just don't” “easier for you then” “don't you think so?” Faliseus: I'm an Ohioan, I'm trying to find things that don't remind me
of boredom.......that's why I type to you, for that reason. “I’m thinking that” “*laugh out loud*” “aww” Faliseus: easier, isn't fulfilling “but I drive you nuts” Faliseus: sure ya do.....that's life...real and crisp....I like that “so oh well” “haha gee thanks” Faliseus: always welcome “well you drive me nuts too :-P” “so there” Faliseus: aww, we're making our first mutual bonds “it’s reciprocated” Faliseus: oh baby “haha” “you’re a dork” “I’m sorry” “but you are” Faliseus: no need to be sorry “definitely an Ohian” “:-P” Faliseus: don't worry, I'm evolving “in NY they will eat u alive hun” “I’m nice compared to other new yawkas” Faliseus: they can try;-) “haha” Faliseus: cool Faliseus: heh “you are something else” “dorky” “but enduring” Faliseus: and what's crazy is I can't even smile about it:-) “why?” “what?” Faliseus: I like your integrity “how do you know about my integrity?” “haha” “you are funny” “now I’m laughing” to the top 170.) Depressing Memories: Pattern of Loneliness “my foot is falling asleep” “my mind is very out in space today” “sorry.” “I’m not being a good listener” “just feeling bad” Faliseus: it's okay, you've been mule kicked around everywhere this week Faliseus: hope next week is more promising for you:-) “yeah I hope so“ “blech -_-” Faliseus: yeah I know Faliseus: what are you doing? Faliseus: you're probably really tired “I'm wallowing” Faliseus: can I help? Faliseus: *hugs* Faliseus: sigh Faliseus: you should go to bed Faliseus: feel better in the morning you know? “sorry.” “I’m just being pestered” “there’s no way I’ll feel better in the morning” “because every morning will be the same as every other morning” Faliseus: why's that? “because as hard as I try I can‘t change anything, that‘s just how it is” Faliseus: how's each morning? “a beginning to just another meaningless day” Faliseus: oh that philosophical catch thing Faliseus: gotcha Faliseus: hey you're just having a bad day “right” “bad day after bad day “ “never mind” “ok?” Faliseus: just a few days ago, I was super cranky, and when people tried giving me advice, they
eventually told me off because they couldn't stand me constantly being rude to them Faliseus: bad days....they will pass in time Faliseus: but they'll always come back too Faliseus: that’s all part of being human Faliseus: your best option is to just shut down and relax, you're just under a lot of pressure that's all “sure“ Faliseus: too much thinking can be lethal Faliseus: if you let it Faliseus: but hey, no matter what I tell you, it'll be your ‘own choice’ of what you want to do Faliseus: that's just how it is on those bad days Faliseus: that day I was cranky, I couldn't do anything but make a frown by clicking on it, typing
‘*sigh*’even got very annoying, especially when people asked me 'what’s wrong' Faliseus: just took some time for it to wear off Faliseus: music helped me out a bit “there is a difference between what you‘re going through and” “*sigh*“ “never mind” “there’s nothing that will wear it off” Faliseus: I'll just give it sometime and not worry about arguing it tonight Faliseus: when there's a bad day, you just can't see it any other way, as hard as you try, that's the rules I guess “ARGH!” “don't dismiss what I'm feeling as "just a bad day"“ Faliseus: if you want, we could talk about it “there's nothing to talk about” “I'll say what I'm feeling“ “and you'll try to dismiss it” “everyone else does” Faliseus: I will listen “no offense towards you“ “it's an automatic response” Faliseus: I may not see what you are saying now but I will always listen and do my best to understand Faliseus: if you can explain it, then I can understand it Faliseus: it helps to talk about your feelings, especially when you've got a guy like me to
understand it, as complex as it may get Faliseus: what ever works for you, you know I'm here to help Faliseus: that's what friends are for right? “I figure I need to redefine my definition of friendship” Faliseus: we can sort everything out on the phone if you would like Faliseus: typing takes too much effort compared to speaking, sometimes typing itself can be stressful Faliseus: do what you want though, I'll still be here Faliseus: working on my web page Faliseus: alright "you know, I'm lonely, I'm unhappy and I hate what my life is becoming" “I hate trying to pretend I‘m happy when I‘m not“ “But I feel have to because if I don't then people will feed me
the usual, "Oh, you're just having a bad day. You need to rest. Things will be better in the morning."“ “but I still feel the same each morning I'll just try to think of why
I‘m here in the first place.“ “I can‘t stop thinking of when life was good. I miss everyone and I miss everything I used to do“. “I want to be happier with the way I was. Things have changed. I'm afraid of being forgotten.
I’m almost convinced I already have been.“ “I don’t remember how to be happy like I was but I keep thinking back to try to find some answers.” “that's how I’m feeling” Faliseus: ok. Faliseus: thinking of the past too much Faliseus: is that it? Faliseus: I mean, for me, thinking about the past sometimes.... Faliseus: the past drags me down repetitively Faliseus: or sometimes I’m just reminded of the bad things society has
shown me lately and it usually gets me down Faliseus: I'm not sure if that's what you're going through, because you
mention, 'the way things were', 'being forgotten', 'being lonely', ‘hating what you’ve become’ Faliseus: and the past, and memories can pattern themselves in your
everyday thinking, reminding you of the good times, then all of a sudden
you see that those memories are just that, memories and not current reality. Faliseus: those memories will always be there, but the people and the places from them won't always be there,
and it's a big shock when they aren' makes me shake when I think about my memories Faliseus: that shock can make you very quiet and very 'not yourself' Faliseus: I don't know if that's what your situation is, but I know that what I'm describing is what I go through Faliseus: forgetfulness just comes through struggle and preoccupation, struggle just comes from courage,
leadership and exploration, it's perfectly normal to feel lost when you're a leader Faliseus: struggle is life, life’s got to hurt to feel better , that's all you can honestly say about it Faliseus: that's the beauty and disgust of life, that is reality. A blissful and stinging feeling at the same time “well yeah” “I know that” Faliseus: you're just working very hard “you think that’s supposed to make me feel better?“ Faliseus: it wasn't supposed to make you feel better “.....working very hard...” Faliseus: its just the analyzation of what I think you're going through, even though an analyzation doesn't fix
someone's have someone to understand those problems
can help more than not having that someone at all, maybe
not instantly, but over time having someone that understands can really help Faliseus: that's why it's always good to work yourself up to talk about it Faliseus: even though it sucks and it hurts more than anyone else would ever know, it's still good to talk about it Faliseus: lets off steam, puff by puff Faliseus: whether you notice it or not Faliseus: the thought that someone else understands, gives a mutual feeling that fills the empty void that
keeps you from doing your normal everyday thing and keeps you from being you Faliseus: I know that when someone relates with me on a subject, I give a second thought about them, although they
may not perfectly know what I'm going through, they do have an idea and they do listen and stubborn or not, you
can’t help but to appreciate that. Faliseus: hell, I may even feel guilty that they understand my problems because I may feel too stubborn
to go through with the solution Faliseus: I may not want them to understand the solution either Faliseus: because I wouldn't want them to be the first to agree with me about a solution or goal that
I really do want to achieve, but really don't want to go through the work and stress to get there Faliseus: At that time I don’t want to be wrong because I’ve been feeling sad, and I don’t want to
be right because then someone would see me crying and I’d feel worse and everything would be ruined. Faliseus: still not sure if that's what your situation is, but in detail, that's
about how deep I can think of my own “I'm tired of staring at the screen“ Faliseus: the only solution I see to feeling lost or stubborn or overworked or feeling ‘not yourself‘,
is relaxation, clearing your mind, meditation if you can, don't think
about anything, take a breather, unlock yourself from
whatever unhealthy habit you're doing and just let go for a little bit “my eyes ache” Faliseus: for me, my solution was to 'go to bed', 'stop playing solitaire', 'stop chatting',
'get myself worn out and go to sleep' “don’t know if it's the screen or the crying” Faliseus: so, am I anywhere in the vicinity of what you're describing? “I’m just going to go” Faliseus: just so I know if I'm off key or not? “yeah I guess” “although I don’t agree with your solution” “but *shrug*” Faliseus: that's a yes for sure, it's okay, those moods will do that Faliseus: relax Faliseus: breath in, breath out Faliseus: drink a nice hot cup of tea, do something to get your mind 'unclenched' “uhm” Faliseus: try something different, out of the norm “not gonna happen” “out of the norm?” Faliseus: yes Faliseus: something outside of 'the pattern' “ooh I really need to get out of here” “I'm going from being depressed to be annoyed” “trying something out of the pattern is what I have been doing for the longest time” “trying something new” “trying to stop thinking” “ok I gotta go” ********************************************afterwards******************** “look, I'm sorry if I'm being a total bitch” “I do thank you for listening” “but when you're in a mood like I am” “you don’t want to hear solutions” “or suggestions” “because they seem impossible to you” Faliseus: you're welcome, I think I understand, I think I felt the same way two days ago “and listening to people make them just angers you because it feels as though they don't even understand” Faliseus: you know, no matter what, even if you turn into someone that nearly kills me, I'll still support you Faliseus: so, just so that I end on a note that I'm not giving you advice......I'll
just say this, do what you need to do “and what I need to do” “is get some sleep” “so that tomorrow I can start all over” Faliseus: I'm not going to offer encouragement or anything else.....just go for what you feel you need to Faliseus: encouragement sucks when you're in a mood like this Faliseus: good luck girl “actually I think that's the difference between most men and women” “men always have to offer solutions” “women usually just listen” “odd.” “hmm” “anyhow, good night” “bye” Faliseus: goodnight Faliseus: bye *********************************** Faliseus: bad days are just when you have very good feeling memories that creep up to you and
you wished you still lived in that memory but you don't, hence the stress
and the denial of ‘current happiness’ Faliseus: those cases, you just have to take some time to yourself, let those memories pass over you like a
thunderstorm, wait for them to gradually quiet down to see sunrise again to the top 171.) Do I Get Lonely? “you get lonely sometimes right?” Faliseus: doesn't everybody? “what do you do to snap out of it or do you just ride it out, probably write?” Faliseus: loneliness Faliseus: wear yourself out, get sleepy Faliseus: write, it's purely inspirational and builds strength when you
can sulk up enough to do it each time Faliseus: teaches you to look at yourself and how well off you really are, through your words Faliseus: go for a walk, talk to yourself and ask yourself questions and
laugh at the things around you Faliseus: or talk to yourself whenever possible Faliseus: find some upbeat music Faliseus: watch an awesome movie and curl up with some goodies to munch on Faliseus: just sing that music that you can hear in your mind Faliseus: cry all the tears you have to cry Faliseus: keep asking questions and be ready for the answers to knock
you flat on your back “you have ideas from all angles, I like that” “I figured you’d be the one to ask, anything you favor doing?” Faliseus: most importantly, find someone to ramble on to endlessly and
ask them not to say a thing in return Faliseus: depends on how I'm feeling and depends on what's more convenient “sometimes I drift off and day dream about the future” Faliseus: praying helps too, it's another way to ramble hopefully, best before bed Faliseus: and yes ideas from all angels:-) “cute” “so how’re things going in your life?” Faliseus: can't say specifically Faliseus: but in theory, like living in a foggy dream with no sunlight
but no gloom.....just rain Faliseus: yet it's not raining Faliseus: past few weeks have felt like that kind of a dream, I hope
it's a sign of good things to come “sometimes a little rain isn’t bad” Faliseus: it's the kind of rain like the drool on your pillow,
comforting and mesmerizing until you wake up in it “*laugh out loud*” to the top 172.) The Secret Answer of Happiness “I need to go find a genie to answer my questions and solve my problems” Faliseus: you'll figure it out Faliseus: if I told you the answer, you'd think I was crazy Faliseus: and you'd go and find out by yourself anyways “nope” Faliseus: hey “I want to hear it anyways” Faliseus: I happened to be your age before, I know how this kind of thing works “*laugh out loud*” “okay” “spill, I want to hear this magic answer” Faliseus: I'm not some old sucker that falls for that, "Oh but really
I'll listen this time" youngster Faliseus: *laugh out loud* “I'm serious!” “I'm ready to listen to anyone at this point” “except myself of course” Faliseus: you're not ready to hear it because you have to understand it
and see it to hear it “please...” “oh c'mon” “please tell me” Faliseus: okay, here's the secret of life and finding all the answers
you're looking for.......... Faliseus: quit begging. Faliseus: and there you go:-) the knowledge and wisdom of all the sages
wrapped into two little words “is that seriously what you were going to say?” Faliseus: see what I mean? now you're just going to go off by yourself,
mumbling and cursing at me for giving you my side of the
story.......just like I said you were Faliseus: quit begging. Faliseus: apply those two words to everything you say, do, question,
(etc.) in life and you'll have your fully valid and functional answer “who do you talk to when you have problems you can't face on your own?” Faliseus: it'll come to you. Faliseus: *laugh out loud* that's a good one “you have no clue how much I have thought about it and how frustrated I
am at this point” Faliseus: I blab my problems to who ever is listening and who ever isn't
listening......I don't get answers, I get ideas, I don't find truth,
I find perspective and I eventually learn to live with it and
share it and laugh at it Faliseus: it's change. “I just can't take it anymore” “I feel like I'm going to explode” “don't you ever feel that way?” Faliseus: sure all the time “so what do you do?” Faliseus: I do whatever I feel like doing but mainly, I plan for the
future and tell everyone else who believes otherwise to have a nice day
and a nice life. “yeah I know” Faliseus: most importantly, Faliseus: I..... Faliseus: quit begging. Faliseus: when you beg, you suck the life out of life Faliseus: so quit begging! Faliseus: you suck! Faliseus: :-)*laugh out loud* Faliseus: you won't realize this any other way, except for on your own. “grrrr” Faliseus: meowwwww to the top