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I know. It looks like a child did this page.
Ever feel like deleting your childhood?
Don't. It's beautiful, whether you liked it or not.
Because if you start to feel lost,
Your youth is the thing that finds you.

You're Here!
Visit the same site that you're already on , just for the heck of it!
Who the Heck Is That Loser?
Read about me! (JULY 2005) I'm the guy that wrote this entry. Go ahead, judge me, I dare you.
Cool Man.
Visit my band on the web (JULY 2005) This isn't really my band, but just a musical glimpse of me.

in the days of Farley
Click on Chris Farley...go to the page (JULY 2005) I made this long ago, thinking of dedicating an ode to him, but suddenly lost passion. Keeping the page for historical reference.
A Poem Page
Relax, put your mind is it's upright position, and prepare for--eh, as any writer of poems, I hope you like the poem page.
I started my philosophy page, 'Phrase for Life', in 2001, Here's one of my main philosophies:
Don't believe everything you read, Don't believe what people tell you, You're just a spectator in the crowd.
Watch and Learn. Throw some Tomatoes. LOOK
--->Enjoy the show.<--- UP ^<--
Philosophy, one of the greatest gifts to mankind, or infact, one of the greatest gifts that tried to steal from him. (JULY 2005)


Sometimes smart people seem to be creatively ignorant, yet introspective. Wish I could be that.

Those People that I Know:

Somnium-weeping King
If it is relaxation in the nocturnal harmony that you require then venture forth to this site...(low lighted picture of jason)
Joey Ray
Check out the site of a band that I met at REC (JULY 2005) I also know the staff at REC. Email me and I can recommend you.


Yep, this is a webpage, expect it to have things on it that don't fit what
you're looking for, yet interest you anyways.
People that surprise ya think about you the most.

neeto internet stuff:

THIS is how I learned the basics of html.
For Web Surfers: A Great Change of Pace
interested in putting some randomness in your web browsing? Let Changing Links Guide the Way
Free Phone Service Online!
aren't you tired of paying too much for your long distance phone bill? click for details. (JULY 2005) they're not a free phone service, but if you want to check them out, since I for some reason I said to years back, then the link is still there.
tired, in general,then WAKE UP! with this service you can have house calls to wake you up. (JULY 2005) This is a nice service for people who feel like wasting the money on it instead of on a reliable alarm clock that is "snooze"-proofed.
Free Chat; Verbal and Text
talk or type this chat is free and spiffy, with fun games too (JULY 2005) It's also got other stuff too. I don't ever go here, but as said earlier, the link is there if you want to.
Colors For You
are you a html webdesigner and are you currently having problems getting your colors straight? go 'there', dude (JULY 2005) This site stopped the service, so there is an alternate site you can make your colors on, below.
All Purpose Color
sad to say, but the original html and webdesigner color generator (for webpages) that existed before, two4u (mentioned above), stopped operating the generator, so I found a new one. If you want color, then visit this new one.
Get to hotmail from here (JULY 2005) Always a useful link; people networking will never go out of style.
Get to from here (JULY 2005) Again, people researching things will never go out of style either.

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Need to search for images or sounds
for your own viewing pleasure? Go ahead , try me. (JULY 2005) It's a search engine I put on the website. You might not think so but being on this page, it comes in handy to someone.

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